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David Beckham & Cruz: Matching Mohawks!

David Beckham & Cruz: Matching Mohawks!

David Beckham carries sleepy son Cruz into the locker room after winning the MLS Western Conference on Friday (November 13) in Carson, California.

The 34-year-old L.A. Galaxy soccer player sported the same mohawk as Cruz, 4, who was worn out after a late evening game.

David helped the Galaxy defeat the Houston Dynamo 2-0 and take home the Western championship.

He’ll be leaving L.A. to play for AC Milan starting in January while the boys stay with mama Victoria in England.

15+ pictures inside of Cruz and David Beckham‘s matching mohawks…

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david beckham cruz matching mohawks 01
david beckham cruz matching mohawks 02
david beckham cruz matching mohawks 03
david beckham cruz matching mohawks 04
david beckham cruz matching mohawks 05
david beckham cruz matching mohawks 06
david beckham cruz matching mohawks 07
david beckham cruz matching mohawks 08
david beckham cruz matching mohawks 09
david beckham cruz matching mohawks 10
david beckham cruz matching mohawks 11
david beckham cruz matching mohawks 12
david beckham cruz matching mohawks 13
david beckham cruz matching mohawks 14
david beckham cruz matching mohawks 15

Photos: Kevork Djansezian/Getty
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  • Abigail

    I think Cruz is the cutest son of all 3 of them. But no doubt, they all look good. It’s just that Cruz is so cute! :)

  • Angi

    Beckham looks old man

  • mimo

    Beckham looks awful.

  • emma

    Cruz is cute, Romeo is sweet and Brooklyn is handsome.

  • oy

    Beckham’s hair stylist should be euthanized. He’s a handsome man but that hair should come with a warning label.

  • Jo

    I think David and Rihanna have the same hair stylist. Ugly ugly hair!

  • British

    His hair is disgusting, he’s could get away with ridiculous hairstyles when he was younger but he should probably stick with more acceptable ones these days.

  • Ash

    He’s a has-been, plain and simple and their kids are nothing to brag about- the only 1/2 way decent looking one is the middle one- Romeo. The other two are as fug as their mother especially the youngest.

  • lexy

    @ Ash – well this “has been” is doing GREAT with all the endorsement deals he gets. Wonder why all these major companies keep paying him money if he’s such a has been??
    He & Victoria are awesome and they are great parents! It’s nice to see they are so hands on with their boys! They are great!!

  • Ash

    Re: Lexy, are you on the beckham payroll? That’s YOUR OPINION and you are entitled to it, as I am mine. I always wonder about ppl. who defend these so-called celebs so vehemently on these gossip sites, as if they personally know them and are invested in them. These ppl. (the beckhams) DO NOT CARE one iota about you or anyone else besides themselves- they only CARE that you spend your hard-earned $$$ on whatever shitz they are promoting. I do not understand ppl. such as yourself- is your own life so empty and devoid that you have to go on a gossip site and defend against someone else’s opinion? Sorry, but in my world the beckhams’ are NOT the greatest thing to walk the face of the earth- to me, they epitomize: greed, selfishness, showiness, arrogance, narcissism, and overall vileness. And sorry, he is a has-been- he was dropped from pepsi, motorola as well as from armani who now have Cristiano Ronaldo as their new underwear spoeksperson, sorry to burst your rose-colored view of him but he is a HAS-BEEN!

  • Frankie

    WTF is up with the Ginger? Him and his wife are such attention grabbers. Cruz and Brooklyn are cute, but Romeo looks like his fugly mother, poor kid.

  • ayj6m6l

    #7 Jo @ 11/15/2009 at 7:11 am


  • Moon


    I bet YOU are ugly, fat and bad as hell!

  • LuckyL

    This post is awesome.

  • Shelly

    Oh how sweet. He is a good dad.

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    He Look Hot
    I Love The Beckham Family

  • marina

    you have your opinion, Lexy is entitled to have hers. You are overreacting, don’t you think?

  • tres

    Erm…..The “has-been” played alongside some of the greatest players in the the game this year at AC Milan and was not outshone or outdone by the other midfielders – even though he is older than most of them and was absent from top flight football for nearly two years.

    Kaka is full of praise for David Beckham and praised him as one of the most intelligent players he has ever played alongside.

    His first AC Milan loan, at the age of 34, was SUCCESSFUL despite what the haters said/say. THAT is why he is returning.

