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Jennifer Garner, Seraphina & Violet Have An L.A. Lunch

Jennifer Garner, Seraphina & Violet Have An L.A. Lunch

Jennifer Garner gives a kiss to sleepy daughter Seraphina on the way to lunch on Saturday (November 14) in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

Carrying a pink diaper bag that matched her baby’s outfit, Jennifer put a sweater on 10-month-old Sera and carried her inside. The nanny carried Violet, who sported cute pigtails!

Jen made a trip out to a Santa Monica toy store on Friday (November 13) to pick up a push toy car for Sera and checked out books for both of her girls.

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Photos: Famepictures, WENN
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  • buttercup

    Ridiculous. You write that she had a diaper bag that matched her baby’s outfit; make it sound like a shallow fashionista move. The diaper bag has some pink, and the baby’s outifit was pink too. Different pinks, different designs, and totally different look…. but in your world it’s a matching diaper bag. I read this stuff because you’re just so funny and shallow.

  • Liz86000

    good mom… but we already knew that. Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise should take notes.

  • desi

    she looks masculine all the time. she is badly dressed all the time, all she wears are unlattering jeans and sneakers,and she looks unclean. so if its good enough to have a go at Katie Homes, it sure is good enough to have a go at her , because Jen Garner deserves it and a lot of the tome KH doesn’t.

  • coco

    Where’s Ben? She has 2 kids and needs a nanny. That’s the rich life. If Ben came, she would not have to hang out with the nanny.

  • lizzie

    It looks like Sera goes blonder.

  • annab

    What a sweet baby. So very cute.

  • Tazina

    Jennifer looks great, and is dressed just fine for the restaurant she is going to. Who dresses up on Saturday to take the kids out for lunch? Evening yes, then you dress up. DUH…… And quit with the “unclean” comments…she no doubt had her morning shower just like anyone else… Your dumb comments about Jennifer Garner have zero basis in fact….Ben’s still working 24/7 on his movie….you are a troll.

  • Sonia0404

    I find the nanny very attractive, much prettier and spirited than Katie Homely.

  • Sarah

    Since she can’t carry violet anymore, she has a nanny do it. What a bunch of lazy pigs. She will be 4 in less than 3 weeks and she’s being carried, by a nanny none the less! Get some exercise!!!!

  • Kris

    Jennifer Garner AGAIN???????

  • Jen is homely looking

    @Kris: I know right?! We can’t get a break from this piece of garbage!!!!!

  • hong kong

    sera is very pretty she is the cutest celeb baby!! Look at these beautiful chubby cheeks!!! She is like a sweet biscuit! So adorable!!!!! Jen is such a great mother, so down to earth, she is great! Violet looks just like jen….beautiful and happy, and those pigtails r just so cute :)

  • Ivermom

    That little Sera is precious :) Need I say it again, Jen Garner is one of the best mom’s out there!!!

  • Kelly Cool

    I love her. She is such a great mom!

  • Pippi

    To Sarah #9 the reason Violet is being carried is so that sites like this can have photos to post for your entertainment. What else would have to b!itch if you didn’t have pics of Jen and her children?

    If the paps weren’t following them around all the da*m time Violet could be safe and free to walk holding her mom’s hand like any other almost 4 yr old child.

    So STFU and either enjoy the pics like some of us do or go to h3ll on a fast train.

    As always Jen rocks she is a very strong willed lady to go on with her life inspite of all the bullsh!t that never lets us. Go Jen, you’re are so AWESOME!

  • Sarah

    @Pippi: There are plenty of children of celebrities that walk and have paparazzi take pictures all the time. Jessica Alba’s daughter is not even 1 1/2 yet and she walks more then this almost 4 year old. It’s laziness and Jen babys her.

  • carrie

    as Violet looks alike a tiny Jennifer Garner as Seraphina only has her eyes and even doesn’t look alike his father! strange!

