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Rachel Bilson Takes Shots Before Traveling

Rachel Bilson Takes Shots Before Traveling

Rachel Bilson leaves a medical center in Pasadena, California with her mom, Janice, on Friday (November 13).

The 28-year-old actress reportedly got three shots needed before traveling abroad. Looks like she didn’t mind – she sported her bandages proudly and smiled all the way out to her car!

Rachel‘s gearing up to shoot Criminal Empire for Dummy‘s, also starring Chris Evans and Harvey Keitel.

The gangster film and love story, will have Rachel‘s character taking serious revenge on a boyfriend and asking a neighbor for help in the crime.

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson ready to travel…

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rachel bilson travel shots 01
rachel bilson travel shots 02
rachel bilson travel shots 03
rachel bilson travel shots 04
rachel bilson travel shots 05
rachel bilson travel shots 06
rachel bilson travel shots 07
rachel bilson travel shots 08
rachel bilson travel shots 09
rachel bilson travel shots 10
rachel bilson travel shots 11
rachel bilson travel shots 12
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rachel bilson travel shots 14
rachel bilson travel shots 15
rachel bilson travel shots 16
rachel bilson travel shots 17

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  • Ale

    Why do you show pictures of her every single day? For christ sakes all she does with her life is go shopping.

  • me

    Ugly midget again, she is going to Canada or somewhere else after Hayden is done filming in a few days. What is the big deal, why is this the news? She is still dumb and unemployed.

  • emmy jay

    Jared must think this is funny by posting a “Rachel Goes ______” every day.

    Ha ha ha

  • Anakin

    The future Mrs. Vader looks great again as usual. JJ, there is never enough posts about RB, as far as I’m concerned, you can rename this site, the more the merrier. Wonder if she got her swine flu shot as well?

  • Stuck On Stupid

    Their goes the media whoring ugly midget troll again. TG she will be out of LA then for a while.

  • St VDE

    Eewwwww………How UGLY!!!

  • just jared is ridiculous LOL

    Jared, when you became a site specializing in movies? This film was never confirmed by the Hollywood Reporter or Variety, please, stop inventing rumors, I know that you are desperate for it to get a job, but the reality is sad.

  • jamie

    she made a vaccine! my god, what news! this news deserves the first page of a newspaper, but how Rachel don’t have money to pay a newspaper, she paid this S.H.I.T. site to post it. LOL

  • Dim lightbulb

    You don’t truly need shot for travel in North American this would be in countries where your prone to sickness. Guess this so called gangster movie which sounds like it wants to be the Whole Nine Yards NOT!!! would be shot in another country.

    I would guess HC is not that big a hurry of meeting back up with her again. Seriously doubt she is traveling to Canada.

  • St VDE

    Maybe, the ugly troll has an STD and is being treated for that before she leaves town! LOL! Her hair looks greasy and she looks like sewer trash anyway. Talentless hack could not act her way out of a paper bag.

  • lexy

    JJ – what happened? In your other thread you said this movie was a COMEDY about domestic violence. We’re sure this movie is “must-miss” – like NYILY – RB couldn’t even bother going to the premiere! Or her other straight to DVD movie.
    Of course she’s all smiles – HC isn’t around to ruin her groove with the paps who “stalk” her! When he’s around she has to pretend she’s suprised to the see the paps and doesn’t want them hanging around and scowl at them!! That’s a lot of work for someone like RB. Especially one who’s as PRIVATE as RB – afterall that’s why she didn’t put her sweater back on and is showing off her bandages. That’s why she has these papers out in the open when the paps are there – b/c she’s a PRIVATE person and DOESN’T want people in her business. What’s next? You’ll “find” her at some drug store buying a home pregnancy test??

  • katy

    media whoring – Jennifer Garner 2.0.

  • coco

    Yes – it’s my favorite idol in the universe. Unemployed talented actress that shops non-stop. My heroine. Well, she has a job now – so yes! Thanks Jared – this site is known among fans as Just RB!

  • ivanka

    raacheeel i love you! jared keep her posts coming, no matter others dont aprecciate your work and complain..

    if u dont like hre dont comment!

  • leah

    She’s probably going to Uganda with Kristin Bell. Which is great, but did we really have to see her go to the clinic, show off her shots and have her mother holding up healthy traveler papers? That’s really unnecessary and I hope against all hope that she doesn’t turn this trip into all about her.

  • @14

    dont aprecciate your work and complain, work? what work? LOL

  • @16

    shopping and restaurant LOL

  • St VDE

    @ Ivanka,
    I don’t know where the hell you come from but, it is a free country and everyone has their right to comment. If, you don’t like the negative comment which, HELLO???? Are the majority here don’t like this nothing of an actress and nothing in looks can just take a hike and post somewhere else yourself!

