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Jennifer Aniston: Bikini Babe in Cabo San Lucas

Jennifer Aniston: Bikini Babe in Cabo San Lucas

A bikini-clad Jennifer Aniston sunbathes with friends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Friday (November 13).

The 40-year-old actress and her friends were driven around in a golf cart before they settled on the perfect spot to sunbathe.

Jen recently finished work on The Baster and The Bounty – both will hit the big screen next year!

Pre-production has also begun on The Goree Girls, where Jen will star as a Texas prisoner who joins a country band with her fellow inmates.

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316 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: Bikini Babe in Cabo San Lucas”

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  1. 51
    Maria Says:


  2. 52
    Maria Says:


  3. 53
    bet Says:

    just come out with bickiny the whole gogoues body and curve to see. She does not need expensive cloth and corsy under garment to make body curve.

  4. 54
    bet Says:

    just come out with bickiny the whole gogoues body and curve to see. She does not need expensive cloth and corsy under garment to make body curve.

  5. 55
    ash Says:

    Jen has a face her mom can’t love. Now her body is saggy and fatty.

  6. 56
    **JAMIE** Says:

    gorgeous body love love

  7. 57
    Vada Says:

    I love her hat
    so cute

  8. 58
    bet Says:


    she has the face which is cute , goes with her relax style .

  9. 59


    And yet it’s acceptable to make fun of reproductively-challenged women????

  10. 60
    ash Says:

    I can’t imagine how ugly you are if you think that face is cute. spare me.

  11. 61
    bet Says:

    Jen does not wear a cloths that is heavy than your body wieght. She always wear something confy , some thing sexy. love her.

  12. 62
    kim Says:

    @Tom: What would Angelina Be? She would continue to be the highest paid actress in the world(Hollywood Reporter 2009 list) the most powerful celeb(Forbes), the most powerful actress ( Guiness Book of World Records 2009 and 2010 edition) ,UN ambassador, pilot, Oscar Winner, . On Time Magazine’s Influental list 3 years on a row , On the 2009 Vanity Fair establishment.. Member of Council of Foreign Relations and most importantly – Mother. Jen ex sitcom actress and dog owner Oh yeah Angie is a dog owner too. So Jen has the ex sitcom actress title locked up. Have a Great Sunday Luv

  13. 63
    bet Says:


    unfortunatly i am black, but if i am white i do not mind looking like her, l like women who look more relax and cute face . i do not like women who look like manicune or frozen face.

  14. 64
    meh Says:

    15 on blackjack scale

  15. 65
    Sim Says:

    @GUESTTTTTTTTT: No one on this thread did. Again, your lack of comprehension is on show…

  16. 66
    funny Jen Says:

    hahahahahahaha They finally sent the ass and crouch show pics with The acting coach to jared? cause the JP are taking the web ohhhh . I agree with someone who said if she is not predictable she is nothing.

  17. 67
    bet Says:

    love you jen , keep doing what you doing , do not give a Sh@t to any crap out there. you do not have to say anything to any crap out there. just keep living life . you are living your life not anyone. everything outhere is just big space need not be recoginze.

  18. 68
    kim Says:

    @bet: Mannequin not manicune I assume this bet person is, nevermind I won’t go there.

  19. 69
    truth be told Says:

    jennifer and tate were engaged to be married at the time she dumped him to pursue Brad…..
    she may not have been married but the engagement ring sure showed she was getting married.

  20. 70
    Vada Says:

    you did you said about how a fetus would fly outta there

    Jen is a classy lady

  21. 71
    bet Says:

    Funny jen

    how predictable? what does that mean? you can not do what you love doing in life. she love mexico and she went there to get fresh air. what preditible about it? she is not the one who are being called maniplative , nothing she has to hide. there is not sekeleton in her life ,

  22. 72
    truth be told Says:

    megan fox wishes she had angelinas talent
    kristen stewart is one hell of a weirdo who can’t seem to tell the truth a bout Rob. and wants to compare herslef to angie based on what? not talent thats for sure.

    both Megan and Kristen are mediocre naive actresses who got some fame thru action or sequel movies ….they have not shown any talent besides that.

    angie at least has proven her chops and her humanity

    what has kristen and megan proven other than being some whiney ******* who can’t deal with the fact they have fans from twilight and transformers.

  23. 73
    truth be told Says:

    not according to the polls
    she hasn’t been on a sexy list in years.

  24. 74
    luvsajbp Says:

    Now you are the one that is manipulating people because all those comments that you just used, you used them out of context. Because Angelina is not the only ambassador out there. Drew Berrymore, Nicole Kidmen, and many others. Now why is it the Angelina Jolie is the only one that you directed that comment to? Why can’t it be any of the others ambassador out there? And the Kristin comment was that she did not want to be as famous as Angelina Jolie because Angelina gets a lot of attention. And Kristin said that she did not want that kind of attention on her. As for Megan her comment was because people are comparing her to Angelina Jolie and she said that she is not the next Angelina. I also hate to say this but it looks like Jen is the one that has not moved on because she is that one that is still alone. And she is alos the one that keeps bringing things up. Because people were starting to forget what happen and then Jen had to go out there and say that “What Angelina did was uncool,” That does not sound like someone that has moved on. The thing with Jen is that she needs this whole Brad-Angelina-Jen triangle because that is the only way that people know her for, now. Because if you ask people about Jen they would say “are you talkig about the women that Brad use to be married to that can’t seem to move on?” So before you start cutting and taking bits of interviews and quotes, I think that you need to put the whole quote down. Just saying.

  25. 75
    Sav. Says:

    Hahah. Wow. Some people have serious issues. If you can’t see that Jennifer has an amazing body, then you’re obviously into that aneroxia look, which is killing a lot of teen girls. Love, Jen!

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