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Jennifer Aniston: Here To Stay, Sings At 24-Hour Play

Jennifer Aniston: Here To Stay, Sings At 24-Hour Play

Jennifer Aniston leaves NYC’s American Airlines theater and heads to the afterparty after acting and singing in a 24-Hour Play.

24-Hour Plays is “a series of six 10-minute works in which the actors – including Brooke Shields, Rosie Perez, Naomi Watts, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and more – don’t get to see their scripts until 12 hours before curtain.”

Aniston sang her own rendition of The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” during her play!

Also, Mad Men creator-exec producer Matthew Weiner just secured Aniston, Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis for his new romantic comedy, You Are Here.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston here to stay…

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jennifer aniston here 24 hour play 01
jennifer aniston here 24 hour play 02
jennifer aniston here 24 hour play 03
jennifer aniston here 24 hour play 04
jennifer aniston here 24 hour play 05
jennifer aniston here 24 hour play 06
jennifer aniston here 24 hour play 07
jennifer aniston here 24 hour play 08
jennifer aniston here 24 hour play 09
jennifer aniston here 24 hour play 10

Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Joseph Marzullo/WENN
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  • RealityCheck

    Beautiful lady.

  • coco

    She is so pretty.

  • AGA

    Are her and Brooke supposed to be wearing the same thing??
    JA cheeks are getting puffier by the day!!! She looks miserable in top pic!!

  • AutumnM

    Face & hands are starting to show signs of aging. Jennifer Aniston has never been pretty or beautiful though, some people need to get their eyes checked for real. Very average face. She looks good for 40 or 41 I guess tho, at least her body does anyway.

  • Alice88

    PLS PEOPLE-Try to restrain from negative comments-Let’s see how popular(or Not)she really is!!!!!! With no comments from other people’s fans lets see how many comments she gets!! I know it;s hard not to be negative-but I really believe her popularity has taken a hit!!

  • -

    lmao ‘the haters say ‘don’t react to her thread instead on the thread of their idols they are talking about her non stop LMAO

    Jen keep up the good work !!!

  • sara12

    love Jen

  • jenny

    she’s just soooooo gorgeous… god
    and the outfit is the same, but definitely better on JA
    kiss for all

  • http://gran brandfan

    Good heavens ! She looks old. She looks like a desperate woman trying too hard to stay young and not suceeding. Why does’t this poor woman accept the fact that she not “all that” and fade into the woodwork. Even on “Friends” they tried to portray as a femme fatale and it just did not work. She is a very average looking woman who happened to hit it lucky with a TV show. She has not done anything noteworthy since. Yes she has featured in tabs a lot but so has Lindsay L, Paris H and Miley C-but does anyone care? A life should not be so shallow.JA has not seemed to have done anything in her life but promote herself. She does not seem to be someone I would like to know I want people to inspire me or somehow make me a better person. She does’nt. JA just embarsses me and makes me feel so happy that Brad dumped her a**

  • -

    @brandfan let me tell you





  • pl

    people here who are such avid supporters of angelina and such haters of jennifer, are really disturbing, beyond disturbing. this hatred is like venomous, you would expect this kind of hatred if she did something to you or your family, my god. i think anybody who supports, with such shamelessness and sycophancy angelina, are also people support callous, manipulative people snatching husbands left and right, unloading a batch of babies onto them in order to trap them, draining them dry physically and emotionally. so u are as good as who you like. albeit jennifer might not be the best person, but at least brad didn’t look like a living zombie when he was with her.

  • ugly ho ho

    bitch is butt ugly ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • just the facts

    This was for charity so it is a good thing.

    Movie won’t film until earliest in 2011 according to Variety. Director has projects until then and Bradley has several films already scheduled in 2010. Don’t be surprised if this film does not happen or if the cast changes before this is made.

    Jen’s starting to look her age as is Brooke. They both look like well preserved ladies in their 40′s and that is what they are. Hands always give you away, look at Madonna. Plus Jen’s makeup as well as Brooke’s is too heavy of late.

    Plus and this is truth and don’t scream but Jen’s hair style and heavy tan date her, she needs to spice it up but she seems unable to change, she is frozen in time physically as Rachel Green. I actually feels sorry for her inability to make changes.

    Brooke’s latisse she is pushing in her infommercials and using is causing her looks to fade, LOL.

  • ugly ho ho

    please make jen go away after her latest bomb of a movie why oh why should we deal with this ugly monster



    lol you are so funny
    oh,i fogive you
    jen ,go on,i love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ali

    @-: Who’s talking about her non-stop????No-one if I read correctly-She’s over-rated,boring and has played the “Poor Me”card for way to long! Wow,she got a divorce(Big Freaking Deal)she had no kids and many HW woman have been hurt in the public eye worse than her!! Two mega-bombs in a row,TV is just around the corner,then commercials in a few years LMAO

  • ugly ho ho

    damn she is ugly and also am sure the movie will never happen i doubt bradley cooper will want to co star with this loser

  • ugly ho ho

    @ just love jen
    you are the loser because you are behind a well known loser who is nothing but a hollywood has been,fake nose,fake image butt ugly

  • -

    Haters are the losers here

    Get a life !!!!


