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Rihanna's Rider Revealed, She Likes Buffalo Wings!

Rihanna's Rider Revealed, She Likes Buffalo Wings!

Rihanna‘s concert tour rider has been released, thanks to The Smoking Gun. Here’s a sampling of what the 21-year-old songstress requests of her dressing room catering:

– 24 buffalo wings (HOT sauce on the side)
– 1 whole roasted chicken, spiced with jerk seasoning and cut into parts and steamed white rice
– 1 bag of good quality tortilla chips
– 1 small bag of plantain chips (salted)
– 1 bag of “fire hot” crunchy “Cheetos brand” cheese doodles (or comparable item)
– We may ask for hard boiled eggs, turkey bacon, turkey sausage at any time throughout the day. Please be prepared!

Check out the full rider below!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rihanna’s demands? Are they reasonable?

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  • wendy

    I think that is pretty reasonable, particularly since remember reading the insane demands from Mariah and J.Lo, this is nothing.

  • ck_always

    Doesn’t look outrageous to me.

  • true blood

    Does anyone really care?
    The CMAs are tonight and the images have already hit the photo agencies.
    Please give us pics of the event instead of silly shit like this.


    Well there is nothing diva like about those demands

  • tori

    seriously…who the hell cares?

  • Fox

    This coupled with the McDonald runs is probably not a good diet.

  • Sarah May

    Girl likes to eat. Not bad. Seems something a young person would eat. Prolly needs all those carbs and protein from performing

  • jj

    Rihanna needs to step up her game in this lady gaga era. Her singles aren’t doing well. Lady Gaga will steal her thunder this time around

  • Realme2008

    Well, if Rihanna’s songs aren’t doing well that’s her own fault. She should have known that *hit was garbage.

  • annab

    Good to see a celebrity eating…some of these famous people look like they don’t eat at all.

  • henri

    i dont think her rider is unreasonable…compared to some other artists

  • Tower

    I’ve seen a million of these and every time with the chicken wings…always the same shit! But please, don’t stero type. Not.

  • ck_always

    @annab: No, they eat plenty. You can’t compare them to the average person seeing as more than half are considered obese and overweight. Just because overweight people have the majority on their side doesn’t make it normal. Eat on, heffa.

  • ailey


    Most of the time they DON’T eat the majority of it; that’s my problem with Riders. I know this because a relative of mine does this for a living, over 15 years now, before someone disputes this claim. It’s either the power of being a big deal and getting what you want OR the manager making half the demands that the celeb doesn’t even know about. lol

    I can’t honestly say either way with Rihanna but, just my 2 cents and just for the record I guess even though this comment was pointless now that I think about it.

  • luthia

    Rihanna’s developing bad eating habits. It may not show as much now but it will catch up to her in a few years.

  • Liv

    Pretty tame, this rider. Should have seen J-Lo’s or some other anonymous artist’s rider that was released.

  • kat

    well she pays for all of it so doesnt really matter

  • vids

    @true blood: It’s the daily post so they can make bank with Def Jam.

  • JP

    It’s not that Diva-ish but it’s too much junk food.
    There’s got to be healthier stuff to snack on.

  • xxx

    Wow, what a joke! Its not like she’s gonna eat ALL of that food…… geez Rihanna think of the homeless people going to bed hungry tonight.

  • scooby doo

    she has put on weight recently. it’s probably from all that crap.

  • dasilvanos

    The proof is in the pudding.
    This stuff will give you thighs are big as Beyonce’s.

  • Ginger

    I rather eat at a restaurant and just have drinks (soda, tea, etc) in my trailer. kekeke…

  • Lenny

    Pr team junk to get her attention. Her pr people are working over time.

  • cheetah

    Her booty has looked bigger.
    I thought it was photoshop though.

  • Erica

    Rihanna is garbage.

  • curious

    RiRi needs to step away from the junk food.

  • greg

    No wonder she fat.

