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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Keep Close

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Keep Close

Robert Pattinson and Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart keep close and appear to hold hands as they leave Paris via a private plan at Bourget airport on Tuesday (November 10).

Kristen, 19, and Robert, 23, headed to London for an upcoming press session and Q&A session with Twilight fans.

Last week, K-Stew reacted to the romance rumors swirling about her relationship with Robert.

More pictures inside of Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart keeping close…

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133 Responses to “Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Keep Close”

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  1. 51
    babe_luv_ya Says:

    Excuse me , but I’m not a Kristen hater … I do not make fantasies about Rob, I just like him . BUT, this is PUBLICITY STUNT ! Couple month ago , Kristen was in Vancouver with a long-time boyfriend, Michael Anganaro. Ant then SUDDENLY , she is with Rob ? Sorry, I just can’t believe it. As Isaid before, they just should stop fooling us . The shippers are going to EXPLODE after seeing these photos. I won’t believe this until they come out and say ‘ We are dating ‘ .

  2. 52
    Nice Try Says:

    Nice try. These are the pictures from after they spotted the photog. Go check out the others at PopSugar and then say they aren’t holding hands or that it’s only friendship. And sorry to those who are wishing it’s for PR. This is truly just a couple who got caught when they didn’t think anyone else was around.

  3. 53
    Romantic Fool Says:

    @EVANNA: Exactly….doctored and retouched. Rob is not dating because he can’t go out. Kristen has been a good friend but he said shortly after the filming of Twilight that he was faking it and just got into the role. They fell for the characters not them in real life. Rob would never bring this horrid scuzzy girl home to his family as more than a co-worker and friend. She has shown the real Kristen lately in her interviews with the cursing and bad image. She stopped trying after he said no to her in Italy. Look at this photo of Rob with a beautiful interviewer on his lap..

    He is not foolish enough to tie himself to anyone right now…too busy and too young.

  4. 54
    Romantic Fool Says:

    @mare: They could have been a couple but Rob is a devout Catholic and is not sure she is the one. He also wants a lady not a punk. There is also a chance that since Rob knows they have more promo work and another movie ….why not stoke the fires….

    Taylor sure did not want to be hooked to this strange troubled girl. Rob is a very honest…almost too honest…guy. He says they are friends only…I believe it.. Maybe someday but I doubt it. His family would kill him if he brought this creature home as more than a friend….

  5. 55
    anon Says:


    are you serious..he and Mike have split along time ago….definitely they were not together while she was filming Runaways..and it’s not uncommon for actors working on a film start falling for each other..Rob and Kristen work closely together so there is no sudden..
    anyway why should they not be together…he admires her alot, they have alot in common, and they are both the perfect age…
    so this resistance to believe they could be dating is comical. They both probably said “let’s keep this between us” or they will suffer being followed by every tabloid like crazy… but this slip up got out…
    If Rob were photographed with any girl, the denials would still be the same, because girls simply don’t want him hooking up with anyone.
    He will lose alot of fans who adore because of they are jealous.

  6. 56
    babe_luv_ya Says:

    Who are you to say that KStew and Anganaro broke up ? Were you with them when it happened? Not sure about it . All I can say is : ‘ stop being so OBSSESED by RobSten ‘ This sh*t is seriously getting ridiculous. This obssesion with RobSten and Twilight isn’t healthy . They are sure fooling us. And am not buying this either way. Tey are just making money . And I won’t help them . very time I go on a wilight blog fan, you guys are LWAYS talking aboutRobStn , everywhere. And I’m sick of this . You guys are sure being brainwashed. Funny how they are SUDDENLY

  7. 57
    babe_luv_ya Says:

    How do you know that Kristen and Michael broke up ?
    You twihards are COMPLETELY in denial . One week ago, Kristen denied the Rob Sten rumour… It’s king of funny how nobody wants to believe her just because they are so OBSSESED with these two. I really feel sorry for them . I can’t wait for the end of this saga. Really.

