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Gerard Butler Has A 40th Birthday Bash!

Gerard Butler Has A 40th Birthday Bash!

Gerard Butler gets the party started at his 40th birthday celebration at London’s China Whites on Friday (November 13).

The Scottish actor filled STV in on his birthday plans, saying he’d head to Glasgow the day after his birthday to share a celebration with his niece, “which I am a little bothered about because I deserve all the attention,” he joked, “but she is getting some of it.’’

“No, it’s lovely,” he continued, “so I am going to have a family party with her, then when I make it back to New York, I will do something there.”

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278 Responses to “Gerard Butler Has A 40th Birthday Bash!”

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  1. 126
    Get your facts straight Says:

    @oy: I bet that made you feel like a big man! LOL I have a feeling the only closet gays are the ones on here posting their bitter comments. What’s the matter? You wish you had a chance with Gerry? Maybe you got turned down because, let’s face it, the man loves women?

    Frankly I couldn’t care less if he was gay, straight or bi. It’s his life and obviously none of anyone’s business except his own.

  2. 127
    Methinks Says:

    The screaming he’s gay from the roof phatgurlz need to believe so. How else could they sleep at night knowing that they are women he wouldn’t touch with someone else’s c*ck.
    There, there phatgurlz, he doesn’t want you because he’s gay. Your hairy triple chins have nothing to do with it.
    He ignored you because he was checking out some stud, not because your moomoo had bunched up under your gut again. Nexst time invest in spanx.

  3. 128
    oy Says:

    @Get your facts straight: If you couldn’t care less, then why attack people who think he might be gay? If you couldn’t care less, you’d shrug their theories off. It’s obvious you have something against homosexuals.

    10% of the population is gay. If you fangurlz keep it up, you’ll convert the rest.

  4. 129
    LMAOOOOO Says:

    I wonder what Gerry’s “o” face looks like. Where is Nick let’s ask him

  5. 130
    oy Says:

    @Methinks: Investors: Buy spandex stocks now.

  6. 131
    oy Says:

    @LMAOOOOO: He made his O face for RocknRolla. Surely there’s a fangurl with that on a loop somewhere.

  7. 132
    Get your facts straight Says:

    @oy: Did I strike a nerve? :-) You seem rather defensive all of a sudden. You amuse me. Every time someone has an opinion that differs from yours you wave the fangurl flag. And what’s with the victimization act? Why do you believe I have anything against gays? Some of my best friends are gays. If anyone is a homophobe on here, it’s you. Why do you care so much about Gerard’s sexuality? Do you fantasize about it?

  8. 133
    Nick Boyle's TWITTER Says:

    apparently stealing fries off your buddy’s plate makes you fat and gay (with no dress sense). You guys are ruthless! 1:13 PM Nov 8th from web

    I feel no less guilty watching MJ’s memorial for the live music as I do buying GQ for the editorial on Megax Fox 12:11 PM Jul 7th from TwitterBerry

  9. 134
    oy Says:

    @Get your facts straight: Do you read your own comments? You contradict yourself so much I wondered if you were typing with the hiccups while on Oxycontin or if your Methadone Clinic closed today. I keep forgetting Gerry’s Birthday is a weeklong international holiday celebration. Sorry it’s strung you out and left you in a lurch.

    Obviously I don’t fantasize about Gerry Butler. Having sex with him is not on everyone’s wish list. Some of us think he’s probably highly diseased and we’d get less critters if we dumped an ant farm in our lap. So no, no fantasy about the overrated style-challenged man.

    Congratulations to you on your gay friend! Now to win the Showcase Showdown, do you also have a Jew and a black friend? If your Jewish friend is also black, you’ll win both prizes. If you have a Puerto Rican in your purse or even a fortune cookie from a Chinese restaurant, you’ll also win what’s behind Door #3.

  10. 135
    oy Says:

    @Nick Boyle’s TWITTER: You really believe that’s him commenting publicly on Twitter?

  11. 136
    lmao! Says:

    is oy male??

  12. 137
    @Nick Boyle's TWITTER Says:

    whats embarrassing is that some of gerry’s fannies have “friended” that twitter account. Sad!!!! Don’t you think he’d have a private acct?!
    Some chick named L**a D****n is on there and she ‘s a big fan.
    Why put yourself out there as a stalker?????

    Is Gerry gay or what? No women EVER???!!!

  13. 138
    Get your facts straight Says:

    @oy: I pity you actually. You must feel really inferior in real life to hang on here and post your bitter crap about Gerard, Nick and some innocent woman on Twitter. I don’t know how you can look at yourself in the mirror and not feel disgusted. I don’t know what Gerard did to you (or refused to do), but you sure resent him. I suspect jealousy. No, not in a sexual way. Jealousy regarding his success. You come on here time after time, spewing your venom. Clearly you have no life. You live in this little fantasy world, spreading your hatred about a man who is successful and talented and who made it big due to his hard work. You do not know him nor his friends. But you don’t care. All you know if that you hate the fact that he is better than you. That you will never be as famous as he is and it eats you up inside.

