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Jennifer Garner & Violet are Lucky Ladies

Jennifer Garner & Violet are Lucky Ladies

Jennifer Garner does a bit of shopping at the a Lucky Brand Jeans store in Santa Monica and picks up her daughter, Violet Affleck, from school on Monday (November 9).

Violet, 3, looks so happy to be back at school with her friends – love that she has Jen‘s signature dimples!!

The girls of the Garner-Affleck family are back in L.A. after spending time in Boston with dad Ben Affleck as he filmed The Town.

10+ pictures inside of Lucky ladies Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck

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68 Responses to “Jennifer Garner & Violet are Lucky Ladies”

  1. 1
    coco Says:

    Once again, no Ben! I know he’s working. Indefinitely.

  2. 2
    LuckyL Says:

    Wow, this might quite possibly be the happiest kid in Hollywood, lol. So goofy though. She’s reminds me of the awkward neightbor from Full House–Kimmie.

  3. 3
    Ellen Says:

    How cute is her jump?

  4. 4
    Emily Says:

    Here we go out to pimp the kids. They do seem kind of seperated to me. He is a man that just don’t enjoy his family.

  5. 5
    s.i Says:

    So pretty! Jen and violet r precious!

  6. 6
    So cute Says:

    Pictures are so cute!

    #1 Ben is in Boston, Jennifer is in LA right now.

    #4 Violet not allowed to go to school?

  7. 7
    Garner affleck fan Says:

    aww violet is so cute!!!

  8. 8
    VERY UGLY Says:


  9. 9
    AutumnM Says:

    Violet is one of the happiest kids i’ve ever seen! So nice to see. Love this kid

  10. 10
    AutumnM Says:


    That’s the perfect way to put it. Ben is working indefinitely. He’s hardly ever with his family it seems, but don’t tell Ben fans that. Their excuse for why is Ben is never seen with his family is “He’s working”. That’s their excuse every time. Come on, no one works that much. And even if he was that busy, he could still spend more time with Jen and his daughters if he wanted too. He certainly has the money to fly in and visit whenever he wants. Seems like Jen is the one mainly raising these kids.

  11. 11
    anja Says:

    Agree, she looks like a goblin, retarded one

  12. 12
    yes Says:

    She has been dressing up better lately . She finally listend to what people are saying good for her.

  13. 13
    Lars Says:

    The people that say she is ugly I know you’re just trolling so.. but look at this way you will never find a woman to have kids with so keep that hand safe. Anyways.. They are both cute and seem like a normal happy and healthy family that make their money off talent and not exploiting their kids so everyone can hate on them but it looks like you will be the only ones to be mad because they look happy so hate on that. Very cute kid looks just like her mom and probably smarter than Very Ugly and
    Anja put together, Post your two pics before you talk.

  14. 14
    mav Says:

    Agree with YES. She’s finally dressing better. It is about time.

  15. 15
    **JAMIE** Says:

    she always seems so happy

  16. 16
    Pippi Says:

    Vi is the happiest kid on the planet and she had the best life for a celeb kid. She gets to enjoy things that regular kids who parents are in the main stream America do. That is very rare in the world of celebs. Something tells me this kid is gonna grow up and contribute something good in the world.

    Most celeb kids are kept hidden away and home schooled and never see the light of day until it’s time for their parents to promote something. A good number of them are raised to think that dressing up in the latest designer clothes and shoes is the way to go. How sad. That’s the reason a lot of them wind up on drugs and the like.

    No wonder this kid is so happy. And the same with her baby sister, at such a young age she is already showing the same happiness and joy. It must be in the genes.

  17. 17
    Hater @ VERY UGLY Says:

    @ VERY UGLE you are the moron!! how can u call kids ugly?! kids are goofy looking at this age and shes actualy cute she looks alot like jennifer, you’re either perverted and like kids looking sexy and beyond their years or has no clue what kids should look like!!!

  18. 18
    Pippi Says:

    OMG! I took a look at the pics. It appears they were taken a safe distance from the school and that is a nice gesture. This kid is so beautiful just like her gorgeous mom. Thanks JJ for the lovely pics of the awesome Jen G. and her precious little flower Violet.

    I have but one request, please give them a break and allow them a few days of peace without the paparazzi madness. They have more than gracious but surely this just too much. After all this is a nursery school and should be off limits. How would you feel if some child or a parent is injured just for the sake of hits on a gossip website?

  19. 19
    Riri Says:

    Garner is an inspiration for all stage moms and parents who use their children for a career and image.
    She is also the first lady of the girls who trapped a man by getting pregnant without his consent.

  20. 20
    lizzie Says:

    You guys never made a movie to know how full time It is! The shooting is soon finished, Ben will be so happy to finally see his family again, but you won’t see it and judge.

  21. 21
    Riri Says:

    Violet dark roots are showing.
    Time to bleach that poor child’s hair again.
    Right, Jen?

