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Gerard Butler & Katherine Heigl: Gag Reel!

Gerard Butler & Katherine Heigl: Gag Reel!

Check out the new hilarious gag reel starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler from The Ugly Truth DVD, in stores today.

In the flick, Gerry plays a host to a surprisingly popular segment called The Ugly Truth, and Katie‘s character (an uptight morning show producer) definitely is not ready to hear it.

Check it out the gag reel from MTV below!

Gerard Butler & Katherine Heigl: Gag Reel!
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145 Responses to “Gerard Butler & Katherine Heigl: Gag Reel!”

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  1. 101
    Stinkylouise Says:

    I think his discomfort was something else. Based on the recent TUT interview,I don’t think he is monogamous in his long-term relationships. Perhaps,initially, but after a while,he starts looking around.
    I think he was concerned one of his other “girlfriends” would see him on the red carpet with Bianca. Or maybe she found out he was seeing other women and they were already having problems.

  2. 102
    McK Says:

    I thought TUT was decent. It was better than most of Vince Vaughn movies out recently. All his movies seem to have the only funny parts in the trailers. By the way the Gag reel above is only the CLEAN bits of the gag real on the DVD. So I don’t know how anyone would judge a movie on the cleaned up version of the gag reel, makes no sense to me.

  3. 103
    trying to figure it out Says:


    If he didn’t want to be seen on the red carpet with Bianca for fear of one his other girlfriends seeing him – then he shouldn’t have taken her. It seems he starts looking at another woman the moment he is with a woman!

  4. 104
    Jules Says:

    I thought TUT was enjoyable. I didn’t take it seriously. I thought LAC was ok. I didn’t take it seriously. I did think Gerry was great in LAC. I go to movies to be entertained. Sometimes I get lucky and see an outstanding movie with outstanding performances but those are few and far between. What I do think is serious is Gerry’s bankroll because of these two movies. And good for him. He’s a nice guy and deserves it.

    As far as his relationship with Bianca, I hope they were happy when they were together. There is nothing like a love affair to keep your heart beating faster.

  5. 105
    Swansong Says:

    I’m happy to hear all your expert opinions about this man’s personal life, otherwise…I wouldn’t know what to believe.

  6. 106
    zztop Says:

    StinkyLouise..I would have to agree with you..In fact..looking at those pictures..Id say you hit the nail on the head..

    Stinkylouise @ 11/12/2009 at 3:01 pm I think his discomfort was something else. Based on the recent TUT interview,I don’t think he is monogamous in his long-term relationships. Perhaps,initially, but after a while,he starts looking around.
    I think he was concerned one of his other “girlfriends” would see him on the red carpet with Bianca. Or maybe she found out he was seeing other women and they were already having problems.

  7. 107
    Stinkylouise Says:

    OPINION: idea, thought, belief, theory,judgment,speculation……………….
    Completely acceptable on an unmoderated, open forum. NOT to be confused with one of the holy fangirl shrines

  8. 108
    anon Says:

    They really are like an army. From GALS:

    QUOTE (Jeb @ Nov 11 2009, 03:32 PM)
    How do you correct IMDB? Or Twitter? Or TMZ? His PR people put out positive interviews and feature stories and refute factually what they can but you always run the risk of ‘protesting too much’. And the people who lap up the gossip aren’t going to believe anything put out by his PR people anyway. It’s insidious. But if he can learn to live with it, and ignore it for the most part, then we should be able to do it, too. Over time, people who matter will know who he is and the fools will continue to believe the garbage as they do about Tom Cruise or John Travolta or Jennifer Aniston or any of the other people we ‘think’ we know all about and don’t.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but everytime I see a derogatory statement
    about Gerry, I write a very good one. I rebuke certain statements, etc.
    I sometimes sound as tho I know him Personally, but I don’t care because
    I feel like I do. I certainly know that I know more about him than whoever is
    making the bad mouth statement.
    I have joined more sites than I can count just to do that, just to put a GOOD
    comment in to rebuke a bad one.
    Maybe it doesn’t do any good, but it can certainly do no harm.
    Gerry is such a sweet spirit and works so hard for his craft, I simply
    cannot sit quietly when I read something that is out of character about
    this marvelous creature.
    I still have not been able to see it.
    Love him absolutely,

    I’ve done the same thing, Sandy. Just to add some balance to the ugliness out there. The trick is to post and get the hell out of Dodge…and NOT read the surrounding comments.


  9. 109
    Swansong Says:

    No. We are people expressing opinions.

  10. 110
    F.ucking Fangirls Says:

    @anon: thanks for that revelation, anon. Swannie, Sandy, jane and the other rabid, fat b*tches. That is some of the saddest sh*t I’ve ever read. You go to websites and pretend you know him? Holy sh*t. Just go right ahead and kill yourselves. Here’s the knife.

  11. 111
    Stinkylouise Says:

    I made the mistake of going into .Net once. It took me half a bottle of Pinot and a whole day to recover.Never again. Mr. Giggles gets a medal for daring to enter.
    Regarding the Oslo interview. It was nice to see an intelligent , mature interviewer for a change. She seemed to bring out more thoughtful and meaningful responses. NOTE TO G’S PR TEAM.
    However, I sensed a ”poor,poor me” vibe from G. Unhappy with his celebrity status? Not sure if I believe it. But, if true, it was his choice.

  12. 112
    zztop Says:

    Right…. yet again was his choice..and what a payroll..No offense to anyone..I am a fan but I don’t wear rose colored glasses..I got the “poor me” too from that interview..but as for fame and money..Gerry’s pretty happy..wouldn’t you be?..hehehe

  13. 113
    butlerfan Says:

    TUT is a funny movie. I loved it and I highly recommend it. Judge for yourself.