    Jen keep going, you are doing great !!!!!!!!!

  • ugly ho ho

    pretty???whaat my aunty’s dog looks better than anuston

  • Ali

    @pl: The only disturbed people are jenhens who wish unspeakable things against kids,rant about deceased mothers,wish harm on a pregnant woman,racist against kids etc etc. Big Deal-Brad&Ange hooked up,after B&J’s marriage came to an end-So What,they were already in therapy 2yrs into their marriage!! So,there was no “fairy-tale marriage”-You hens love to rewrite history! Yeah,AJ stole him LMFAO at the dumbness!!!!
    And JA herself said “there were no villians” So are you calling JA a lier??????????

  • ugly ho ho

    not haters just truth teller she has a man face her face is puffy and she looks like shi*

  • http://gran brandfan

    -@2.01. Can not even post a name? Stand up and act like a real person. You JA fans are all alike – dish it out but cannot get it back. This woman is not someone to immulate. Get some experience in life and GROW UP. Life is not a fairytale. You win some you loose a lot. Money and noterity do not bring happiness. JA has not noticibly helped anyone- you reap what you sow. She is getting exactly what she deserves.

  • ugly ho ho

    jen hens are psyco bitche* that need to wake up from their sleep

  • ugly ho ho

    ha ha they are cry babies poor lonely jen is so preety please
    my aunts pet rat looks better than whis whor*

  • -


    Jen fan’s : LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO

    jen keep going, you are doing great !!!!!!!!!

  • haters

    @ugly ho ho:


  • UK


  • smartwoman

    they hate JEN
    Because they are ignoble
    Because they are timid and incompetent

  • lurker

    she looks old her face is filled with fat injections she still looks bad

  • lurker

    i hate her because she is a fake bit*h ugly like a motherfu%ker

  • ya

    she’s my godness

  • lurker

    haters: ha ha she is tres villain means ugly in french
    pathetic jen hens: she is preety ,nice hair hmmm in your heads you know she is far from the word beauty

  • stop lying and shut up


    You are insane. Totally INSANE. COMPLETELY INSANE.

    Brad was not tied down to make his babies with Angelina by means of a turkey baster. Brad himself said he did not want kids until Angelina. Brad wanted every one of his kids AND HE ONLY WANTED ANGELINA TO BE THE MOTHER OF HIS KIDS.

    Brad left his ex because he did not love her. Plain and simple truth.
    Get this thru your ignorant head, Brad did not love her and he left. If he had loved her they would still be together. If it had not been Angelina he would have left that shallow woman you worship at some point. As Brad himself said he got up off the sofa and got on with his life.

    That marriage was not yours, and was in trouble for years. If it had been a strong marriage full of 2 people in love they would still be together. Marriages break from within.

    Brad wanted more out of life, he wanted a partner who loved him and supported him, he wanted kids. He had zero with that woman he ran from. Everyone who actually meets Angelina says without exception how kind and sweet and gentle and caring and loving she is, how much she gives of her self to others. Quite unlike someone who gives to her dogs only.

    Brad is now almost 46, at some point we all start to show aging, and that is what is happening with him. He is not hiding his wrinkles, he is himself and happy with who he is. He and Angelina have also made the decision to be hands on parents as much as possible to 6 kids 8 and under including 1 year old twins and sleep and rest are something they both have in short supply for the time being.

    Brad now looks like a real man and father, not like a overtanned Ken doll replica as he did in his miserable days with that simpleton mediocre actress you worship.

    Just deal with the facts that are, not the ones your delusional mind has conjured up.

    You attitude is exactly why people turn away from the selfish simpleton’s films, people are sick and tied of the whining about the divorce of a childless couple almost 5 years ago.

    Leave Angelina alone, she has caused you no harm and she does a lot of good for others, she does not sit and count her money like some but freely helps others as much as she can. Brad is a better person and happier with Angelina. Brad said he fell in love with her, plain and simple. It was his life and he made the decision to leave.

    Who are you to judge people you do not even know. You are disgusting and bitter and irrational.

    And you can’t even control yourself to stick to the subject of this thread. You are a vile hater for no rational reason. You are angry because Brad is still with Angelina, loves her and their kids, chooses to not be separated from her for more than a few days at a time in going on 5 years, and both of them are true soulmates. The truth is what it is.

    Roll back under your rock.

  • ya


    she’s pretty
    you hate her that’s your own problem
    jen is the best

  • lurker

    only one jen fan changing names ha ha ha so funny and sad

  • jenny jen

    So she is going to work with Bradly after he humilated her like that and Renee calling her basically a hairness? she is desprate for anything.

