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Zachary Quinto & Noah: Silverlake Stroll

Zachary Quinto & Noah: Silverlake Stroll

Zachary Quinto takes his Irish Wolfhound/Airedale Terrier mix, Noah, for a walk on Friday (November 13) in Silverlake, Calif.

The 32-year-old Star Trek actor, who wore his favorite purple and grey beanie while out with Noah, recently told EW that although his role as Spock meant keeping a straight face on screen, “we did do plenty of laughing off camera.”

“[Director J.J. Abrams] leads with a sense of humor,” Zach shared, “and that makes it a lot easier when you’re undertaking something as large as this project was.”

Star Trek is out on DVD November 17!

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  • nativenyker

    Someone get him to a tanning bed, dammit!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Justine

    His dog is cute. And kinda wolf-like.

  • Kate

    Hi Zach! :)

  • stacie

    How cute is Zach … Love him. Can’t wait until Tuesday !!!

  • newport beach, 92660

    i think zach is gay.

  • newport beach, 92660

    like literally homosexual :(

    ohwell, he’s still hot.

  • ashley


  • angeles

    @newport beach, 92660:

    Twice mentioning that you think he’s gay on a post doesn’t make you an extra special snowflake, it only makes you look like a fangirl with an agenda.

    Just FYI.

  • So Judgemental

    Literally vs figuratively. Right? Whatever. Why speculate? Why does it matter to you? And why bring it up on every Quinto story? I think the people feels the uncontrollable urge to constantly speculate what the sex is of the damn lucky person who gets to share his bed needs to grow up.

    The man is damn fine!! And talented. And witty. And intelligent. And well spoken. And chivalrous to the ladies. And more man then most of the actors in Hollywood these days. Nothing changes those facts… nothing.

  • angeles

    >The man is damn fine!! And talented. And witty. And intelligent. And well spoken. And chivalrous to the ladies.

    IA. He certainly was when I met him, very nice guy.

    IMO why all this gay speculation means so much to some people I will never understand, he isn’t sleeping with them, so why do they care so much?

  • Lucy Lovers

    I think he is straight. He is really popular now and can get any girl he wants!

  • Heather

    I often find myself agreeing with Angeles, but there is nothing wrong with that :) Zach is VERY nice, handsome and talented. So Angeles and So Judgmental are pretty dang awesome and I agree with them. I had very good experiences meeting Zach, and 99.9% of people who have met Zach have said he is a great, down to earth guy. We need more actors like him in Hollywood.

    I think JJ may love Noah more then Zach… because Noah is such a cutie ;)

    Heroes is on Monday here in the states, where is it on Tuesdays? Just curious!

  • Domino

    @Lucy Lovers: Why does that make him straight? I am sure he can get any guy he wants too. :P

    As for the gay thing on the rest of the comments… so what? I am 100% sure he’s gay but that doesn’t change that he’s super awesome and hot and talented and all the things they have mentioned.

  • angeles

    >We need more actors like him in Hollywood.

    Exactly. When I was observing him (that night at the play) with the little kittens (as I nicknamed the fangirls/fanwomen who milled around him) he spoke to everyone who came up to him, and took pictures and really had no issues being social with people. No bodyguards, no pretentiousness. Just a nice fella.

    Some actors/actresses I have met in a social setting, a few left a bitter taste in my mouth, as if you were undeserving to be in their sphere or they somehow deserved the attention just because of their jobs.

  • angeles

    >So Angeles and So Judgmental are pretty dang awesome and I agree with them

    Awww shucks, you’re pretty awesome yourself Heather.

  • Anna

    I like ZQ’s pale skin. It contrasts beautifully with his dark hair and eyes not to mention his eyebrows which I think kinda defines him…

  • Mary
  • Vanessa Valentino

    Does anyone even watch heroes anymore. Did they run out of ideas and just repeat season one?

