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Rihanna - 'Hard' Single Cover!

Rihanna - 'Hard' Single Cover!

Rihanna shows off her sexy curves on the single cover of her latest song, “Hard.”

The sophomore single featuring rapper Young Jeezy is off her album Rated R, in stores Nov. 23. The track was produced by Tricky Stewart and The Dream.

Check out the cute video below of Rihanna posing for paparazzi outside of the MTV Times Square Studios yesterday afternoon after an appearance on It’s On With Alexa Chung.

Rihanna Poses Outside MTV Studios
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  • Jason

    She has no class so she has to show her ass.

  • RB

    Is this the role model she spoke about being to young girls?

  • Dubai Candy

    She is coming to Dubai for the new year party …

  • twenty-two

    I called it. I knew she would pose without pants or try to create the illusion of being pantless next.

  • taltal

    she looks great!
    love her =)

  • missy

    thats just too cheap for words


    Only the fat cows who no one would want to see naked are hating. Put the fork down bitches!!!!! LOL

  • H.

    A new low even for this ho.

  • Marsha





  • EL


    LOL! That was actually a funny comeback.


    Rihanna is hot and haters are not. They probably have to pay someone to F%$##k them.


    @HATERS HAVE LOW SELF-ESTEEM: You’re probably a fat cow. That’s why you live vicariously through this slut. You wish you were the one showing your puss off to the world. lolol

  • Me



    love it loveeeee

  • West

    I knew all that talk about being a role model was just lip service.
    Nice try, Riri.

  • Adam

    I’d say she would do Playboy next but everybody’s already seen everything there is to see.

  • nyro

    Now she is showing her butt?
    What’s next? Po*rn?

  • Jay Leno

    They chose a side angel to hide her weiner.

  • WTF

    thats kinda inappropriate for a CD cover…..

  • echo

    Notice how no one is talking about Rihanna’s music?
    This will get her short-term attention but it’s not good for her career in the long-run.

  • Ooooh

    “Is this the role model she spoke about being to young girls?”

    Yes, young girls as in young adults not 11, 12, 13 year olds that shouldn’t be in relationships anyway.

  • just saying

    It’s sleazy but I would have less issues with it if she wasn’t targeting young girls to buy her music.

  • irene

    @Ooooh: Preteen and Teen girls do buy her records. What is she teaching them? To exploit your body instead of your talent.

  • rpatzfan

    classy lol wh***

  • YUCK..


  • Guess Who

    If you want to be seen .. get off your clothes and show what you have !! ..

    This is a such a naughty girl !! .. Me likes that image gone HARDer !! ..

  • groovalicious

    Everyone sells sex but she’s taking it too far, but I think that’s because she really doesn’t have a powerful voice like the more high profile female singers do.

  • http://justjared style1

    she looks trashy.

  • Sarah Smiley

    Wow, she looks great. Way to make C-brown look jealous!

  • Ronda

    I say hooray for Rihanna. I’m a bit jealous I wish I looked that great. Hey if you got it flaunt it.

    GO Rihanna!!!!

  • megan

    love it! she seems happy in the video, glad she’s smiling again!

  • Shakera

    She looks amazing, her body is flawless. Damn Riri! <3

  • team CB



    *PUKE *

  • berlin grew

    that`s just too naked for my taste and is definately not appropriate for young girls who consider her to be a role model!

  • waffle bowl

    Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll check out Them Crooked Vultures’ new album, it’s good music made by actually talented people, not to mention Queens of The Stone Age had an album named Rated R that I’m sure is miles ahead of anything Rihanna’s producers could ever make. Oh yeah, and too bad she has to exploit her sex appeal to sell records, cause that’s the ONLY thing she has going for her. No talent whatsoever. And this the “artist” Jay-Z fought so hard to sign? I question his ability to spot talent.

