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Halle Berry: All Smiles about Skin Care

Halle Berry: All Smiles about Skin Care

Halle Berry looks lovely as she leaves a skin care clinic in Beverly Hills on Wednesday (November 11).

The 43-year-old actress, who rocked thigh-high boots and a long tunic, has something else to smile about…

Halle will be receiving the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award next month at The Hollywood Reporter’s Power 100: Women in Entertainment breakfast.

The award, which puts Halle in good company with past winners Meryl Streep, Jodie Foster and Glenn Close, recognizes groundbreaking contributions to the entertainment industry.

Hilary Swank will give the keynote address at the breakfast.

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry leaving a skin care clinic…

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halle berry skin care 01
halle berry skin care 02
halle berry skin care 03
halle berry skin care 04
halle berry skin care 05
halle berry skin care 06
halle berry skin care 07
halle berry skin care 08
halle berry skin care 09
halle berry skin care 10
halle berry skin care 11
halle berry skin care 12
halle berry skin care 13

Photos: GSI Media
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  • **JAMIE**

    she has gorgeous skin, love the color :)

  • Jessie

    She looks so dyke like. I think Ellen is a prettier Dyke.

  • alex

    halle berry and jared leto are physically unable to age!

  • Annie

    Jessica Lucas.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    another halle thread that will get less than 20 comments, might not even get 15. ahahaha.. damn, this beautiful women gets NO love on here.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    it could have be diiferent for us halle. why didn’t you answer my letters? did you get the presents i sent? you’re a fool. i can see you online. i don’t care about threats from your lawyers. i don’t need them to stand in my way. i won’t go back to that institution. you can’t put me there because i’m forever free. watching you.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    do you have big guns? i want to see them. i have a twenty.

  • TJ

    Her hair is just hideous.

  • http://www.strollific,com

    love her hair
    she looks really good for someone in their 40

  • SMH

    @ I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    You are obviously obsessed with Halle because you are always in a comment section about her. Get a life already, geez….

  • Gooth

    Whats ur skin care secret Halle?!!!




    at the event, I hope they can get through the montage of her pass movies without laughing, because that s..t if funny, perfect stranger, what a joke,

  • http://JUSTJARED sharon


  • ellie’

    Great actress .. beautiful Halle love her..What a beautiful family..

  • clay

    @sharon: LMAO!

  • clay

    @BRUCE: One of her major contributions to the entertainment industry is her beauty. That is for sure.

  • tyra banks and halle

    tyra was and is sensational and oh god she made halle look like a total inept unnatural insincere drainning moron..I laughed at tyra so much she has got Halle all figured out ROFL go watch it ..its so good to see someone show hallewhat she really is in a diplomatic way

    Kudos to Tyra


    She is not a classic beauty, she looks to hard, all of those women in fake land are looking like a mannequin, I don’t think she deserve an award for those films, take a look at catwomen,

  • http://JUSTJARED world brake through

    is there a miracle cure in that bag that will turn back the time of aging, hollywood women can never fool that camera, poor thing, they say she is desperate, running around looking for a cure, I heard someone talking about the new remake of a movies call last dragon, and the guy commenting said halle was to old, but I all so think she just don’t have the looks like Vanity, Vanity was a knock out, a natural beauty, halle has had a nose job, eye surgery,and so on, if she finds the cure for aging, that person will be a zilllllllionare

  • RaisingChild

    Halle is so FAB!

  • http://JUSTJARED kate

    ?? what so fab, next, who talks about her acting, to vain, move on,

  • lizzie

    I just can’t get to like her. She looks mean.


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    I dialed your extension. That’s not a real number. Haha. It’s not funny to play with people like that.



    Hold on, are you a dude? I like dudes. You over 17?

  • world brake through

    i hate halle. Why does everyone care about her so much? like her and gabriel will ever be Brangelina. NEVER! Everyone hates her movies. i’ve seen every one of them. she can’t act. and as far a being beautiful? please. I’ve met her plastic surgeon myself. he admits that halle has had A LOT of work done. I know for a fact that she maintains a strict protein rich diet to help keep her figure. And that she regularly uses Spanx in size medium to help make her look smaller. I know for a fact that she has them shipped to her home for Barney’s New York and the night she wore that ugly dress to tho charity event with Gabriel that she was wearing the beige control top Spanx with tummy tuck. And she’s such a b-tch that she only orders double foam chai tea lattes from Starbucks with no sugar and then an apple fritter which clearly has hundreds of calories and TONS of sugar even though she has Type 1 diabetes and at last count had ridiculous high glucose levels. I call that irresponsible parenting!

  • Sarah Sunshine

    she has great skin. she must get it from her mother’s side.

  • http://JUSTJARED kate

    who cares, old bag

  • world brake through


    i know her dermatologist.

