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January Jones Hosts SNL -- VIDEO!

January Jones Hosts SNL -- VIDEO!

Check out Mad Men actress January Jones hosting Saturday Night Live with musical guest The Black Eyed Peas on November 14.

The 31-year-old blonde beauty spoofed such characters as the female lead in Rear Window (Grace Kelly) and the lesser known wife of Dr. Jekyll, Mrs. Jekyll. She also teaches today’s women how to throw a real cocktail party for their man.

Click inside to watch all of the clips…

Biden Cold Open [5:37]

Mad Mennies Monologue [2:30]

Today Show [5:45]

Rear Window [5:30]

Around the Town [6:42]

A Ladies’ Guide to Party Planning [2:47]

Update: Lou Dobbs [2:45]

Update Code: Kim Kardashian [2:17]

Update: Jon Bovi [4:30]

Dr. Jekyll [3:17]

Digital Short: Get Out [1:41]

Cloud Gazing [3:45]

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Photos: Dana Edelson/NBC
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  • macy

    That was the WORST snl that I’ve ever seen. She must’ve slept with Lorne Michaels to get the hosting gig. There is no other explanation. Dear January, maybe your ex (Ashton Kutcher) was right when he told you that you wouldn’t be very good at acting.

  • alejandra

    Thank you so much for posting these!!! I miss it every Saturday and am happy to see them on your website for everyone to watch :-)

  • Asha

    She was a bit boring last night. I admit if I saw her on the street I wouldn’t know who she was. It was also clear she was nervous. I only watched about 20 minutes before I couldn’t take it anymore. Big let down from last weeks amazing show with Taylor Swift.

  • coco

    It sucked – very few of these skits were well written so it’s not entirely her fault. Actually, these skits were pretty lame – the quality of writing has gone way down on SNL. I don’t think comedy is her thing. Not very good.

  • LadyB

    I hope they repeat it. I didn’t see it. Forgot about it. If she didn\t do well, I am not surprised. I really don\t think she can act on Mad Men. But it does not matter, cause she’s pretty to look at and she and Don Draper look good together.

  • shenanyginz

    agreed with consensus. SNL was at its worst last night. Besides January flubbing her lines in every skit and her lack of personality, Bill Hader and Andy Samberg were terribly missed. BEP, Kristin Wiig and Seth Meyers carried the show on their backs and it was still a failure. I hope JGL gives us a real show next week.

  • jenny

    at least the party planning one was funny…

  • Marieme

    I agree Macy #1, but the truth is there have been worse and there will be worse to come. This show scrapes the bottom of the barrel each week as the morons in the studio toss out patronizing laughs. I tape it if I like the hosts and usually end up FF through the entire show because it’s so not funny.

    When I think of how consistently good this show used to be and how far it has fallen I can’t believe anyone looks forward to watching it – never mind hosting! Seth seems to think Wiig is talented enough to carry the show with her stupid characters and that is so not the case. Lame!

  • Marieme

    When I say “used to be” I mean years ago. This show hasn’t been funny since Will Ferrell et al were still on.

  • cutme

    snl blows just like her

  • lakers fan in boston

    it was ok
    i dont really watch snl, it’s funny sometimes but i think they force the laugh a lot of the times

  • ck

    I love JJ, but she was terrible and might have been the worst SNL in ages.

  • Lowest denominator

    I couldn’t HEAR her half of the time.
    She “swallowed” a lot of what she was saying.
    Said things quickly and quietly.
    E-nun-ci-ate, honey.
    It can’t be fixed in post…

  • Molly Magnificent

    She is great, lover her. The perfect housewife!

  • anne

    i just love her and jon hamm. they are the best on mad men. i’m really not liking that their characters are getting a divorce. i want them back together.

  • missme

    Yikes, she was awful! I don’t know if it was nerves or what not, but wow I was embarrassed for her.

  • tim

    Hard to believe that this gal is considered a hot sexy woman
    She is bland boring . She had no energy .
    Yes the show’s writing was horrendous and very few people could have made any of that crap work but at least she should have had some kind of joy and energy in the work
    bland blonde and a big unsexy yawn

  • tim

    Hard to believe that this gal is considered a hot sexy woman
    She is bland boring . She had no energy .
    Yes the show’s writing was horrendous and very few people could have made any of that crap work but at least she should have had some kind of joy and energy in the work
    bland blonde and a big unsexy yawn

  • ava rose

    I’m sorry but i was really disappointed with her last night. All her skits seemed so limited and most of the characters she played last night were retro . She played an actress from the ’50s ’60′s and the only “modern” day skits were the “today show” and “dairy queen” one. It kinda explains why the Peas sang 3 songs last night. What a bad actress. She only got hired for “mad men” because of her retro looks

  • Molly Magnificent

    She used to date ashton kutcher, hahaha, sux to be her!

  • Liv

    Yes she needs more energy, but the skits are badly written. They are all so dull.

  • katie

    Anyone who’s seen Mad men would know she’s not a bad actress, infact she’s really rather talented. The SNL writers are to blame for this epic fail of an episode.

  • RD

    SNL is afraid to make fun of Obama.
    The guy is running away or takes a vacation every time he has to make an important decision or study a subject matter in order to come up with ideas and insights.
    Until SNL will learn to make fun of the current political state, they will continue to be considered “the once funny show”.
    Nobody in America understands why was it so urgent for Obama to travel in Asia for a week, with all the burning matters HERE IN AMERICA.

  • lilo

    this was the suckiest SNL to date…. I have been a fan for over 20 yrs. I love the show, but this past Saturday’s ep was just lame. No edge whatsoever. And January Jones wasn’t all that… in short, s u c k e d.

  • Stone

    That’s all we need. . . another broad to teach their husband how to throw cocktail parties! Give me a break.

  • http://none monkey

    I didn’t think the writing could be any worse than it was for Megan Fox.
    Man, SNL set the bar even lower for Jan jones.
    What a horrible episode.

  • donna

    you know, i don’t blame the writers. They accomodate according to your abilities. She said on “jimmy fallon”, she can’t sing or dance but her acting abilities can only reach up to “mad men” stuff; hence giving her those 50′s skits. If you can’t even “make” of what you have, then you really are a bad actress. What they do is act many skits and have a rehearsal saturday morning, they cut them and pick the best ones for the night. Her “best skits” weren’t all that. Sorry

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    Blond beauty?????

  • grateful dad

    Cringe-worthy performance by both JJ and the SNL writers. An entire sketch about Grace Kelly farting? Really?

    While no one could have shined with that material, JJ demonstrated that she has no acting or comedic chops at all. She gets by on Mad men because the character she plays is one-dimensional and unemotional and that is surrounded by a great cast and wonderful writers.

  • christine

    Poor gal might kill herself w/ beer bong after reading all these.

  • Sunday Brown

    Let’s cut January Jones some slack. She doesn’t do live often if at all. That’s not her medium. It’s gotta be overwhelming with all of those people screaming and cheering for her. I give her another pass because she is soooo sexy. You have to admit that….

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  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    February blues.

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