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Gerard Butler & Katherine Heigl: Gag Reel!

Gerard Butler & Katherine Heigl: Gag Reel!

Check out the new hilarious gag reel starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler from The Ugly Truth DVD, in stores today.

In the flick, Gerry plays a host to a surprisingly popular segment called The Ugly Truth, and Katie‘s character (an uptight morning show producer) definitely is not ready to hear it.

Check it out the gag reel from MTV below!

Gerard Butler & Katherine Heigl: Gag Reel!
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trying to figure it out @ 11/12/2009 at 5:17 pm

Liz @ 123
I saw TUT when it came out – won free tickets, but didn’t like it. I think I saw too much about it being made. I actually broke down and bought the DVD; figured I’ll give it a second chance. If the gag reel and extras are good then I haven’t wasted my money.

Stinkylouise @ 124
“Granny freeze” – too funny. Maybe with a few more procedures she’ll look like Cher.

ManLESSton @ 125
I’m not that up on Bianca but I think Gerry took her to the Golden Globes the first time she was seen with him; fans were petty cruel. He dated her while he was filming Shattered and, as I said, they broke up around the time 300 premiered. It was said she actually attended the premiere; I think some fangirls actually saw her there. But she’s history, I don’t know why people keep brining her up.

As for Framolamdoo-doo – I thought she was a moderator over at GALS. Isn’t she from Scotland? She must have an awful lot of money and nothing to do with her time because she is always flying to the U.S. to see Gerry. Stalker! I think she flew to NY to some event that Gerry was rumoured to be attending – he never showed!

Stinkylouise @ 11/12/2009 at 5:53 pm

I’ll see TUT on tv this weekend. A friend’s boyfriend subscribes to the 500-channel universe and the film is airing on demand.

ManLESSton, I likely @ 11/12/2009 at 5:55 pm

@trying to figure it out
I think you are right about Framolamdoo-doo. I believe that the phangirls were expecting him at the Dressed to Kilt event and he didn’t show. What was funny about that is he was never committed to be there in the first place. I remember LMAO at the fact that so many phangirls went to the event when he was not confirmed to be there.
I do lurk at Twitter once in a blue moon and the last time I did a search on Gerry was when the Jessica Simpson rumor just started. Framolamdoo-doo sent a direct message to Jessica asking if she was dating Gerry and would Jessica tell him that Framo loved him or something silly like that. There was also another post to some actress, I wish I could remember who, asking her if she would request Gerry as her costar next time she made a movie. I couldn’t believe it!
There was another alien from another planet that kept referring to Gerry as God or his son type thing too. If you are bored and have Twitter, it really can be hilarious.
STINKY AND TRYING – I was visiting my sister a couple of days ago and we watched Australia with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, now that is a bad movie. I couldn’t watch Kidman with her blown up lips and face that never moved, it was awful. The overinflated thing reminded me of some of the pics from The Bounty set with Nippy and Megan Fox in Transformers 2. Why do they do that? Their trade is to express and they freeze their faces and look like they are all swollen from a fight with a prize fighter. I just don’t get it.

I wonder what Heigl will do next. She needs some dramatic roles! @ 11/12/2009 at 6:01 pm

@trying to figure it out:framolamodingbat actually stalks his former employer Morton Fraser. Someone told me that she is always harassing the solicitors there with heavy breathing calls, and love letters (using cut out letters of the alphabet from newspaper headlines). Apparently, this time they are threatening legal action because she was caught humping the plate glass window last month. The receptionist who found her has post traumatic stress disorder now and is on sick leave for six months. Thats some crazy ****! [snort] LOL.*

Ok-ay…. ten bucks says that post doesn’t make it to eight o’clock….

*Poor framo get so much sh!t on these threads

cubedweller @ 11/12/2009 at 6:27 pm

Good interview from Norway. Nice to see Butler interviewed by someone who had her tits put away, for a change. He was indeed thoughtful and candid, and quite willing to discuss whatever was thrown at him. I have a hard time feeling too sorry for him regarding the paps and tabloids, since I think it is fairly obvious that he courts their attention. There is no way these photographers are always just hanging out wherever he happens to be. And as far as his girlfriend getting flamed by the phangurls, he could be a bit more proactive on his part. If he’d man up and take the attitude “this is who I’m dating, who I care about, so deal with it”, I think it would go a long way toward stifling that nonsense. Who needs fans like that anyway? If you lose someone you love because of the lunacy of a bunch of strangers, that’s a damn shame. I’ll also say yet again that when it comes to tabloid bs his PR group is asleep at the wheel.

How many of those Rebecca Minkoff hand bags have Nick(Fryguy) brought on his shopping sprees in the UK? I bet G’s probably got him on a budget. Heck Nick and G’s other buddies have gotten further than any of his supposed girlfriends, with travels to the most exotic places, staying in luxury hotels and walking down the red carpet with G and not to mention that Fry has probably met the family. Well I’d say that is pretty good!!!!! Wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall of G’s Flat in London for the birthday celebration.

I bet Nick can withstand the backlash of fans!!! He’ll probably hang on in there regardless of what’s said. Bet he knows that he’s got a good thing going on!!!!!

manless get a life @ 11/12/2009 at 7:28 pm

@ManLESSton, I likely: I think people know there is a new thread Manless. Jared doesn’t need you as his personal loudspeaker.

trying to figure it out @ 11/12/2009 at 11:31 pm – Too funny.

ManLESSton – I don’t know how those women go to those events. I’d be too embarrassed to go, and I’d never live it down with hubby. It’s bad enough when I say I’m going to see one of his films; if I said I was flying half-way around the world for Gerry, he’d have me committed. I don’t Twitter and don’t intend to; I see enough said about Framolamodoo-doo to think she’s a few cards short of a deck.
I finally watched the Oslo interview, very insightful. You know, if Gerry had started in the business ten year’s earlier he may have gotten out of the celebrity phase by now and become a really good actor , with a wife and a couple of kids in tow. He always talks about getting married and having kids, but I think by the time he does he’ll be grandfather to his own rug rats.

Dammit Diva – Framo deserves what she gets.

Does anyone have a link to the pictures on the red carpet with Bianca?

@cubedweller @ 11/13/2009 at 1:23 am

Cubedweller says: “Good interview from Norway. Nice to see Butler interviewed by someone who had her tits put away, for a change. He was indeed thoughtful and candid, and quite willing to discuss whatever was thrown at him.”

This is what a good, respectful journalist does. They can pull their subject from their shell and get them to reveal things they’ve never shared before, and they do it without browbeating. They just have to ask the right questions. A good journalist isn’t out to exploit or humiliate their subject but still just wants to get at the truth. Whoever this young lady was, she did an excellent job in this interview and because of her, Gerry came off looking better than he has in many interviews.

kp hearts butler @ 11/13/2009 at 4:03 am

#140, Mr. Giggles, I know there’s a new thread and all but, did you notice in the two pics you showed, that girl (Bianca?) was totally flat chested in one, but, didn’t appear to be so in the other? I mean, HUGE difference, I’m so confused….lol

Thanks for the links! She does look different in the two sets of photos.

Bianca pix @ 11/13/2009 at 11:04 am

Thanks Giggles. Finally a face to the name Bianca! (I am a late starter in all this)

She is very pretty. They would have made a cute couple.

psycho.fly00143 @ 03/13/2010 at 10:59 pm

LOVED IT!!! unlike you losers with no sense of humor … i rather enjoyed this movie VERY much …. in fact it is one of my favorites. i mean half of you guys are more perverse than 3 x this movie ever could have been.

Чем длиннее коммент, тем старше женщина. А фильм – дерьмо.

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