  • http://JUSTJARED robert

    of course he does, money, halle is old now, janet jackson is a true beauty, she is much more talented than halle and her features are unique, halle berry just looks like the same old halle, just older, please

  • halle lied

    @tyra banks and halle: Tyra was fawning over her kissing ass. Halle did lie as usual…she said she didn’t pay attention to the gossip sites, when we all know she does and has been called out on it on Just Jared..

  • guess we saw a different video
  • http://JUSTJARED she always lie

    she always lie, then try to clean it up afterwards, no one can stomach her in hollywood, behind her back they know she is superficial and only thinks about her looks, mentally she thinks she is still in a beauty pageant, that what they say, no talent at all in acting, and lies all the time, she use”s her charity that she was talking about on the nbc news to keep her name out there, but no one cares, because we all know it is fake, the public has caught on to these fake actor using charities for futher publicity. and yes she has six toes, look at her feet, an extra bone at the end. hey guess what, on the news you can see she has a flat ass, this is when they start to look old, like chicken face, waxy skin, watch for janet jackson interview next week 11/18/2009 on abc, now that”s talent and beauty put together,halle is jealous of janet, that is why be brought the rights to dorothy dandridge book, so janet would not be in the movie first, bitch

  • re:Tyra Banks Show

    @halle lied: Funny how Halle didn’t know what to call Gabriel Aubry when she was talking with Tyra about Nahla’s name and hoping that Tyra didn’t jinx the kid. Look at the video she almost said or wanted to say husband…lol.

  • #32-36

    Does any one hav e any ideas about which names I should use next? And where are the other posters? I’m sick of having to talk to myself. The doctor says that’s unhealthy.

  • re:Tyra Banks Show

    Funny how Halle’s lawyers think they can send me more threats. A restraining order doesn’t work over the internet. lol. Now who’s crazy?

  • halle lied

    by we I mean myselves.

  • Hey multi poster

    Hey Stuart Bennett aka Akira Moritani….

    Are you that dude from Canada who used to use a made up Japanese name and post how you telepathically met Halle Berry and that she was in love with you and wasn’t pregnant or in love with Mr. Aubry?

  • huh?

    UR not 33, 34 and 36–two of my friends posted that you jacka$$

  • Dude UR a jacka$$

    Dude UR a jacka$$ craving attention. UR not posters 33, 34 & 36-two of my friends did. Time for your meds and the straight jacket.

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    @Dude UR a jacka$$:

    Dude, yeah. Like, fer sure. I’ll post under as many names as I want. And stop pretending to be other people. And you’re just sore because Halle put out a restraining order against you too. Or us? Are you one of my other personas?

  • Dude UR a jacka$$

    I have friends! Two of the posted under this topic. Ask them.

  • Dude UR a jacka$$

    And I don’t post under different names.

  • Dawn

    Christ! Some of you people are really bitter. If she does charity work it’s because she’s trying to get attention, if she doesn’t she’s selfish. And who doesn’t want to be liked? I think that she’s just a caring person who’s trying her best to help the world in her own way. There are plenty of people in her position who never lift a finger for anybody, who don’t get half the criticism – interesting that… And another thing, anyone who says that she can’t act is a liar. And so what if she goes to a skin clinic? Who wouldn’t if they had the means? I’m sure if most of you half-wits went to a skin clinic on a regular basis, you wouldn’t look half as good. Aand what’s with all these comparisions to other celebrities? What the hell do they have to do with her? They’re living their lives, she’s living hers. What are you doing? I hope to God she doesn’t read some of these posts.

    P.S.: I n F a m o u s l y C o o l (or whatever you call yourself), you vampire, maybe you should try to get a life instead of wasting it watching people and being weird. And that institution that you say you’re not going back to, you may not realise it but you’re already there. That institution is your mind. That’s an infinitely more dificult place to escape from, and spending more time preying on people is not going to get you out of there any faster. Figure that one out.

  • Vanessa Valentino

    I don’t understand why people dislike her, she is amazing.

  • http://JUSTJARED mike

    #46 go ride a donkey, we are not buying the BS, find something else to do, make candles, halle old s..t, only talking about her mother old many many many years ago abuse to get attention, what a b…ch, those women don’t need a phony person like halle using them to keep attention on herself, ask her why she got hit in her ear? once a s…t, always a sl..t, who pays a man, a gay man at that to have a baby, just for his looks, he is softer than halle, what man goes to get pampered. not real men

  • Dawn

    #46 here. Oh dear! To the one above (and I don’t mean God). I don’t have the time to make candles, but I do however, have a little time to say a few words. No one’s paid anyone (but you can believe that if it makes you feel better), it’s just pure attraction you’re seeing there. You seem to be the only one bringing up old stuff – can’t you see that people have moved on? Why don’t you try doing the same and be happy, Mr. Man? I’m assuming you’re a man, forgive me if I’m wrong about that. I don’t know what kind of a ‘real man’, apart from scumbags and lowlifes, would advocate beating up on women. Maybe you could do with a little pampering yourself, come out of the stone age, it might make you a little less rough around the edges. By the way, this is the one and only time that I’ll be responding to your crap!