    I think this picture of Janice waving this clean bill of health around for traveling is a major setup for her stupid ugly daughter. Plus, they look like major sell outs as usual.

    Oh I don’t see Jennifer Garner acting this stupid and desperite like that. No! Jennifer Garner is papped a lot b/c of Violet. The media loves celebrity children. At least Jennifer Garner looks great and not some fugly midget that does not deserve the time of day.

    Can Janice be anymore obvious her daughter is desperite for work and attention. The idiot needs moolah to support her high spending shopping addiction! LOL! Not that it has helped one bit.

  • pepto

    @#2, the last time I checked, Canada was NOT “overseas.” Jeeze people, check out a map on occasion. And showing the “travel papers?” Really? What a bunch of pathetic fame wh*res, mother and daughter both.

  • funny thoughts

    Maybe, she is heading to Uganda with Kristen Bell?

  • jessica

    I heard she will go to Transylvania to visit her relatives

  • shopaholic

    poor guy!

    hope hc gained some sense with all this time apart

  • Kelly Cool

    Looking good. Is she still engaged to Hayden Panetter?

  • Craig David

    WHY does the paparazzi follow her? She doesn’t do anything interesting. I mean, does she even act anymore? This girl is duller than dull; the paps should stop wasting their time on this woman.

  • Sumo

    Love her boots! Just the right calf height for us height-challenged individuals.

  • Ahari

    Because she pays them. That’s clear as can be. I seriously doubt if the paps have nothing better to do than hang out at clinics in Pasadena or underground Target parking garages to get pics of the biggest stars in HW. This is just another of Rachel’s publicity stunts. If she really does go to Uganda the only reason is for any kind of photo op it will bring her. She’s already turning this into the “Rachel Bilson Brings Fashion to the Starving AIDS Orphans of Africa” show. Only she could bring shame to charity work and turn it into an abomination.

  • St VDE

    @ Sumo,
    Soooo…..That is why your a fan of the mindless, talentless, ugly midget b/c your height-challenged? I feel sorry for you.

    Tall boots only look good on taller types of girls. The boots make Ratchel only make Rachel’s legs look shorter! You have it all wrong!

  • Zydrunas

    Only the tall woman should wear the tall boot’s in public. They can wear them. Rachel will never in a lifetime look as good as this!

  • shopaholic

    what a saggy flabby body. bet she put those people to work on the flaunt shoot!

  • lakers fan in boston

    really jared, this chick again
    i wouldnt even u posting daily about her if she was actually doing something but the thing is she doesnt, she just does nothing
    i use 2 really like her but now she’s just overexposed
    sigh, ur making me hate her jared

  • aberfitch

    @ that dummy (or her biographical) movie…

    “Dont You All Set Your (False) Hopes On A High Note Yet:”.
    RaTchel stated earlier that its been “temporary shelved” That’s why even on her IMDB page, its still tagged as under “in development”.
    Most likely to presume that it might not push thru or the producers would think of the best option but to re-cast as most of the cast are all box-office poison most esp. the leading lady.
    And it wasnt been reported yet by Variety or the Hollywod Reporter, so its still a “hoax” just like her fartshion designs.

  • lexy

    Why would she be going somewhere w/ Kristen Bell?? Has she latched on to Kristen to try and ride her coat tails too?? Run Kristen Run – unless you want to end up like Hayden and moving DOWN the career ladder instead of up.
    Please do not compare Rachel to Jennifer Garner it’s obvious the paps wait for Jen outside her house and follow her – kids or not. She’s not the one spending hours getting ready to go run errands. Not to mention Jen is actually famous and talented. She gets acting jobs for HER skills, she’s got her endorsement deal and in addition to her career and active family life still finds time to do charity work and be knowledgable about the world. Rachel WISHES she was 1/2 the talent and fame of Jen.

  • HUH?

    What makes JJ think she is getting shots and leaving the country? She’s just getting into her car.

    The shots are probably for HIV and I don’t know what about this pic indicates she’s leaving the country or gearing up for a role.

    IMDb just says ‘in development’ not pre-production. Most movies in development don’t get made anyway…

  • audemars

    This stupid celebs are always given instructions on where to to go and/or who to be seen w/ in order to carry favor/s on their HW political agendas as nearly everything that celebritwats (like her) do is always planned and had an agenda. There’s nothing much to be a big deal about her as she’s NOT great of a beauty much more of an actress. Just totally a waste of space & time.

  • @aberfitch

    Don’t trust all you read on Imdb they are as reliable as JJ is or any other supermarket tabloid. Imdb also claims there is a Jumper 2 pleaaassee one extremely bad movie is enough. All Imdb does is report gossip what they hear fact or rumor. If she leaves the country more power to her doubt she will travel very far. Most likely NY to see if she can forge more fashion designs for next season. Or be another guest on Project Runway.