  22. 22
    Superman Says:

    @19 & 21 why do you care about this woman and her life? What is it to you stupid jerk. Mind you own flipping business.

  23. 23
    west va Says:

    that kid looks like an inbred just like mommy from west va
    with those close-set eyes

    she’s butt ugly

  24. 24
    BEN A Says:


  25. 25
    ellie' Says:

    Love Jennifer and Ben great actors and a beautiful hands on family with there adorable daughters…

  26. 26
    Ana Says:

    Ugly are your statements about a happy healthy giril with her mom!
    Whats the matter with you at all? Shame on you to make a girl so down!

  27. 27
    JEN Says:

    theres that UGLY girl again and again give us break

  28. 28
    annie Says:


  29. 29
    Say it like it is Says:

    Adorable child dressed like a kid and living like a kid by going to school,has playmates,teachers.

    Garner,needs a lil weight gain.
    There is fit,small, andthingwhich isnot good.

    TheAfflecks gota restraining order or whatever it is callled and the school did to stop photographers from being close to this child’s school. It is not good or rioght for her or the school or other families.
    I guess the paps are using really long lenses or just ignored that legal doc.

  30. 30
    FLgirl Says:

    Oh my gosh, Violet is soo freakin cute. Love the dimples. To me, she is by far way cuter than Suri Cruise.

  31. 31
    Jen's saggy boobs Says:

    Does this woman not know how to stay home? What’s the purpose of such an enormous home and property if you’re never there? I am so tired of seeing pictures of Jennifer Garner. At least she’s dressed better, although she could use a support bra.

  32. 32
    Jordan Says:

    Well it was nice having them in our state and I hope they enjoyed themselves! (:

  33. 33
    Boom Boom PAU#16 Says:

    Jen looks stylish and great! Love her dress, purse, sunglasses. She is pure class and Vioent is adorable.

  34. 34
    Boom Boom PAU#16 Says:

    Sorry. I love Jen’s sweater and skirt! Very classy. I love this look on her. Her hair is perfect too.

  35. 35
    tinsky Says:

    jennifer’s looking gaunt these days… she lost a lot of weight. i think she looks better with a little more meat on her cheeks…

  36. 36
    Kate Says:

    @Pippi: Stop obsessing over these people!!!!!! No one cares what you think because your a FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if you were the ones taking pics of them everyday. Get a life because you are beyond sickening, PIP.

  37. 37
    anna Says:

    @VERY UGLY: your a blind son of a b i tch, how can you say that about such a beautiful, sweet, happy child?

  38. 38
    tush Says:

    OMG, she’s such a happy looking little girl! Very Cute. and shame of those of you saying bad things about a little girl.

  39. 39
    frenchgirl Says:

    LARS: thank you on behalf of all the normal people here. You said it perfectly.

  40. 40
    Cristina Bridal Says:

    She is great. I love the name violet, its so sunny!

  41. 41
    Ha Says:

    @Cristina Bridal: And gay

  42. 42
    MIKI TANAB Says:

    OMG JEN’S SAGGING BOOBS .. could say the same thing about Katie Holmes does that ***** ever stay home or is PIMPING OUT SURI EVERY DAY ..HER daily routine.. We have seen way too many photos of Katie than of Jen and Violet.. ANNIE THAT IS NOW NOT KNOW..

  43. 43
    Sarah Smiley Says:

    What is her daughter’s name Rose, Lilly, great names!

  44. 44
    Ha Says:

    @Sarah Smiley: What are you talking about??? No ones name is rose or lilly

  45. 45
    Pippi Says:

    Why aren’t all these juvenile delinquents in school? No wonder they are so frigging dumb. Always ditching school to play on the computer

    I see that moron @#36 is still obsessed with me as well as Jen . I am not the celebrity here. How twisted is that? Did you remember to take your meds? You know what happens when you don’t. Do you want to have to go back on lockdown or it this another cry for attention?

  46. 46
    Sheri Says:

    I can’t believe some of these unwarranted, hateful comments!! This is the most happy, lovely little girl who clearly is full of joy. And Jennifer looks like a natural beauty as always. And why all the comments about Ben? Just because he is working and stays out of the limelight? Good Lord … some of you mean people need to get a life!!!!

  47. 47
    Kate Says:

    @Sheri: wow great comeback. i stated a fact by stating your obsessed with them and to get back at me you say im obsessed with you? wow good one.. NOT!!!!! go back out with the old ladys and go dancing or something

  48. 48
    Sarah Says:

    Who dresses like that to pick a kid up from school?

  49. 49
    coco Says:

    @Sarah: Someone who calls the paps see pics 7 and 9 – “Hello paps, I am picking up my kid from school at 3pm. See you there!”

  50. 50
    Sheri Says:

    Kate … I think you’re confused. Go up here and re-read my post … I never said a word about you! I think you meant “Pippi” who is the post above mine. Good grief, as I said before, you people are mean – and ignorant!!