  • Heather

    You are welcome Angeles! It is so odd we were at the same event LOL… I recall those girls swarming around him, I myself saw him and distanced myself from him for a while until they all tapered off, and we ended up running into each other 2 times and he spoke to me both times, I even made a joke about us bumping into each other, it was amusing and he was VERY nice… so I am glad there are people who see him as being just a normal, sweet guy.. and while I do wonder if the mystery woman was someone he was interested in or a friend, publicist or someone who worked on the play etc, I tend not to speculate. Heaven knows I flirted with him, and he deserves happiness so I hope if he finds someone, man or woman they treat him VERY well!

  • amtj2008


    Since he has not officially stated anything, you cannot be 100% he is gay. If there were no “supposed bf photos” he would have been given the benefit of doubt. There is much more evidence to conclude he straight, not gay. Every photo of his gayness has been refuted or shot down by the other party. When I met him, he was nice, much more attractive in person, and the straightest guy at the play. He always flirts with women, and if you ever see interviews with women, he is always checking them out. Like you said his sexual preference would not change his talent, or looks.

  • angeles

    To be honest my first impression of him was not what I expected. I mean you hear a lot of things on the internet and I read a lot of things about him before I met him (this site being one of the places). You know how some actors appear larger than life on the movie screen or on tv and they turn out to be short in real life? It was something like that, but height had nothing to do with it. People said on the net that he was this arrogant power gay who wasn’t much different in personality than Sylar or some such rubbish.

    The person I met: was he arrogant? no, did he come across as a power gay? hardly (my gaydar didn’t ping which surprised me because I thought it would go off like a firehouse siren when I met him, sorry people with the gay agendas on here, no ping), he flirted with me (which I figured was part of his charm as he flirted with most of the ladies there), my bf teased me later that “ooh Sylar was checking you out babe” (I stepped on bf’s foot for his troubles, *laughs*) and he certainly did not come across as that character he plays on tv.

    IMO: People do surprise you.

  • Heather

    Not to parrot you again Ang… but I agree. I have read about Zach’s arrogance, SO down to earth. He does have an air about him, but it is just confidence and an easy going nature. He is so humbled by people who come out and support him and some of the things he believes in. Case in point, when we were talking my acquaintance said “do you want to get a picture of you and Zach” and I had a picture of me and Zach from way back when we first met, so I did not feel it was neccessary and I smiled and said “well, I guess I’ll use it as an excuse because you look so handsome tonight Zach” and he blushed a little, smiled and squeezed my arm and said “thank you, you’re really sweet babe” and we took a picture and chatted a little while longer and he called me a cutie and then had to leave…

    In interviews Zach is always flirting, with costars, he is even affectionate and sweet with his male costars. Also remember Zach was raised by his mom and was probably around mostly female relatives in his life.. besides Joe, who I might add has that charm and flirtatious nature that Zach has.. both of them are just very handsome and sweet. Zach knows how to be respectful and kind.

    Am I saying that he is perfect, nope! I bet he could have his arrogant or diva moments. I bet he gets annoyed and angry, I am SURE he has moments when fans approach him when he is like “I JUST want to get coffee and go home and NOT talk to anyone”

    He is also from theatre, as am I. Many men in theatre are a different breed. I have 2 male friends who remind me of Zach, just in their flirtatious and jovial way. I thought one of them was gay when I first met him, but no totally heterosexual… and engaged to a female. As for the gay bar thing, food for thought… who else goes to gay bars? Straight women ;) Straight guys may go since there is less competition. Not that I think Zach has to worry about that… I assume he could get anyone he wants.

    If he came out as gay I would still think he was an amazing actor and a great guy who I would want to see go far in his career!

  • angeles

    >If he came out as gay I would still think he was an amazing actor and a great guy who I would want to see go far in his career!

    Absolutely. :)

  • ****

    @nativenyker: You do realise not everyone needs to be orange like your ilk, don’t you?

  • Karen

    Honestly, I think the fairer skin looks better, a great contrast to his hair and eyes. I get so tired of the spray on orange tan that everyone feels they have to wear 24/7. And the real kind, given his Irish skin, is just asking for either/or skin cancer or that lovely leathery look before he’s 40.