    As for shots it’s a clinic and her mother made damn sure JJ got a good shot of the paperwork and she also made sure everyone saw the band-aids. Like all good press whores do in Hollywood.

  • jean

    She can’t be going anywhere with Kristen Bell. Isn’t Kristen busy rehearsing for her movie Burlesque.

  • Dim lightbulb

    This place does vaccines like yellow fever, Swine flu and the Flu shot who says she is going to travel to places where she needs to have shots and she would have to do it long before she had to travel abroad. My guess is she got the very popular Swine flu shot and the Flu shot. Mom is only there for pressing her daughter out to the public.

  • dumbo

    Maybe she’s taking a page out of the Mischa Barton playbook and will also devote some time to charity. So that people won’t think that fashion and landing her costars is the only thing she’s concerned about. Snort.

    I suggest she brush up on world affairs though. Rachel is a complete ignoramus on that topic.

  • chauncey

    Did anyone know if by any chance that her “mom” got billed as an extra from the films like “The Witches Of Eastwick, The Blair Witch Project, Hocus Pocus, The Craft or The Race To The Witch Mountain?!
    Such an unfortunate looking mother that would inevitably soon sprawling all her “witchy” features to her already unfortunate looking spawn LOL

  • St VDE

    She could be getting vaccine’s for her STD being so ugly and greasy looking too! Words for thought! LOL!

  • Vanessa Valentino

    Will she be on Gossip girl? Josh still likes her right?

  • fitzroy


    And her mother is gearing up to be the “Dina Blohan Version 2.0

    Anyways instead of taking those 3 shots, someone should really “shoot this OC dumbo in the head (3x too)” as she’s getting to be really a “pimple @ss of humanity (HW version)” – lol!

  • Nay

    Let me guesss…tomorrow you will post about her getting coffee & pastry. YAWN.

  • Ross2

    Or having those horrid chewed off nails done. Ugh. Plus, she needs a chemical peel and shave her head and start over. Girlfriend looks like something that came out of the garbage disposal. Truly icky.

  • Ahari

    Oh my goodness, look at Angie and Brad, THAT is HW royalty, so elegant, effortless and sexy. This is what Rachel Bilson dreams of and will never achieve. All she is ever going to be worth is what she gets on the likes of websites like JJ, what she can buy for herself. And this lie she’s trying to sell about an “engagement,” what a sham. Her “fiance” always looks like he wants to vomit whenever he’s with her. She needs a new strategy. Not that anyone would believe anything she had to sell at this point anyway. Pathetic loser.

  • C.duh

    Why does she have to have her mother with her all the time? Is it because she’s such a R-tard loser? No brain power at all? From everything I’ve seen about her, she really should have someone “handling” her. Being close to your parents is great, if it’s just coz you want to be close, but this totally looks like something else. Because I think Rachel isn’t capable of taking care of herself. Coz she’s like brain damaged or something. That’s how she looks.

  • Mimi

    Love Rachel’s outfits, she always looks great with those ray ban!

  • rb

    What’s the betting we get the random shot of her at LAX, jetting off somewhere mysterious ? Will Hayden be in tow ? Will he look bored to death as usual ? Time will tell!

    But bravo to Mom, for showing us the travel vaccine documents. Guess the fame whore apple doesn’t fall far from the fame whore tree !

  • lexy

    HC is off making a movie. SOMEONE has to bring in money to pay for all RB’s shopping – though she should use some of the money for acting lessons and a hair salon. I don’t think her mother is a stage mom though. I think she knows her daughter’s a loser and hangs around to try and boost her spirits and gives her sex tips so she can keep her meal ticket happy. What mom would tell their daughter her “career” aspirations and talent are a joke and she really just needs to give up and go pop out some Baby Darth Vaders if she wants to continue to shop all day and wear designer clothes?

  • St VDE

    @ Ahari,
    Like what you said but, yet you cannot even compare the true royal sexy in love couple like Jolie and Pitt. They are royality and Ratchel is toxic waste. Ratchel could not even beguine to look as good as Jolie if she tried. First offf, she would have to grow some legs! Ugly midget Ratchel is.
    Who cares if she marries Gayden Crystalmeth and pops out mini Darth Vader’s? His career is going no place and apparently hers is not going anyplace either to be papped taking vaccines and showing off her band-aides on her arm like she should get an award for bravery. STUPID. I hope the woman has a bad reaction from the vaccines she got! Plus, if she has babies her saddlebags are sure to spread out even more and she will be even more ugly. Lovely.