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Gerard Butler Has A 40th Birthday Bash!

Gerard Butler Has A 40th Birthday Bash!

Gerard Butler gets the party started at his 40th birthday celebration at London’s China Whites on Friday (November 13).

The Scottish actor filled STV in on his birthday plans, saying he’d head to Glasgow the day after his birthday to share a celebration with his niece, “which I am a little bothered about because I deserve all the attention,” he joked, “but she is getting some of it.”

“No, it’s lovely,” he continued, “so I am going to have a family party with her, then when I make it back to New York, I will do something there.”

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  • gotta be kidding……..

    @Megan Fox:

    I remember that interview, couldnt remeber who it was, so I blamed Adrirenne Curry all this time. It was Megan – ick! Well at least we all now now her shit does stink!

  • trying to figure it out

    Couldn’t agree with you more. I think Framolmalodoo-doo bought herself a thermal top to wear so she wouldn’t get cold. She’s some crazy b*tch.

    I wonder what F_Gary_Gray must be thinking? It was because of his contests that she won both tickets to the LA and Glasgow premieres. In fact “her friend” on the other thread said he invited her to LA? What gives?

    Have you noticed that “her friend” from the other thread, after many posts of defending the woman, has now gone silent. I wonder why?

    I’m eagerly awaiting her new photo with Gerry.

    @ Yikes
    I don’t think Alan should go near her poor father; he needs to go for a restraining order instead.

    Is it really true she tried to burglarise Gerry’s mum’s house? That’s some scary sh*t.

    With all that’s being said about her, I am wondering when the GALS site owner will come to her senses and cut Framo loose as a moderator.

  • Angel

    Too much evil & hatred on this board so I am going to stop reading period. I am crying so hard right now cause u r bullying framlamdu for ur own twisted pleasue and is not funny. She has a beautiful soul & has never hurt anyone in her life. u should all be ashamed!!

  • Butler madness classic

    Fangirls are crazy! *maniacal laugh*
    No we are not! *cries*

    Personally, I am sure this fram person is a nice person. But you have to admit that her behavior is off the wall. I don’t think she would ever hurt butler, but it has to freak him out a bit to see someone following him all over the world and repeatedly waiting for hours on end just to get a glimpse of him. Equally freaky is the girl who apparently came from japan.

    I hope these people can work out whatever is going on in their lives to drive this level of obsession.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @trying to figure it out
    I have to agree. Framoladoodoo may be the nicest person in the world BUT her behavior is OBSESSIVE. Sounds like she functions between two worlds. She seems harmless enough but is bordering on crossing the line to harmful.
    God help Gerry if he rejects her. That would be the telling moment as to her obsession and its limits.
    If she wins the date Gerry better take an entourage to accompany him just to keep her at a distance mentally. I have to agree with an earlier poster, if she wins the date the other phangirls should cry foul.
    BTW, thanks for the shout out earlier. I appreciated it very much!

  • Oh Gee Wiz!

    Amen! #95 You nailed it!

  • trying to figure it out

    @ ManLESSton

    You have it right when you say “she seems harmless enough but is bordering on crossing the line to harmful.” I would hate to read one day she did, or tried to do, something to him.

    If she DOES win the date with Gerry I think there will be an outcry from fans and non-fans alike. She can’t be that lucky, can she?

  • date with gerry

    If Framolamdunkindonuts won the date with Gerry gig, I forsee a Kathy Bates ‘Misery’ scenario. – Gerry secured in her secret lair (she will have watched POTO and LAC to get some inspiration) and when he rejects her, she’ll be there with her axe. (Fiction of course LOL).

    SO was Mr Butler kilted or not tonight for the premiere – mightly cold and windy in glasgow tonight???

  • Ohmmmmmm…..

    He really will have to put on his actor face if he sits across from that person for more than an hour. Good God….

    @Trying to Figure it Out….she was made mederator ONLY because she’s Scottish.

  • fashion failure

    How oddly fast.I do not know about this Nick person but if that twitter page is false this person sure is a fast tweeter.
    Since Nick is indeed at the red carpet, right next to Gerard,and without the kilt.

  • Stinkylouise

    He’s in a kilt. Wonder if he’s wearing anything underneath?


    well the kilt’s a good gimmick and ensures another day of pr and another JJ thread! HERE WE GO AGAIN.

  • Stinkylouise

    If you scroll down, you’ll see pics of Alan and an assistant taking photos of the crowd. A wise precaution.