  14. 139

    If one more of you doofs uses the word “spew” I’m going to kick some a@@ for realz.
    It’s been killed, baked, smacked, ran over, stepped on, vomited, chewed up, spat out, kicked at, laughed at, lynched, pinched and benched.

    Sh*t’s OVER. No more “spew!”

  15. 140
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    We’re found out !?!! —-after months of zero tweets, Fry’s back Twitterin’
    Wonder what compelled him do it ????….. tehe
    is in the hotel bar in Glasgow trying to understand ANYTHING people are saying. LAC premiere tomorrow night. To Kilt or not to Kilt?
    about 14 hours ago from TwitterBerry
    is heading to London then Glasgow for his Brother from another Mother’s Birthday
    2:23 PM Nov 11th from web

    apparently stealing fries off your buddy’s plate makes you fat and gay (with no dress sense). You guys are ruthless!
    1:13 PM Nov 8th from web

  16. 141
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    ooopps…….Wonder what compelled him TO do it ????….. tehe

  17. 142
    Bìtch is taking the pìss. Says:

    Why is Framodìldo Ahmadinejad rigging every fan competition to ensure she wins herself? Why aren’t the other hippos challenging this?

  18. 143
    Benchods Anonymous Says:

    Mr Giggles, untwist your parachute-sized, granny knickers, love. That isn’t the real Nick, it’s an impostor.

  19. 144
    LOL Says:

    why are u so mean to each other??

  20. 145
    Booty Shorts Says:

    LOL @ this thread!

    So the impostors are now impersonating Gerry’s friends/lovers/whatever now? I sincerely hope not, because that would be pretty darn pathetic.

  21. 146
    s~o~n~i~c - p~a~l~m~s Says:

    @Bìtch is taking the pìss.: LMFAO!!

  22. 147
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    This is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. We have the target, Gerard Butler, unsuspecting or not with the mad phangirl slowing closing in. I know I shouldn’t be paying attention to this, but it is like watching a disaster about to happen. Gotta share how desperate Framolamadoodoo is…She has been standing at the theater for hours waiting and waiting. Just waiting. As her unknowing prey gets closer and closer and closer…
    framolamdu (from Twitter)
    @donnaste1 about 6.45 allegedly. Not sure what end he will start but as long as I get a glimpse I will be happy.
    42 minutes ago from Tweetie in reply to donnaste1
    @donnaste1 there were a few here at 6.15am
    about 1 hour ago from Tweetie in reply to donnaste1
    There is quite a queue forming in Glasgow for Law Abiding Citizen. At least the sun is out
    about 2 hours ago from Tweetie
    @donnaste1 it is not so cold now. They have started to erect barriers. Girl came from Japan wow. In charging iPhone battery goes quick
    about 3 hours ago from Tweetie in reply to donnaste1
    @donnaste1 we are back outside again as meeting held in bar. We needed to be there early as nobody knows how it’s being set up.
    about 4 hours ago from Tweetie in reply to donnaste1
    I love Cineworld Glasgow they have taken pity with the freezing cold & put the fans in 1st floor bar until barriers up later @lukecherokee
    about 5 hours ago from Tweetie
    @gammagirl77 it’s sunny but cold.
    about 5 hours ago from Tweetie in reply to gammagirl77
    @daynal he was in Vegas last night so don’t think in Glasgow.
    about 5 hours ago from Tweetie in reply to daynal
    The sun Is out but it’s still bloody freezing. Fire evacuation practice at Cineworld lol
    about 6 hours ago from Tweetie
    @LisaDuncan66 just gad brekkie and it’s light now. Nice people at Cineworld offerred to make us tea lol
    about 7 hours ago from Tweetie in reply to LisaDuncan66
    @F_Gary_Gray hey we are outside Cineworld a queue forming already
    about 9 hours ago from Tweetie in reply to F_Gary_Gray

  23. 148
    *LMFAO!!!!* Says:

    *note to self*

    Never read one of oy’s posts on a full bladder.

  24. 149
    *LMFAO!!!!* Says:

    *note to self*

    Never read one of oy’s posts on a full bladder.

  25. 150
    yikes Says:

    No way! They can’t have been camping outside since dawn!! That means she really did camp outside his hotel in Canada. It wasn’t bullshìt. I am quite concerned about this Framolamdunce hurting him for real one day. Alan needs to intervene and talk to her poor dad. Maybe the pair of them can get her sectioned for good. Didn’t she try and burglarise Gerry’s Mum’s house after the Glasgow Doll-fûcking convention ? Tell ya, that framolamdunce is one mental fat bìtch!. Where’s a fùcking tranquiliser gun when you need one?!

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