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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Concert Couple

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Concert Couple

LeAnn Rimes and boyfriend Eddie Cibrian hold hands after checking out Welsh singer David Gray‘s concert in L.A. on Monday (November 9).

Despite reports that Eddie, 36, hasn’t been faithful to LeAnn, 27, they look happy together.

Eddie‘s manager called the reports of unfaithful behavior “irresponsible and reckless journalism” and said that Eddie plans to file a libel suit.

A concertgoer told X17 that LeAnn and Eddie showed their affection at the show – “They were laughing, telling stories and smiling non-stop. These two looked totally in love!”"

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Credit: AKM Images; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • jt

    i think they are cute together.

  • Gleefan

    Why would anyone think that Eddie might be capable of cheating on LeAnne? lol. I’m sure that libel suit is being filed right now! JJ please stop giving these two any publicity.

  • Stef

    He looks like her dad in these pics.

  • asdfjkl;

    I hope they get his by a car…..hurting their exes like that. They should be ashamed.

  • smarty

    where was the libel suit when he wasn’t having an affair with leanne!!!haha“`.

  • Darren

    I guess they go to concerts because LeAnn keeps cancelling her own. She cancelled a concert in Florida to stalk Eddie at a basketball game and then she cancelled in Las Vegas two weeks ago when she discovered Eddie was having sex with Scheana Jancan. Eddie is costing her and her band a lot of money in ticket sales.

  • Paula

    Look at Eddie!!!! He was not at all prepared for this photo-op. LeAnn is dressed to the nines for a casual concert so she obviously set-up the picture. LeAnn, you have to inform Eddie of your publicity schemes. I understand he’s been having sex with other women but he has to dress in accordance to your wishes.

  • Gia

    If they were at a David Gray concert then I’ll just have to forgive them–I adore him!

  • Jackie

    Love to Brandi and Deane. Happiness with a good person is coming to you in time. These two are not happy and will never be happy because they are both so selfish and self absorbed. Nobody is happy when they have to keep showing the world they are still together even though at least one of them is having sex outside the relationship. Apparently, LeAnn is the type of woman who doesn’t care if her man is crawling inside another woman one day and inside her the next. Disgusting!!!!

  • michaela

    Darren=Jason=Tony=Stan…get the picture?

    Watch this one. A real storyteller.Kinda like Eddie and his tall tales.

  • michaela

    I bet Eddie is learning a heck of a lot about music and the music world and loving it.

  • michaela

    I love a casually dressed man. Jeans are fine with me. Deane was dressed expensively. She might want a more relaxed guy this time. Geez people…talk about judging from a superficial value system.

    Eddie doesn’t have to dress up to look good. He looks comfortable. That’s what matters.

  • Barb

    It seems the only real interest in these two are their sex lives and how long this relationship will last. I do not understand why they are together but they both crave the publicity. I can not imagine being with a man I knew was having sexual relations with another woman. These celebrities are very different sort of people.

  • bebe

    I think leAan RIMES IS SICK, she enjoys these photo ups a little bit too much, what EVER happened to “TACT”. She truely defines TRASH in every sense of the word.

  • Jack

    When he starts really cheating on her, I’m going to be on the floor busting a gut!! Karma ….yah little blonde bimbo!

  • michaela

    @ Jack….so you GLOAT???

  • Mark

    What do you mean “when Eddie starts cheating on her”? Eddie’s been doing this Scheana chick for several weeks now while Rimes was on tour. His cheating is well underway.

  • Mark

    Who’s this Michaela bimbo that replies to every post? She must be Rimes publicist but she appears to be in love with Eddie so maybe she’s Eddie’s momma or just another stalker.

  • Sarah Smiley

    Tori Spelling thinks Leann is doing the right thing!

  • michaela


    Remember your other tags? Tony. Mike, Jason, Stan, Jako, etc. Now you’re playing dumb.

  • Beth

    LOL. I love the line of the “insider” saying the “two were telling stories”. Who goes to a concert and tells stories? Who stands around at a concert and can hear other people telling stories? Rimes should fire her entire PR staff and hire people who know what they’re doing. Come on LeAnn, you’re supposed to be a professional who has been in the business for years. Can’t you and your people come up with something a little more believable than this stuff.

  • Jess

    I love both LeAnn and Eddie and think they make a b-e-a-utiful couple. I dislike their ex’s so Eddie and LeAnn together is great in my book. =)

  • Bob

    I think Eddie start doing this Shena babe again to get rid of Rimes. He told Shena to go to the tabs. Eddie is great doing all these babes at the same time but Rimes is a psycho and I wonder if Eddie can dumper her. Rimes is one of those babes that won’t let go no matter how much Eddie embarases her.

  • michaela

    Mark….you give your disguise away. You know who I am because you’ve posted on here before at the same time as I have. Now you’re pretending to be in the dark. You use many handles.

  • Mark

    Don’t you think Eddie, LeAnn, and Scheana make a b-e-a-utiful threesome? LOL

  • ThisIdiotHere

    am I the only whon who feels this is going to be one of the messiest break ups we’ve ever seen. COMING SOON TRUST ME. LEANNE IS GETTING PLAYED LIKE A BOARD GAME RIGHT NOW, but her dunbass is so caught up in soaking up the attention she dosen’t even realize. I give it maybe 6 more weeks

  • Karen

    I agree with Jackie. Brandi and Deane need to know we think of them. I read their twitters. I like knowing they are moving on but scars do not heal easily. In some way I hope Eddie and LeAnn get married. I think their marriage will be short lived and full of lies as well as pain. Brandi was right; they deserve each other.

  • Mark

    I think you got it right but they are both playing each other. These two are the biggest users in Hollywood. No love, no respect, just me me me!!!

