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Gerard Butler: Celebrating His 40th In London!

Gerard Butler: Celebrating His 40th In London!

Gerard Butler leaves his hotel in London to appear on The Jonathan Ross Show on Thursday (November 12).

The Scottish actor, who turns 40 tomorrow, spoke with STV about his birthday week plans.

‘’On my birthday itself I am going to have a party in London, which is great because I don’t get to spend a lot of time there anymore,” he shared.

‘’The next day I am going up to Glasgow, where I am having a shared birthday party with my 11-year old niece,” Gerard shared.

‘’I might even have something in L.A. as well, but I am not going to have any big parties, just little fun ones.’’

Happy early birthday, Gerry!!

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211 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Celebrating His 40th In London!”

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  1. 51
    What is a??? Says:

    …framolamodingbat, framolamodoobboo

    What is all that you people keep bringing up???
    I am not aware of the Gerry people nicknames so please humor me. What is that???

  2. 52
    OMG Says:

    Ugh when is gerry coming back to the states? I am so sick of seeing him over in that hellhole the UK.

  3. 53
    Huh? Says:

    Where are the engagement rumors coming from? Source? Are you getting this from boards or what? How the hell do you peeps hear all the rumors? I’m always the last to know it would seem.

  4. 54
    Barry White Is Black Says:

    @ Dane

    LUBE IT!

  5. 55
    No engagement "rumors" Says:

    They are being started and ENDED here. Nowhere else are there any fcuking engagement rumors.
    Methinks its some preemptive strike bc Nicky boy is getting toooo muucch PRESSOLA.
    Some a&& started something last thread and now you f*ags are keeping it rolling. END IT. Now. Gerry is single and swinging and enjoying life womanzising. end of discussion.

    Dumb FATSOs.

  6. 56
    @Dane Says:

    LUBE IT!

  7. 57
    hallo mr viking pillager Says:


  8. 58
    @ManLESS Says:

    Why do you think Gerry is single? And why are you a fan?

  9. 59
    blind item Says:

    @ Huh?
    “Where are the engagement rumors coming from? Source?”
    They’re getting it from a blind item on Blind Gossip. This is the blind:
    “This actor has been fighting off rumors about his sexuality for years. That’s why it is curious that he isn’t publicly announcing that he is engaged to be married to a very pretty girl. You would think that he would want to shout it from the hill tops, and soak up all the hetero kudos it would bring him. Instead, he’s keeping it very quiet. We can only think of three reasons for this. First, that he is not as committed as the engagement implies. Second, that he doesn’t want to scare off potential gay partners. Third, that he doesn’t want any attention. Wait, scratch that last one. He loves the limelight. We smell disaster all over this one.”
    So far on Blind Gossip no one is guessing Gerry for this, btw. They seem to be guessing everyone BUT Gerry, but that hasn’t stopped some idiots here from pretending this is a rumor exclusively about GB. They’ve got the same blind over on dlisted, too, and they’re not favoring GB for this one either.

  10. 60
    Guess the queer? Says:

    @blind item: They’re getting it from a blind item on Blind Gossip. This is the blind:

    Read more:

    Oh so it’s like playing a game of guess the *****?

  11. 61
    x Says:

    #19 was a blind item from on 9 Nov – “You’ll Have to Whisper Congratulations To Him” – Gerry’s name has only been mentioned once amongt the 58 comments so far. So this is not a FACT about Gerry. Also Gerry has a black woman as an assistant and was with him in London in August for all the TUT stuff so if he was seen with a black woman in Oslo it could very well be her.

  12. 62
    Seamus Says:

    I love jam.

  13. 63
    whoknows Says:

    Maybe she’s a girlfriend/assistant.

  14. 64
    Oh James... Says:

    @Seamus: I love jam.

    And I love the name “Seamus”.

  15. 65
    damn fools Says:

    the woman is in the states…and yes she is his type.
    shes on twitter

  16. 66
    damn fools Says:

    he is not engaged lol ;)
    the woman is in the states…and yes she is his type…
    shes on twitter

  17. 67
    kp hearts butler Says:

    Oh, I’m hotter than that chick….easy….lol

  18. 68
    linky link Says:

    @damn fools: Link to Twitter please

  19. 69
    ThisIsIt Says:

    I don’t know where all these engagement and married rumors originate, out of the fractured minds of complete and utter dimwits who have nothing better to do than to start more rumors that are false and ridiculous to perpetuate their own agendas of keeping the pot stirred with rumors and inuendo. If you people would just listen to all the interviews of late, as well as in the recent and remote past, Gerry is almost always asked if he is single and he always replies that he is single. He is NOT now or has been engaged to anyone, and has never even given the slightest hint or inference of being engaged or even serious about any woman in particular. Gerry is at a good place in his life, and as much as said so in recent interviews. He’s having a good time and has no immediate plans of settling down. He will eventually, but that’s a bit down the road, not right now, and if people would listen to HIM instead of these renegade/rogue bloggers who have their own agendas of making money off of him – as he spoke about in the Norwegian interview – you would know this and stop all the rumors that you people seem to delight in starting and embellishing on. Take your hits on me, people, I know you will, but I really don’t care. I am as tired of the rumors and lies about Gerry as he obviously is, and cannot believe that all of this is still going on, especially after his 16 plus minute interview about this very thing and how hurtful it can be to him, and his family, and how untrue it all is. Gerry really bared his soul in that interview, and spoke as we have never heard him speak before. I think consideration needs to be made of this, and all this gossip needs to be curtailed, here and on the other gossip sites. People need to start telling the truth, and not continue to further tell lies about a man who does not deserve that kind of treatment.

  20. 70
    hi there mum Says:

    @ThisIsIt: Ahh! nice to hear from Gerrys mum, and on his Birthday too! Have to finished baking his cake yet?

  21. 71
    Horizontalambada Says:

    Well said, Thisisit

  22. 72
    Oslo interview on Youtube Says:

    Many people complained about having trouble accessing the Oslo interview but it has since been put on Youtube.

    Part 1 of Norwegian interview:

    Part 2 of Norwegian interview:

  23. 73
    FWIW Says:

    I came to GBdom post Bianca, but on imdb these days they seem to be over romanticising their relationship, imo. In the Oslo interview GB said he had been “hanging out” with her for quite a while, not dating her. I thought that was odd. That’s how you talk about a friend, not a serious girlfriend. I also find the timing of the breakup interesting. Around about the premiere of 300? That speaks volumes, lol! I don’t think they broke up because she couldn’t handle the media scrutiny, I think he cut her loose right at the moment it appeared his star was going into the stratosphere. He wanted to be footloose and fancy-free and enjoy the “spoils” of fame (something he’s still doing). Which again tells me he wasn’t that serious about her.

  24. 74
    Stinkylouise Says:

    Stinky L, ol’ friend and fellow A-list poster, #27. Surely you knew GGG’s 40th birthday was this week.

    LOL! Well I knew it was in November,but I thought it was later in the month. Birthdays are fun and I hope he and his niece enjoy their party.

  25. 75
    lavender1960 Says:


    Pretty standard way to deal with this kind of thing. Most people do it if they can. Imagine all the payouts Sean Penn has made in his lifetime.

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