  • McK

    @To: DUMB “McK”:

    Well I was actually refering to some other times where the interviews were over and he didn’t know he was being taped. I think the interview with the Giants girl was one of them Chung was just the more obvious. But I see you have a lot of anger so I’ll let you take it out on this thread. So have at it. By the way I make my living by reading people. And you are an easy one to read, lol.

  • trying to figure it out

    @ Stinkylouise
    I’ll guess:
    1. A thermal thong
    2. A chastity belt
    3. Nada

  • trying to figure it out

    @ Stinkylouise

    Forgot “a sock”

  • Ginblets


    Blah blah blah blah

  • for real

    Where’s Marlin Perkins when you need him? I was thinking that a well placed tranquilizer dart into the flank of that giant Framalamdo might ease the concern of many who are following the event. I think that fan needs to be tagged or have a radio collar on her – you know, for tracking and migratory monitoring at future Gerry events….
    for real

  • Dawn9476

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    Manlesston, you have no room to talk about someone being obsessive.

  • meh

    this guy’s a badass

  • Oh Gee Wiz!

    What is wrong with you people? All this evil speculation and hits on people you don’t really know yourselves. Did you ever think that MAYBE GB doesn’t want to be seen in public with any woman he cares about because of threads like this one and others. Why put someone through this crap?You must get your jollies off of making everyone you don’t agree with or doesn’t fit your ideal, as fat, unemployed and stupid. Oy, I bet your parents are so proud of you. You are one of the most disgusting creatures I’ve ever seen. You call Gb names and others posting on here as if you were the cleverest moron to walk this earth. If you are so perfect that you can question everyones life style, it makes me wonder how you live. If it’s anything like the crap you hurl at everyone here, I might feel sorry for you. Now go ahead and hit me with your clever come back. Unfortunately I won’t be coming back here to read another post of yours. Have at it you sorry bunch of sickos.

  • lovegerrybutler

    Oh my good Lordie! Gerry in a kilt. How cute is that????

    Thank God for giving us Gerry. I know I sound so pathetic but it’s true. There is NOBODY in this world is as …. I am lost for words to describe… I love that guy to pieces. Oh my good Gawd. Help. And I only found Gerry less than a year ago. Where had I been all those years before I saw him in POTO?

  • Nunya Bidness

    I’m trying to figure out which is more unsettling…fans who obsess over Gerard Butler to the point of following him around the globe, or those who obsess over a fan of Gerard Butler to the point of tracking her every move on the internet.

  • Ohmmmmmm…..

    @Oh Gee Wiz!:

    You’re really upset you didn’t get to go to Glasgow, aren’t you??

    Calm down before you spring a leak.

  • james
  • Sandy

    @trying to figure it out:
    If you people are so down on Gerard Butler how do you know
    what all goes on in his world of fandom. It is beginning to make
    a lot more sense now.
    You are all so jealous of this kind hearted creature that you MUST
    make fun of him and anyone who admires him.
    You really are pathetic.
    Gerard Butler is admired because he represents what is good
    and giving about humanity. He works really hard and is so
    caring for his real fans. He understands that real fans appreciate
    his talent, intelligence, charm, charisma, humor, hard work, and
    creativity. His real fans are very creative themselves and very
    giving, and very intelligent. If you do visit his fansites you will
    learn that these people, men and women, are successful,
    intelligent, witty, creative and give a lot of themselves to various
    charities and to fellow human beings. They are people in successful
    careers who donate their time and wealth to those in need and less
    fortunate. They are all people who see something in this man
    beyond his gorgeous looks. They first appreciated him for his
    intelligence and creativity.
    That is what you are so jealous of. These people who appreciate
    Gerard Butler are not air heads who only see him for his star status,
    they see the real genuine creative, intelligent human being that he
    is and you either can’t see that or you don’t understand that people
    appreciate that quality of person.
    I have noticed that the Gerry bashers on this and every other site
    often quote phrases from his movies, or from his interviews, and
    yet still bash him. That only makes sense if they are truly jealous
    of the man’s accomplishments and of who he really is.
    Oy especially. He/she quotes Gerry and still bashes him. How
    is it that you follow him so closely if you think he is so unworthy?
    That doesn’t even make sense.
    Well, just so you understand, there are people in the world with
    enough intelligence and insight to realize other people’s character
    from how they present themselves. Gerard Butler remains true to
    his beliefs, true to his family, true to his country and true to his
    career. He works hard to perfect his craft. He lives his life as he
    sees fit dispite anyone else’s opinion of him. As long as he
    remains true to his beliefs it really is no one else’s business how
    he lives his life. It is after all only between him and his creator.
    He must be pleasing his creator because he just becomes more
    and more successful. Maybe there in lies all of your problems.
    He inspires me, he entertains me, and he never disappoints me.
    That is certainly more than I can say of any of you bashers. Perhaps
    if you put your energy into your careers instead of your jealousys
    you could be as successful as Gerard Butler. That is what he has
    done, put his energy into his career and look what it has gotten him,
    world wide fame, appreciation, and millions of admirers. Face it,
    even you seek him, or you wouldn’t know enough about his life
    to bash him. Isn’t that funny, you’re all actually Gerry followers.