  • Jason

    I just don’t know what else to say about these two. LeAnn continues to keep her golden leash on a man who is having sex with at least one and probably more other women. Rimes should just hire an escort service for her sex and these photo-ops, it would be cheap and less degrading but then being degraded has never been a concern of Rimes as long as the tabloids spell her name correctly.

  • michaela

    Amazing ! Jason gets resuscitated at the same time as his alter ego Mark along with some new handles. Same writing style and spelling errors. Same canceled concert allegations.

  • michaela

    Incredible timing Jason!

  • Lucas

    Eddie is better than you think. It’s this weird looking Lee Anne that he can’t dump. Go Eddie Go! Your career is soaring!

  • Jen

    I give these two no more than one or two years. And that will only be because they will be embarrassed to break up after their adulterous scandal.

  • Jason

    There is a game at carnivals and state fairs called get the gopher. Several holes are cut into a table and the player attempts to bonk the gopher with a rubber mallet when the gopher sticks his head up. He is very quick and appears at random but only briefly. The purpose of this game is to win a Teddy Bear. I’m not sure what the purpose of your game is in chasing people around websites but you are very much mistaken in the “aka’s”. Get the gopher Michaela, get the gopher!!! LOL

  • Miss Anonymous

    Gwen is gonna come on and rant because she as no life whatsoever.

  • michaela

    Jason… remember your post as Stan/Jako on X17 Oct. 25 at 5:31 PM and then your follow up here on JJ on Oct.28 2009 at 11:57 AM ???

    The project taking longer than planned? LOLOL

  • Jason

    I am actually LOL right now. I am not stanjako but I wish I were. I would be so flattered that you kept the date and time of a post from 3 weeks ago. That guy or gal must be driving you nutty. Good luck with tracking him or her down. I thought you were just obsessed but since you’re tracking all this or at least pretending to, you must work for Rimes. Give her this message for me; LeAnn, check your crotch!!! Eddie’s doing more women than you can imagine. You are such a classy stalker. You should spend your money of PI’s following Eddie and fire the Michaela nut. Wait until Brandi reads this.

  • michaela

    Sorry Jason that is you and if it came down to it we could have it proved!!!

  • Jason

    Now I know you work for Rimes and Eddie because neither of them form proper sentences. You should have said “we could prove it”. Tell LeAnn I have something in my pants she can have it proved.

  • michaela

    Yes Jason there is a way to get to the bottom of that if I should choose to pursue it.

  • so many

    Wow, I’ve never know men to be so interested in a couple, but then I guess they would be if their gay.

  • Jason

    And your point being??? I sure hope Gwen joins us tonight. She will get a real kick out of this. Is LeAnn standing behind you right now? Hi Le, if you’re going to all this bother you know your career is finished and I am helping in ways that your idiot web surfers will never know. Do you have a whole team in a room posting and correlating aka’s to various websites? Sounds like real CIA stuff or should I say CSI stuff. A few weeks ago Michaela and I had a good serious conversation. I found her intelligent and pleasent once she got off her rant. At other times I find her childish. I have concluded she is a 35 year old educated mother who does not work and the other Michaela is her 15 year old daughter. Watch out for you boss ladies, she’s a real back stabber.

  • michaela

    You’re trying to deflect Jason but I saved those posts. And you know exactly what I’m talking about.

  • Jason

    What I can’t figure out is why LeAnn wants you to keeping promoting her dirty laundry. If you would not hassle Gwen or play this game with me, this story would simply die. I understand Rimes is starved for publicity but this constant rehashing of her trashy life can not be doing her any good. When this finally dies out, the real damage to her career will begin because she will be left with a residue of filth. Then, even those marginal fans will find someone else to enjoy. Why do you provoke to keep this story going?

  • michaela

    It is unusual for so many men to post here but then again, once you realize it is the same man using multiple names, then it’s understandable. Or it could be one women using various male monikers.

    Jason.. BTW thank you for the correction.

  • get happy

    I don’t know Eddie’s wife/ex but I must say that she is lucky that this douche found his soul-douche, Lee Ann “horsehead” Rimes.

    What goes around comes around and bad karma will follow these two. It would be different if EC was not a father. What he did to his wife..well, she can do a helluva lot better than this dimply cheeks douchebag. But what he did to his children is unforgiveable. I hope they never forgive him when they are old enough to know what happened.

    Eddie is a deadbeat douchebag dad. Lee Ann Rimes is just a horsehead looking ho.

    I predict Lee Ann will get knocked up (on purpose) ahd Eddie will dump her like a hot potato when he gets the news. He’s just using her to get PR.

  • michaela

    Jason words don’t change what I said. You’re squirming!

    Listen to yourself Jason when you ask why I keep this story going. Aren’t you on here keeping this story going? Yes, you are Jason…JJ is a feedback site. Silly talk Jase.

  • Jason

    Well, it looks like you have another name in “get happy” to keep track of. All these haters!!! Must keep you up at night. I’ll check in later to see if Gwen shows up. This is agent Jason aka Red Rabbit signing off for now.

  • Jason

    I got your last posting late so I’ll respond. Yes, I comment and it keeps the story alive as do your comments but I would think as a Rimes supporter that you would want this story to lay down so Eddie and LeAnn can put a real life together. That is why I don’t understand her desire to keep it going. If this story were not alive, the national media would never have posted that she’s pole dancing. God, do you think that helps her?

  • michaela

    I like Le Ann but not everything she has done.

    I know very little about Brandi. Some of what she has said I admire, other stuff not so much.

    Deane? Seems like a decent guy but again know very little about him.

    Eddie? If everything we’ve heard about him is true he needs help real bad. Some can’t be helped but most can.

    What I think will never matter to these people but I still leave doors open for people and hope see the Light and mend their ways. Unless someone is a sociopath!