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Rihanna: 'Russian Roulette' Music Video Premiere!

Rihanna: 'Russian Roulette' Music Video Premiere!

Check out Rihanna‘s new music video for “Russian Roulette”!

The 21-year-old Barbados beauty has been on a tour through Europe, visiting Germany on Wednesday for a TV-Total appearance and leaving Paris this morning for London on the Eurostar.

RiRi was spotted earlier Friday (November 13) leaving London’s FHM studios in a fierce wrap sweater (pictured).

Check out “Russian Roulette” below and sound off!!

Rihanna — Russian Roulette Music Video Debut
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rihanna leaving fhm studios 01
rihanna leaving fhm studios 02
rihanna leaving fhm studios 03
rihanna leaving fhm studios 04

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Kokette

    *Yawn* Huh? Oh, Is it over?! yeah…….Not so much.

  • winnie

    I’m SOOOO over her

  • ata

    great video, amazing song!

  • Stevie Wonder

    Ms. Warwick doesn’t look a day over 45.

  • S

    Very deep & intense

  • emilyStrange

    She kinda lost her appeal
    Now she just seems ghetto trash to me.
    The song is waaay boring.

  • Deidre

    Yes she is quite annoying and from her TV interview last week and song lyrics still feeding the fire w/ Chris Brown I think she is an ignorant young lady. Def not a role model and slutting it up a little too hard for my taste.

  • MTV

    I’m willing to say it’s the greatest video ever made if you stop posting about her for a week.

  • soho

    she’s practicing her art…..she truly is a treasure and very special

  • Gavin

    Is that a plant on her head?

  • sammie

    Hey! Thats the guy from Greys Anatomy! he’s hella fine!!

  • dunny

    Snooooze Fest! Dang! It felt like that thing was 30 min long

  • xavier

    Not original at all..just more of the same.

  • Allie

    B!tch please..

  • rocketman







  • cuteness

    no its not the best video ever made.. she has no sense of style.. i mean look ath er hair.. she thinks she’s trendy, but she is so not trendy at all..
    in her interview she said that she didnt wanted to be a bad role model for her so called fans.. but she actually is.. and she knows it too
    i mean she is very beautiful if she doesnt try sooooooo damn hard

  • WTF

    WTF did she do to her hair?
    She could register it as a weapon of mass destruction!

  • Tammy

    3 hours later

  • C

    very sad, intense video.

  • kiki

    That song/video made ME want to “pull the trigger” Ya know what i’m sayin?!



  • qboi

    I’m sleepy now



  • yawn


  • lolly

    Remember when we all saw her b00bs and butt? Yeah that was nice, She should have just shown that picture the whole time for the video! LOL!!

  • just saying

    Did the same dude who directs all her videos do this one too? It feels like his style.

  • annie

    in the words of Destiny’s Child:

    “I’m not gonna blast you on the radio,
    I’m better than that
    I’m not gonna lie on you or your family
    I’m better than that
    I’m not gonna hate you in the magazine,
    I’m better than that
    I’m not gonna compromise my Christianity,
    I’m better than that
    You know I’m not gonna diss you on the Internet
    Cause my momma told me better than that.”

    Ghetto island bitch needs to learn some class…

  • marissa


    haha yes :)

  • Kimberly

    The video doesn’t work for me….

  • tawi-tawi

    I want Rick Owens jacket so muuuch! only in black

  • enoughalready

    I read this some where and it’s true, Rihanna is trying to hard to be a Madonna and Madonna was spontaneous, a rebel, she actually did what she felt and you saw it, but with Rihanna she is more of a gimmick gone wrong. They took the hype from GGGB put this chick in some designer clothes, told her she was the best looking thing in this world, they actually told her she could sing!!!! that’s dark in its self and yes she made the label some money and made a name for her self, more so on the clothing tip than the talent. She starts a fight, gets beat up, moves on so we thought! In between the fight and now she did nothing! I mean nothing! to help build up this new so called edgy, fake, so called hard look! She comes out with a new CD, not bad, not good or great! Now she’s a victim? She’s a victim of her label and so called friends wh told her to play this trump card. GGGB was her learning how to crawl even though she had two previous CDs, this CD here RR should have been her baby step CD, not this I’m running to the finish line dark, boring, love gone wrong stuff! Rihanna should’ve sat her but on that 20/20 couch and promoted her CD instead of lying on National TV. Rihanna until you speak the whole truth, every thing you come out with will be in question and in a bad way. This dark side stuff is played out. RR is not a video that should be played for your young audience and let’s face it Rihanan them young ones made you not the old ones, stupid! I know this is long but this girl needs to come to the LIGHT! You are too FAKE!

  • enoughalready

    Oh! I forgot, you are a perfect Role Model!

  • waffle bowl

    I can’t watch the video! It’s not working!

