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Rachel Bilson is a Studded Stunner

Rachel Bilson is a Studded Stunner

Rachel Bilson takes care of some shopping in West Hollywood on Wednesday (November 12).

The 28-year-old OC actress stepped out in a pair of See by Chloe boots, a Juicy Couture ruffle cardigan and carried her favorite 3.1 Phillip Lim Edie Bow Studded bag. She was one of the celebrities in attendance at the label’s Spring 2010 show.

Rachel‘s next big screen project will be Criminal Empire for Dummy’s. She’ll play an attractive neighbor that kills her abusive boyfriend and asks her ex-Marine neighbor to help dispose the body.

FYI: Rachel‘s also carrying a bag that reads “Karl Who?” – a reference to designer Karl Lagerfeld. She’s also wearing a 291 black tissue t-shirt.

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  • Leia

    Love Rachel’s outfits, I like Rachel since she appear in the OC.

  • jamie

    shopping again? she only do this?

  • Kelly

    Jared what is your obsession with her? She is not relevant anymore

  • me

    overdressed ugly stupid midget, can’t wait until she has children who will be in special ed classes

  • Dim lightbulb

    Low profile celebrity who is doing all she can to be top dog in the business but, honestly can’t do it. If she needs this much press attention on a daily basis she is stressing knowing she doesn’t have what it takes to be an A-lister.

    Her fashion ideas are not for anyone but the HW elite which is exactly what she understands. She has no clue what middle class or blue collar worker is. Her advice is not fashion sense it’s money extravagent.

  • 6uuhiyui

    She looks amazing as always!

  • sadie

    That sounds like an Oscar winner.

  • Adam Brody

    Hurray! She finally got another job after Jumper.

  • Mischa Barton

    Dam her. I auditioned for that roll. She beat me the cow.

  • Summer Roberts

    Where does Mischa Barton live? How come she doesn’t get photographed as mush as RB. Weird.

  • Kirsten Cohen

    Criminal Empire for Dummy’s. Dummy’s – haha. She must have been the first person they thought off. I wounder if she will have to get her kit off in it.

  • Ryan Atwood

    I wounder what location this movie will be filmed. Because if it’s not in LA. She won’t get photographed. What will she do without all the fame.

  • Jess

    Love her outfit, especially her See By Chloe boots (l)

  • coco

    Yay Rachel B. Finally Gots a Jobbers! MORE SHOPPING!

  • Ivy

    She is beautiful!

  • dummy

    The triumph of mediocrity.

    To which Rachel replies, “What’s mediocrity?”.

  • me

    This dummy will make a movie for dummies, she will be 29, than she will make Jumper 2, she will be 30 and then what. She will never see Golden Globe or Oscar doors in her life. She is a prime example of failure in HW world. Actors who are forgettable and can’t act and have no future and make these horrible b and c movies, what a waste. Anything for a buck so she could go shopping to make herself feel better. Depressing.

  • Rachel Bilson

    What’s a mediocrity. Is it a type of chihuahua? Beverly Hills Chihuahua, I loved that movie, I watched it 27 times.

  • S

    This time, it would be a different role from what she has done before. Let us see…

  • bob

    sounds like straight to dvd

  • me

    i don’t doubt it will go straight to dvd, she has nothing to offer

  • Madison

    I don’t mind Rachel. I just don’t get why she is always shopping for nothing. I mean I can see if she was always out and about planning for her wedding, but that doesn’t seem to be th case. But, then again she barely wears her ring sometimes

  • LuckyL

    Kelly @ 11/13/2009 at 10:54 am

    Jared what is your obsession with her? She is not relevant anymore
    ^^^Agreed, but this hair color is doing wonders for her face.

    I’m assuming Jared is getting $$$ by Bilson’s PR team -trying- to keep her relevant.

  • dundies

    Actors who are forgettable and can’t act and have no future and make these horrible b and c movies, what a waste. Anything for a buck so she could go shopping to make herself feel better. Depressing.
    LOL i feel exactly the same towards Ashley Tisdale

  • michelle

    Am I the only one who thinks that she probably she spends all night finding a perfect outfit to where in the mornings and then she spends like probably 4 hours getting ready. Like what a waist she seems so full of it, seems like she dresses to impress not for herself.

  • DVD fast track

    Umm – something about the title and plot of this movie tells me it’s do not pass the cinema, do not collect awards, straight to DVD. I’d like to say her career is sinking w/o a trace except for the fact that it wasn’t really floating to begin with. Gormless faced actress gormlessly cast in a gormless movie that has BIG TURKEY written all over it. Gotta love this girl though, inspite of all her disabilities she’s still shopping, even with a ridiculous hat and my granny’s cardie.

  • me

    I agree with you. She said in an interview that she dresses and changes for hours before she leaves the house. What idiot does that every day!

  • @27

    The kind of dumb, shallow idiot who dresses to impress herself. Wouldn’t mind betting she spends hours in front of a full length mirror complimenting herself on how good she looks.

  • @25

    Seem to recall that she said she thinks about what she’s going to wear the day before. I can actually understand that, she’s so short on functioning grey matter that it probably does take that long to think about something. It’s not like her brain has a built in speed dial for thought, so these decisions take time.

  • creep

    How much does she pay you to keep posting endless pictures of her shopping, having lunch, shopping some more, having breakfast, shopping with mom/sister/stylist/friend/relative?