  • michelle depp

    am not a fan of the mohawk on David, but let’s face it – David could wear the reversible dead squirrel mullet (aka Kate Gosselin) hair and still look Smokin HOT!!!!!!!

  • lexy

    I agree – you are definately over reacting Ash…No, I don’t think Becks cares one iota about me OR YOU AND YOUR HATE! Do you think he’s losing sleep b/c you and some haters think he’s a has been?? He’s already achieved more than enough success to last a lifetime. There are people much older than him who would kill for this man’s success and fame!
    Your rantings sound like those of someone who forgot to take her prozac this AM. So stop drinking the HATERADE and take your meds so you can turn it the anger & bitterness down a few notches!!

  • toti

    He is definitley attractive guy but he looks older than his age . His skin is aging faster than it should probably from a lot of sun exposier.

  • sarahc

    Cruz is adorable, he reminds me of a little baby in all these photos. Especially with the way that David is holding him, but I agree with most of you guys, he needs to fix his hair. It was just fine a few days ago.

  • wendy

    The hottest dad on the planet, love thier haircuts, and this hwole family, f*** the haterz!!

  • Brooke

    @ Lexy and Marina.
    I believe you guys are the ones that are overreacting. Ash just wrote a short little paragraph and Lexy comes back with an essay with caps and everything. Please look up the word overreacting before you say anything. Exactly, Ash is entitled to her own opinions and so are you, but you’re the one that’s taking over the top trying to defend your “opinions.”

  • kim wang ho

    i feel so sorry for this guy. he keeps changing teams just so e could earn lots of monies so his fugly wife can dress/hide her hideous ugly self with expensive stuff

    poor guy

  • shol

    View Becks’ latest adidas ad with the great Zidane, his former Real Madrid teammate, now retired and Steven Gerrard, his England teammate.

  • **JAMIE**

    david looks awful, far too skinny and he has the same hair as rihanna, must be the new hollywood trend

  • dianel

    Cruz is so sweet snuggled up to his daddy What a nice family the Beckham’s are

  • hm

    I have to say that they are not my favorite celebrities, and I always had this image that victoria is a bit of a bitch. But one thing is for sure, no matter i dont really like them, that they are truly great parents. I love the way they raise their kids. I just love them as the parents! boys are adorable!!!

  • brooke

    re^ you love how they raise their kids? you must not have any. He’s away from his family 6+ mos. out of the yr. and she travels internationally every 5-days and that in your book is “good parenting”? They don’t “parent” those kids- that’s why they are such brats-especially the youngest one cause’ their parents’ are only theren part time. “Good Parents’”- Puhleassssee! I know canine’s that are better parents’ to their offspring. I suppose if you consider giving your child every materialistic “thing” on the face of the earth, good parenting- then, ok- the beckhams’ are “top-notch”. Ya, that’s exactly what kids need- stuff and not “face-time” with their actual parent instead of the hired help.

  • lurker

    I absolutely LOVE the banter on these sites/posts- it’s always so obvious those who have no response what-so-ever come back with attacks on another poster i.e.- you are jealous, you forgot to take your meds, you are fat, ugly, etc. take your pick. What these posters (lexy, marina, moon) don’t realize is that in their passionate “responses” they loose whatever their point was meant to be and just come across as totally irrational becaus they cannot form a justified response to what they are arguing/debating against. It’s funny as he**.

  • Molly Magnificent

    Congrats on winning. I knew you would be awesome for MLS. Hopefully they did not fix the games.

  • Stone

    I guess it’s a money saving thing.

  • blake

    David Beckham will never be a “has-been”.

    Even his fiercest critics acknowledge that he is still one of the best (if not the best) long range strikers and dead-ball strikers of the ball in the game. He lit up the Rose Bowl in LA, with over 90,000 fans, recently when he scored against Barcelona from a free-kick. He is renowned for that.

    That is why he has a LIFETIME endorsement deal with Adidas with his own logo and product line. The Adidas deal supersedes all non-athletic endorsements that he has had or will ever have and is certainly most honourable when it comes to protecting his legacy as a footballer.
    Adidas have just released his most recent ad campaign with Zidane and Gerrard……so so much for ”has-been”.

    He is returning to AC Milan in a matter of weeks proving the HATERS/ LOSERS wrong AGAIN!

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    They should take the poor kid away from him.

  • MOD Converter

    David Beckham,AC Milan Squad

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    And they both nurse off of the same gal. How cute is that!

  • Gena

    Beckam looks too old now for his age. Whats wrong? He works out all the time but he looks 60 years old.