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Jennifer Garner is a Multi-Tasking Mom

Jennifer Garner is a Multi-Tasking Mom

Jennifer Garner does four things at once while picking adorable daughter Violet up at school on Thursday (November 12) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Carrying baby Seraphina, 10 months, on her hip, holding Violet‘s lunchbox, having a phone conversation and bringing both girls out to the car, Jen, 37, was busy this afternoon!

After the two ate dinner together on Monday, Jessica Biel mentioned during an interview with Conan O’Brien that she had a girl crush on Jen.

“It’s more of a respect thing,” Jess shared. “It’s like, you’re beautiful, you’re cool, you look like somebody and seem like somebody I’d want to hang out with, your career’s awesome…”

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and her girls leaving school…

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jennifer garner multitasking mom 01
jennifer garner multitasking mom 02
jennifer garner multitasking mom 03
jennifer garner multitasking mom 04
jennifer garner multitasking mom 05
jennifer garner multitasking mom 06
jennifer garner multitasking mom 07
jennifer garner multitasking mom 08
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jennifer garner multitasking mom 10
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jennifer garner multitasking mom 17
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  • Sonia0404

    First! First ! First!!

    Love Jen, Love V and Sera!!

  • Sonia0404

    What the heck? I thought I was the first!!

  • CJ

    While Jen seems like a competent mother who can handle two young children, I can’t believe Ben has been gone for so long. Hasn’t he been gone at least a month or two? I can’t imagine not seeing my children everyday, especially when they’re so young. Maybe Jen should have stayed in Boston with Ben. I’m sure they could have find a preschool for Violet in Boston.

  • enough

    That bore again? WHY?

  • http://www.strollific,com

    What a cutie

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest garner affleck fan

    Seraphina is so adorable I love this family!!

  • JD

    I’m all for women going with a more natural look but Jen just looks hard and frumpy these days. And also agree w/CJ—where’s Ben?? It’ll be interesting to see if these two can go the distance.

  • Erin Everyday

    The little baby is really cute. Ben is a lucky guy!

  • Say it like it is

    She looks like any other mom running errands, picking up the kids,etc. the paps need to really lay off. Good for her. Real. Enough with the pictures at this kids ‘ school.

  • Too Many Idiots on this Site

    I thought Santa Monica was trying to change the laws so paps couldnt be around the kids’ school. I guess it runs into first amendments issues and they cant do anything about it. Its a shame. Leave the kids alone while their at school idiots!

  • coco

    The baby is on to the paps!!

  • Too Many Idiots on this Site

    Ben has been in Boston shooting since the end of August but Jen has been there most of the time with him. Violet attended the preschool he went to in Boston. He will be back in LA by next week. Don’t fret – they are solid.

  • Sonia0404

    my theory is proved right again. Look at Vi’s teacher, or her teacher’s aide. I think she looks better than Homely the beard, that ‘regular’ lady looks healthier and prettier than Homely the beard.

  • Shut up

    @Too Many Idiots on this Site: Yeah ok. Really doubt that one. You think you know it all and you don’t.

  • samar

    jane want to make her self like the mother and she suit to be amother

  • samar

    the litle girl is more beautiful

  • Pippi

    Ben and Jen have got some really beautiful little girls and Jen is an awesome mom. So very lovely! That lady with them is a close friend of hers and seems to be a big help to her. They are long time friends and I would love to be that lady so I could help Jen with her cute sweet babies. I hope Ben’s new project works out well for the family. I love this family sooo much!

  • lizk

    Yikes! It’s bad enough that Violet has been unfortunate enough to inherit her mother’s witchy looks. Now poor Seraphina has her dad’s miserable and dopey pout! Let’s hope they both grow out of it.

  • vanessa

    wowww the little one looks just like ben.
    haha shes adorable.

  • Pippi is a freak

    @Pippi: You are a sick sick person!!!!!!!!! You know that they are close friends?? How????? You stalk them? And that just sounds desperate to say you wish to be some other lady cuz she’s with Jen and her kids?!?! I don’t think they would ever want your help, your way to creepy and stalkerish.

  • Nobody

    Seraphina looks like her dad ben affleck, she’s not pretty or cute. Looking like your dad is good if your dad is brad pitt not ben affleck or adam sandler.

  • Sonia0404

    @Pippi: I think that close friend of Jen is prettier and healthier looking than Katie Holmes.

  • Sony

    Jennifer’s dinner date with Jessica Biel.

    Jessica: Jen I’m really worried, I have a feeling Justin is going to dump me, he’s been acting really strange.

    Jennifer: I know how you feel, Ben was acting really cavalier towards me when we were dating and I was worried he was going dump me until I forgot to take my birth control pills and got pregnant and now Ben can’t dump me because everyone will hate him for deserting his cute children and the best mother in the world and thanks to our daughters I’m more famous than those academy award actresses.