  • Melissa Money

    She is everywhere! This album is going to be good. But I do like CB’s songs better. –

  • Stella

    Amazing!!!!!! love it so powerful!

  • me

    sense of style? ghetto trash? lost appeal? excuse me,but I just can’t understand how dull you all are. And I am not sorry for these words because I’ve just seen an amazing video… the song is strong,very intense and personal,it also touches me because I do find it personal. There were so many stupid songs around,well,perhaps you call them stylish or just super duper cool,but I just wasn’t touched… well this makes me emotional.And the video was great.Sometimes I just feel fragile as she is. Pity that some of you can’t value a piece of art.

  • Vanessa Valentino

    I can’t believe peole are attacking her. She is the victim!

  • MOON

    What a great role model!! Your now responsible for all the young girls and boys that want to play russian roulette!! GREAT ROLE MODEL!!!!!!! Don’t let your children buy this CD and watch the VIDEO!!!!!!!

  • es

    i don’t think she should have put out a video like this. she said in her interview with diane sawyer how she’s worried about how other girls might interpret her actions, and stay with their abusive boyfriends and that’s why she broke it off with chris brown. well don’t u think it’s kind of irresponsible to make a video like this.

  • MOON

    @es: That is what I think and I think that it was totally wrong especially as she thinks that she is a role model for these young kids!! Rhinna you need to think before you do or say things that might come back and bite you in the a**!!!! You only make yourself look more stupid than you already look!!!!!

  • anne

    @emilyStrange: why do you have to insult us in the ghetto? ha ha i’m just kidding, but really…i thought she would come back strong but this crap is lacking. did she write this album herself? man, i just don’t know anymore.

  • Emma


  • Jamie

    Love it!! Rihanna rocked it, love the lyrics, very intense and emotional song. Rihanna is so far ahead of everyone in style, she can’t be touched. She has her own style and she owns it.

  • black

    What the hell is up with her??
    Two, slowpaced songs in a row now——-not a good record at all. And I have to say….she is trying too hard.

  • Kate


    Right about the video “Enoughalready” about it being to heavy for younger fans who are of the greater population that buy her records but calling someone fake when you don’t even know them is just ignorant! Ok, so she’s going through a dark phase, and perhaps its not the best way to market herself right now(we’ll know when the record is officially released) but like most if not all young people they all go through their phases whether it be dark/goth, hippy, preppy, or what have you and to judge by calling her fake based on that is nonsense! Now, maybe she did have people telling her to dress dark and be dark(though I doubt it), so what!? She’s a brand trying to market herself in the best way she can…just as you would market a soda drink, a new fashion line, etc! You come up with new an innovative ways to get peoples attention and just as Madonna did Rihanna is taking whats personal for her and incorporating that into her music just as Madonna would incorporate dating a black guy into her music by going a bit more R&B, or being inspired by “Memoirs of a Geisha” and putting that into her music or her look! Its an art form and it doesn’t make you fake! Also, though she may have stayed in an abusive relationship longer then she should have(love is truly blind) I doubt that same rule applies to her business. She has people but I am sure she goes on what she feels is good for her more so then someone whispering her ear and I imagine her people are saying she should still go with the fresh look but she’s feeling dark so thats what she’s giving to us artistically!

    Also, by the way I am not some rabid Rihanna fan(never owned a song of hers) but I do think she is interesting and I listen her stuff on the radio as they play it so don’t think I am defending her due to being some crazed fan but more of someone who hates when people bash people they don’t even know on these comments

  • lisa


  • KindaBored

    I wanted to see them abused females shooting at their abusers.
    This is what I expected of “the way the game is played”. Just changed the rule!

    It’s still mad sexy and really well directed. Good job Mr. Mandler!

  • ColeDash

    I liked the video. I feel like Rihanna is evolving as an artist. She can’t write about kiddie teen love forever. Life can be all sunshine and sometimes it can be filled with heartbreak, confusion, chaos, dispair, etc. For an artist to go there, where we all have been before is brave. No one is going to be stupid enough to play russian roulette after hearing this song. If your kids are that easily influenced, thats a reflection upon the parents and not a single artist working to express herself. i think alot of people forget that music is an artform. What an artist produces should reflect what they are going through…and thats whether its a sunny day or not.


    This vdeo was the best i love rihanna and her music she is the best singer ever.

  • comeonpeople

    comments on these blogs are disturbing. ‘she lost her appeal’
    ‘i don’t like her’
    just cause shes not dancing around in the club in her videos after she went through a lot of trauma does not mean her worth as an artist goes down. i don’t even want to give my opinion on this video –it doesnt matter. just be aware of the connotations of what you’re saying. ‘chris’ song is better’ . by comparing the two directly you are blaming the victim and supporting the abuser. she is evolving as well and do not hate –SHE was the victim.

    and the sad thing is, chris’ album will probably do better, because history will show that our sexist society will blame the female. its f-ed up.