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Katie Holmes Shows Off a Romantic Nightie

Katie Holmes Shows Off a Romantic Nightie

Despite chilly temperatures and having to wear a super-short nightie for a scene, Katie Holmes is a trooper and shoots The Romantics on Long Island, New York on Wednesday (November 11).

Katie, 30, also wore shorts for a scene with co-stars Anna Paquin – brr! Also on set today were co-stars Malin Akerman and Jeremy Strong.

Hubby Tom Cruise dropped by the set yesterday and took a walk with Katie during a break in shooting.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes being a Romantic

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katie holmes the romantics nightie 01
katie holmes the romantics nightie 02
katie holmes the romantics nightie 03
katie holmes the romantics nightie 04
katie holmes the romantics nightie 05
katie holmes the romantics nightie 06
katie holmes the romantics nightie 07
katie holmes the romantics nightie 08
katie holmes the romantics nightie 09
katie holmes the romantics nightie 10

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  • ttt

    Here come the comments on Katie’s “Fat” legs.

  • LuckyL

    Oh Jesus Christ Jared, you act like she saved a baby out of a burning building. And at least now she can feel how cold Suri is all the time.

  • Gross!

    Can’t wardrobe wash those shorts?

  • yikes

    Katezilla scares the crap out of me with those linebacker legs.

  • ian


  • anonymous

    look at those long sexy healthy legs
    wow oh wow

  • sara

    is katie taking male hormones?

  • snoozzzzz…


  • jillian

    Katie looks really pretty here.

  • bess

    Very hot and Im looking forward
    to this movie.

  • Jewels Jessica

    She still looks great. Tom is a lucky guy!

  • toejam

    Check out her feet in the last pic, looks like a claw. She needs to stop wearing shoes all the time that cramp all her toes together, horrible bunions on both sides!

  • Incredible!

    Anna and Katie look like sisters!

  • happy girl

    her and her tomboy are space aliens

  • massive legs

    elephantiasis – Pathology. a chronic filarial disease resulting in lymphatic obstruction, characterized by marked enlargement of the parts affected, esp. of THE LEGS, transmitted by mosquitoes.

  • roBsten

    Why do post and look if you dont care or like them?

  • amalie

    like fine wine she gets better with age

  • dubb57

    Love her; haters to the <~~~~~~

  • why

    OMG @ her feet. it looks like bat wing. eww. Giant legs and nasty feet. saggy boobs and giant flat asss.

    Tom Cruise should have waited for something better to come along.

  • bella

    Dreamy and stunning! Cool cast and they all look great!!!!

  • cod4


  • holiday

    Not a fan but she’s sweet and lovely. She also seems so approachable,humble,real,smart and talented. Its good she remains Katie and so simple because the natural pieces of women today are missing.

  • :)


  • abby normal

    Katie looks good. Thanks Jared.

  • soho

    always beautiful……i heart her

  • birdie

    Katie is a stunner and I like her sexy ensemble.

    Happy Veterans Day.

  • Those feet…

    I’m with #12 and #19. Her foot in the last photo is just sadly ugly. She should keep her feet out of sight and make sure to wear comfortable, sensible shoes to avoid making them worse.

  • Gregory Rain

    Wow – god bless the internet.

  • Whatever


  • 911

    Simplicity chic and classic beauty. Her body is also sexy and healthy.

  • wow

    anyone know of a leg double? ….there is money to be made on Katie’s set

  • Man Legs

    ….now I know what attracted tiny Tom


    She is super cute
    Her legs are very nicely shaped and toned
    Most women wish they could have her body
    Most people wish they could have her life

  • lakers fan in boston

    katie would have looked good in that nightie if it werent for those big legs of hers
    and is that anna, i dont anything about her but she does seem like she’s quit
    dang, she has some giant feet in pic 10, katie that is



    She is super cute
    Her legs are very nicely shaped and toned
    Most women wish they could have her body
    Most people wish they could have her life

  • **JAMIE**

    Her hair looks so gorgeous she better not cut it off after the movie. love her

  • sniffles

    I’m usually such a Katie fan, but I have to say she should definitely keep shoes on. One would think that with all the money Tom has, she could have her feet fixed. With all that said, I think she looks beautiful in her longer hair and her legs look just fine.

  • believe it or not

    I don’t think I have ever seen someone so out of proportion,
    small head
    scrunched face
    long neck
    long upper body and torso
    tiny bewbs
    Large legs that look as if the belong to someone else
    big manly feet

  • critic

    I suggest the director always put Katie behind a fence, table, shrubbery, anything, to hide her bottom half.

  • hahah

    @critic: LoL Like Wilson from Home improvement

  • Becky Beckham

    I’m surprised at her poor parenting skills. Maybe she just doesn’t have any family around her who are not in the church. They excommunicate family members, its terrible.

  • Sonia0404

    No, the Beard and Anna’s mom look like sisters.

  • Kaitlyn

    Who are the two lunatics at this site who keep posting over and over. One is a totally delusional fan and the other totally hates Katie and Tom.

    Listen you nutbags…..its totally obvious it’s the same two people posting over and over. Your accents give you away and you’re both sick in the head.

    I’m not a fan of Katie or Tom. Actually I think they are both morons, but would the two of you get some sort of a life. The fan is totally delusional and obsessed, and the hater is totally vile, especially when she says things about Suri. Damn girl!! She’s just a kid. Its not her fault her parents are a pair of idiots!

    And yes, Katie has fat legs for a thin girl and she has NO boobs to show off. She’s not classy or cool and you don’t know her so stop saying how sweet she is. For all you know she’s the biggest biotch in the world.

    Both of you GET A GRIP AND GET A LIFE.

  • Kaitlyn

    ooPS. Forgot to say WHY I don’t think she’s classy or cool. She’s not very smart either.

    A classy, cool, intelligent person does not sign a marriage contract for money and a career boost, leave her religion and join a cult, and would know how to dress her child, train her and wean her from the bottle.

    Face it. Katie Holmes is a stupid person.

  • coco

    Katie looks cute in the nightie – her face looks pretty there. I like her better without crazy Tiny Tom and his scientology spaceship by her side.

  • southerner

    I do declare, that there Ms. Katie’s legs are purdy big

  • Asaki Kymoto

    ah Meeses Cruise…you call ah …Katie…. hava sum veery beeg legs

  • chris

    How did her legs get so big? I walk alot and my calves have hardly changed. She use to have slimmer legs.

  • Jane

    Katie really has some clunky legs.

  • Jennifer

    Katie has Clydesdale legs.