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Gerard Butler Has A 40th Birthday Bash!

Gerard Butler Has A 40th Birthday Bash!

Gerard Butler gets the party started at his 40th birthday celebration at London’s China Whites on Friday (November 13).

The Scottish actor filled STV in on his birthday plans, saying he’d head to Glasgow the day after his birthday to share a celebration with his niece, “which I am a little bothered about because I deserve all the attention,” he joked, “but she is getting some of it.”

“No, it’s lovely,” he continued, “so I am going to have a family party with her, then when I make it back to New York, I will do something there.”

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  • Weronica

    He looks drunk.

  • xanda


  • Jenn

    Better get my birthday wishes in before the bitter fat ugly women hijack the thread and call him gay. Happy Birthday GB.

  • groundhog day

    Jared, please no more Gerry Butler. boring boring man

  • Huh?

    Oh please. He looks fantastic. I hope he had a fabulous time.

  • meh

    ew he’s a douchebag. way hotter guys than him.

  • Oh Jenn


  • Dawn9476

    He’s looks hot. Hope he had a happy birthday.

  • gina

    @Weronica: No, he looks like he has a major hangover.

  • coco

    When you have a birthday you need to make it last. Especially when it’s close to other holidays, people are in a better mood and more likely to give you free stuff, drinks, cake, meals, table service. Work it Gerard!!!! Also does Denny’s still give free meals on your b-day? Maybe he should go there too. Anyways, happy birthday Gerard this week, next week, and the week after that! May all your dreams come true. Bring a car or bag to these “events” in case there is other swag they feel like giving, tshirts, sweatshirts, etc. More birthday posts to come!

  • Patty

    I really hope he had a great time! And today he’ll celebrate with his little niece, how cute is that ^_^!
    I love him! The best for him ever!
    Thanks for the pics.

  • interesting idea

    it would be interesting if posters refrained from commenting on a GB post just to show their digust!

    It would be fascinating to see whether it was just the fangurls who persisted? I personally have had quite enough of him and am as Butlered out as it is possible to be. Thought that I had got fed up with him post Bounty and JenAniston, but this latest PR trail is all too much and we still have a long week to go and I get the feeling that JJ would post anything for the clicks on the thread, Its all advertising clicks and GB is a bore! ARGH!

  • Scottish-Hawtness

    The man does not look drunk. I feel sorry for people who can’t tell the difference between someone who is intoxicated and someone who looks exhausted. The man has been promoting ” Law Abiding Citizen” for the past week with no rest. How the hell does he suppose to look? Not to mention, he’s probably coming down with a cold by now since there was such a temperature change between the US and the UK.

  • oy

    This guy was a friend of Gerry’s at the party?

    Is that a Rebecca Minkoff purse he has?

  • Rosie

    I’d rather hear about a real man, not some gay guy who asks women to get down on their knees in bathrooms. Oh well, he’s 40 now so he won’t be relevant for much longer anyway. Hope it lives it up now because Hollywood is going to throw him out on his Scottish ass in a few years

  • heha

    Happy birthday Ger!

    Ger looks sooo fit and fine.

    He should be in Scotland by now with his family. Have a fab time Ger.


  • Amsterdam Guide

    Why is this guy everwhere these days?

  • @Rosie

    @Rosie #15
    Schizophrenia much.
    You should stop talking to to voices in your head.

  • 40 is nearly dead

    If I was 40, I would not be celebrating it, I’d be planning my funeral.

  • kind of pathetic


    The man does not look drunk. I feel sorry for people who can’t tell the difference between someone who is intoxicated and someone who looks exhausted
    No one is forcing his to go out and party. If he’s exhausted, it’s his own fault. Personally, I think the man lives for partying. Too bad he always surrounds himself with the z-list. I think it’s kind of sad that he was surrounded by a bunch of people on his bday that he has probably never met before. He could have chosen to have an intimate gathering with real friends instead — but the man is an attentionwhore.
    Pathetic “old man at the club” again.

  • christine (WeHo)

    That’s sweet of him to think of his niece like that. My relatives are like that too.

  • @Amsterdam Guide

    @Amsterdam Guide #17
    He is promoting a film “Law Abiding Citizen” & also celebrating his 40th Birthday. That is why he is everywhere these days.
    What have you been doing except hating on others.

  • @17 and @22

    @@Amsterdam Guide:

    Better question is why is THIS guy with him all the time?

    Fry Guy. Enough said.

  • trying to figure it out


  • trying to figure it out

    Screams gay to me.

  • Verne Troyer

    He is the best gay midget sex I ever had. Thank you for last night Mr Gerard. I can now go p!ss in the corner and die a happy wee man.

    If the gutter press tabloids are reading this, please print this rumour because it’s true and not in the least bit far-fetched.

  • seen that coat before

    @@17 and @22: surely that coat the fryguy is modelling is the same one the GB was wearing at the German GQ awards last week – third row down of pics Brunopress – search Gerard Butler middle pic I think.
    Don’t get me started on couples sharing clothes – Boyfriend Jeans are all the rage here at the moment!


  • Bright stripy thong on :)


  • not only coat

    but t-shirt and jeans as well

  • Just Rose

    Who is the blonde in the back seat?

