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Moses Martin: Stuffed Animal Adorable

Moses Martin: Stuffed Animal Adorable

Gwyneth Paltrow takes her son Moses, 3, to visit some friends in London on Tuesday (November 10).

The 37-year-old actress recently shared the websites she peruses for inspiration and/or great buys on GOOP. Here are some of the URLs she listed: Garance Doré (for street photography), The Selby (watercolor art and photography), Remodelista (design blog), Food52 (food celebration), One Kings Lane (design inspiration) and Lonny (design mag).

10+ pictures inside of Gwyneth Paltrow and Moses out and about…

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moses martin stuffed animals gwyneth paltrow 01
moses martin stuffed animals gwyneth paltrow 02
moses martin stuffed animals gwyneth paltrow 03
moses martin stuffed animals gwyneth paltrow 04
moses martin stuffed animals gwyneth paltrow 05
moses martin stuffed animals gwyneth paltrow 06
moses martin stuffed animals gwyneth paltrow 07
moses martin stuffed animals gwyneth paltrow 08
moses martin stuffed animals gwyneth paltrow 09
moses martin stuffed animals gwyneth paltrow 10
moses martin stuffed animals gwyneth paltrow 11
moses martin stuffed animals gwyneth paltrow 12

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  • helen

    she is really aging herself with the light blonde hair.

  • t

    She is working the press. Saw these photos on another site.

  • t

    As soon as she saw the paps, she took a jog around the block.

  • nine

    Does Gwyneth botox? Her face has been looking strange lately.

  • Celia

    She FINALLY cut his hair! He’s so cute!

  • Halo

    I never realized how square her jaw is…you can really see it in this close-up:

  • Rita

    her kids look like twins.

  • Wendy

    Moses is a cutie. His hair has been short for a while.

  • incognito

    Gwyneth is really looking haggard. Maybe she needs to lay off the exercise. Her legs look good but her face not so much.

  • wendy

    Her body is perfection, the woman takes care of herself, and you have to be a moron to think she uses Botox, just look at her face!!!

  • scarlett

    When women age, they tend to lighten their hair so they look younger. Sometimes it helps. Agree, she has gone a tad overboard.

  • Jude87

    @wendy: Have you seen her at events? I saw photos of her at a Valentino premiere and her face looked completely tight like she’d had botox. Maybe she only does it before big events but there was a definite difference. Even plastic surgery sites commented on it.

  • amara

    GP definitely gets fillers inserted. You can tell because she used to have forehead wrinkles and if you see her in HD at recent events, her forehead doesn’t move and appears almost wrinkle free.

    I wonder if she lays off them between projects and that’s why her face has that odd, puffy look you sometimes see in Kidman.

  • Shar

    @t: I wonder why she’s so desperate for press. She gets enough for someone not actively promoting any films.

  • James

    She has a runner’s build which there is nothing wrong with. Imho, not perfection but not a bad build. It can make her look a bit masculine in certain shots.

  • vickie

    Her son is cute but he reminds me of his dad. I don’t see much Gwyneth in him.

  • jun

    Moses is a cutie, so’s his daddy… zany but super cute nonetheless. Why they hate to venture out has a family is a mystery.

  • Farmer Ted

    The legs are good but too bad about the horse face.

  • amanda

    I think she would look better with a darker blonde.

  • coco

    Gwynnie won’t like these pics because her legs look human here. Please don’t say anything bad because then she will do another cleanse and diarrhea party and I can’t go through that again. Thanks.

  • bloom

    She looks very tired. It does seem like she’s posing the paps, especially if she took a run around the corner. She usually excerises in private.

  • ivy

    Her legs look fine. Her face looks weird. Maybe she is just tired. but she hasn’t been looking so hot recently.

  • sea

    I like her and I read very stupid comments here.
    She is 37 with no make-up, not 18 with it.





  • illuminatea

    These pics are adorable. Moses is such a cutie.

  • erin

    He is goregous! I just want to squeeze those cheeks!

    Gwyneth looks great with no makeup on. ARe you kidding me people? How many woman look that great w/out makeup on? I wouldnt dare leave the house w/out any on (at least a foundation).

    about the botox, i really doubt she had any. gwyneth has always had a tight face. during her pregnancies she gained some weight in her face, but naturally her face is thin and tight.

    plastic surgeons comment on every actor.

  • erin
  • varsity

    Paltrow normally has wrinkles in her forehead even when she’s not smiling. You can seem them as far back at the Golden Globe Awards in the late 90s. They’re probably caused by smoking. It tends to prematurely age everyone (see Sarah Jessica Parker).

    I know the event people are referring to because I remember thinking how stuffed her cheeks looked and how waxy her forhead looked. She was wearing a strapless black dress and her face looked very peculiar. Almost like a rabbit’s because her cheeks were so full and her forehead was unmoving.

    I think she would look much better if she applied a light makeup when she went out. That’s assuming she isn’t wearing makeup in this photos. Hard to tell with mainly distance shots. I hope she is not yo-yo botoxing because that can really damage the face.

  • Sarah Smiley

    He looks well-adjusted. I’m sure he’ll grow up to be fine.

  • **JAMIE**

    her son is a cutie

  • missy

    kid looks gay already!

  • Pippi

    I love Gwyn, she is awesome, her kids are gorgeous and her husband is a hunk. She is a real woman… a complete package.

  • jdsf

    Moses is such a cutie :)

  • Isabella


    I dont understand? Her legs do look human, but they look better than most that’s for sure! IDGAF. I like Gwyneth. She has a terrible reputation from the public stance, but I doubt she is really that bad. She seems down-to-earth. She also seems like a very dedicated mother. I love that she goes out sans makeup! But when she is made up damn she looks good! Great actress too.

    Also Moses looks adorable! So cute! Good thing they gave him a haircut. He takes after his daddy! Gwyneth gets way too much criticism on here, but obviously age average of JJ is about 13 or 14, they all want to see Megan Fox, not established actresses like Gwynnie.

  • Urban

    @Isabella: I see lots of praise on here for actresses like Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie and Cate Blanchett so I don’t believe the average age is 13-14 and that people don’t appreciate established actresses. I think they just don’t like Gwyneth as much and I can understand that since she tends to put her foot in her mouth and hasn’t quite lived up to the promise she demonstrated in her early acting work.

    I think her legs are fine. She’s tall and skinny and sometimes she looks a bit bony. Her and her husband seem an even match. He’s not a hunk and she’s not a great beauty. They’re attractive but not amazing looking. As for her rep, she seems to have earned a lot of it and could easily remedy some of the public perception of her if she were a little more thoughtful and learned the value of an apology.

  • Two

    How is she desperate for press, #14?

  • Ashley Diamonds

    I wonder when he will start acting. Is Spielberg his godfather also?

  • Khristi

    That kid is adorable.

  • cosi

    garance was good in french

  • rascal

    Yeah, he’s a cutie. All kids are cute.
    Gwyneth is starting to favor her dad more as she gets older. I don’t think she will age as well as her mother. Blythe is a very striking older woman.