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Katie Holmes: Morning Mocha

Katie Holmes: Morning Mocha

Katie Holmes grabs some coffee early in the morning in Long Island, New York on Friday (November 13).

The 30-year-old actress is in town filming The Romantics where she donned a nightie recently for a couple scenes.

The film also stars Malin Akerman, Adam Brody and Anna Paquin and follows a group of friends who are reunited for a wedding.

The movie is expected to be released in 2010.

FYI: Katie is a Madewell mama in these pictures! She’s wearing a tee, cardigan, skirt and boots all from Madewell!

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katie holmes morning mocha 02
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Credit: Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • pouty

    Oh Jeez! Scary how different celebrities look without make up

  • ..

    OMG she looks terrible

  • LA


  • jazz

    She looks like a cross between out of a night of the living dead movie and a homeless person

  • vool

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *screams in terror and horror at sight of her face*

  • laterna

    What is going on with this woman. She looks messy ! Actress…

  • Ha!

    She very obviously just woke up and threw on what was around to wear. Much like many of us would. She looks like a normal person. GASP

  • tara

    I’m a normal person and I wouldn’t go out looking like that.

  • Lindley

    She just looks tired. I love her outfit! Please, this woman can’t do anything without people bashing her. I love Katie!

  • All Sport Is Fixed

    It’s interesting now with this internet age. Because celebrities & Hollywood agents can’t pretend they don’t read Blogs, Twitter comments, etc. You know they do. So it’s laughable that they continue with fake showbiz couples.

    It’s like: ‘I know they know (the truth), but they don’t know I know, so we’ll continue with the SPIN’ but we do know they know we know.

  • Glen Beck

    That’s why a lot of celebrities are being told by their agents to quit twitter, because they know it means they know we know they know. Twitter is a direct like to celebrities so they now officially know what the public opinion is & whether or not we believe certain things. Celebrities thought that Twitter would be another good way to advertise/rip off the public but it’s backfired spectacularly.

  • Cookie Monster

    They only thing that separated celebrities from us (the great unwashed), was the pretence that they were so important that they were oblivious to what the public thought. Now, with the internet that’s all changed.

    They used to be able to just SMILE/GURN on the red carpet & pretend to be unaware of public judgment but now we know they know.

  • Piggy & Kermit

    More & more people are not even reading the article with the picture, we’re just going straight to the comments & getting the real information & opinion from the people (us).

  • Nauseating Woman

    I don’t get the jokes from Caddyshake

  • Kristina

    even i looke better in the morning than her and im ashamed to go outside like that, and she’s a celebrity and she knows that she will be photographed and still goes out like that. at least she could brush her hair.


    she looks like everyone else in the morning. big deal.

  • gokatie

    I’m really beginning to like this lady. She’s not vain or self absorbed for sure. I like how she doesn’t give two hoot about being papped looking a little worse for wear. I like the little smirk on her face. Good for you, Katie!

  • Tom Cruise Diary

    I’m living a fake life of hell of my own making. Why did I sell my soul to the Hollywood PR machine. I regret everything.

  • Liz86000

    OMG, does she ever sleep?? Cause she definitely should!

  • hehehe

    Looks normal to me.

  • jen

    the midnight and 3 AM bottle feedings of Suri are catching up with her after 3+++ years

  • .

    All this being around normal people for Katie? No Good.
    - Tom and the loyal cultists dropped by for an all nighter reprogramming session.


    Kate looks older than Nic. Same age as Mimi.

  • Mandy

    she does look terrible and the outfit is hideous

  • Eve

    Somone hit Katie with an ugly stick.

  • sarah

    and some people say she is beautiful! yeah with bunch of make up
    she could at least wear something fresher and not appropriate for her grandmother

  • Eve

    Why does she fetch coffee everyday? Is that what executive Producers do?

  • Lauren

    She finally realized how out classed she is by the other actors on the set and crawled into a bottle of Grey Goose.