  • Picklesucker

    I feel sorry for those kids with two incredibly vain narcisstic parents. You’ve got two Paris Hilton carbon copies in the works! Don’t be fooled by Jen’s dumpy appearance…She’s raunchy, dirty, swears like a sailor and sucks with the best of Hollywood with those ducklips! Yick! Nice girl my arse!

  • ava,

    the baby is beautiful

  • Tazina

    Jen is looking fantastic lately, so pretty, looks like she’s lost all her baby fat. And Seraphina is one of the cutest celebrity babies. Jen and Ben are such a down to earth couple and you can tell they are great parents. Both children look happy and well adjusted.

  • Lisa2

    Jennifer doesn’t seem to dress all that nice when she is with her girls but when she has a special night where she has to wear a gown she always looks beautiful. I’m sure taking care of her girls and playing with them she just wants to be comfortable. She is just trying to blend in like a regular person is all.

  • Pippi

    Nothing is wrong with this beautiful family. Some people can’t bear to see otherswith what they don’t have and work very hard to tear it down. My advise to you; get help for your issues. Life is too short to live that way.

    Be open to the good things in the world while trying to change what is wrong in it and accept or ignore what is not pleasing to you. I know your life will be more enjoyable.

    Both children are a perfect mix of their parents. Sera seems to more laid back and serious than Vi but both are adorable. Right down to their dimpled checks and cleft chins. Absolutely gorgeous as is Ben and Jen.

  • g!na

    very cute kids

  • g!na

    I love Sera she’s so cute!

  • The Truth Hurts



  • jellyfish

    Violet looks like her daddy Victor, and Seraphina looks like her daddy Ben. Both have Jennifer’s dimples.

  • Killraw

    Violet looks like her daddy Victor, and Seraphina looks like her daddy Ben. Jen looks like Michael Vartan.

  • blue

    jen is so happy mom who can have these beautiful daughters. and she also beautiful lady. too busy mom can’t good take care for themselves. that’s shows she have good enough time for her children. she loves her children so much. and such mom jen is so beautiful because of the love for her children.

  • DR

    Jen is probably the ugliest woman is Hollywood. Problem is, she is a total fake and is obsessed with fame and her career to the point that she would use her own children as bait for photogs.
    Which explains why Ben makes sure to be away as much as possible.

  • Klein

    Jennifer seems to be a very hands-on mom which is great. But how old is Violet? Why on earth does she still need to be carried?!?!

  • lizzie

    Ben has an ugly wife

  • blue

    she knows how to treat her children. so she doesn’t wear high heel when she go out with kids. about Ben huum. if he go away from his family where are little children. then he feels no responsibility, that is so much problem with himself. and it shows he has no atractiveness who can’t take his responsibility for his family, just like balthazar getty.

  • shut-up haters!!

    the HATERS are all crazy and stupid, get a life!!
    i’m quite sure that this is only one person with loads of aliases, pathetic, a big loser!!!
    simply jealous of jen, her pretty & cute kids and her lovely family, arrgghhh…

  • michile

    aaawww…jen looks pretty even without make-up, so fresh looking and lovely =))
    indeed you are an awesome mom, kudos!

  • cookylicious

    i agree with jessica biel you’re absolutely beautiful and cool.
    you’re my no. 1 celebrity mum
    you and your husband are so lucky with your pretty daughters
    jen rocks!

  • cookylicious

    i agree with jessica biel, you’re absolutely beautiful and cool
    jen rocks!

  • hazel fowler

    i love the afflecks esp. jen garner

  • Sarah

    @Klein: She will be 4 YEARS old in a few weeks. It’s crazy she is treated like she is 4 months

  • coco

    Don’t listen to the haters violet! Milk it for as long as u can!

  • nancy

    why is she being carried? oh maybe due to the fact there are a bunch of photographers flashing away and she wants to be able to control and protect her? Ludicrous I know.

  • Ivermom

    Jen is a great Mom! I love how she can look so natural when out with the kids and so gorgeous she can take your breath away when all done up!

  • haha

    @nancy: the photographers are far far away they arent even close to them at all. and its her own fault the photographers are there anyway

  • Why OHHH WHY does she always have to wear those hideous tennis shoes?!?! I just don’t get it. Maybe some nice flats would be a better way to stay comfortable.

  • jane

    nancy @ 11/13/2009 at 1:27 pm #46

    why is she being carried? oh maybe due to the fact there are a bunch of photographers flashing away and she wants to be able to control and protect her? Ludicrous I know.
    You explanation is BS. We seen the child walking when there are paps around. Also we see other celeb children walking with paps around.

    Read more: