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Amber Rose & Kanye West Shop 'Til They Drop in Italy

Amber Rose & Kanye West Shop 'Til They Drop in Italy

Amber Rose and boyfriend Kanye West hold hands as they spend the afternoon shopping in Rome, Italy on November 12 (Thursday).

Kanye, 32, and Amber, 27, tested scents at a perfumery and the couple checked out the merchandise at Fendi and Missoni boutiques.

Kanye‘s infamous VMA moment was reprised last night at the CMAs when Grand Ole Opry legend Little Jimmy Dickens, 88, interrupted Brad Paisley.

“Excuse me, I’ll let you finish later,” Little Jimmy said. “I know you had a nice video and all that, but Taylor Swift made the best video of all time. Of all time!”

15+ pictures inside of Amber Rose and Kanye West shopping in Rome…

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kanye west amber rose rome shopping spree 01
kanye west amber rose rome shopping spree 02
kanye west amber rose rome shopping spree 03
kanye west amber rose rome shopping spree 04
kanye west amber rose rome shopping spree 05
kanye west amber rose rome shopping spree 06
kanye west amber rose rome shopping spree 07
kanye west amber rose rome shopping spree 08
kanye west amber rose rome shopping spree 09
kanye west amber rose rome shopping spree 10
kanye west amber rose rome shopping spree 11
kanye west amber rose rome shopping spree 12
kanye west amber rose rome shopping spree 13
kanye west amber rose rome shopping spree 14
kanye west amber rose rome shopping spree 15
kanye west amber rose rome shopping spree 16
kanye west amber rose rome shopping spree 17
kanye west amber rose rome shopping spree 18

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  • TR

    I hope they DO drop. Dead that is. He is a major a-hole and she is a fat prostitute.

  • LuckyL

    Oh God, can they leave man alone now? Damn, is he Hitler? Did he kill somebody?

  • LuckyL

    Joke’s old. He’s been trying to stay out of the limelight. Case closed.

  • marissa

    Im with lainey on this , he is a Douchebag and what he did to taylor so stupid. but Atleast he didnt beat his GF til she was unconscious.

    The kanye west jokes are getting a bit tiring and his apology sounded sincere. and Atlest he layed low after the incident and didnt have any PR arranged interviews except leno

    Taking time off was a good idea for him

  • marissa


    My point excatly. I agree.

  • Cayanne

    I agree as well.

  • http://www.strollific,com

    Kanye seems to be doing a lot better.

  • Liza

    I’m with you TR. He has always been a massive jerk.

  • sarah

    JJ, stop posting about this loser, and the douche Chris Brown.

  • dundies

    i care only that he pulls his damn pants up. other than that you people act like he made a beeping death threat. life WILL go on

  • anon

    In Italy? these two are probably the ugliest people in the country Italians are gorgeous!

  • Meela

    Wow that’s the most clothes that I have ever seen that chick wear!!!!! It must be difficult for her to keep her ass covered!!!! Kanye is a prick she is clearly with him for his money because the dude is SCUM!!!

  • RatFace_Taylor

    They look pretty cute and casual. Rat faced Taylor didn’t have the best video. She’s certainly milking the incident.

  • mika_says_hi

    i was pissed when he did that vma thing, but its over now and he was definitely sorry. so now hes laying low which is a good idea, instead of taking advantage of the stunt and releasing an album a week later.

  • ME

    YUK!! These two are UGLY!! Gross !!!! And they look like they stink!!!

  • Coco Chanel

    he’s still a gayfish.

  • Adrian

    love them. amber is fresh

  • jessie

    nice to see her covered up for once..

  • Adrian

    @ME: i believe that was your designer impostors perfume

  • lalalove


    Why? Because you choose to listen to the media’s side of every story? Make your own damn judgements. Draw your own damn conclusions. Think outside the f**kin’ box. Yes Chris Brown hit Rihanna and there are no justifications for his reckless actions, but he’s remorseful and took responsibility for it. Don’t we all make mistakes? Stop trying to chastise the kid. Yes Kanyes got on stage and was wrong, but he was also remorseful. Did he kill anyone? Should we throw in the death penalty for the two while we’re at it?