    I think he looks better the way he is.

  • amtj2008

    Tanning is bad, as a former cosmetologist/esthetican, the spray on tans are just as worse. Also he has sort of dark features, dark thick hair and eyebrows. This make him look paler, but it works for him. Tanning beds cause skin cancer and will fry your insides ( I once had a client who tanned 2x wk, that fainted because the tanning bed dried a kidney out). The bottle crap will clog your pores and yes he would have that leathery old person look by 45, kinda like lindsay lohan. He is a mix, so while the italian side will tan nicely the irish will not. You can tell because he been living in LA for 10 yrs and he walks Noah a lot, he would have tan a smidge if he could.

    Also I am really sorry to say that if it came out that he was in fact gay, he would not have an awesome career, maybe in theater but not hollywood. Hollywood makes gay films but is still not gay friendly. Other then lesbians, there are not many gay “out” actors working. I mean neil patrick harris came out AFTER he was already on a hit show. The guy from greys anatomy, not working. The rest are either typecast in gay only roles or not even on the raydar. Hollywood like their leading men to be “available” to women. It is a fact that over 80% of films/tv shows are geared towards women. So if they cannot “technically” date him, he will never be big. Even though there are a small number of people like me and some of you, that like him for talent and would not care. The majority would cite religious or moral reason not to see his films.

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    His performance was indeed laughable.

  • angeles


    He seems to be doing well regardless of the gay rumors that follow him everywhere, and to be honest if he did come out I don’t think his career would be impacted because people (and I mean a lot of people) already think he’s gay….anyway. I think they even have a nickname for him, La Queento is it?

    As one person put it (on another comm I belong too) Zachary will never be leading man material and IA. He has a unique look with his Irish/Italian coloring, he’s not blonde, he’s not blue eyed, he doesn’t look like he’s 16 years old and he isn’t afraid to have chest hair. Call it old style Hollywood or maybe when men looked like men, instead of grown men trying to look like pre-pubescent boys. Movies/tv these days are geared towards teenagers/older women who like lusting after guys in their 20′s playing high school aged glow in the dark vampires, geez what a sad state of affairs. *shakes head*.

    IMO, I think Zach is character actor who can play many roles, he can be off beat and he can be sinister, he can do comedy and serious roles. Or someone’s fabulous gay BBF. ;)

  • Karen

    I agree with that. He may have some leads, which is different from being a pretty boy leading man. But the quirky character roles leads to, I believe, along with talent, a much longer and more stable career in the end. Look at Johnny Depp, for instance. Years of that sort of role before he was ‘Jack Sparrow’. Doesn’t seem to have hurt him any.

  • Heather

    Didn’t Kristen Bell mention that she felt like he had an old Hollywood style and glamour to him. I do agree. I love his funky and sometimes outlandish outfits he wears by day but can rock an Alexander McQueen suit at night ;)

  • amtj2008

    I disagree Zach, could be a leading man instead of just a character actor. Pretty boy leading men make crappy movies and I do’t mean that type of career. There are many talented non-traditional looking leading men, keanu reeves(not so much talented), seth rogen, james franco, and jake gyllenhaal. None of these men are stereotypically good looking yet most have had great careers so far. Johnny Depp is a good-looking guy(ahem sexiest man alive 2x) who does quirky roles and has talent. A career like that would be fine for Zach, while many people already speculate that he is gay or call him la queento or whatever. These are just all rumors, he has not acknowledged his preference, so the speculation has not ruin his career. As far as the lot of people who believe he is gay, most of them are not really fans but people who troll sites looking to add to the gossip. The reason he has the career he has, beside talent, is that he does not bring his personal life into the mix. This allows him to be seen as just an actor, opposed to a “gay” actor or a “staright” actor. Like I said before there are not a lot of “out” gay actors working.

  • Tam

    Heather and Angeles, is this the girl you saw Zach with? Maybe it IS his girlfriend?