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Rebecca Gayheart Talks About Her Healthy Pregnancy

Rebecca Gayheart Talks About Her Healthy Pregnancy

Actress Rebecca Gayheart, who’s been sporting a bump for a bit and recently confirmed her pregnancy, tells In Touch that she and husband Eric Dane are excited for the new addition to the family and that she’s staying super healthy to benefit the baby.

“I’m doing yoga, and I’m walking on the beach every day with my dogs for about an hour,” Rebecca, 38, shared at the IWC Schaffhausen Michael Muller event in Hollywood.

“I drink lots of water and eat a lot of vegetables and protein.”

Rebecca also shared that her McSteamy husband will be a great role model: “I think Eric is going to be a wonderful dad, and hopefully I’ll be a good mom,” she said. “We’re absolutely looking forward to it!”

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Photos: Jordan Strauss/Getty, Anna Webber/FilmMagic
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  • hmm

    healthy, huh?…then how does she explain being papped in her car smoking a ciggie a few weeks back? such a fibber

  • celia

    Since when has been pregnant?!! I didn’t even know.

  • Lee

    She’s been busted multiple times for smoking when clearly pregnant. How selfish can one be? Ya can’t quit for oh, say 9 months? Tell us again how healthy yand disciplined you are when you can’t even remove the cancer sticks from your life for a very brief period of time. Such a loving mother.

  • guest

    I am sure that the child will have a full-time nanny. I don’t see her having any upcoming projects. She is so full into herself. I don’t think that she will be a good mother. Good mothers think of the health of their children. Smoking is not one of them. Second hand smoking is not good for kids or babies.

  • coco

    These 2 ugly losers are pregnant?

  • yoyo

    Rebecca: We’ll be shoving coke up our noses with our sweet lil’ baby too!!

  • Ka-blamo

    Yeah, I hope nobody runs over and kills her kid like she did to some other parents child.

  • Sophie

    I don’t respect Rebecca at all, I can even say, I’m not a fan of hers either. I never have been a fan and never will be. I just don’t like her. BUT I do like Eric. And they are in fact human, wishing bad things on them, her, or their child is kind of horrid–even if the hate is justified. I’m sure Eric will be an amazing father. Anyway, best of luck to them. Here’s hoping they make healthier lifestyle choices! :)

  • jo

    Uh, what about the picture this week which caught her smoking in her car?? Celebs and reps will lie for the image machine no fail.

  • Liz86000

    What pics of her smoking?? Where did you see that? I never saw pics of her smoking, even when she wasn’t pregnant.

  • marcus Here are the pics

    It’s so sad, I hope this baby won’t suffer

  • Motiveless Crime

    Seriously, first the running over and killing an innocent child. Then the sex/drug tape. These two aren’t fit to be parents. Yes, we all have made mistakes but we don’t document them and/or ask the world to forgive us for killing kids. These two SO need to be voted of the island.

  • Pinkrose

    kelli @ 11/13/2009 at 11:35 am she doesn’t deserve her own child. she’s a child killer.


    I wouldn’t say she doesn’t deserve her child because she accidentaly killd someone else’s child. But when she is going to be a smoker and endanger the health of the child she is carrying. then NO, she doesn’t deserve this child.

  • Melissa Money

    They are great couple who seem to be very relaxed and fun. I hope she kicked the drug habit.

  • Marieme

    What she’s really trying to say is: No crack baby in the oven.

    That’s damn good news.

  • christine

    healthy, huh?…then how does she explain being papped in her car smoking a ciggie a few weeks back? such a fibber
    If she wants retarded/ugly/sick/premature/low IQ baby… let her.
    Not R problem.

  • aska

    hope she’s not smoking crack while pregnant!

  • mel

    These two deserve eachother. I can’t believe that a fetus took hold in that cracked out womb of hers. Maybe they can still do the threesome thing with prostitutes while the baby takes a nap.

  • sarah


    WORD. Poor baby!

  • Lucy Lovers

    Perhaps this is a fake pregnancy to cover-up the drug and scandal accusations?

  • lola

    @ marcus: That photo is old. I’ve seen it before. There is NO proof that it was taken when she was pregnant. The link you posted doesn’t even say that photo is of her smoking while pregnant. I remember all the fuss because there were photos of her walking from a store or something when it was first announced she was pregnant and her hair was down and then all of sudden this pic turned up and sites were trying to say that she was smoking in the car and must have put her hair up after leaving the shop and that the straps of her top in the car look the same as the dress she was wearing but no site was able to confirm that this picture was taken on that same day.

  • Extra Super Fat burner

    She is really pretty !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Copenhagenagel

    She needed to be fixed for hitting and killing that little boy. The sad thing about the whole thing is that there where other cars stopped in front of her while this boy was crossing the street and she just went swerved around them running like 40mph and hit him. She paid for the hospital bills and the funeral costs and was like… oops sorry, I just didnt see him. When you’re in a school area you should always drive like a kid is gonna pop out of the bushes or from behind some parked car. Its just being smart and paying attention rather than chatting on my cell phone and running kids down with my car. Sorry doesnt fix it. She didnt seem very sorry to me then or now. Its just so sad :(