  14. 114
    SCARY FANS Says:

    His fans are scary like Robert Patz and Alexander Skaars – just sickos.
    You guys waste alllll your time and energy for a man who ACTS, that’s it. And oh, he’s CUTE. How stupid. Is he a humanitarian? Does he feed the hunger, heal the sick? Does he he give one rat’s asssssss about any of you GALS or dotnetters who live and breathe his every falsehood??
    NO No NO nooooNOnon no.
    Live and let live but y’all are batsh*t insane. I can’t read GALS or dotnet. Both sites scare the sh&& out of me.
    Those party pictures from dotnet are just CREEPY. They all look so jovial and happy. Right?


  15. 115
    butlerfan Says:

    Stinkylouise , what happen to you… You used to be nice..

  16. 116
    F.ucking Fangirls Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: You are a phangurl, you stupid f.uck. Don’t try and pretend you’re better than or somehow detached from them. You are exactly the type of psychotic fugly b*tch we are making fun of. The same applies to the regulars who like to pretend they are ‘sitting on the fannie fence.’ We all know they are actually the most rabid breed of phangurls in Tw@tdom.

  17. 117
    It's just....SAD Says:

    It doesnt matter what we say – these people dont have lives or they wouldnt be as into this dude or have the time or energy to devote to someone who dosnt give a sh&t about them.
    yeah i say he’s hot, ill watch him on film, but no i will not set up a SHRINE IN MY HOME like these people do/did.
    ….if only they knew the real gerry…..

  18. 118
    Stinkylouise Says:

    Stinkylouise , what happen to you… You used to be nice

    LOL! When?
    OT-I love Nicole Kidman’s dress (CMA’s), but her t*ts look like they’re trying to come up for air.

  19. 119
    NK Says:


    Nicole Kidman’s name is “granny freeze” where I come from.

  20. 120
    GERRYS WOMEN???.... Says:

    I am a teenager and it is quite obvious Bianca was “something” or she would not have been with gerry on the reddy.
    but what about jasmine??? just bc we have pics with her doesnt mean anything more than she was caught with him twice. she could have been an fwb too. thats what an fwb is…someone you know and can trust that you like and can get some from when you need. LOL
    my question is – are the rumors true that jasmine tried toooo hard toget her name out there (didnt work) and was she pushing for more than fwb and he split?
    the arcade girl tipped off the paps herself. that was her first and only date im sure. sooo obvious.
    who the **** is bootyshorts???
    ok you fanpsychos. heres your homework. when gerry gets back to the states, find out who this chick is please. thats two sightings of this chick to date. if you fans call yourselves hardcore, prove it. find the hoe in a haystack. lol and you will be our hero!! LOL

    i am NOT a gery psycho fan! I just think he’s cute for an old dude!!

  21. 121
    a piranha Says:

    FYI: sucking off producers in the back of limos isn’t ‘working hard to get where you are.’

  22. 122
    trying to figure it out Says:

    Swansong – We are all entitled to our opinions, so you believe what you want. I’ve never met him and probably never will, but I am of the opinion that behind closed doors he can be a real jerk. Does this make me a hater? No. A few years ago he seemed to have a promising career ahead of him but he seems to have gone off of the rails. Give him a few more years and he’ll disappear back to Scotland without a trace. Then stand back and watch the fan sites implode.

  23. 123
    liz Says:

    #50…some of you negative rabblerousers need to get more gray cells…The movie is “Gamer”…not “Game.” As I said in a post …the gag reel and all the extras on the dvd are worth the dvd….The Ugly Ruth is a bonafied hit!!!!! People laughed and laughed in the theatres…as did I…it was a delightful movie, and the dvd is priceless!

  24. 124
    Stinkylouise Says:

    @NK- LOL, I’ve heard the “granny freeze” reference. Too bad. She is…..was……so beautiful,naturally. Now,only her eyes and lips move.Barely.

    @trying to figure it out -Agree about the jerk comment. Frankly, I think he’s a real *sshole when it comes to women. I also don’t hate him tho.Never have. I gave up on the career a long time ago. But as long as he occasionally releases a film that I like,I’ll stick around.

  25. 125
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @F.ucking Fangirls – you can think whatever you want. Since you are so convinced you know everything and everyone, why don’t you post your pic on here so we can see your omnipotent image and the f*cktard you really are? Until then…Get a life… You’re talking to the hand now moron.
    STINKY & TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT – you are spot on. I don’t know much about Bianca other than she is the only gf he ever brought to an event. So the deduction was easy. I really don’t have any idea on the timeline of their relationship and never really cared. If the phangirl assault was even 1/10 of what the Philly blogger saw, no wonder Bianca felt so hated. But why was she reading that crap anyway?
    I’m with Stinky on this one, GIGGLES you are indeed a hero to brave those waters. .NET and Gals is not a place for me. Isn’t Fraumowhatsherface the one that runs Gals? I believe someone pointed that out a couple of threads ago. She is also the insane twitter queen trying to promote Gerry and his work by DMs to other celebrities and directors. What awesome PR for Gerry…NOT!!!
    I got a little of the “poor me” vibe also but thought it was the best interview that he has given lately. I actually was pleased that I didn’t flinch once in listening to that interview like I usually do when watching his interviews. I thought it was freaking hilarious when he mentioned that he went to a PR class years ago, I think that boy needs a refresher course.
    LAC is at $62,866,384 as of yesterday with no foreign numbers yet (credit: This ought to open a few opportunities for Gerry’s production company. Anyone heard any news on Burns?

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