  • blah

    stuipid bitch.. I hope she gets fat

  • black beauty

    her rider is not “diva-ish” and over the top. she can eat all that junk food and still keep that killer body.

  • 444whitenationalist

    just a bunch of nigger spic beaner food. dumb bittch might as well ask for organic nigger spic beaner food as well

  • Shelly

    Cheap no talent hooker. Her music stink.

  • cg

    guess i was the only one who noticed misspellings and grammar errors sprinkled through that…someone needs to proof read that stuff…


    omg. really? What bitch. she looks like one too.

  • Lalique

    Chaffen dish? She’d better not put the “good quality tortillas” in it.

  • Kristen

    @ ailey Amen to that. I do hospitality at my job and just this last weekend I took home so much food it wasn’t even funny. Chicken, cheese, lunch meats, pizza’s, cookies, salads, nuts… I get fed really well when we have big acts LOL. And yeah, this is nothing. Her requests are about normal. Plus, you have to remember, this isn’t all for her. A LOT of it is for her band and tour people, from bus drivers to tour manager.

  • Kristen

    Chaffen dish? She’d better not put the “good quality tortillas” in it.

    The Chaffen dish is probably for the chicken and rice.

  • Lilac

    I dont believe she eats all this.

  • czar

    guys, remember, these are just not her demands alone. her assistants, stylists, make-up artist and everyone hovering around her, including her back-ups need to eat too! for all we know, she just eats the fruits… how can one person drink and eat that much in one night?

    this is pretty normal if you ask me… mariah had sepcific demands on what kind of flowers and how many pieces of those should be in her dressing room. and she had champagne too.. with specific year and brand. not to mention the candles, caviar and other expensive stuff! so yeah, this is pretty lame.

  • melissa asherman

    sounds like a celebrity I could actually eat with! yummy!

  • Linds

    I love Rihanna, but she proves that she is just as big of a diva as those other songstresses.

  • Anna

    on the last page it says scale of 1 to 10. 1 being quite… quite… not quiet. someone really read that list. and wtf is up with these demands who the hell needs that much food. celebrities don’t even eat, what a waste. this is why our planet is suffering, crazy demands from celebrities who are rail-thin.

  • Closer

    Damn fake. Mosdef not not that diva. Runs around. Eats nothing but chicken and chips. Clothes on. Makeup on. Drinks Iso. Party on and rocking the stage.

  • **JAMIE**

    im pretty sure this is for her whole CREW. she doesnt look at all like she eats potato chips and whole chickens.

  • Wrong


    What’s wrong with a whole chicken? No problem!

  • anonymous

    i think these demands are reasonable! its nice to see a celebrity actually likes to eat. at least she aint making ridiculous demands like, my room must be all white, and only vanilla sented candles allowed in my dressing

  • rocketman

    @JJ #6

    STFU about Gaga. Rihanna is holding court in her lane. She’s #9 w/ Russian Roulette. Hard landed at #41 on the R&B charts before the single is released

    Rihanna been in the game longer than Gaga and Gaga is just now getting her shine.

    It’s a Rihanna world! Rihanna is more universal appeal. Gaga is doing her thing and Rihanna doesn’t appear to be worried/threatened and RIhanna doesn’t need to team up with Gaga for a hit like Beyawnsay! That’s who needs to step her game up, fact of the matter, she needs to SIT DOWN there is no major interest in her image anymore. She had only one #1 single off a double disc and you got a nerve to be talking about Rihanna.

    She is catering to her fan base and Gaga is making waves. Congrats to both!

    On topic: Rihanna likes good junk food and keeps her figure!

  • Lucy

    I just hate all she has become since the start of her career… She was pretty humble at first, now she’s just another one playing to be diva. Not good RiRi..!

  • bubbaness

    Celebrities need to get the eff over themselves and stop demanding. Entitled idiots. Bring your own GD bag lunch and love it.

  • lizzie

    SOK it’s good to eat !!