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    I love this family jennifer looks great and both of her girls looks so cute

  • anja

    They must be going to The Worst Dressed Child Competition or The Cutest Brain Dead Child

  • Two

    Take notes, #2? You don’t know either parents!

    And they feel like taking risks while Garner doesn’t, #16. It’s her right to do so while it’s their right not to. You should respect that and not question their motives.

    You’re sick, #19.

  • Jennifer Boring Hag Garner

    Why are pictures of that boring and ugly woman posted every single day???

  • Sarah

    @Two: no thank you. i will not. a 4 year old should not be carried end of story.

  • lakers fan in boston

    plz jean dont go backwards
    u were making so much progress jen, u were starting 2 shine
    dont ho back 2 ur sweats, ur everyday jeans, and ur barfed on tees
    plz dont jen, u’ve come 2 far 2 quit now

  • Nice

    They have beautiful children. Babies are so special. Jen is so lucky to have money and a working man, so that she can devote time and attention to her babies. They’ll be good human beings. You get the feeling that she genuinely loves being a mom. Her children have really brought her a lot of joy.

  • fame

    Her baby pimping is all she got I feel sorry for her.

  • michile Oz

    she’s really a good mum, love her!!
    who cares if she wears runners all the time, jeans and sweater, i’ll do the same thing if i’m carrying a baby with me plus 4 y.o. kid

  • hazel

    i really feel sorry for all the HATERS here, they always write stupid comments, so pathetic, aarrrgghhh!!!
    HATERS if you don’t like jennifer so much then why do you make an effort to browse her pix here and post a comment??
    for what?
    do you think you’re that perfect? AS IF!!!
    there’s loads of people who loves jen garner y’know..

  • Mitzie Rose

    aawww the afflecks, i truly luv this family..
    jen and her kids look so pretty!!!

  • LOL

    @hazel: you keep telling yourself that

  • Vanessa Valentino

    I think Her and Ben have a solid marriage. I don’t think he is cheating. But don’t all men cheat?

  • Pippi

    Some of you should a take clue from Nice @ #24 she has a really good head on her shoulders and definitely lives up to her name. She shows all the straits of a gently bred person. I’ll bet she had the kind of childhood Jen’s kids are having. Politeness shine thru.

    However to be fair, there is also a good number of other such people on the thread as well. Nice just stands out because she wrote with such grace. I share her sentiment.

  • Grace

    She’s dressed in a way that means she can actually play/interact with her kids, she’s got both girls wearing age-appropriate clothing, she’s seen regularly in public with them either walking or playing or shopping… Yeah, I’m not seeing “bad mother” elements.

    The more I read these comments, the more I wonder how many commenters have a baby — or even know a baby. They have tiny, messy, grabby hands! Your hair will not stay nice, your shirt will get smeared with jam, that baby will rip out your earring while simultaneously throwing your glasses into traffic, and then the baby will spit up into your purse.

    Jen Garner looks fabulous when she needs to for work, and looks classy when she wants to around town. And then the rest of the time she looks like any other mom on the playground who is focusing on her kids rather than obsessing over her hairstyle. Good for her.

  • Pippi

    Violet and Seraphina are always dressed exactly as children should be. Thank God, Jen does not dress them up like rich kids. This way they learn to appreciate that it is better to be of good character than to be a show off. Most kids wear sensible and child friendly clothes for daily activities. I proud she is not dressing them to please the shallow fashion conscious people who live to pass judgment on others. Even Brangelina (more famous and sought after than) dresses her kids in a like manner.

    It takes a special person to dress up the inside first and the outside last. Vanity is a sad thing to be a slave of. When you are ugly inside and dressed in the latest ddesigner clothes, when you take the clothes off you are still the same miserable person. You young people should have been taught that earlier but it is never to late to learn a valuable lesson. Take heed.

  • RD

    Cheated on hubby n. 1.
    Cheated on fiance n.. 2.
    Chased Ben for a decade and made sure he will be forced to marry her.
    So now that she got Ben trapped times 2- why is she always away from him, and not with him?

