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Charlie's Angels Gets Reboot From ABC

Charlie's Angels Gets Reboot From ABC

The classic ’70s show Charlie’s Angels is being revived and a pilot is close to being ordered thanks to ABC.

Set to exec produce (via Variety) is Drew Barrymore, Josh Friedman, Leonard Goldberg and Drew‘s Flower Films production company partner Nancy Juvonen (the wife of Jimmy Fallon).

Friedman recently adapted the Terminator franchise for his Fox series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Goldberg was one of the original Charlie’s Angels producers and helped launch the series with Aaron Spelling in 1976. Barrymore starred in and produced the 2000 film version and its sequel.

WOULD YOU WATCH a modern remake of Charlie’s Angels? And more importantly, who would you cast??

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  • lovey

    man, i got all excited cuz i thought they were gonna re-air the old episodes :(… if they do a remake than please make it good and choose a good cast… PLEASE no over-hyped, over-rated hussy actresses !!!

  • Althea

    I saw the films and there were great so yeah I will be looking out for the show for sure!

  • t

    i’d watch it if it wasn’t too ridiculous

  • http://JUSTJARED mark

    hell to the no, those so called hussy that was in the movie coundn’t act a minute, just show the old re-runs

  • Maybelle

    I would if one of the cast is Sarah Wayne Callies! Lolz.

  • Amanda Dubs

    bad bad bad bad idea

  • Thoroughlymodernguy

    Oh for the love of pete, another freaking remake! How bout something new, something more creative than resurrecting all that 70′s shite.

  • bobbycupcake

    Mischa Barton call your agent

  • ummahyk

    Please help CLAUDIA,this IS NOT a joke,is a real case:

  • AutumnM

    “Charlie’s Angels” is good as it was. No one can re-create the magic or spark Farrah, Kate and Jaclyn had and none of these actresses today are as beautiful or charismatic as these women were. And esp. if Drew Barrymore is involved, it will just be another cheesy disaster just like the “Charlie’s Angel’s” movies. No leave this alone. This does not need to be remade. The original can never be topped anyway. It’s a waste of time.

  • Kelly Garret Fan

    You cannot remake perfection which is what the original 3 angels and then Cheryl Ladd had. The movies were a disaster and really trying – no more remakes with these young stupid IT girls from today. The original Charlies Angels were georgous as previously stated and there is just not that kind of actresses around anymore. Are there no more writers with an original thought in their brain around? Leave the 70′s alone.

  • pouty

    the old version is awesome! even after all these years it’s still amazing! I’m not against a new one tho. i was not even born when it aired for the first time but i just wanted to say that i loved the old version!

  • rossy40

    To those who want the original series for viewing… Check local listing for cable networks running “old” shows. Starsky & Hutch, The Night Stalker, (hell!) Ellery Queen, Charlie’s Angels!, Brady Bunch, etc.
    If not that – Isn’t the original series on DVD?

  • Pipster24

    Yes please!

    I think Summer Glau, Lena Headey and Leven Rambin would be an idea set of “Angels!

  • Linda

    Sarah Michelle Gellar needs a job!

  • cam

    I might check out the new version – BUT the ORIGINAL cast was CLASSIC! NO ONE cane top that cast – Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson, & Farrah Fawcett. Jaclyn Smith was in the original show throughout the series & I must say that no one was able to fill the shoes of the other 2 ladies; although Cheryl Ladd was very good also. And no one quite comes close to the stil very beautiful Jaclyn Smith

  • johnny decaf

    kim delaney, lauran conrad ,holly madison from the girl’s next store. it would be hot ! don’t get me wrong I love the original series but if it was extended from the original with jaclyn smiith being a bosley type head training to new girls, just putting it out there.

  • guest

    ABC is running out of creative juice. The V Remake has to still be proven to be good. The Charmed Remake/Eastwick was just canceled.

  • Tealeaf

    No current actress is as beautiful as Jaclyn Smith

  • anna

    hmm.. I think I would choose jennifer garner, she was great on alias, but maybe someone fresher? I don’t know this is really hard! I think they should pick new actresses who are pretty but tough! lucy liu was great in the movie!

