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Gerard Butler: Celebrating His 40th In London!

Gerard Butler: Celebrating His 40th In London!

Gerard Butler leaves his hotel in London to appear on The Jonathan Ross Show on Thursday (November 12).

The Scottish actor, who turns 40 tomorrow, spoke with STV about his birthday week plans.

‘’On my birthday itself I am going to have a party in London, which is great because I don’t get to spend a lot of time there anymore,” he shared.

‘’The next day I am going up to Glasgow, where I am having a shared birthday party with my 11-year old niece,” Gerard shared.

‘’I might even have something in L.A. as well, but I am not going to have any big parties, just little fun ones.’’

Happy early birthday, Gerry!!

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  • curious cat

    @199 You have a good point. I think Manlesston has made it clear that she does have people in her real life. But weirdly, sometimes I think these threads can provide something your real life doesn’t because your real life involves relationships with so much baggage of various sorts. Sometimes you just want a fresh opinion. She took a risk spilling her personal angst on line and especially to me and I took a risk giving her a personal contact to go to and spilling a bit of my own recent life. Mr. Giggles is the hero here, coming through promptly with help sites,

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @manless . Point well taken. We do have friends but none that have had any similar experiences. Yes you are right on TMI and I have made contact with curious outside of here. It was a bad situation and obviously I wasn’t thinking through all the consequences. I sincerely appreciate your advice and will heed it.
    Thanks again curious…

  • manless get a life

    @ManLESSton, I likely: what a load of sh*t! you are a LIAR playing the sympathy card YET AGAIN. Who the hell shares sh*t like that on a message board? only a lying attentions seeker would, that’s what!. If this really happened, you would keep it yourself or in your close circle of friends. Goodness, how uneventful your real life must be that you have to make stuff up! What a sad b@stard!

  • trying to figure it out

    manless get a life

  • trying to figure it out

    @ manless get a life

    What if she’s telling the truth?

  • manless get a life

    @trying to figure it out: I I’d bet my savings that she isn’t, trying-to-figure-it-out,
    If something like that did indeed happen, God forbid. You wouldn’t tell a group of strangers on the net unless it was an online support group where there are other like-minded people with a similar sad story to tell.

    .Now randomly mentioning an unrelated traumatic event on an anonymous message board for an actor screams of attention seeking behavior and ‘pity me’ tactics. If she is that depressed, she should consider seeking professional help or emailing certain emotional pu$$y friends on this board, instead of bearing her heart and soul on the main board… where nobody really gives a crock of sh!t. because they have got their own problems..Aint that the truth.

  • trying to figure it out

    @manless get a life
    Maybe it did really happen, maybe she just needed to off-load somewhere and chose the wrong place to do it, maybe she realized the error in her ways by doing this, maybe she has sought help elsewhere. If it were you in her shoes, how would you feel if you read what you had written?

  • manless get a life

    If I was her, I’d feel embarrassed for making up such a stupid, tasteless lie for attention & never show my damn ID here again.

    btw, you off-load on family and sympathetic friends, not judgmental, nasty strangers on the internet. it’s like she’s begging to be bashed. She reminds me of that idiot highcottonquinn who lied about being abused as a child and tried to lay the guilt trip on oy for making fun of her psychotic posts..

    both manless and highcotton are attention-seeking retards. You don’t reveal something so personal on an open forum like this period. If you do post a sob story, then you are a liar and a fantasist. It’s simple

    Most people are very protective about their personal information for fear of identity theft and stalking. But Manless has time and time again offered to divulge delicate information about herself like where she works, where she is, her life story, etc. without fear. Nobody can be this dumb and naive, so this must mean she has concocted this internet persona and a fake husband to make friends and wants to share every detail of her fictitious life on the net to seem ‘interesting’, Her real life must be so boringl that she has resorted to living in this fantasy world. I have got Manless’s f*ckery down to a T.

  • Sharon

    Gerard Butler has been proposed to by a woman and Gerard has accepted to marry her in the future because he genuinely and deeply loves her and wants to have babies with her. In the past he didn’t have plans to marry or have children but since this woman suddenly came into Gerard’s life his outlook on marriage and having a family has changed since this woman has changed his life and also has made a huge impact on his life and since Gerard is deeply committed to this woman and wants to please her.

  • Elisabeth

    @sugar: Gerard Butler has been proposed to by a woman and Gerard has agreed to marry her because he wants to have children with her since he deeply and genuinely loves her and wants to please her. This woman has changed his opinion on marriage and having a family since this woman suddenly came into Gerard’s life. This woman has changed Gerard’s life as he knows it.

  • 8-)

    @Elisabeth: …аnd I know this woman. It’s Moira.