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Hazel and Phinneaus Moder: Julia Roberts' Bali Babies

Hazel and Phinneaus Moder: Julia Roberts' Bali Babies

Fraternal twins Hazel and Phinnaeus Moder say goodbye to mama Julia Roberts after visiting her on the set of Eat, Pray, Love in Bali on Monday (November 9).

The adorable almost five-year-old twins got to spend time with Julia, who’s been filming for two months now.

Even when she’s out of the country on set, Julia’s up on pop culture – Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy, who’s filming with her now, told EW, “We’re on location here and she’s watched episodes and has quite enjoyed them.” Who knew – Julia‘s a Gleek!

Eat, Pray, Love, also starring Javier Bardem, is based on the Elizabeth Gilbert book of the same name and will be in theaters in 2011.

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50 Responses to “Hazel and Phinneaus Moder: Julia Roberts' Bali Babies”

  1. 1
    dirrrtyGirrl Says:

    she’s an ugly B!tch.

  2. 2
    zazu Says:


  3. 3
    poppy Says:

    I hate her, Thank God her career is over

  4. 4
    toni Says:


  5. 5
    zazu Says:

    why is she an ugly *****??? that is so mean

  6. 6
    please Says:

    do we have to look at those kids, that is the second overrated actress in the history of hollywood, halle berry is #1

  7. 7
    Celia Says:

    They’re so cute!!! And Julia looks gorgeous! I can’t believe she’s 42!

  8. 8
    **JAMIE** Says:

    not to sound like a biatcch, but are these Julia Roberts biological children, as in did she use her own eggs? Because BOTH those children look nothing like her, actually they look the complete opposite of her??

  9. 9
    mary Says:

    People who say she isn’t talented overrated don’t know anything about talent. Julia is great actress and very smart woman, God bless her family

  10. 10
    TopTwitsBlog Says:

    Those kids are totes adorbs

  11. 11
    Jessica Says:

    I’m in love with Hazel’s haircut. Very little girl but sassy at the same time. So cute. Phinn is a cutie also.

  12. 12
    LuckyL Says:

    I think the kids are cuties

  13. 13
    neds Says:

    I come to this site all the time and i’ve never commented but something is bothering me and i feel like i must say what it is. WHY ARE THE PEOPLE HERE SO MEAN??

    I understand that it is a gossip site and everybody is entitled to their opinion, but most of the comments here are just plain hurtful and i believe to be completely uncalled for.

    is it really necessary to speak about ppl u dont know personally in such graphic terms. does it make u feel better about your lives? are your lives tht pathetic? i just dont get it. why waste time commenting on about someone you dont like just to be mean and hateful?. if you dont like said person, move on, dont come on their post and bash them continuously for no good reason. i think it makes you look pathetic.

  14. 14
    to please Says:

    do we have to look at those kids, that is the second overrated actress in the history of hollywood, halle berry is #1

    interesting comment! do i detect jealously in your post. however there are those who disagree with you; after all both julia and halle have received the oscar for best actress.

  15. 15
    Rhonda Says:

    haven’t seen them in years, no wonder, their not the cutest kids on the block are they?

  16. 16
    to **JAMIE** Says:

    yeah, you do sound like a biatcch of the first degree. and i think you meant to.

  17. 17
    Jenny Says:

    she needs constant love
    she was engaged 3 times and married once before
    she broke up with kiefer sutherland 3 days before the wedding
    trust me danny moder and the kids will be gone in a year
    julia likes fresh meat

  18. 18
    isabel! Says:


    her first marriage was a mistake everybody make a mistake
    kiefer cheated her with a striper if you being her what do you do?
    she and danny married 7 years??
    also julia loves her kid anybody who in showbiz.she quite her career for twins when thet born.
    she is idol of kristen stewart, anne hathaway , reese witherspoon ,cameron diaz etc.
    love her go julia! thanks jared!

  19. 19
    Wow Says:

    @Jenny: Can anyone blame her! He cheated on her! He himself said that Julia did the right thing!!!!!!!!!! Hate to hate, guess that is your style but know some facts!

  20. 20
    Wow Says:

    @Jenny: Can anyone blame her! He cheated on her! He himself said that Julia did the right thing!!!!!!!!!! Hate to hate, guess that is your style but know some facts!

  21. 21
    to please 2 Says:

    do we have to look at those kids, that is the second overrated actress in the history of hollywood, halle berry is #1


    so tell me if julia overrated who is great?

  22. 22
    Sarah Smiley Says:

    Wow, she is such an awesome mother and her kids are delightful.

  23. 23
    Jane Says:

    @reply | Flag This
    # 22
    Sarah Smiley @ 11/10/2009 at 5:24 pm

    Wow, she is such an awesome mother and her kids are delightful.
    How do you know she is an awesome mother, and how do you know her children are delightful? Do you hang out with the family?

  24. 24
    max Says:

    stop the hate, she looks fantastic and her kids are very cute.
    2010 is going to be huge for julia: valentine’s day and then the highly anticipated eat, pray, love.
    luv u julia!

  25. 25
    mare Says:

    Worst book ever. She is overrated. Who is great? Let’s see, Kate Winslet,Meryl Streep,Michelle Williams, Robin Wright Penn.,.to name a few… Julia just is very flat like Jen Aniston

  26. 26
    teri Says:

    I like Julia Roberts! Another great actress in Erin Brokovich and Pretty Woman. Erin B. film couldn’t be pulled off by some air head. I seen a movie recently that she was in and it was really good, but I can’t recall what it was. Lovely kids also.