  • anonymous

    This early? Looks like haters wait for Jennifer Aniston pics to spew whatever they like to.
    This is a fund raiser for children in NYC. Why do you always notice every little bit of her appearance? Hands like Madonna? Well Angelina is only 34 & has the same hands w/ too many veins out & those tatoos & puffy lips….. Puffy cheeks? Look at everyone’s cheeks when they smile. If it doesn’t come that way, that means you got yourself stretched, meaning fixed. So, go figure and look at other celebrities. Looking old? She’s 40, not 34, but look at Angelina. She’s 34 but looks like in late 40s—-oh, you’ll say she got 6 kids so there’s a reason for looking that way, right? Jennifer looks great at 40!
    Heard she did really good at the play and could be like a sitcom. Looks like she’s getting comfortable singing. Good for her.

  • -

    @jenny jen:

    They said they are just friends nothing more, they never dated !!!

    Tabz are creating those lies and now you still believe them, i forgot you only believe them when it is about jen.

    For the rest of the haters


    Jen fan’s : LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO

    jen keep going, you are doing great !!!!!!!!!

  • JOLA


  • ya

    lurker really distraught
    What a poor man

  • anonymous

    Why is everyone trying to bring her down? Afraid she’ll outshine your idols? Don’t make this like a contest. No doubt Brangelina is on the top. Brad PItt made Angelina what she is today. Their PR team made a big hit w/ the adoption idea. So, stop all these negatives.

    Why don’t you bash the attention seeking musicians out there?

  • **JAMIE**

    good. this is real acting.

  • ya


    no you are worng
    not everyone try to bring her down
    just her haters try to bring her down

  • Rita


    A sycophant [ˈsɪkəfənt] is defined as a person who uses flattery to win favour from individuals wielding influence; a toady. Jen has KHuvane, a bulldog publicist, and her coven of women hangerons who she pays all the expenses for who she constantly uses to manipulate the press and ignoramuses like you.

    Angelina has never had a publicist (Brad also does not have one now), she does not have a group of paid lackeys spreading her vision of herself . Angelina’s goodness is known by her doing good deeds.

    Example from 11/9/2009 NYT business section:

    ” I’m chairman of the United States African Development Foundation now, but as head of the United States Association, which works with the United Nations refugee agency, I went to Tanzania in October of 2000 to evaluate the conditions of a camp near Kasulu, which housed thousands of Burundi refugees.”

    The conditions in the camp were tough. Among many other things, these people needed soap. There was a shipment of soap in the major port of Dar es Salaam. But that’s a full day’s travel from the camp, and it was going to cost a significant amount of money to get the soap to the camp.

    Fortunately, someone by the name of Angelina Jolie stepped up and paid the expenses. This was one of Ms. Jolie’s first visits to Africa. Now Ms. Jolie is a good-will ambassador for the United Nation’s high commissioner for refugees.

    I called her a few weeks later to thank her for her efforts. At the time, I didn’t really know exactly who Angelina Jolie was. I get kidded about that a lot.

    That what Brad saw and loved, a good person with a great heart who really cared for others and who stepped up and acted. A person who has encouraged him to step up his efforts to help those in need, to do the right thing.

    Angelina does not bragg, does not curry favor, is honest and not devious, does not complain, does not slur anyone, does not judge, pays all her humanitarian expenses for almost 10 years, just lives her life which she shares with the love of her life Brad and their kids. She does not stray from his side and he does not stray frm her side.

    And for this reason, that Brad Pitt loves her and she is the mother of his children, you spew lies about her.

    You are a sick sick sick bitter person.

    I have completely turned off Jen’s films because of psychotic people like you. You turn my stomach.

  • http://gran brandfan

    Who pays these trolls that try so hard to make JA relliviant? She is a self centered woman who seems to have no clue that the world does not revolve around her. Brad has become so much more since he dumped her sorry a**.He has grown and matured, he is no longer’ Ken-He has become so much more. Brad has grown,but JA is still stuck in her glory years as Rachel. She needs to grow up and face the reality that she is not Rachel Green.

  • -


    Why are you writing a essay about her on this thread got nothing to do with jen

    So here we go again


    Jen fan’s : LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO

    jen keep going, you are doing great !!!!!!!!!

  • Jen’s true behavior

    Jen is not a friendly person unless she wants something from someone. This is said time and time again about her.

    Demi was just complaining today how she got no good roles offered because of her age. Ashton can’t act and is getting older.
    “Three more short plays went off without any noticeable glitches in the second act of the 24 Hour Plays (a curious one, a funny one and a very naughty one), and then it was off to a huge post-show bash at a nearby club. How are these people still standing up?”

    In one area, we are in full on red carpet mode, as if at an L.A. film premiere. As the stars begin to arrive, photographers yell at them, begging for a glance at just the right angle to yield the perfect shot. A few of the actors, Mr. Kutcher, Ms. Moore and Ms. Aniston among them, breeze so quickly through the line that some photographers are clearly annoyed. Other actors linger though

  • huh

    @anonymous: oh then adopt instead of using exes….