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Gerard Butler Has A 40th Birthday Bash!

Gerard Butler Has A 40th Birthday Bash!

Gerard Butler gets the party started at his 40th birthday celebration at London’s China Whites on Friday (November 13).

The Scottish actor filled STV in on his birthday plans, saying he’d head to Glasgow the day after his birthday to share a celebration with his niece, “which I am a little bothered about because I deserve all the attention,” he joked, “but she is getting some of it.”

“No, it’s lovely,” he continued, “so I am going to have a family party with her, then when I make it back to New York, I will do something there.”

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    Gerard est deja marié depuis le début de 2007, si vous regardez les vidéos a cette période, vous verrez qu’il porte une alliance et souvent il la porte a la main droite, maintenant il porte une chevalière, c’est pour ça qu’il ne se mariera jamais dès l’instant ou il l’est deja, je ne comprends pas certains ici qui deversent leur sales arguments et qui lui prêtent des aventures tantôt avec un homme ou avec des femmes vous êtes vraiment betes et ignorants vous ne savez même pas écouter ou regarder , moi c’est mon métier de regarder et d’écouter les autres , d’ailleurs la femme avec qui il est a porte son alliance elle a son orteil gauche le jour de sa première de son film car oui il s’amusent a travers les photos et si vous regardez cette fameuse photo vous verrez que c’est la même alliance et sur les vidéo gerard fait toujours un signe vers elle ou il lui tire la langue d’ailleurs elle aussi si est mise a lui faire pareil, pour finir ce qui m’intéresse moi c’est ” si ils sont mariés depuis début 2007, alors depuis quand ils se fréquentaient avant le mariage?”

  • time for community singing

    Community singing …
    To be sung to the tune of ‘I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy’

    ‘I’m a Framolam-dung ding-dong,
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    And he has always been MINE!
    He’s my Framo-loco sweetheart,
    Tall’n’tans need not apply,
    ‘Framo-ding-dong went to Glasgow,
    Just to tear his Kilt off’
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    ‘Framo-diner went to Glasgow,
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    Surely it must break some sort of law!

    Sorry, just couldn’t resist it!

  • lavender1960

    Didn’t take your meds today, for some reason my posts are all double posting not just here, I will work my best to fix it so you don’t have a stroke

  • lavender1960

    Didn’t take your meds today, for some reason my posts are all double posting not just here, I will work my best to fix it so you don’t have a stroke

  • maureen

    he hugged her cus she was crying. probabbly about the low life scumbags on this msg board who like to make fun of her constantly. i hope your all happy idiots

  • lavender1960


    Sorry guido he has been wearing a ring on that finger since early days of his career, blows the theory

  • amen

    Loved your little cow, Mooooo ! Can you do a giraffe or a dog? Thanks for entertaining us in this sometimes intense place.
    Here is a snake for ya: ~———>
    OK OK I won’t give up my day job. lol

  • http://guido guido

    peut être qu’il portait un anneau au début de sa carrière, mais celui que je dis est le même que celui de l’actrice celle qui le porte a son orteil gauche est ce que vous savez de qui je parle on disant l’actrice au moins?

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @time for community singing
    LFAMO! I noticed the second he hugged her he immediately grabbed for another’s pic to autograph and immediately turned his back o her.
    @Moooooooooo! I almost choked on my pepsi when I saw that. Laughed until tears were starting. Thanks for the great laugh.
    @Who…. You elicited more giggles because I was thinking the same thing.
    Best post this morning for me was the cow created by artist Mooooooo!
    I’m with you Amen, my snake would look like this ~>————
    @maureen – thanks mom. Why don’t you call more often? And why didn’t you add “that we should be ashamed of ourselves?”

  • cubedweller

    @ManLESSton – hi! I’m getting caught up on all the pics and vids this am – thanks Giggles. Love, love the kilt – Butler looks amazing in it – like he was born to wear one. Guys have to be both trim and muscular to carry it, and he does.

    I sort of cringed at the vid of G hugging Fram – AWKWARD! Unless I’m wrong she immediately started texting/tweeting the minute he turned away. How weird is it for him to have this individual who trails all over the world after him, and he comes home and there she is, because she lives there? Cue Twilight Zone theme.