  • Mr. Giggles
  • Mr. Giggles
  • Ohh Maa Gawd

    I literally fell asleep after reading the third line of your post, Sandy. Thanks. I needed the rest.

  • closet


    Sandy, people who quote his interviews etc. have formed an opinion on them, just like you have. It just happens to be a negative one. He puts out enough for them to form that conclusion. He also puts out some positive things — but he is an actor and that is his job.
    If someone was bashing him based on nothing, and had read nothing, then maybe your argument would have more merit. People have different opinions, period.

    As for Nick’s twitter — I don’t know if it’s real or fake. It could just be a troll having some fun. In any event, the man in some of the photos with Gerry is not Nick, but Rupert – who is with his PR team. Rupert is usually with him for UK events as well as other European events. He was with him in Norway. He does kind of resemble Nick, especially from a distance and when he has scruff. But he is smaller in stature than Gerry (and Nick). Nick may be there, and if he is, he’ll probably appear in some photo — especially if they go to an afterparty or club.
    Gerry’s NY assistant, Angie, is in the background of the video as well as Alan. According to one article, Gerry had 70 friends and family in attendance.

  • Note to Syco Sandy:

    I saw your post and skipped right over it.
    So whatever witticisms you spent hours to write,,,were all for naught as I am sure I am not the only one.

    I just dont come to message boards to read the Gettysburg address.


    People Magazine’s last clue from Twitter:
    Still guessing? Here’s one more clue: #sexiestmanalive has proposed to at least one woman.

    At “least”? Its not Gerry. Sorry stupidos.
    It’s not Rob Pats either.
    The “roots out of the US” clue took Brad Cooper out of it.
    That leaves: Hugh, George, Ryan R., Hugh Laurie.

    Gerard did not win this one – he is not as “popular” in Hollywood as he is with his sycofans like sandy.

  • Hollywood Circles….

    True – gerry is NOT ‘popular’ in Hollywood circles. AT ALL.
    He is popular with his FANS – but they dont choose the SMA.
    And Gerry never “really” proposed. So you fan psychos can get tto

  • Mr. Giggles

    G interviewed at the premiere——he told someone to shut up !!!… nice ??


  • beltway

    He seems like a playboy and Peter Pan. Yuck.

  • andie

    Win or not Gerry will always be my sexist star.

    Who gives Sh*it about People’s magazine anyway. If they want to choose a stick of a boy that’s their problem not mine.

    Gerry for ever.

  • M

    gerry isn’t gay. lol
    he’s just not ready to settle down – dont blame him.
    but he is hanging out with a couple people. just not serious and no one blames him….
    i know one of his…
    sorry but she fits his “type” i know that annoys you people.

  • trying to figure it out

    @ Sandy
    So you don’t like my response to what’s he wearing under his kilt? Where’s your sense of humour? Obviously don’t have one.

    I’m glad things are beginning to make sense to you now, because your post certainly doesn’t make any. So his fans are creative, giving and intelligent – so are the rest of us but we don’t need a fan site to prove it. We don’t need to prove our creative prowess by making little little Phantom dolls. We give to charities and help others – that doesn’t require a membership to a fan site either. Jealous of his fans – no, got no reason to be. I feel sorry for some of them, because I think some are spending an awful lot of money on this guy when they can’t afford to. And does he really care – No. If he remains so true to his country – why isn’t he living and earning a living there? I’ll tell you why – he can’t. He’s a lot like Sean Connery always foaming at the mouth about all things Scottish and how great it is, but where does he live – in the Bahamas, where it’s nice and warm and he can protect his hard earned American dollars from the Scottish tax man – just like Gerry is doing by living in the good old U.S.A. There are laws in place for people who live overseas and still retain their country of birth as a residence; I bet half the time Gerry goes home because he has to – he is protecting his interests!