  27. 27
    Perri Says:

    I don’t like her either. She is far from sweet. After she ragged on Danny Moder’s wife, her fake image was blown to bits.

  28. 28
    Two Says:

    Her career is far from over, #3.

    Right, #13.

    Haven’t you people been saying that for ages, #17?

  29. 29
    Khristi Says:

    @neds: I concur. I come on this site because just like in my daily life, I enjoy people watching-there really is no need to bash people in such a negative manner. My life sucks most of the time, but what are you gonna do?

  30. 30
    Ashley Diamonds Says:

    She is the Meryl Streep of her generation. There is no one who is higher-grossing than her! –

  31. 31
    P.A Says:

    I HAVE had the displeasure of having to work with Juila and TRUST me, The “hateful” things people are saying about her are not far from the truth!
    Julia is a mean disrespectful person, she puts on quit a show for interviews, let me tell you,
    I would NEVER work nor watch one of her movies again

  32. 32
    bebe Says:

    the children is cute and why people so mean. no body knows who she is but somehow you just bashing her right and left. that just not cool.

  33. 33
    bimoli Says:

    I’m glad they are here in my country!!!
    Julia & Javier are great actors.
    Can’t wait to see this movie.

  34. 34
    **JAMIE** Says:

    to **JAMIE** @ 11/10/2009 at 4:18 pm # 16

    I WASN’T trying to be a biattch, i just wanted an answer. I like Julia Roberts unlike a lot of people that have commented.

  35. 35
    lizzie Says:


  36. 36
    Mya Says:

    I’m sorry,but those kids are so UGLY and I hate how she still tries to be all young with her laugh. You are old now, stop laughing like a hyena,it’s not cute any more with that big mouth. It’s so annoying now, it use to be cute, but not anymore.

  37. 37
    Mya Says:

    I agree that Halle is a horrible actress and did not deserve that award, she plays the same character over and over. Thank God her career is over.

  38. 38
    Becky Beckham Says:

    She rarely lets her kids get photographed. I’m very surprised this happened. SHe usually does not walk near them in the public to avoid the papz.

  39. 39
    kellirc Says:

    She’s old now so she shouldn’t laugh!? Are you a twelve year old? That is not intelligent dear. You need to go do your homework and get off of the internet. People do not have to change to suit you or anyone else for that matter just because they don’t happen to still be 21, or whatever age you deem suitable to be laughing. I thought I had seen every idiotic thing, but that is a new one.

  40. 40
    Indifferent Says:

    Ok…so, just a little insight…. I worked at WB studios in Burbank. In that time i actually met Julia Roberts and Bradley Cooper on the sets of Valentine…Anyway – i hung out with the guys and played some softball. Very cool people. Julia was nice enough to hangout with us a little while before going back to her trailer and being with her Kids. She looked like she is a great mother who loves her brats. As for being a good actress – i enjoy watching her stuff but i’m not nuts about her. But i do like the fact she was not stuck up and made the effort with people like me to talk. This business sucks and many people have to brown nose their way around. So much BS has to be swapped before anything is done, so the fact she spoke to us when she didnt have to (being the little people and all…) forces me to defend her…Pease Lust & Glee people

  41. 41
    0000 Says:

    I really do not understand why when someone dislikes a celebrity it is instantly accused to be jealous or what else.
    They don’t give a f**k of what users write here so why try to defend them at all costs when there is minimum 50% of the world population that don’t know them and don’t care about them.
    “why waste time commenting on about someone you dont like etc…”
    because this site is made for it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am SO TIRED that when someone dislikes a VIPmeans that he/she is jealous.
    I know a not-at-all-famous showgirl that is paranoid and thinks that all the people that don’t like her are only jealous. She can’t even think with her small chicken brain that somebody finds her very arrogant and not so beautiful…
    You people are crazy… We have all the rights to criticize, the are exposed to public judjment and, above all, why we should envy them?
    Concluding, “why waste time”…?
    Answer: because we have time to waste. Plain and simple.

  42. 42
    Coop Says:

    Why this one trick pony has an Oscar is beyond me, Proof anything can be bought.

  43. 43
    Erin Everyday Says:

    She’s gorgeous. or at least was. I’m surprised people no longer like her. She climbed on Denzel!

  44. 44
    Me Says:

    Leave it to Jared to turn two okay photos into six crappy ones. Good job, JJ

  45. 45
    0000 Says:


    ps I am not a spammer and I ‘ve never wrote a comment about Julia Roberts.

    Anyway I don’t think she is ugly or talentless, just for the records.

  46. 46
    g!na Says:

    These kids are cute.

  47. 47
    dellspeaker Says:

    It’s Children of the Corn! Run! Run for your liiiiiiiiiives!!!

  48. 48 Says:

    you can see julia pictures from my flickr pages

  49. 49
    Lynn Says:

    I guess she was artificially inseminated with an egg and sperm donor, just saying. Her husband is probably fugly as well.

  50. 50
    Oriana Says:

    She’s not the second most overrated actress in history. shes THE most overrated one! And the ugliest!

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