  • clay

    I bet Forbes Magazine is going to rate Rihanna as one of the most powerful celebrities in their next go around. Because Forbes factors in among other things, how many web hits a person gets. So like it or not, all of Rihanna’s critics are helping her get high ratings because people keep clicking on sites related to her or making comments. love her or hate her.

  • Marta

    she will do everything to sell her new album.

  • maison martin margiela

    Work bish!!!! Love, love, love her!!! She got the haters going crazy.

  • groovalicious

    @clay: She isn’t getting huge hits though. As someone mentioned in another thread, she never gets the comment count of the bigger celebs on here. JJ has to make at least 2-4 posts for her to get those hits. Maybe the nudity will help her sell CDs. I’m sure her company wants their money. In 2-3 years they will trade her in for the next flavor of the month.

  • S*

    wow..didnt see that coming…
    she’s getting worse than lady gaga and madonna in the ” provocative field”
    Why is she doing this?? she’s cute…doesnt really need it…

    i reaaaallly wonder if her album’s gonna work…

  • Jordan

    stop trying rih, gaga’s got this

  • clay

    Actually, it is her record company that is behind most or all of the publicity she gets. The clothes, etc. They got lucky when there were so many people outraged at the fight between her and Chris. Now they had a situation to spin and make people like her to sell her CD. Their PR people worked this situation superbly. Rihanna is somewhat of a pawn in this game, believe it or not. She has to do what she is told for the good of the sales. I think it was the Record labels decision to delay her talking until this time. So everything seems to be going ok.

    Quite frankly, I am relieve that she has spoken and that she is smiling again. I am one of those who had gotten dead tired of her and the “beating saga” that the public was keeping alive by their interest in the situation. I was wishing she would take a hike. I wouldn’t be surprised if she herself didn’t want to take a hike. But knowing the little bit that I do know about the record biz, they were and are running the show on her publicity and public appearances. They have money at stake. Look for her appearance to almost disappear once her CD is released. Unless, there are some web sites that just really like her, you’ll just see her about as much as you see the others.

    And by the way, I don’t know what Rihanna’s contract calls for her to make per CD, but the record label and others will make way more than what ever she gets.

  • LadyB

    The picture would have looked better if she was wearing a slim bikini panty. This just looks more soft porn than classy..I don’t hate Rihanna, I don’t even know her..never heard her music.

  • clay

    @groovalicious: I went from liking her to not liking her, now I am back to liking her again. I wish her well.

  • Ciji

    Rihanna is a risk taker and that is a good thing She is very comfortable in her skin. Showing confidence, There is nothing wrong with that. Rihanna is not trying to make young girls look like her. That is her own style. People are only suppose to buy the music not try to be her. She never told anyone to dress like her. STOP PUTTING WORDS IN RIHANNA MOUTH. SHE SAID IF YOUNG GIRLS NEEDED HELP SHE WOULD HELP THEM. SHE NEVER TOLD THEM TO TRY TO BE ONE OF HER CLONES. Rihanna is edgy hot and FEARLESS!!!! and I love her for that because she is not afraid to take risk.

  • tinsky

    is she selling her music or is she advertising her hooker services?

  • Dego

    @Ciji: Rihanna’s not taking risky or edgy. She’s just cheap. If she wanted to do something risky, she’d lead with her talent not her body. That would take a lot of guts to go away from the use sex to cell records flow.

    I’m sure her label is behind this latest marketing saga but she also consented to it. Whether she likes it or not, little girls still look up to her.

  • Ashley Diamonds

    She’s a great provacateur. I hope she doesn’t get hurt again. That would be terrible.

  • jager

    It looks like a lingerie ad except she isn’t wearing bottoms.
    It seems to have accomplished its goal which was probably to get people talking about what she’s wearing instead of her music.

  • BBQ


  • Christie

    Plz people kill it with the Rihanna is so sleezy comments. BEYONCE dresses up in damn lingerie and she’s a freakin legend?..STOP!! Haters are sooooooo LAME.