  • getting sloppy

    GB is either getting really sloppy (or really just doesnt give a sh!t about anyone knowing anymore) about how often his is caught out and about with Nick Boyle (fryguy). It seems that his much vaunted ‘If I am with someone I wouldn’t be embarrased’ (said in reference to Jenaniston in the summer) could equally apply to his Best Boyfriend forever. Either that of Nick is way to confident and wants the world to know that they are inseperable. His Eurotour is a PR disaster on this matter alone. If they are a couple, just get on with it an stop the ‘wife and kids one day’ bullsh!t for the press and the fangurls.

  • http://merlin merlin

    de toute façon qu’il soit avec une femme c’est tout de suite “il sort avec elle” et si c’est un homme il est tout de suite “un gay” il ne peut pas avoir des amis à coté de lui sans que vous fassiez des histoire dessus, laissez le vivre bon sang vous n’avez pas autre chose a faire que de commenter des conneries , si au moins c’était sensé, mais non vous êtes des idiots qui ne voient pas qu’il a deja quelqu’un depuis au moins 2 ans et demi, je me demande meme des fois si il n’est pas deja marié!!!!.

  • euro

    Nick is not gay. He has a girlfriend. They even show up together holding hands in the background of one of TMZ’s videos about Gerry. Nick works for Gerry. You people are loco. Maybe he should quit his job to make the rumours go away? Not in today’s economy.

  • lida

    He is my type! Want!

  • skyblue

    Another GB thread.
    More pictures of him looking bloated and old.
    What a surprise.
    Happy Birthday, sell-out.

  • oy

    How can Nick work for Gerry? Gerry said in the Oslo interview that he doesn’t have an entourage. If he works for Gerry and travels with him, then he’d be an assistant, security, a manager, shoeshine boy, coffee stirrer – what? Still an entourage. Please don’t insinuate that Gerry is a liar.

    Gerry only speaks the truth. He also said if we knew him in real life we wouldn’t like him and I take him at his word.

  • Purty

    Looking good, Gerard. Happy Birthday, hot stuff!

  • euro

    Having an entourage and having a couple of assistants are two different things.

  • Lily

    Happy Birthday Gerry Butler :)
    I hope you had a great time..You think the thirties went by fast…wait til you hit the forties..It’s as if your wheels went into high gear..Enjoy it..Life’s waaay too short.

  • Boo

    Jared, thank you so much for the latest Gerry news! You give us not only national Gerrry, but also international Gerry!!! Keep all the pictures coming!!!!! 40 is the new thirty, and psychologists say that all the way up and down the age ranges. Cavemen lived to be 30..and aged..the WWII generation was truly mkiddle-aged at 40…but now…it’s the age for menj to be..He’s not even in hius prime yet. He lloks so handsome…so fit…and I lke the way those jeans fit. Why do posters come here to this site…not just JJ..but Gerry’s in particular and coomplain because there are new Gerry pix? Methinks they’re harboring a latent craving for the man. I adore him. I wish him a great birthday that will last for a while. I saw him on the Johathan Ross show…and he was so gorgeous and funny. Give us more, JJ>

  • Kelly Cool

    Wow, he is getting popular. What a cool duded. Is he dating Jennifer Anistan?

  • @oy

    @oy: Do you know where I can find that Oslo interview? :)

  • http://guido guido

    oui il sort avec elle depuis longtemps maintenant, regardez les photos de lui ou d’elle ils se parlent ils s’amusent sous le nez des photographes, vous verrez qu’ils s’envoient les mêmes mimiques et surtout leur mains

  • Benchods Anonymous

    Wow, what a bunch of bitter and resentful f/ckers you all are. Are you sure you’re not all miserable Brits? the hoi polloi tend to hate successful people and like to drag them down. If you have anything nice in the United States, ie. an expensive sports car, people say, “one day I hope to have one and I admire your success. well done, you lucky b*stard,” whereas In Britain, we tend to envy you, steal it, wreck it, then sh/t in the petrol tank. At times, I can’t wait to get off this f/cking island and emigrate to Australia. Anyway, I’d understand the hate if he was a reality television chav, or if he shoved his fame in people’s faces and took liberties, but hating the guy for doing well for himself does stink of jealousy and resentment a bit. Grow the **** up.

  • qui


    Qui, C’est Nick.

  • oy

    A couple of assistants isn’t an entourage? He’s like the Noah’s Ark of acting. Two assistants, two publicists, etc – all male and female sets. If you see him boarding a boat, please warn us because he he knows something we don’t.

    What does this assistant Nick do that he has to assist Gerry everywhere he goes? Tie his shoes? Cut his meat? Put the Just For Men in Gerry’s hair?

    #42 it’s on Youtube.

    40 is the new 30 if you’re in denial, Boo. Otherwise forty is forty.

  • oy

    Oh look! Someone bought Rosetta Stone software!

  • WOOO

    AHH! Looking lovely as always =D

  • janice

    Forty my a*s*s~!! He’s at least 55!

  • http://merlin merlin

    Nick une sorte d’organisateur et un copain et je suis d’accord de dire que gerard a quelqu’un dans sa vie et c’est juste pour les photographes qu’il s’affiche avec des femmes , il est prit il n’est pas seul