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Gerard Butler Has A 40th Birthday Bash!

Gerard Butler Has A 40th Birthday Bash!

Gerard Butler gets the party started at his 40th birthday celebration at London’s China Whites on Friday (November 13).

The Scottish actor filled STV in on his birthday plans, saying he’d head to Glasgow the day after his birthday to share a celebration with his niece, “which I am a little bothered about because I deserve all the attention,” he joked, “but she is getting some of it.’’

“No, it’s lovely,” he continued, “so I am going to have a family party with her, then when I make it back to New York, I will do something there.”

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278 Responses to “Gerard Butler Has A 40th Birthday Bash!”

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  1. 151
    gotta be kidding........ Says:

    @Megan Fox:

    I remember that interview, couldnt remeber who it was, so I blamed Adrirenne Curry all this time. It was Megan – ick! Well at least we all now now her **** does stink!

  2. 152
    trying to figure it out Says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. I think Framolmalodoo-doo bought herself a thermal top to wear so she wouldn’t get cold. She’s some crazy b*tch.

    I wonder what F_Gary_Gray must be thinking? It was because of his contests that she won both tickets to the LA and Glasgow premieres. In fact “her friend” on the other thread said he invited her to LA? What gives?

    Have you noticed that “her friend” from the other thread, after many posts of defending the woman, has now gone silent. I wonder why?

    I’m eagerly awaiting her new photo with Gerry.

    @ Yikes
    I don’t think Alan should go near her poor father; he needs to go for a restraining order instead.

    Is it really true she tried to burglarise Gerry’s mum’s house? That’s some scary sh*t.

    With all that’s being said about her, I am wondering when the GALS site owner will come to her senses and cut Framo loose as a moderator.

  3. 153
    Angel Says:

    Too much evil & hatred on this board so I am going to stop reading period. I am crying so hard right now cause u r bullying framlamdu for ur own twisted pleasue and is not funny. She has a beautiful soul & has never hurt anyone in her life. u should all be ashamed!!

  4. 154
    Butler madness classic Says:

    Fangirls are crazy! *maniacal laugh*
    No we are not! *cries*

    Personally, I am sure this fram person is a nice person. But you have to admit that her behavior is off the wall. I don’t think she would ever hurt butler, but it has to freak him out a bit to see someone following him all over the world and repeatedly waiting for hours on end just to get a glimpse of him. Equally freaky is the girl who apparently came from japan.

    I hope these people can work out whatever is going on in their lives to drive this level of obsession.

  5. 155
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @trying to figure it out
    I have to agree. Framoladoodoo may be the nicest person in the world BUT her behavior is OBSESSIVE. Sounds like she functions between two worlds. She seems harmless enough but is bordering on crossing the line to harmful.
    God help Gerry if he rejects her. That would be the telling moment as to her obsession and its limits.
    If she wins the date Gerry better take an entourage to accompany him just to keep her at a distance mentally. I have to agree with an earlier poster, if she wins the date the other phangirls should cry foul.
    BTW, thanks for the shout out earlier. I appreciated it very much!

  6. 156
    Oh Gee Wiz! Says:

    Amen! #95 You nailed it!

  7. 157
    trying to figure it out Says:

    @ ManLESSton

    You have it right when you say “she seems harmless enough but is bordering on crossing the line to harmful.” I would hate to read one day she did, or tried to do, something to him.

    If she DOES win the date with Gerry I think there will be an outcry from fans and non-fans alike. She can’t be that lucky, can she?

  8. 158
    date with gerry Says:

    If Framolamdunkindonuts won the date with Gerry gig, I forsee a Kathy Bates ‘Misery’ scenario. – Gerry secured in her secret lair (she will have watched POTO and LAC to get some inspiration) and when he rejects her, she’ll be there with her axe. (Fiction of course LOL).

    SO was Mr Butler kilted or not tonight for the premiere – mightly cold and windy in glasgow tonight???

  9. 159
    Ohmmmmmm..... Says:

    He really will have to put on his actor face if he sits across from that person for more than an hour. Good God….

    @Trying to Figure it Out….she was made mederator ONLY because she’s Scottish.

  10. 160
    fashion failure Says:

    How oddly fast.I do not know about this Nick person but if that twitter page is false this person sure is a fast tweeter.
    Since Nick is indeed at the red carpet, right next to Gerard,and without the kilt.

  11. 161
    Stinkylouise Says:

    He’s in a kilt. Wonder if he’s wearing anything underneath?

  12. 162

    well the kilt’s a good gimmick and ensures another day of pr and another JJ thread! HERE WE GO AGAIN.

  13. 163
    Stinkylouise Says:

    If you scroll down, you’ll see pics of Alan and an assistant taking photos of the crowd. A wise precaution.

  14. 164
    McK Says:

    @To: DUMB “McK”:

    Well I was actually refering to some other times where the interviews were over and he didn’t know he was being taped. I think the interview with the Giants girl was one of them Chung was just the more obvious. But I see you have a lot of anger so I’ll let you take it out on this thread. So have at it. By the way I make my living by reading people. And you are an easy one to read, lol.

  15. 165
    trying to figure it out Says:

    @ Stinkylouise
    I’ll guess:
    1. A thermal thong
    2. A chastity belt
    3. Nada

  16. 166
    trying to figure it out Says:

    @ Stinkylouise

    Forgot “a sock”

  17. 167
    Ginblets Says:


    Blah blah blah blah

  18. 168
    for real Says:

    Where’s Marlin Perkins when you need him? I was thinking that a well placed tranquilizer dart into the flank of that giant Framalamdo might ease the concern of many who are following the event. I think that fan needs to be tagged or have a radio collar on her – you know, for tracking and migratory monitoring at future Gerry events….
    for real

  19. 169
    Dawn9476 Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    Manlesston, you have no room to talk about someone being obsessive.

  20. 170
    meh Says:

    this guy’s a badass

  21. 171
    Oh Gee Wiz! Says:

    What is wrong with you people? All this evil speculation and hits on people you don’t really know yourselves. Did you ever think that MAYBE GB doesn’t want to be seen in public with any woman he cares about because of threads like this one and others. Why put someone through this crap?You must get your jollies off of making everyone you don’t agree with or doesn’t fit your ideal, as fat, unemployed and stupid. Oy, I bet your parents are so proud of you. You are one of the most disgusting creatures I’ve ever seen. You call Gb names and others posting on here as if you were the cleverest moron to walk this earth. If you are so perfect that you can question everyones life style, it makes me wonder how you live. If it’s anything like the crap you hurl at everyone here, I might feel sorry for you. Now go ahead and hit me with your clever come back. Unfortunately I won’t be coming back here to read another post of yours. Have at it you sorry bunch of sickos.

  22. 172
    lovegerrybutler Says:

    Oh my good Lordie! Gerry in a kilt. How cute is that????

    Thank God for giving us Gerry. I know I sound so pathetic but it’s true. There is NOBODY in this world is as …. I am lost for words to describe… I love that guy to pieces. Oh my good Gawd. Help. And I only found Gerry less than a year ago. Where had I been all those years before I saw him in POTO?

  23. 173
    Nunya Bidness Says:

    I’m trying to figure out which is more unsettling…fans who obsess over Gerard Butler to the point of following him around the globe, or those who obsess over a fan of Gerard Butler to the point of tracking her every move on the internet.

  24. 174
    Ohmmmmmm..... Says:

    @Oh Gee Wiz!:

    You’re really upset you didn’t get to go to Glasgow, aren’t you??

    Calm down before you spring a leak.

  25. 175
    james Says:

    @40 is nearly dead</a


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