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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Romantics 'Till The End

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Romantics 'Till The End

Tom Cruise pays his wife Katie Holmes a visit on the set of her new movie, The Romantics, in Long Island, New York on Tuesday afternoon (November 10).

The couple took a romantic walk together, strolling hand-in-hand during a film break.

The Romantics is a romantic comedy centering around eight college pals who reunite for the wedding of Anna Paquin‘s character. Katie plays the maid of honor who was romantically involved with the groom (Josh Duhamel).

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Credit: Macpherson/StClair, Donnelly/Swarbrick; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • first!

    Could they look more fake?

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    I love tom he looks really good for his age

  • suri


  • Sarah Smiley

    They are the perfect couple. Way better than Brad and Angie.


    Why is it when these 2 are together it is always in a park.. walking along.. never getting dressed up and going to a restuarant…

    The people on this comment page always say that Jen Garner is
    pimping out.. well I think the pap scouts know Tom on a first name
    basis and that Tom has them on Speed Dial… !!

  • Sami

    @first!: Why does it look fake to you??
    It’s just a picture, how can you tell by that?
    Please explain!!!!

  • rainbow

    I like them too, but please don’t try to create a feud with Brangelina.

    They look great here-very happy and natural. Of course the haters will scream “fake”, but who cares. Tom and Katie will just continues living their live like always.

  • first! (not first anymore)

    well I think the pap scouts know Tom on a first name
    basis and that Tom has them on Speed Dial… !!
    TOTALLY AGREE This is just what I was thinking. All of these “idyllic” pics in different parks look all so OBVIOUSLY STAGED!

  • rainbow

    #5, They’re not just at some random park. They’re on the set of Katie’s movie.

  • first! (not first anymore)

    To Sami: their smiles look not natural, too forced to me. Their attitude contrived, their body language scream that the are not really a “couple” in the sense they would like the public to beleive. My opinion is that Tom is or was gay but he doesn’t want the gay lifestyle for him. He wanted/wants to be a traditional family man, with children and a wife. But he’s not romantically attracted to woman, or not to Katie. Maybe he was more sort of “in love” with Nicole. I think he’s sexually attracted to men.

  • puuuke

    ….nothing’s sexier than men’s dark blue XXL sweatpants

  • Tammy

    They are so fake. Do they really think they are fooling anybody?

  • oh man get real

    @Sarah Smiley:

    Obviously not.. or you would not feel the need to comment on two people that have nothing whatsoever to do with this thread.. Get a freakin life. You fools can’t even comment on any celeb without mentioning them.. that is just off the chain obsessed..

    Tom and Katie look happy.. I hope they are..

  • jen

    Tom looks fruity with his tiny women’s hands.

  • pretty young girl


  • to 10

    i think they look a married couple who are comfortable with each other. they don’t look any different from other couples i see walking hand in hand here in new york. he’s not romantically attracted to women? tell me; you know this for a fact or is this pure guess work on your part. sounds to me like the same psycho babble you get when you listen to those would be psychics. but please go ahead and keep dreaming your wonderful thoughs secure in the knowledge that neither tom nor katie give a damn what you think.

  • Cam

    Fake,fake,fake,fake,fake,fake,fake!!!!!! Disgusting pigs.

  • Puzzled

    Katie definitely looks happier in the last couple of months, she looks much more relaxed, probably because she got to produce this movie and at the same time star in it? Probably she got things her way while Tom doesn’t look too happy. His expressions are hard and smile looks forced. He is certainly not in his happiest time of the life at the moment. Not too sure of the movie he is in, is he in his character mode? Could this be why his expressions have been so stiff.

  • Shelly

    What makes me think that between trying on Katie the beard, Tom hits the gay men’s room scene.

  • LuckyL

    They look faker than the photos you receive in your picture frames.

  • Crazy is Evil

    Here’s what the gay midget does in his spare time. And YES, I believe it….

  • to – to 10 @ 11/10/2009 at 5:5

    the fact that they feel the need to show the world “how in love” they are proves they are insecure about their relationship, and everytime something negative is written about them there’s always a “STAGED HAPPY FAMILY/COUPLE” pics released almost immediately also proves they give a “DAMN WHAT WE THINK”

  • real fug

    Looks like Katie went all out to look sexy for her man….hehehe

  • Crazy is Evil

    Another one, And YES, I DO believe it. His past behavior on TV and videos is directly in line with this article.

  • ???

    @Shelly: Are you afraid of gay people, and IF he is——why do YOU care!

  • tttt

    #12 If you think they are so fake, why do you bother commenting?

  • http://JUSTJARED men

    how nice , two men

  • Tina

    These two idiots that can’t even act are trying to act like they are a real couple. LMAO.

    They’ve probably never even slept in the same bed muchless had sex unless it was with a member of the opposite sex.

    Katie looks like dykewoman. Tom looks like a candyass.


    I live in Greenport, Long Island and I saw Cruise and Holmes together today. They were NOT on the set of Katie’s movie. They were in a small park in the middle of town. The movie is filming right near here and Katie is staying here.