  8. 58
    anon Says:

    yeah they broke up…have you spotted one pic of Mike and Kristen together since the summer…..
    take your own advice and stop being obsessed with being anti- ROBSTEN..
    what are you doing here btw?

  9. 59
    babe_luv_ya Says:

    This is not a f*cking RobSten fan site , and I’m allowed to comment on whatever I want. Yes, I’m anti-RobSten and you know why ? Because Robert wants a LADY, not a punk and secondly, she never said anything about her so called break up with Anganaro.

  10. 60
    sassy Says:


  11. 61
    Santa Says:

    Rob, you sly dog ;-)

  12. 62
    mcqueen Says:

    I knew it!! =) I’m so happy for them.

  13. 63
    Flame Says:

    Gotta laugh Evanna, so emphatic. If you read the line said “appeared” to be holding hands. In other words no one knows for sure.

  14. 64
    so so fake Says:

    Awww the great PR stunt.. the movie is releasing soon so now they are seen together.. GMAFB.. so sick of these two people. I mean come on. All this fake romance just to give the movie buzz.. I can’t believe that the fans are buying into this.. It is so obvious that a blind man can see it.

    Fake.. FAke.. FAKe… FAKE…

    I am sick of them both pretending to be so above the fray. As if.. They are both loving all the attention.. Can’t wait for the last movie to see what becomes of them then.. Wonder if the fans will appreciate the “talents” (time will tell on that) of Rob/Kristin and not characters Edward/ Bella they are playing. Which is what it really is people…


  15. 65
    gillou Says:

    i think its all just publicity…remember last year when twilight was coming out and the same talk was then…theyre together, hes in love with her, he proposed…. and when it was all over it turned out that michael (kirstens bf) was there at the shooting everyday, with her all the time, that rob proposes to alot of his female friends and so on…its good publicity!! the talks ended then, and now coming up again right about the time when new moon comes out!!
    cmon, really…
    i really dont care if they are together, wouldnt like it if they were and then broke up or sth cause they still have to work together and film together…
    but besides that, dont care!!

    still, publicity for new moon is what this is!! thats cheap…even without it they would do more then fine…

  16. 66
    Camden Says:

    Well i think this is a confirmation, I’ve read some of the prior comments…saying that it may be promotion, but seriously? I mean they spend A LOT of time together. Regardless of the promotion. If anything when you spend that much time with your co-stars you probably want to take a break from one another, not that they could not while promoting…But anyway…I don’t hold my guy friends hands…Think of it this way..If you had a boyfriend, and you were snapped up like this …would your boyfriend be comfortable with the closeness? I personally say no.

  17. 67
    webby Says:

    that Romantic Fool is a stalker. he/she/***(whatever!) always has negative comments if robsten is involve. i also saw your comments on celebuzz, you keep talking to yourself, haha no one appreciates your very lengthy comments(plus its to plenty). seriously dont waste your time, arent you tired thinking about these pathethic thing you’re saying?

  18. 68
    Debbie Says:

    I dunno, I mean yo can see the way she always looks at him during interviews… It seems to me like they’re more than friends, but really, it’s their business.

    And why would this be a publicity stunt? First of all, New Moon doesn’t really need more publicity since it’s huge already and everybody knows about the movie here in Europe.

    Either way, I just wish people would leave those two alone (and wtf were x17 doing in Paris?! Pathetic.)

  19. 69
    crazyobsessivefans Says:


    omg Thank you. I thought I was the only one who found her..err chemically imbalance.

  20. 70
    lizzie Says:

    I’m sorry but I think they are both drugged.

  21. 71
    babe_luv_ya Says:

    she is just trelling the Truth!!!

  22. 72
    LALA Says:

    i convinced myself that it was all just bull**** rumors.

  23. 73
    EMILY Says:


  24. 74
    EMILY Says:


  25. 75
    doskaxd Says:

    OMG :) Robsten go back …
    Again togheter ;*

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