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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart are Over The Moon

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart are Over The Moon

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner jet set across Europe on New Moon promotional tour stops in England on Wednesday (November 11) and Spain on Thursday (November 12).

Kristen, 19, wore an Elizabeth and James “Stiletto” sheath dress in Spain and rocked a colorful ensemble by Proenza Schouler at the England event.

The cast recently sat down with EW for their cover story to talk about the Twilight sensation, the fans and Rob‘s hair. Here’s what Rob had to share:

On working 24/7: “The three of us have been working for two years [straight]. It does feel like your day has a shape just as soon as you wake up. I just forget what it’s like when you’re free.”

On the obsession with his hair: “I have to look like the poster at all times. Just in case they want to use any clip for the trailer. Any clip at all! There were about five people in different departments who, because of my forelock, ended up in tears.”

On why people speculate about Robsten: “Good question. That’s a little thing I have to think about every day.”

20+ pictures inside of the Twilight cast in Europe…

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kristen stewart twilight cast europe events 01
kristen stewart twilight cast europe events 02
kristen stewart twilight cast europe events 03
kristen stewart twilight cast europe events 04
kristen stewart twilight cast europe events 05
kristen stewart twilight cast europe events 06
kristen stewart twilight cast europe events 07
kristen stewart twilight cast europe events 08
kristen stewart twilight cast europe events 09
kristen stewart twilight cast europe events 10
kristen stewart twilight cast europe events 11
kristen stewart twilight cast europe events 12
kristen stewart twilight cast europe events 13
kristen stewart twilight cast europe events 14
kristen stewart twilight cast europe events 15
kristen stewart twilight cast europe events 16
kristen stewart twilight cast europe events 17
kristen stewart twilight cast europe events 18
kristen stewart twilight cast europe events 19
kristen stewart twilight cast europe events 20

Photos: Dave Hogan/Carlos Alvarez/Getty
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  • Maybelle

    I can’t wait for the movie!!!!!!!

  • ugly

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I’m going to have a beautiful death looking at Rob’s handsome face…*blushing*…oh he is so perfect :D

  • Jane

    lol kristen has the same vacant expression i have during school. they’re cute though. so funny cuz taylor always looks like a ken doll. you’re too clean looking, hun!

  • Jane

    “… when you’re free.”

    Gross. Grow up, buddy. These chains that bind you to one of the most successful franchises in years are also responsible for making you worlds more rich than you were before you had to worry about your hair being appropriately gelled at all times.

    Gratitude, my friend. The paychecks might not be enough. But you can certainly open any door you want post- Twilight. How about some enthusiasm?

  • j

    Shes gross she cant even stand like a girl or woman …WHATEVER

  • j

    Shes gross she cant even stand like a woman ….

  • sassy

    Oh Why so beautiful ROBERT!!?? He is so hot without even try!
    Kristen looks gorgeous too..
    Sorry but taylor is sooo boring!

  • claudinha

    kristen is fantastic:D

  • katy

    OMR!!! they are cute espesially Robert )))))

  • coco


  • Jasmine

    Kristen is stunning!

  • rihanna

    They look all great but well, Taylor is so sexy.

  • Ann

    Robert is modest and humble. Rare qualities in actors these days but he’s English and they are usually self-deprecating unlike the typical Hollywood people.

    Kristen looks pretty. Taylor is too young.

  • The Truth!

    Its Rob that the girl fans ARE NOT in love with. Its the character of Edward that they are in love with. Girls and women are in love with the character of Edward is because he is thoughtful, well manored, willing to die for the one he loves. We all truely know the way that the character of Edward is does not exsist in the real world.How many boyfriends and husbands are really like the character of Edward?

  • Mia

    Let’s all play nice Ok! Don’t hate cause they are young cute and famous…. They all look beautiful like always! Love the whole cast and can not wait for Thursday Midnight!

  • sassy

    @The Truth!:

    OH REALLY?!! Ehh whatever people i dont care about Edward, just give me sexy hobo ROB!
    He is UNIQUE!

  • Marz

    ROBERT Te Amo con Coj0%#$!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kristen Sparkle

    I love the movie and the cast. They are all great! Can’t wait to see the sequel!

  • Ann

    I am fan of Rob and not Edward. I wouldn’t even know what Twilight is if if weren’t for Robert. And Edward is certainly not my dream man.

  • BBoy

    Everyone who thinks Rob is hot, needs an eye check. Average looking guy he is.

  • helen w.

    I like this dress. It’s not gorgeous but it’s pretty; and kristen’s been so charming.. and did rob change his stilist? because he’s been well dressed lately

  • bubbaness

    The two of them need to get over themselves. I’m going for Lautner and the wolves, not the “stars” who have perpetuated a constant distraction from every other hardworking actor in the films.

  • tush

    the dress is crap!!

  • bobbycupcake

    the fugly bunch always look stoned…

  • marebear

    Jane @ 11/12/2009 at 11:41 am

    Whoa, calm down!

    “… when you’re free.” Used in the context of what he was speaking about – filming movies back-to back – I think Rob only meant when that “….when you’re free” was when he actually had some FREE TIME away from the movie sets.

    I think everyone who has EVER read an article about Rob, as well as his NEW MOON co-stars, will all agree that Robert Pattinson is probably one of the most humble, gracious, down-to-earth guys in Hollywood today!

    Love him and his self-depreciating attitude :)

  • Motiveless Crime

    I know the twihearters will kill me for this but seriously…Kristen, what the hell is with the bad hair and clothing? She looks like Jodie Foster’s rebellious little sister or something equally terrifying!

