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Gerard Butler: Celebrating His 40th In London!

Gerard Butler: Celebrating His 40th In London!

Gerard Butler leaves his hotel in London to appear on The Jonathan Ross Show on Thursday (November 12).

The Scottish actor, who turns 40 tomorrow, spoke with STV about his birthday week plans.

‘’On my birthday itself I am going to have a party in London, which is great because I don’t get to spend a lot of time there anymore,” he shared.

‘’The next day I am going up to Glasgow, where I am having a shared birthday party with my 11-year old niece,” Gerard shared.

‘’I might even have something in L.A. as well, but I am not going to have any big parties, just little fun ones.’’

Happy early birthday, Gerry!!

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211 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Celebrating His 40th In London!”

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  1. 101
    For the love of Pete! Says:

    Am I reading that correctly? There’s a “get the look” link???!!!! Has JJ gone totally off the deep end? Someone needs to tell GB he can now wfford a professional dye job.

    BTW – ain’t that cute that GB & his friend are wearing twinnie outfits? Has fryguy gotten a gender change operation?

  2. 102
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    XX @ 11/13/2009 at 4:17 pm @whu…??:

    Camps outside his hotel I think not – get your facts straight. Stalks his cellmate – quite alot of Gerry fans follow Reno and he seems more than happy to interact with them all.

    And ManLesston I have never seen her tweet asking directors to hire him or actresses to co-star with him so quit with the exaggerations as I follow her on twitter LOL.
    Sorry to call bullsh!t on you. BUT BULLSH!T! Read it with my own two eyes. And how about the tweet she sent to Jessica Simpson asking her if he was really dating her and how nice he is? Did you forget that one too? Sounds like a case of selective memory on your part… *wagging finger*
    Also it doesn’t matter where she lives in the world, this behavior is excessive and obsessive. As for the pity me card, gimme a break. We all have tragedies and stress in our lives.
    If I really wanted to make a fool out of her, all I would have to do is post her tweets. It wouldn’t take long since she twitters incessantly.

  3. 103
    framaloon Says:

    She spends most of her work day tweeting and posting, and obsessing about Butler. I’m sure the Scottish taxpayers are thrilled. Doesn’t she work for the govt doing something with arranging military travel? Maybe she gets a discount on travel, and being a govt worker, she gets a ton of vacation.
    And her obsession was long before her father’s illness. He must not be that ill, as he went on family trip to TIFF with her.
    She seems to live in her head and claims that she will never marry because Gerry has spoiled her. Yeah, that’s the reason…….

  4. 104
    Vanessa Valentino Says:

    He’s really popular now. I think it is because he was in the movie with Hagl. He is getting a lot of female attention!

  5. 105
    @XX Says:


    Framadingdong may be a “hoot”, but she is scary. Her behavior is scary as is her appearance — with her enormous breasts hanging out and in everybody’s face. They are not just large — they are huge and floppy. She is a large woman, but wears skimpy outfits that don’t cover her adequately. Flopping around in people’s faces is tasteless, no matter what the size of the woman. She chooses to look ridiculous which accentuates her odd behavior. She needs to dress appropriately. Unfortunately, she makes herself a target by her behavior and her appearance.

  6. 106
    framolamyabbadabbadoo Says:

    She seems to live in her head and claims that she will never marry because Gerry has spoiled her. Yeah, that’s the reason…….
    she seems to have a a lot of money to p!ss away, so she at least has that to offer the poor basterd,

  7. 107
    XX Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    Post the tweet about Jessica Simpson cause i never saw one and no its not selective memory. I’d be interested to see it

  8. 108
    Mr Wang Says:

    I hate bitchy women.

  9. 109
    XX Says:


    Well please post a picture of yourself so we can see you are Miss Perfect Looking!!!.

    As for her dad he has prostate cancer and took a bad turn late last year but seems to be doing alot better.