    That had to be a huge night for him – back home with family and with that kind of crowd. He seemed very pleased and a bit overwhelmed. I’m glad he had his closest friends there with him – I’d need support if I had to face that much family at once LOL

  • Manless

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Manless, it’s no surprise why you didn’t survive on IMDb. We ate you alive and spat out your irritating remains as a lesson to all the other annoying, hypocritcal ***** out there. .Now you’re just boring and too easy a target on here so count yourself lucky.. Also, when you try to be all kooky and point fingers at that fat f*ck framo, it always backfires like 12 guage shotgun, because you are just as rabid and f/cked in the membrane as her and you don’t even see it but everybody else does. Fangurls pointing fingers at other fangurls takes the f/cking biscuit, and the fact you follow her on twatter says it all.

  • Ohmmmmmm….


    Yeah, he’s got a lot of squares but he’s wise enough to overcome them.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Manless: LMAO at you. I have NEVER posted on IMDb and never would. You guys are nuts and quite boring. Say whatever you will about me, like I care. *yawn*
    Is that you Sandy again coming to Framoladoodoo’s rescue? You phangirls are so funny. Like Framoladoodoo doesn’t ask for it. I would bet this morning alone she has racked up at least 100 tweets about her encounter with Gerry. And apparently I am not the only one that thinks she is nuts. I didn’t even write the song, kind of wish I had dammit. Maybe if I get bored enough today with packing I will just go count her tweets to prove my point…

  • trying to figure it out

    Saw the vid of Framolamodoodoo – she was crying? Poor dear, she was probably overwhelmed at seeing her love. I did notice that the hug from Gerry was short.

    Gerry, Gerry, Gerry – You looked lovely in your kilt but you should have gone the extra mile and put on a white shirt with a black tie to complete the look. Wearing a kilt in all its glory is like wearing a military uniform. It should be respected and worn properly – no open necked shirts. I know Gerry you like to “dress down” but on this occasion you really should have tried and “dressed up”. You would have looked so much better. You have become too Americanized and too casual in your dress, someone should have given you a good slap for this fashion faux pas.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @trying to figure it out: Could I be the one to give him the slap? Please oh please…he he

  • Stone

    What? The haggard drunk look???

  • trying to figure it out

    Hey , Man, how about you slap one side of him and I’ll slap the other?

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @trying to figure it out: Done! Now should we get in contact with Framoladoodoo to find out his schedule for the slapfest?

  • trying to figure it out

    Noooooooooooooooooooooo! She may want to participate! We’ve already got a “threesome” going here!

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    Looks like he was bashed alright!

  • @guido


    Guido, just name the actress. Enough with the games. And speak English if you want the majority here to understand you and comment. Otherwise you are just trolling for attention.

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    I am going to shock can be some any but the actress with whom he(it) is and for a long time it is jennifer, look at jen’s photos has the first one(night) of its film and look at gerard for his(her,its) proMb of its film, they speak to each other and enjoy themselves between them, the ring has the toe nobody saw him(it)? They look make the same poses(installations), and jen’s photos in Mexico or she(it) is in mauve bikini it is her(it) and the other photos in white dress it is his(her,its) lining(stand-in) I think that it was in the Scotland 15/11 with gerard because consider good at gerard on the video he(it) speak to the journalist and often looks upward and one moment the face changes and its smile also

  • Iain M S

    He’s not drunk – he stopped drinking alcohol over 10 yrs ago!.

  • amen

    Bonjour Guido. It is not easy to understand what you say sometimes. But now I can see (from your post above) that you are a romantic guy…I love that! But I think you are wrong about Gerry and Jen….sorry Guido, I mean no disrespect for your opinion which is always welcome at this site ;-) Gerry does not get along with those girls that are “high maintenance” (requiring lots of special attention and effort) and I think the one you mention is definitely that type of girl. So that’s my opinion.

  • Ima Let You Finish Kanye


    Guido…could you do us all a favor and shut the fcuk up?
    Thanks in advance.

    You are like four months and fifteen XANAX behind everyone else in this thread.
    So unless you can locate Mickey Fine’s Farmacy and maybe me lucky charms with a quickness, BEAT IT and I ain’t talkin’ bout the song, chile.

  • Bitch slap

    Lovin the OY comments. and cube, and ManLesstonIlikely…
    whatever happened to Jilleroo? i liked her posts.
    This is a effin hilarious thread.
    do i care if Ger is wearing anything underneath his kilt?
    Hell, no and hell i hope not!!

  • in the know

    @277 Curious Cat