    THIS IS A PHOTO OP. That’s not an opinion. It’s a fact. I stood there while the photographers set up and Cruise and Holmes stood around. When the guys were all set up, they walked around the park hand in hand for the pics. It took all of 10 minutes and when they were done, they got in a car with a driver and left. Again, this is totally a PRE-PLANNED PHOTO OP. Again, I watched them set up while Tom and Katie waited for them!! It was disgusting and pissed me off to no end! If anybody believes any of this, they’re just dumb.

    Greenport is a really small town 130 miles from NYC. No magazine photographers would ever come out this far unless they had a reason!

    I never had a problem with Tom and Katie before this but now that I saw this, I think they’re the biggest creeps on the planet. Whatever you see from them and about them is a set up. PERIOD.

    I was excited about a movie being filmed in our town but now… way am I going to see it.

    THE CRUISE’S ARE FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • freaks

    @real fug: Do you always looks pretty or handsome?
    I think not—-she doesn’t always have to look good to “please you & others”.

  • to #29

    I believe you, #29. You’re not telling us anything most of us don’t already know.

    Tom and his homely beard don’t seem to understand that people haven’t ever and won’t ever take this two atheist cult lovers serious.

    They are so laughable and are in serious deniable. Someone pinch them so they’ll wake up from their cult induced oblivion and realize they are nothing but a joke

    Tom will run out of money in a few years because he’s not earning much anymore and he spends, spends, spends.

  • #29

    @I SAW THEM:
    Why does it bother you So much?

  • I looks purdy

    Tom looks crazy…as usual

  • to 22

    the fact that they feel the need to show the world “how in love” they are proves they are insecure about their relationship, and everytime something negative is written about them there’s always a “STAGED HAPPY FAMILY/COUPLE” pics released almost immediately also proves they give a “DAMN WHAT WE THINK”

    let me see; katie and tom walk hand in hand, smile at each other, etc etc just to PROVE TO YOU how much in love they are. you really think that everything tomkat does is for your exclusive benefit. you think that tomkat sits down every day and says “wonder what we can do to make people, whose opinions really don’t matter, think we are a happy couple” GET OVER YOURSELF; YOU’RE NOT THAT IMPORTANT!!

  • ???

    I’m happy Katie is covering her gigantic elephant legs. About Tom’s Sexuality … is it not possible that he could be Bisexual but swings more towards women?

  • first! (not first anymore)

    @I SAW THEM: I believe you too.

  • @29

    I totally believe you! I used to work as a production assistant on various sets and although I never worked with the two of them–you heard stories about how Katie is a total snob and Cruise is just totally fake. They aren’t as well liked or respected in the industry as Tom and Tom’s publicist would like to believe.

    The two of them have declined big time in popularity and Tom will do almost anything to get his former glory back. Too bad he doesn’t realize it isn’t ever going to happen. So they will continue to pimp their daughter out for photo ops–after all it is one of the only ways they can guarentee they will be in the public eye since alone no one cares about either one of them and they will continue to fabricate hand romantic scenes like this.

  • danielle


    I believe it too, They are two of the biggest publicity who$res out there. I lost all respect for them both after they started dragging out Suri time and again when she is obviously distressed by the cameras. They don’t care. They are selfish, self-centered idiots who will do anything for a photo op.

  • TopTwitsBlog

    Is there really a person out there that is scrambling to “get the look” of this couple?
    We’ll end the suspense: LL Bean

  • To #32 from I SAW THEM

    Why does it bother you So much?

    Because they’re dishonest. Doesn’t that bother most people?

    Apparently, Mr. Cruise and Ms. Holmes think everyone is gullible and stupid so they create photo opportunities to make themselves look like an everyday couple out for a stroll when the reality is that they created the scene probably to show people that they’re still together.

  • To I Saw Them #29

    OMG!! You just proved what alot of people suspected!! I used to be a big Tom Cruise fan but not anymore. The last couple of years with all that has come out about him I have not been able to watch his movies without thinking what a creep he is. Now with this fake stuff I’m really pissed off!! He must think his fans are idiots. What a jerk!! I will not see any movie with him in it or his wife for that matter. They are liars.

  • To #29

    How do we know that you are not FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE?

  • kizbit

    Anyone know where on Long Island this movie is being filmed? JJ, Long Island is not a “town”, so be more specific please!

  • #32

    @To #32 from I SAW THEM: Just because “YOU” said that—–doesn’t mean it’s true!!!! Sorry, need more proof :0) Please deliver, really don’t believe the “so called rumors”.

  • Sonia0404

    @I SAW THEM:

    I totally believe you, thank you for the great post!!

  • Ick!

    Tom is so gross…so is his beard. They deserve it other because they’re just alike…fake, cult worshipers, gay-looking, untalented, weird-looking, just plain ugly. Katie has gray teeth, Tom has Chicklet teeth.

    Is there any thing that Katie Holmes won’t do for a dollar?

  • #32

    Unless you can back it up!!!!!!!!!

  • first! (not first anymore)

    Why would he back up? You’re stupid! It’s a celebrity blog and he probably spontaneously googled “tom cruise” and is just telling here what he has seen today. he has no proof to present, you believe him or do not believe him, I suppose he doesn’t give a damn about your opinion and you idiot asking for proof on a celebrity blog! Moron! To me, it just rings true, that’s it. I believe him.

  • first! (not first anymore)

    I was speaking to #44

  • ellie’

    Tom Cruise is still so hot looking.. They look perfectly happy to me..