    I actually find alot of these comments quite laughable as to the outsider looking in its you lot that are the weirdos for feeling the need to constantly put people down all the time

  10. 110
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    XX @ 11/13/2009 at 5:29 pm @ManLESSton, I likely:

    Post the tweet about Jessica Simpson cause i never saw one and no its not selective memory. I’d be interested to see it
    Tell me how to search for old stuff like that. I don’t spend that much time on Twitter. If I do a search for Gerry or Jessica, the tweets don’t go back to that period of time (they have a 100 tweet max on Tweetdeck. I don’t follow Jessica or Framoladoodoo so I don’t have access to their tweets other than searches.
    Believe me or not, your choice. I know what I read and remember thinking what kind of a nut would do that…

  11. 111
    XX Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    Just go to twitter on web and put in framolamdu on Find people click on her name and it will show all her tweets. you may be there a while trying to find it as i do not believe she ever sent jessica simpson a tweet. But kudos to you if you find it. Lets hope you are not mistaking her tweet for someone with a similar screenname??

  12. 112
    trying to figure it out Says:

    @ framaloon
    Doesn’t she work for the govt doing something with arranging military travel? Maybe she gets a discount on travel, and being a govt worker, she gets a ton of vacation.

    I have no idea what she does for living, but I doubt very much she gets a discount on travel because of her work, but more than likely does gets a sh*t load of vacation time. She may know someone who works in the travel industry and can get good deals through them. She must drive her boss crazy, and since she’s a government employee hard to get rid of.

    Was it really necessary to mention her father’s medical condition? We should keep him out of this. I sincerely wish him all the best, cancer of any kind is hard to deal with.
    As for your comment:
    I’m not trying to defend her I have just known her for years via somebody and believe it or not she is pretty normal.
    So what is your connection to her? Friend? Do you see her often?

  13. 113
    curious cat Says:

    I think I’m finally fed up with this man. He looks good in the pix but I don’t seem to care. I don’t want to read this **** about him and his supposed sex life or lack of it. I wish he would get deported back to Scotland.

  14. 114
    Ohh Maa Gawd Says:

    curious, are you flipflopping again like kp farts?

  15. 115
    @XX Says:


    My comment was about how she dresses and lets her breasts flop all about. I did not comment on how she is imperfect or how she looks physically – which since you brought it up, is not what I think is a “feminine” beauty, but is irrelevant. We all can do our best with what we have, which is the point that I was trying to make. Just because she is a bigger woman, doesn’t mean that she can’t make herself attractive. She choses to dress and behave in a way that makes herself easily described as a loon. She may be, in fact, a nice person. But she needs to curb the crazy. That is MY opinion based on what I have seen and heard.
    As for her father, my point was that she has been this way for YEARS. Her father’s personal illness should not have been put on a public board, nor should it be used as an excuse for her living in a dream world. Again, my opinion.

  16. 116
    XX Says:

    @trying to figure it out

    She is a travel arranger for the MOD and gets the troops out to Iraq and Afghanistan and pretty much anywhere there are UK based troops. She knows where to look for the best deals and any MOD employee gets alot of travel discounts with various airlines/travel firms etc.

    She has a specific amount of leave like any civil servant has so like any office as long as it is manned people are free to use their leave the way they see it so no her boss has no issue and why should he. She gets 6 weeks leave a year plus can build up flexi time and take 2 days extra on top of that a month – I knew I should have joined the Civil Service. She has told me a few times how shocked she is that Americans dont get similar leave entitlements.

    How do I know her??. I am a friend of someone from years ago and we all meet up when she is in London. It’s your perogative to think what you want of her – I know her personally and if I thought she was a loon I’d stay well clear.

  17. 117
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    If you want to see the tweet, you are going to have to do it yourself. I was just looking and after seeing that she has posted 60 f*cking tweets in the last 8 hours, I just don’t have the stomach or the time to find it for you. Good look searching. At the rate she is posting, it should take you a week to go back that far. Good luck.
    BTW I’m sticking my guns on this one. I know she wrote it and I SAW IT MYSELF. Happy hunting. I have more packing and dirty laundry to do, which IMO is more interesting than scrolling through Framoladoodoo’s tweets.