  • Cream

    They do spend a lot of time apart, whatever makes Ben happy. As always Violet is being carried and yesterday there were pictures of her with a pacifier, I can’t believe a 4 year old is still using a pacifier and being carried, yep she looks like she has developmental problems.

  • OMG “gr8 mum”….please!!!!!!

    hey PIPI do u have a life… seriously?????….. u psycho-maniac stalker!!!!!……….. btw is Violet gonna b carried round when shes 6,8,10 etc….just coz “theres paps round”……welllll she can thank her “great” mum jennifer garner 4 that………….i much rather sacrifise my career then put my kids through this every day………

  • Jammin

    I think both Violet and Sera are soooo adorable! Yeah, it does appear that they baby Violet a lot… just follow the links below…..

  • Open Your Eyes

    This woman has TWO nannies, for TWO kids. Mother of the year my ass! Her film acting is mediocre, but Jennifer Garner deserves an Oscar for the acting she does in her real life!

  • Hanna

    @OMG “gr8 mum”….please!!!!!!: yeah pippi doesnt have a life. never have never will. she just sits here and stares at their pictures all day. its really creepy

  • bd

    Obviously child #1 is having issues about not being the baby anymore. Thus, hanging on to the pacifier. The baby teeth will eventually come out and permanent teeth will follow. Not necessarily braces.

    these are Hollywood kids and thus highly guarded as creeps out there might want to do harm.

    If you were in jen/ben’s position, wouldn’t you do the same thing to protect them??

  • RD

    She is very masculine looking.
    Dieting to the max, and exercising plus masculine features, jaw-line, and man hands and shoulders add up.

  • nowhere

    I LOVE Violet. Jennifer Garner seems to be such a good mother. Seraphina is so cute. I first didn’t really like the name but now i like it, it fits her perfectly.

  • Pippi

    I’m baaaaaaaack. When did this become about little ole me? If I want to see pics of Jen and her family I can always go to her fan site. There I don’t have to put up with nasty comments from people angry because she *garners* so many hits, albeit from nasty Vartan fans who can’t get over the fact that Jen is no longer with him. I say good for her. She would not have her precious little darling girls if she were still with him. Be glad for her and stop causing the paps to chase her all around town, that is, if you really don’t want to see her on every celebrity webstite out there. Roger that?

    Love Love Love her. She is truly amazing.

  • bamswife7

    jolie should take lessons from Jen. At least Ben and Jen do things the normal way of having a family. Not like a crazy idiot just for show. This family seems so normal. I don’t know them so I can’t really say. By the photos of them, I would say that they seem like a normal family and happy. Why do you people say Jen is ugly? She isn’t. jolie looks like Elvira when she isn’t made up.

  • Sarah

    @Pippi: We know you want to have sex with her. Bye go to your other site, no one will miss you.

  • Molly Magnificent

    I think Jen is great and she is still lucky to have Ben. They were made to be together.

  • Jokergurl

    What a cute bunch, Violet looks like Jen and Seraphina looks like Ben. I love just how normal and down to earth Jennifer Garner is, Ben Affleck too.

  • Lol

    @Molly Magnificent: Right. That’s why they’re always together hahahahahahaahah

  • Annie

    Can you people get the cameras any closer….come on, leave this poor woman alone. As adorable as they are and I love seeing photos of Jennifer & Ben and their gorgeous girls you are way too close taking these pictures…..any closer and you will be sitting in the car with them. You can see by the look on Violet’s face that you are TOO close.
    Jen is such a wonderful mother…..caring and loving and obviously the girls adore her.
    Love you Jen……paps give her and the children a break!!!!!!!!

  • OMG “gr8 mum”….please!!!!!!

    “Be glad for her and stop causing the paps to chase her all around town, that is, if you really don’t want to see her on every celebrity webstite out there. Roger that?”……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..hahahahahahahahahahahahahah seriously “pippi”…………….u need help……its ur fault that there r soooo many paps round her……since u wnat 2 c the pics everyday…….