  • julie

    is it true that katie’s parents had an open marriage?

  • Fendi fan

    read somewhere she will have a collection with someone called Yang. I hope it’s just a rumor because she does not have a good taste for clothes and she dresses like an older woman!she needs a stylish fast!

  • Good Lord

    What a pigeon toed pig.

  • Katenstien

    Are those two bolts coming out of the side of her neck?

  • @23

    “Kate looks older than Nic. Same age as Mimi.”
    that’s mean! mimi looks much younger than kate. she and nc are sexy too.

  • ck

    I guess to be fair, she’s on her way to clothes/makeup for the day’s shoot.
    Makes no sense to wake up, get made up, etc..when it’s just gonna get removed an hour later.

  • daniel

    Katie what the hell happened to you?you’re a shadow of the Katie before TC!!!
    Girl leave that crazy man and start a new life! I’ms ure without him you can find better movies to do and a happier life

  • runnergirl

    She looks just like us in the morning. Love it!

  • carrie

    she’s me when i just wake up! LOL

  • @ha and @gspot

    I consider myself normal or average and I’d never go outside (well maybe to get the mail or something out of the car) looking like this. It says you basically don’t care about yourself–dirty hair, horrible outfit, dirty boots etc. Since the majority of us aren’t movie stars we’d get a reputation of looking dirty and unkempt. In the “normal” or “average” world those of us who work would like to keep the respect of our coworkers and bosses who would probably not appreciate a look like this. And in our little normal worlds, most of us would have some pride and at least leave the house with our hair clean and combed.

  • @29

    something like that.

  • Heres the problem

    If she looked like this once in a while, I would understand. But she looks like CRAP ALL the TIME! Even when she “dressed up” the other night, her dress didnt fit and it looked like she drug it out of a hamper. She’s just a SLOB!!!!!

  • dabu

    She must be desperate for publicity. She could have sent her assistant or anyone–bodyguard, xenu minder etc for the coffee, but instead she wants to be photographed.

  • sara

    Relax , this a scene from the movie people: here she’s playing a woman in a loveless marriage, She’s trying to separate herself from her husband’s forced cult membership and live a normal life so she takes a job as a producer, ends up as a coffee runner and gets really depressed. It’s quite good actually.

  • Heres the problem

    Thats really good #42, thanks!

  • pr person

    Yikes! Mrs. Crazy isn’t lookin so good. “Normal” people usually don’t leave their homes looking like half baked crappola. I can say though that I have seen “normal” people looking like that….usually when they are sick as a dog and there is no one else to go and pick up the medicine from the store.

  • coco

    OMG – a celeb who does not pile on makeup and hoo.ker shoes to go to Starbucks. Let’s shoot her. How dare she. Call Posh and tell her to block Katie from her cell phone. Get a grip people. Katie is just a normal human that just woke up. Give the woman a break.

  • Gooth

    Katie has aged 20 years since she met Tom Cruise.

  • carol

    Beautiful. So Jackie O!

  • Two

    Right, #7. She’s just tired (probably from waking up early; hence the coffee) and doesn’t have any make-up on. These critics are so judgmental.
    They’re not fake, #10.
    What real information, #13??? That’s the problem today. You’re all too ready and willing to read gossip.
    Why should she be ashamed, #15? Why should she go through all that trouble, celebrity or not? Why does it bother you so much? It hurts your illusion that celebrities are perfect gods? Will you die?
    It just means she doesn’t acre about what other people think, #38. That’s commedable. She obviously knows how to dress nicely since when she’s not doing mundane things like getting coffee, she looks amazing. I wouldn’t judge you over some triviality like that.
    All the time, #40.
    Quit nit-picking and get a life, #41. She has all the attention she could ever want and need already. Maybe she’s just not lazy and wanted to do it herself.

  • jeez

    If she cared about her fans she would have worn a paper bag over her head. : l


    “They’re not fake, #10″. – YES THEY ARE! Don’t be so Gullible!