  • postwatcher

    Today’s actresses are too perfect looking and too boring boring boring.

    The original Angels were in their 30s and not over plasticized.
    Hollywood has become too myopic and stupid. I expect another failure…

  • Melissa Money

    This is very exciting. It should be really cool seeing it. But I also hope it does not tank because people will compare it to the original. They need to find the perfect Farrah.

  • Angelita

    i am so excited…. maybe cast Sara Paxton.

  • wow


    I agree

  • Greg

    Vannessa Hudgens, Kayle Ewell, and Laura Vandervoort would be my first choices…

  • Vanessa Valentino

    Vanesa Hudgens would be an excellent choice! –

  • lakers fan in boston

    sounds super boring
    the movies were pretty crappy in the 1st place, i doubt the show is gonna be any better

  • sarah



  • AutumnM


    I don’t think it’s that actresses today are too perfect looking. I think they’re too fake looking. The Charlie’s Angels ladies were au natural, unlike most of these fake plastic hollywood barbies today. Who could they possibly find to replace these three women anyway? Farrah and Jaclyn especially were so incredibly stunning. There isn’t one (young) actress alive today I can think of that can match these two women in beauty. It’s not just about beauty tho, it’s about charisma and wholesomeness too. Farrah esp. had an angelic quality about her. Seriously, she looked like an angel and embodied the spirit too. These women were sexy but not trashy. It’s hard to find that today with today’s actresses.

  • Domi

    Awww that’s great news, I hope they do a good job, cause the original series is too awesome!

  • lolitandfw

    Here is your dream team, but you most likely won’t get them. They are worth too much:

    Scarlet Johansson
    Rosario Dawson
    Kristen Bell

  • Mary Ring

    I don’t think Scar Jo will do a TV show.

  • sydie

    @Vanessa Valentino:


  • Lucy Lovers

    I wonder if they will bring back the era of jiggle tv.

  • oh great

    Another bad idea by HW to continue high-jacking original ideas and remaking them because their writers and think tanks are too lazy to come up with a new concept. Leave the old classic alone!!!

  • Kelly Cool

    I think they could do a junior charlies angels, like the next generation. –

  • LuckyDomino

    I say go for it. If they get a respectable budget, this show could be awesome…explosions, guns, gritty fights…yeah. I’ll watch it. Maybe it won’t blow the original out of the water, but my female-lead program quota is seriously lacking…can’t believe they got rid of Dollhouse :(

  • happy girl

    megan fox, taylor swift and jada pinkett.

  • happy girl

    OR: Kate Beckinsale, Gabrielle Union and Kate Hudson.

  • happy girl

    Yeah Scarjo would be nice too..

  • oy

    Why don’t they remake this with some good looking men instead of women? Give us some eye candy for once.


    Sheeeez! Just because of name recognition they gotta do a remake of “Charlies Angels”….They tried that back in the mid-80s, got a lot of mileage out of the supposed nationwide “talent-hunt” for the new angels…(of course 2 had already been cast, only 1 would be from the publicity soaked search) fortunately the project died because of a writer’s strike.

    They might as well bring back “The Anna Nicole Smith Show” while they’re at it….

  • Carla Lemos

    Blake Lively is a perfect Charlie’s Angel. But I prefer her at GG =)

  • Annie

    I’d totally watch this if they got it out! I’d love to see Summer Glau or Amy Acker get a role in this, they’ve proved themselves well enough so far.

  •;u=1735 nice reading

    thanks for the great post

  • Listen To ME

    Mischa Barton,
    Sarah Michelle Gellar,
    Emma Stone,

    Sarah might be a little old but make the others look older and her younger with make -up

    They HAVE to be classic beautys not some plain jane disney bitch ! ! !

    Think of the original three:

    They had class, beauty and grace!

    The movie made it look like they were at each others thoarts competing the original had great friendship chemistry.