  18. 118
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Oops. “sticking to my guns” …

  19. 119
    Sooki Says:

    @XX: we know you are really framolamdoo. You are way too invested in this argument to be ‘just a friend.’ If you were indeed her friend, you would’ve said your piece t and left. You wouldn’t still be here defending her twattery.

    the jig is up, framo. you are a psycho.

  20. 120
    LoneWolf Says:

    **hops off the old **** surf board*** As I had stated in previous posts, I don’t comment unless my curiosity is up…. Stinky Weekie, Manless….if you would be so kind.. based oon the comment by # 73

    FWIW @ 11/13/2009 at 8:20 am I came to GBdom post Bianca, but on imdb these days they seem to be over romanticising their relationship, imo. In the Oslo interview GB said he had been “hanging out” with her for quite a while, not dating her. I thought that was odd. That’s how you talk about a friend, not a serious girlfriend. I also find the timing of the breakup interesting. Around about the premiere of 300? That speaks volumes, lol! I don’t think they broke up because she couldn’t handle the media scrutiny, I think he cut her loose right at the moment it appeared his star was going into the stratosphere. He wanted to be footloose and fancy-free and enjoy the “spoils” of fame (something he’s still doing). Which again tells me he wasn’t that serious about her.

    I am curious also how 1 simple comment (hanging out…. can be construde into “oh! back together…etc etc..) ANYWAY!!!!!! with all I have heard and read on various site including IMDB how they looked happy in pics together, YET also reading/hearing about how they were always fighting (Red Budda Lounge 6-06 if I remember the date right) and neither was a saint…what I am getting at is that there is no indication anywhere where it says it is the fault of rumours, what was said on the next, fangurls (etc) that caused the split but to read all that I have (like 73 said espically on IMDB) you would think it is. This is where the assumptions and so forth begin….. true she may have been nice and didn’t deserve all that then again there were those who said differently (and they have a right to their opinion also) but it just threw me how just from that bit in the interview and what all has been said in regards to it, it now looks like they are back together…… I hope I am making sense in my response to #73.

    Everybody keep the faith.



  21. 121
    sugar Says:

    How did this thread become about one of his fans? Who is this woman anyway, she sounds a bit crazy.

  22. 122
    what's normal behavior? Says:

    Fans like Framlodoodoo give other GB fans a bad name. Maybe she is just an isolated case and not at all representative of GALS she belongs to. I wouldn’t call her looney but her tracking GB around the world is causing more embarrassment to GB than honoring the guy. GB is her alternte reality in which she lives. Where is our resident psychologist/psychiatrist who may be able to shed some light on this kind of behavior?

    To me all behaviors are normal until they interfere with the person’s life. So-called normal behavior is a wide gamut; it’s the very extremes that are concern worthy. Calling all mental experts here.

  23. 123
    XX Says:


    Ah Sooki oh the game is up!!!! You caught me LOL

    I wish I actually was her then I might have had the pleasure or some of you may feel misfortune of meeting Gerard Butler all these times. Alas I am just a friend who is sick and tired of seeing people slag her off all the time when she is not doing anything differently to all the other fans who show up at these PAs. Just wanted to throw some light on things but at the end of the day you lot will believe what you want to believe. I will toddle off now back where I came from.

  24. 124
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    Oh God , Should I …….. Should I ???……
    I’ll probably be cast to hell for this….
    Here she is…. in all her glory…… Framolamadingdong
    (G looks pained)
    Brace yourselves…..
    Well, at least G’s cellmate is looking happy……

  25. 125
    fyidustfree Says:

    If the blond in these pics is not a relative, her body language and style says volumes. Gerard and the lady seem close. Subconsciously picking up each other’s style is a couple’s way of communicating that they’re a unit. . . . Anyway, Happy Birthday Gerard. The universe is taking very good care of you.

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