    She barely works, the last film she did is apparently on its way directly to DVD, and is a horrible actress. Already has a reputation as a fraud in the fashion design world. Girl is a BIG ZERO only gets attention because she calls papparazzi to come take her picture and is engaged to the worst actor in Hollywood (who started out doing respected indie pics and mega-budget sci fi and is now having to beg to do low budget action and horror flicks.)

  • Jeanie

    Criminal Empire for Dummy’s – well that figures. Sounds like she’s perfectly cast, a dummy to play a dummy, no acting there.

  • Melissa Money

    She looks great. Is she still dating Hayden?

  • Me, myself and I

    Love Rachel! She’s beautiful and people are just jealous! That’s it! Let her lives her life as she wants.

  • Stuck On Stupid

    @ #33,
    Are you kidding me? Your kidding right? I see a lot more pretty actresses and more talent to be actually jealous of. Rachel will never come close in looks to Natalie Portman, Rachel McAdams or have the tall slim figure of Taylor Swift or atheltic talent of Maria Sharapova.

    Rachel is a dumb talentless midget who was born without a brain and should have been born blond. She is not even attractive. She looks like a grannie in the sweater and knit cap. If, that is your thing your either a dyke wanting to put on a strap on or more then likely brainless as Bilpoo too! Give up with the jealous rant already. Rachel is not worthy to have so many threads of her doing nothing. So, expect people to thrash on her BIAAAATCHHHH!!!!

  • lexy

    Yes, yes we’re all jealous of Rachel!! Move over Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman and even little old Katherine Heigel – Rachel Bilson is in the house and casting directors and movie studios are kicking down her door!! Rachel will have to hire security guards soon b/c everyone is MUST have her in their movie!!! LMOA!!! This new movie will be lucky to make it to DVD – especially if she’s the biggest star.
    She should try shopping for acting lessons and a hair salon to fix her two tone hair!

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks ok, ive seen better from her
    i will say that at least she’s finally gotten a job
    at least she’s not as useless as i think

  • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsAnakin

    RB is so beautiful. There definitely should be more posts about RB on here, JJ are you listening? There certainly isn’t enough about RB.

    Natalie Portman could take a lesson on how to dress casually from this lady! And look, Rachel’s hair isn’t as greasy as Nat’s was.

  • @37

    Natalie Portman don’t have time to go shopping every day or spend hours choosing which clothes she will wear the next day for the paparazzi photographing her, Natalie is working, something that Rachel don’t know what is.

  • eli

    @37 Natalie would rather read a book or a newspaper and keep tabs on what is happening in the rest of the world, than worry about what to wear the following day.
    Ask Rachel Bilson about world events (even U.S. news for that matter) and I doubt she knows what’s going on.

  • paula

    She really looks cute. I love the sweater.

    I looked up info about the new movie. Seems to be a dark comedy. The writer/director had a critically acclaimed indie at last year’s Toronto Film Festival. It sounds like it could be a really good movie.

  • Ahari

    Not if she’s in it. Another favor for her dad or grandpa.

  • Ahari

    Plus, if I might add, I really, really hope the “Dummy’s” part of that movie title is a play on words to emphasize the stupidity of the people involved in the plot. Because if it isn’t, turn out the lights and lock the door, intelligence is officially dead. Ironic Rachel would be involved if that’s true.

  • @Ahari

    Quite agree…have to admit that this is Rachel’s level tho. A d-list, straight-to-DVD, movie for a talentless d-list actress a la the ability of a Paris Hilton. Still, it will give the sad virgins of the XY club something to dribble over when added to their loser collections.

  • sharon

    Wow haven’t missed much and I got to say I like this outfit but dang if she has a movie coming up I was looking for a personal shopper since I don’t have the time for it but it wouldn’t worked out any since she lives in LA and I live in Texas and there are no paps here :(

  • lexy

    A dark COMEDY about domestic violence?? That should go over well. Since the guy is Canadian she probably used HC to get this job afterall RB’s too busy shopping to go to film festivals and learn about up in coming talent or support the arts. Dad and Grandpa aren’t that famous and she’s got zero talent.

  • funnybone

    Domestic violence – sure – a real laugh riot. I can see ppl rolling in the aisles for it. Not.

  • aberfitch

    @ that dummy (or her biographical) movie…

    “Dont You All Set Your Hopes On A High Note Yet:”.
    RaTchel stated earlier that its been “temporary shelved” That’s why even on her IMDB page, its still tagged as under “in development”.
    Most likely to presume that it might not push thru or the producers would think of the best option but to re-cast as most of the cast are all box-office poison most esp. the leading lady.
    And it wasnt been reported yet by Variety or the Hollywod Reporter, so its still a “hoax” just like her fartshion designs.

  • sterling

    Well if Midge(t) is really that pretty, famous & a fashionista?! Why is it that she “can’t” even get any high-profile beauty / fashion endorsement deals? She’s been doing all these self-promos and kissing the azz of every fashion designers on their yearly fashion events since forever but still nothing coming up roses for her just like her being surely cast in a movie. So that goes to say infinitely that “she’s not all that” as what she & her PR gurus’ claims of delusions!

  • Vanessa Valentino

    It sucks that she had all that stuff stolen.