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Gerard Butler: Celebrating His 40th In London!

Gerard Butler: Celebrating His 40th In London!

Gerard Butler leaves his hotel in London to appear on The Jonathan Ross Show on Thursday (November 12).

The Scottish actor, who turns 40 tomorrow, spoke with STV about his birthday week plans.

‘’On my birthday itself I am going to have a party in London, which is great because I don’t get to spend a lot of time there anymore,” he shared.

‘’The next day I am going up to Glasgow, where I am having a shared birthday party with my 11-year old niece,” Gerard shared.

‘’I might even have something in L.A. as well, but I am not going to have any big parties, just little fun ones.’’

Happy early birthday, Gerry!!

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211 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Celebrating His 40th In London!”

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  1. 126
    Hesus Says:

    fydustfree, you are seeing things. You people are way too obsessed with his private life.

  2. 127
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    More pix from the LAC premiere….


  3. 128
    wow Says:

    She looks like she could eat F. Gary Gray.

  4. 129
    LoneWolf you are just as CRAZY Says:

    You had an astrologer do your compatibility with Gerry…she told you she did not see any indication of you and Gerry making it as a couple or even friends…..then you wanted to sell your house to move to Hollywood to be closer to Gerry. She advised you against it.

    You’re out of your mind. Seek help immeidiately.

  5. 130
    OMG!!!!! Says:

    are fans wearing matching clothes too?

  6. 131
    LoneWolf Says:

    #129…My husband and I just bought a home in Virginia (Virginia Beach) to be closer to my Grandkids…. and the so called Astrologer as you call her…. told me herself she gave her friends (who she said was Gerrys soulmate and they were to be together) name and # to a former PA of Gerrys-now, who needs to seek help… espically when she herself said it was a cray idea in regards to giving the PA the name/#. And also, she was way off on my “compatability…” my cousin and I got another insight that night. So, she (or you) needs to find another job…. you/she was way off…. (Hollywood was a visit to attend a wedding…) I KNEW I would piss someone off……. though it was rude to lead someone on…but as I also told them if they or whoever feel they are for Gerry or the Pope or whoever more power to them. So, again it isn’t me who needs help I didn’t approach a former PA giving someone elses name/pic/# nor profess they or their friend was Gerry soulmate and no one else was… and besides, I am no where close to being Gerry’s type…. one thing bigger (fatter) than he is.

    Have a good day.



  7. 132
    oy Says:

    The only photo he looks happy in is the one without fans in it.

    People pay astrologers to tell them if Gerry would want them?

    Look in the mirror and at your birth certificate. It isn’t your soul he’s after.

  8. 133
    oy Says:

    @OMG!!!!!: Maybe they bought the fabric on some bulk deal and made up their own dresses.

  9. 134
    married? Says:

    I thought you always said you were single, LW. You ramble all over the internet. This year you have even posted how you haven’t gotten any in a long time and about “dating”. Kind of surprised that you now state that you are married with grandkids.
    As for the other stuff posted — the psychic etc. Good grief.

  10. 135
    sugar Says:

    I think posting pics of people and making fun of their looks is a new low even for Just Jared

  11. 136
    LoneWolf you are just as CRAZY Says:

    Your last post just proved my point. You’re seriously insane.

    Have a good day!

  12. 137
    LoneWolf Says:

    #134…just got married….he got out of the Corps last year. Psychic stuff….true…good grief…my cousin is a buff of that stuff and so I tried it…. never again. Grandaughter will be 3 months December. Gotten any…yes, doesnt that sound just as stupid as some of the other crap posted here……? Good Lord….. and I know exactly what I have said. I didnt mean to tread on anyones toes and it is apparent that I have…

  13. 138
    birthday boy Says:
    One of the hottest actors in Hollywood, Gerard Butler, is celebrating his 40th birthday in London’s Chinawhite nightclub tonight.

    How is he 40? I think he looks around 35.

    Maybe the turning of age means Gerry is ready to settle down.

    He’s still single, ladies, but you need to get in the queue behind me

  14. 139
    Cuckoo Says:

    @LoneWolf ***** really? can you post that last message about some psychic phuckery and not expect us to make fun of you? Like a scantily-clad, underage **** at R Kelly’s house, you were simply asking for it.

  15. 140
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    G on Jonathan Ross …….
    Lighting’s good…… G looks younger than his 40 years….
    (skip the crap… G’s on at the 3:30 mark then again at about 5:30)

  16. 141
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    It’s all G here….

  17. 142
    trying to figure it out Says:

    She has an admirable job, and I say that with sincerity – hubby being ex-military. Each country has its own way of rewarding its enlisted people; true, Americans may not get the same benefits as the British,
    but it is unfortunately their system.

    Pardon me for saying this but I think you are being a bit elusive on your relationship with this woman.

    Welcome back LW, long time no hear from. Congratulations on getting married.

    Mr. Giggles you’re too bad!

    Dear Oy, thank you for saving me a bundle, I can now cancel my appointment with my astrologer. Going off to sulk in corner.

  18. 143
    mia Says:

    Thanks for posting the JR show segment with GB.
    He looks amazing. Don’t quite know how he can look so different every other day. Here, he’s thin, handsome, and definitely mid-30s. Handsome man.
    As to Fram. I’ve read her posts on Gals and .net. She seems to be such a nice person. She doesn’t deserve any of the silly statements some are making. What’s so different about her going to a few premieres to see her favorite actor then guys and some women spending thousands to follow their favorite football, basketball or soccer teams around? Plus purchasing a bunch of overpriced gear with team names on them? Whatever trips your trigger.
    The problem I see is when people post photos on internet sites. They are out there for all to see and do whatever they want with them. That’s certainly evidenced here. People may think they are posting within a group of friends with similar interests, but that really isn’t the case. You are pretty much opening yourself up to all the crazies. That’s really too bad, but it’s reality.
    Oh, a question. What would make anyone think he and Bianca are back together?

  19. 144
    Horseshoes Up the A*se Says:

    Is she lucky, or what? Framolamo won again – tickets to the Glasgow premiere of LAC!

  20. 145
    run gerry run Says:

    Seriously, I hope Gerry has security.

  21. 146
    mia Says:

    Are you kidding? I’ll have to check the site to make sure. But, that is kind of weird.

  22. 147
    oy Says:

    Seriously, I hope Gerry has security.

  23. 148
    mia Says:

    I checked both of the motherships, and I don’t see anything right now that says Fram won. Well, we will see tomorrow.

    Anyway, happy B-day GB. Have fun with your family and your niece.

  24. 149
    trying to figure it out Says:

    You’ve got to be kidding.

    Is that a rent-a-cop, Oy?

  25. 150
    Horseshoes Up the A*se Says:

    It’ s on her Twitter page

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