  • Anonymous

    @The Truth!: Speak for yourself. I’m feeling Rob. He’s funny. He’s pretty. He’s humble. He’s smart. He’s interesting. He’s taken this so well that he makes Kristen Stewart look like a b!tch in her interviews complaining incessantly. Yes, Edward is the fantasy. But Rob, as the reality, is not too shabby either.

  • Amanda Awesome

    I didn’t know Taylor was so young. He seems much older.

  • Gin

    Kristen is so skinny and pale….but in a stunning way…

  • simona

    Kristen Stewart is so beautiful ,Rob too !

  • Saudia

    omg they all look so sexy!! .. Rob’s sexy face is lovely :)

  • ana

    I saw them tonight in Madrid… they were awesome.. and taylor was sooooooooooooooo hot

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think she’s pretty fugs
    i use 2 find her cute
    but i will admit, she has a great pair of legs
    i dont even mind if they’re pasty, i still wanna lick em =D

  • MR

    That girl always looks stoned. Is she OK?

  • kayles

    LUV her dress,
    laughing at all the jealous haters…a sad
    reflection on human jealousy and hate

  • Moira

    Obviously she finally got a stylist, but it’s still the same sullen, petulant girl wrapped up in a designer frock.. She look awkward. Somebody needs to tell her that it matters less WHAT you wear . . . as long as you can really rock the look. No matter what she wears, she seems uncomfortable . . . at least the designer frocks are a step up from some of the ill advised get-ups we’ve witnessed in recent months. RP does the scruffy young dude thing really well, but image is more than just clothes and soulful gazing into the camera . . . the ridiculous game they play w/ the media over the relationship makes him seem like a dunce.

  • jack


  • Chelsea

    @BBoy: i totally agree! I cant seem to find out whats so appealing about him. Taylor Lautner’s like a hundred times better duh?! But he’s a nice guy :)

  • anonmus

    kristen is gorgeous but that is a really bad haircut.

  • Italian Japanese Band

    I look forward to seeing new moon on the 20th and going to the All Girl Affaire concert in Canoga Park at the Cobalt Cafe. The movie starts at 4pm and the concert starts at 7pm. BTW, Kristen and Rob need to come out already..look at how many actors/actresses who have off-screen’s not like they will be the first.

  • nelly

    maybe u r the one who needs an eye check. thought of it that way?

  • nelly

    kristen has gorgeous looks to pull off the bad haircuts. she is so awesome!

  • Vanessa Valentino

    I think Kristen is a tomboy. I thought she was a boy in Panic Room. But she has matured nicely. She has nice eyes.

  • hilary

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Subject: MADRID, SPAIN New Moon Fan Event

    The Fan Event for Luna Nueva (New Moon) that took place in Madrid yesterday, 12 November was a complete disaster and I would like my disgust to be known formally by event organizers.

    I was one of the fans sleeping in the street next to blood stained concrete, in the middle of November, in one of the WORST neighborhoods of Madrid ( Carabanchel / Latina / Usera) waiting for a ticket to get in to the event.

    As someone that truly desired to attend the event, and was unlucky at winning an entrance from an online contest, you can imagine my disgust, disappointment and disbelief when I entered the arena only to be seated in the bleacher at nose-bleed level.

    Come to find out, Aurum reserved all 1500 Front-Row Tickets for family and friends to attend. They then casually arrived to the Palacio de Vistalegre right before the event began and were then given autographs, took photos, got t-shirts, and saw each star up close and personal, etc, etc… while the rest of us that waited in line over 24hours sat, forgotten about, thousands of feet away. People had traveled from all over Spain and Portugal to wait in line for a ticket. Aurum should have reserved the bleacher section for their friends and family and the Front-Row should have been for the people that truly wanted to be there.

    Aside from the horrible view, the event was pathetically choreographed and executed. No Way Out were to play 3 songs for the crowd; The sound cut out on 2 of their tracks. The band even publicly bashed the event over the microphone to vent their frustration as it hurt their image, making them look haphazard. They then also apologized to the audience, but quickly walked off stage after they fulfilled their 3-song-set. The long breaks in between were filled with repeated songs off the soundtrack and random acts just to waste time. We were shown the same movie trailers we’ve already seen a million times before. The Q&A was two questions to each guest and then one video question that was shown in poor quality with no sound over the projector. One of the worst “surprises” was when they picked two “lucky fans” from the audience. It was so obvious to us, to the point of mockery, that it had been previously arranged. The spotlight was “scanning the crowd in the bleachers” but ONLY focused on one small area in a top left corner to look for their “winners”. Now we’re not just pathetic for waiting in line, we’re stupid, too?

    The excuse that it was a “free event” and we should be happy with whatever we got is insulting. Many of us would have been fine with paying for a ticket like any concert we attend.

    The only thing done right was police surveillance throughout the night-time and their crowd management for the masses of people in line.

    Aurum has hurt the image of this film in our eyes and deflated the spirit of many of us true fans. We left the event yesterday wondering why we even came. I would not waste my time for an event like this in the future and I would not recommend any one else waste their time either. Saddest of all, I have lost the illusion I had to see New Moon next week.

    I understand that not everyone who wants to meet the actors or take pictures with them is able to, but why is it always the same? – That those with connections get everything easily and the rest of us that do the suffering are never rewarded…


    Hilary Ryan Goldman

  • kri7sty

    i love em together!!!
    and i like kristens style,its laid back,but still stylish!!!