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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Keep Close

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Keep Close

Robert Pattinson and Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart keep close and appear to hold hands as they leave Paris via a private plan at Bourget airport on Tuesday (November 10).

Kristen, 19, and Robert, 23, headed to London for an upcoming press session and Q&A session with Twilight fans.

Last week, K-Stew reacted to the romance rumors swirling about her relationship with Robert.

More pictures inside of Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart keeping close…

Just Jared on Facebook
robert pattinson kristen stewart keep close 01
robert pattinson kristen stewart keep close 02
robert pattinson kristen stewart keep close 03
robert pattinson kristen stewart keep close 04
robert pattinson kristen stewart keep close 05
robert pattinson kristen stewart keep close 06
robert pattinson kristen stewart keep close 07

Credit: KCSPresse; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Elle


  • leslie

    i absolutely ADORE these two!
    robsten baby<3

  • Georgia

    It was only a matter of time. Way to go ROBSTEN!!!!

  • lola

    awww cute ! they seem happy , nothing else matters ! !!!!!!!!!!

  • Georgia

    It was only a matter of time. We all knew it!! GO ROBSTEN.

  • http://jjj nika

    omg.they should stop lying already.they r like soooooooooo dating!

  • bobbycupcake

    the fug monsters are back

  • Gina

    I LOVE these two!!

  • Kate

    so that third guy in the pics isnt michael arangano?

  • blah

    i wonder what he sees in this ugly ass bitch

  • Dawn

    There are some better pics up at PopSugar :)

  • RobstenLIVES!!

    OMFG that was the money shot we were all waiting for!!

  • Amalie

    so, so, so cute!!!

  • http://www.strollific,com

    wow look at the not so “secret’ couple

  • rocknmovies

    Great for them. I am happy for them. Great couple.

  • maria

    And no one thinks this is for publicity??? C’mon, they’re pounding the pavement, promoting a movie. You don’t ever see them out and about alone, without their Twilight cast. It’s always work-related. I think they’re way more platonic than you all want to think.

  • Robsten!!!

    OMG!!!!!!!!I’m so excited that they are together!!!!!!!!!!

  • BBQ

    and they say there not dating…oh please!!!

    and kristen looks way older than 19…hollywood…sheesh!

  • Amanda Dubs

    Seriously? You just HAD to put this up didnt you. This does not mean they are together. All of you just keep thinking that. It’s so annoying.

  • eeerikaaa


  • Nighteyes

    Busted! Ha Ha! Now they can’t say they aren’t dating.

  • Birdie

    You know Robsten is sooo smart not going public with their relationship. It must keep it so hot! I mean they’re out in public together all the time looking smoking hot at these press calls and all the while they have to act all buttoned up with each other while they’re thinking about getting back alone.

    Damn the sexual tension must be palpable!

  • lcm

    i’m happy for then
    cute couple

    but i just wished that people don’t make a big deal about
    they deserve, as any other humam being, living their liver
    with a little privace

  • cyn

    i hope they are dating.. they make a cute couple



  • mare

    I agree. They are not holding hands. His hand is in his pocket. C’mon guys this is why she gets annoyed. I would like for them to be a couple because I am a romantic. But I think they are just good friends from working and being together with promoting the series.

  • jessiefab

    OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!!!!!!

  • CJ

    I saw some better pictures at another site, and she’s holding his hands. It’d be cool if they’re actually dating. cute couple.

  • jaye

    Wow, they’re holding hands, must mean they’re an ITEM lol. Sheesh. These two are probably laughing their ass@es off. As for it being a ‘HOT’ romance, he’s all but said in an interview that he’s a VIRGIN. Nice Catholic boy lol. Hey, they’re suppose to be friends, nothing wrong with them having a bit of fun and if it fuels the ‘romance rumor’, neither of them gives a d*amn.

  • lizzy

    happy for them.indeed.

  • Bobbi

    They’re not holding hands exactlty but pretty damn close, she is holding his hand!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    they are not dating…i hold onto my guy friends arms all the time while we’re walking..especially if some guy i didnt know way walking and talking with that dark haired guy is doing to her.

  • kiki

    I still don’t believe it, i won’t until they finally come out publicly and say it!!

  • ivanka

    they are not even holding hands, they are linking arms and kristens hand is in the air in the other pic.. geezz people chill!

  • lyla

    LUV them!
    their adorkable together

  • xoxo

    oh geeze ppl, I walk around like that with my guy friends all the time, or even holding hands and its strictly platonic!!!! Even if they were together who cares?? give them their space if you want them to be together so badly.
    Ill admit that they make a cute couple, so i would be excited if it were true, but dont believe anything that’s in the tabloids or from an innocent picture like this one.

  • victoria

    i want to know where can i get her boots????? love them!!!

  • elizabeth

    I really don’t care if they are or aren’t dating. I mean yes if you look at other pictures on other sites, she IS CLEARLY holding his hand in some way and even his arm in other pics but we just never know their intentions with each other. I’m kinda leaning towards that they are but they are never gonna say if they are or aren’t because they have 2 more movies to promote after this movie and they probably just want all the attention to bustle down. Maybe eventually they will admit their is a flame but for now we should just leave them alone. We should worry about the movies they are making because that’s what made them! CMON people..NEW MOON comes out in 9 days! That’s awesome!

  • samantha

    omg!! that is so adorable!! this is like the first pic of affection! its so cute i love them together!!

  • Ivy

    The fact that they’re holding hands doesn’t mean that they’re dating.
    Despite that, I find this adorable.

  • christine (WeHo)


  • Melissa

    i dont think they’re actually holding hands in that pic, doesn’t look like it to me but…… whatever

  • Emma

    There are more pictures that show her holding his hand/wrist.

  • Sassy

    Go Robsten!!!!

  • liza

    they are sooooo holding hands!! look at the pics in other sites!! it’s about freaking time!!!!

  • babe_luv_ya

    They are SO weird. One day they say ‘oh f*ck , we’re not dating ‘ and another day they do ALL things possible to make it appear that they are dating ! Damn, Robert is such a dissapointment at the time . They should just stop fooling us. ENOUGH ALREADY !

  • anon

    The hidden reason so many Rob fans refuse to believe Rob and Kristen are together:
    They are devastated that their fantasy boyfriend Rob is getting it on with his leading lady. There are fans who literally feel like Rob is belongs to them. They feel betrayed by their idol. Most of the non robsten believers don’t want him linked to any girl…and Kristen is the absolute #1 person these jealous fans don’t want him to be with. It’s not fair she gets to play being Bella and work with him but now she gets to be his main squeeze!

    There will be a backlash…nasty comments about Kristen will come.

  • Rosalia

    I mean if they are, they are but once they come back here to do the rest of the promotional tour they’re going to be hounded a million times over. X17 has more pictures, now they’ve just been called out on this little PDA. I mean everyone deserves privacy, but when you a public figure you kind of lose it. They should both grasp that fact or just retire and say adios spot light. Though that won’t happen…

  • Romantic Fool

    Sorry to break it to you but this is PR. Summit is afraid that Rob won’t be seen as hot if he is not thought to be dating Kristen. Since they are together all the time anyway and have more promo work and another movie…to increase sales…they are playing the part.

    Rob would never hurt his family by hooking up with this girl. She has ruined her reputation and he is too ambitious to let her do it to him. These photos are doctored or just for making publicity. The light is gone from their eyes…only affection remains.

  • Romantic Fool

    @Rosalia: I agree…he needs to get more experience with women and see she is not all that great…and a real nasty piece of work too. Look at the pic I just posted on an hot interviewer gal on his lap….