  51. 51
    Kate Says:

    @Pippi: wow great comeback. i stated a fact by stating your obsessed with them and to get back at me you say im obsessed with you? wow good one.. NOT!!!!! go back out with the old ladys and go dancing or something

  52. 52
    hope Says:

    these days she seems very elegant. ben’s film working is over. i hope he will soon go back to your home. though if he cheated you with young ****. then i refuse to see any films of them. never buy any ticket of them. so i really want your ben go back to you.

  53. 53
    Kate Says:

    @Sheri: yes sorry i meant PIPPI.

  54. 54
    miami heat Says:

    coco, Kate and your many other alias, be aware that people are laughing at you. You are making an utter and complete fool of yourself. If you don’t like this woman, why do you spend so much time on her thread?

  55. 55
    Shut up Says:

    @miami heat: No you are making a complete fool of yourself. And actually people are laughing at you. People have the right to express their opinions you fool

  56. 56
    cosi Says:

    she’s got some work to do w/outfit proportions, but definitely looking tons better than usual

  57. 57
    coco Says:

    @miami heat: Go suck on a very sour lemon! Enjoy!

  58. 58
    s.i (aka Ah Ling) Says:

    kate is stupid…Pippi, I have decided to not visit Just Jared anymore,and just visit Jen Fans…. Or at least not read the comments anymore…You should do the same thing,…sick people are posting sick and revolting comments here…commenting over two cute little girls, saying the same thing over and over and over again, in every single of jen’s threads…If she dresses down they will start saying: She is homely,Ben doesnt love her bla bla bla….If she wears nice clothes they will change their minds and say: She is dressedfor the paps, who wears clotheslike that to pick a child from school??? (What a schock right??? U cant handle it???)

  59. 59
    s.i (aka Ah Ling) Says:

    if she is out with sera they will say: she is doing a photo op for the paparazzi, omg, pimping out her kids….
    If she isnt going out with sera???: Where is sera, Jen doesnt love her, what a mother bla bla bla
    If she is out with Ben: They are pretending to be hapy, he is not into her, jen is a stalker……lalalalalala
    If they arent out together: they are going to take a divorce, he doesnt go out with her because he doesnt love her and so so on and on and on
    They always change their minds and say stupid things because
    1: They are jealous
    2: They are JLO fans
    3: They are in love with Ben
    4: They have no life
    5: They are mentally insane like Anja who has been comenting over a 10 months old little girl with the most appaling way possible…
    6: they hate jen (and i dont know for what reason, maybe she stole their man, their role, i dont know…)
    Haters will come now, and start saying: Shut up SI, i just hate her, i can voice my opinion. she is a fame ***** (see the fact about sera….)
    She is mean, she is pimping out her kids….LOL
    People are crazy these days…If u dont like a celebrity, dont bother checking his\her news!!! There are fans who want to see how they are and not read hateful comments! Jesus! So, i think that its better not to bother ourselves (i mean jens fans) with crazy people like those u r fighting for violet’s diaper every single day on JJ….Zai Zian!

  60. 60
    s.i (aka Ah Ling) Says:

    oh and I will post this comment again on her next post just because i want all of her haters to read it….

  61. 61
    michile Says:

    @pippi and @S.I.
    both of you are absolutely right!!
    i truly loathe the HATERS here, aarrrghhh!!
    that’s why i prefer to look at jen’s pix in other website..
    jen’s haters are crazy, stupid and just plain jealous!!
    jen garner & her kids are so pretty, cute and lovely =))

  62. 62
    cookylicious Says:

    i luv the afflecks, esp jen!!
    the best celebrity mum…

  63. 63
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    the pics are pretty boring
    and jen doesnt look all that great as well
    maybe next time jen

  64. 64
    wow Says:

    @s.i (aka Ah Ling): you have way too much time on your hands. get a life and stop obsessing because no one cares what you think. go to another site then, no one will miss you

  65. 65
    s.i (aka Ah Ling) Says:

    @wow: Yeah thats what I am talking about!!!!! :) wow…I have a full life…I speak 5 languages, practise at 3 different martial arts, studying acting and singing, having best friends….I am happy with my life..Thats why, yeah, thats why, I dont hate kids and celebrities….U r sick sick sick…im sorry….crazy people like u must be sentenced to death…I bet u r either kate or Anja….Sickkkkkkkkkkk

  66. 66
    wow Says:

    @s.i (aka Ah Ling): whats sick is you writing an essay on a gossip blog site. go to another country with all your languages

  67. 67
    S.i Says:

    @wow: Ok…你他妈的, 你是愚蠢的…..

  68. 68
    S.i Says:

    @wow: @wow: @wow: Oh…And fortunately, I DO NOT live in USA, not even in America and i am feeling so belssed for that! The whole world hates america, i am so blessed to be asian :)

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