    If you don’t like what I’ve just said – too bad – suck it up. It’s not Gerry bashing!

  • Yawn


    rob patz is not going to win you douche. they said someone who has proposed before. r patz is 12. when did he propose???

    i say hugh jack.

    gerry is not liked in the important crowds that matter. His party, not one celeb or a-lister showed up bc nO ONE CARES.

    Gerry has not made any real friends in Hollywood and you know what? He SHOULD. This is his career. Instead he chooses to hang out with leeches and hangers on thinking they care for the “real him.”
    whatever gerry. wake up. Im sure fryfool is loving his paid position as gerry’s personal “cup boy” (see: rape of ganymede for explanation). PLEASE. Do you think that guy is EVER going to want to work again??
    Yeah – they love the “real you” gerry.
    He is such a FOOL. Makes sense why his fans are court jesters.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Thanks Giggles for the links. I love a man in a kilt. Gerry’s hair is finally getting a little longer and curling. *sigh*
    It looks like the premiere turned out rather well. After all the negative press in the tabloids I was concerned that things would not go well. And bonus…he wasn’t eaten by a rabid fan. *whew* Can’t wait for the European numbers to start rolling in. Good for Gerry.
    BTW Sandy I did read the first few lines of your post but didn’t finish. I usually don’t respond well to wagging fingers. “what is good in giving and humanity.” GMAFB! I haven’t seen him walk on water yet so save the worship. He is a good chap and he has good intentions but plllleeeaaaassseee spare me the idol worship.
    Gerry is a promising actor that seems to be pissing away a great deal of opportunity. I want to see his acting career grow and succeed. I think Gerry is the sexiest beast ever, BUT I realize that his sh!t DOES stink. You should get a clue.
    As for Framoladoodoo, again GMAFB. She chases him around the globe as a hobby? BWAHAHAHAHAHA I’m sure she is probably a nice and funny gal BUT don’t think for a second that she isn’t a few bricks short of a load.

  • Nick Boyle’s TWITTER

    It’s real you assbags. LOL shows what you know.

    He just tweeted something to actor chris masterson and chris responded you f*gs. Chris’s account was not created to respond to nick so there you have it.
    Chris was on 70′s show among other sh*t. Dated a Hilton sister blah blah blah. Not to mention Nick’s account was created BEFORE HE WAS FRYGUY. Is it so hard for you tools to use your heads?
    I think Nick was responding to “Ima Let you Finish Kanye’s” stupid post a couple threads ago bc Ima mentioned fryguy, how fat nick (and gerry supposedly) looked and that nick like a slob all in one post. haha

  • Molly Magnificent

    He’s cool dude, Who is he dating now, Jennifer or someone less famous? –

  • Some Underdressed Slanks…..

    @Molly Magnificent:

    Not “dating” but definitely fwb’ing more than one “not famous.”
    We may be soon “ID’ing” one of them…just haven’t been able to confirm her actual identity bc someone knows and won’t post it (stupid) on another site. And she sure isn’t talking. Why? to protect him, herself, who knows??
    Gerry is not gay and SURE AS HELL isnt celibate.
    A poster came here and said she saw a twitter comment that gave her “pause” – which means its only a matter of time before we bianca and jasmine her too.
    this is fun!

  • Ohmmmmmm….


    You forgot to end your post with “Love him abosolutely.”

  • *r*o*m*a*i*n*

    Looking at the audience… I gotta say Scottish women are f*cking ugly munters. I’d rather stick my c*ck in a blender.

  • amen

    So da*n funny ! I had to go to URBAN DICTIONARY to look up “munter”
    but I think I get your drift… ROTFL

  • @ lettuce for brains #195

    With that attitude the Scottish women would help you do it.

  • ¡

    Lmbao holy crap *r*o*m*a*i*n*! your post made me pee my pants! **** my bff is laughing too! XD….

  • Cuckoo

    Buy your mam a new camera, you tightwad ßastard.

  • mia

    Yada, yada. Bottom line, he’s just the most gorgeous man to ever land on Earth. Those pictures of him at the Glasgow premiere are over the top beautiful. Love the pictures with his mother. He’s just amazing.