  • lalalove

    Matching sneakers…cute. Cute couple, by the way.

  • Paul

    She has a great body but an average face, but i suppose you could allways turn the lights out IMO Lol.

  • nina

    the poor guy will never live this down.
    i think taylor swift needs to let it go too before she starts falling out of favour with the public for bringing it up at every opportunity.
    the public will stay on her side if she maintains a quiet dignity about the incident.

  • whatev

    he’s still a bigger star than taylor ever will be. kanye did her a favor. americans forget taylor has no international appeal or talent. she can’t fill stadiums abroad…

  • AutumnM

    Ugh, get over the Taylor Swift incident already! Geesh, it’s not like he killed someone. It’s really not that serious.

    As for these pics, Amber has a great body!!! But her face is just “okay”. I still think Kanye is gay though. A talented guy, but I don’t see any sexual or romantic connection there between Kanye and Amber or any woman i’ve seen him with.

    Amber=Kanye’s beard

  • pouty

    I love Taylor’s music, I love Kanye’s music! I don’t care what they do in their personal life… I don’t know them i can’t judge them. u say kanye is a douchebag? who can tell if taylor is such a goody-goody as she seems to be?? MUSIC IS ALL THAT MATTERS TO ME!

  • LIz

    I love kayne n taylor. I am more of a hip hop girl :) who cares what he did! he did this girl a favor!!!

  • LIz

    Why dont people attack emeniem or TI or Lil wayne . They are all criminal and “role models” to our kids. What did kanye do that is so bad snach the mic from a poor white girl. lol… ok people attack kayne he is an ass w a big ego, Is that a crime in America? I LOVE KANyE West.



  • Abigail

    Shop til they drop or his pants drop???

  • Status quo

    Ya know, I think he has found someone that is good for him. That’s only if she is not using him. To me, they both seem to sparkle around each other. I can’t hate. I think Kanye is growing from his mistakes. He’ll come out a stronger better person who his mother can be proud of. Taylor Swift is even over it. Love that girl by the way.

  • khristi

    I love Kanye West-yeah he can be a bit of a jackass at times, but Wynona Judd dissed Taylor Swift as well, and I’m sure she won’t get as much crap for it.

  • =)=)=)

    i love him !

  • Nic

    There are alot of prejudice people leaving comment here but i guess hateration will always happen when a successful black man or black females makes a mistake…

    Sorry, I am black and love country music but Taylor Swift benefitted from all this mess so whats the problem…I personally do not think her voice is the tops. Reba McIntyre, Faith Hill, those are some ladies that can really “sang”….

    Now, screw and leave Kanye alone…because, the color of his skin will not change…*ssholes..

  • Karen

    she is nasty and he is obnoxious and conceeded

  • Naima

    Kanye is not gay, he’s ridiculously talented and did that little hillbilly a favor, he put her on the map and she’s milking it. Love Kanye even though he’s a bit too expressive at times, he’s a good guy all around.

    @Autumn…. Have you ever met Ye or been around him and any females, some of us actually have on more than one occasion, he’s very much into women and its not fake, he really loves women. If you’ve been around the man you will know there is nothing gay about him.

  • Melissa Money

    I’m glad to see Kanye back on his feet. Don’t get down on yourself.

  • Bitchetta

    It’s good he took his sorry ass as far away as possible….together with his big, fat transvestite he/she partner.

  • Jokergurl

    Kanye West is in love with himself.

  • MystiqueM

    um…I heard that Kanye is dating some damn writer Tina Clarke or something like that he’s two timing these women and yes please somebody tell him to pull up his pants

  • MystiqueM

    my bad mispelling the writer that allegedly Kanye is with now her name is Tina Clark..who is she?…I’ve seen some of her books on google…I wonder if she knows that Kanye is still with his model girlfriend..where does he find these women?