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Jennifer Garner & Violet: Gelson's Gals

Jennifer Garner & Violet: Gelson's Gals

Jennifer Garner holds hands with cutie pie Violet Affleck as they leave Gelson’s Market in Pacific Palisades, California after buying groceries on Sunday (November 15).

The 37-year-old actress, who grabbed a hot drink on the way out of the store, was helped out to her car by a Gelson’s employee, who also looked out for Violet‘s two dolls and gave them to Jen before heading back inside.

Earlier this weekend, Jen, Violet and baby Seraphina all went out to lunch.

15+ pictures inside of Gelson’s gals Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck

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jennifer garner violet gelsons 01
jennifer garner violet gelsons 02
jennifer garner violet gelsons 03
jennifer garner violet gelsons 04
jennifer garner violet gelsons 05
jennifer garner violet gelsons 06
jennifer garner violet gelsons 07
jennifer garner violet gelsons 08
jennifer garner violet gelsons 09
jennifer garner violet gelsons 10
jennifer garner violet gelsons 11
jennifer garner violet gelsons 12
jennifer garner violet gelsons 13
jennifer garner violet gelsons 14
jennifer garner violet gelsons 15
jennifer garner violet gelsons 16
jennifer garner violet gelsons 17

Photos: WENN
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  • ava

    Did she dye the child’s hair blond?! I would worry about her own limp hair and manly face first.

  • Superapple

    WTF? Her hair has always been like that.
    Worried about Jen. She doesn’t look very good these days :(

  • AutumnM

    Jen looks stressed probably due to the fact that her Husband doesn’t spend time with her couldn’t care less about her! Ben is never seen with his family these days. I don’t think they’re happy together. Probably just staying together for the kids.

  • zombie garner

    she looks sickly and way too skinny . her face is sunken in

  • sad

    yes, she looks very sad and distracted. Before, she was playing with her daughters a lot, always looking at them and smiling. She seems to have trouble on her mind, which shows.

  • HockeyMom

    Of course she is stressed. Her taxes are about to skyrocket because of Obama. 90% of her s and Bens income is about to go towards healthcare for the LAZY!

  • Pattycake

    This is the third or maybe fourth different sighting of Jenn and her kid(s) I’ve seen over the weekend. It is just pathetic. I know celebs get followed, but do you see how rarely some of them are pictured with their kids? It can be done. Jenn is just desperate to remain relevant and is using those babies.

  • flash

    Does she come off as a strong healthy self confident woman loving life? No! She looks sick, droopy and sulky with zero style. Ben could run loops around her and he probably does…

  • michaela

    She lost quite a bit of weight recently.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Garner affleck fan

    what a great family jennifer is so pretty jennifer is one of the few actress out there that don’t were makeup where ever they go which i think is great she still looks pretty without make up

  • xxx

    Wow, that is one desperate woman right there. Celebrities can avoid being photographed if they choose to and if they REALLY don’t want to, they won’t be.
    She is trying to stay relevant. I heard her say on Ellen too that she wants her kids to act too…. great. She is in love with fame.

  • jess

    god, where is ben? with other woman? I never see they together.

  • JJ

    You people commenting about how Jen is staging these outings as photo ops…you are evil people.

  • nowhere

    I agree with # 5. Jennifer seems to have trouble on her mind.

  • Molly Magnificent

    Wow, cute kids, Violet is amazing!

  • Too Many Idiots on this Site

    #12 he is filming in Boston. That’s how the movie world works — you work on a movie, you go on location. Jen was there for quite a while, but had to come back because she’s doing a new film I believe. She has had several business meetings since being back and was seen having lunch with the director of the Bond film, Quatum of Solace. That’s also why she has lost weight. Before she does a film she usually loses weight for it.

  • coco

    “Hi paps, I am going to Gelson’s – see you there!” Also, Violet looks cute here and I love how she brought both her babies to the store.

  • LYNN

    @HockyMom 11/15/2009 at 8:pm

    I dont think these people are lazy. Some of these people worked on these jobs and made those companies successful. now that they are successful these companies pulled the rug out from under these people. Their excuse was, that they were having to pay too higher insurance cost for the workers, so these companies decided to go to other countries where they did not have to pay the workers medical INS because their goverment pays all their medical insurance. !! NO HOCKEYMOM I dont think you should call our people Lazy. Saying that is to make you feel good about the situation and people like you will never change these people status or situation if you must. Before you should talk about people, I think you should do your research and find out for yourself why these people are having hard times. . Sometime when we are doing well ourselves, its hard for us to see other people’s suffering. So stop being political and find out on your own the real reason why things are like they are. Lots of thse people have been hard workers all their lives, there are people in there 50′s need to be retrained for other jobs that they were not train to do, Can you imagine starting on a new career in your middle 50′s and have kids in college. that is awful sometimes the job does not help because it does not pay nothing like you were used to and it is only part-time. but most of them keep hitting the pavement looking for work for their families. Even If they find work it will not afford them to live the way they are accustom to. Hockey Mom we are not talking illegals. We are talking about once hard working Americans. Even though their jobs have been outsourced, they are still die hard American and would not harm America and its people. So before you speak, know what you are talking about. I know things will get better.

  • lisa rose

    I like Violets two naked babies. I can’t believe how deep her dimples are (see #16)! Just jared should leave these two alone, even though they are obviously very popular given that so many people comment no matter how often they are shown!. Just jared just wants the hits I guess. Thouse of you complaining she wants publicity – well, why are you paying attention then? You must be interested in her right? So why complain about it? Just admit you love to see her and Violet all the time.

  • Sasha

    Too much Garner and her children lately. We probably see those children more than Ben does.

  • How rotton you are

    @HockeyMom: My friend worked over 40 hours a week with no health insurance. She lost her life b/c diabetes took over and her kidneys failed. She had no chance because she had no health insurance and the hospitals and clinics wouldn’t deal with it. Thankyou for your kind comments. I hope you never feel the pain I felt by losing a NON lazy friend to the system.

  • wakeupfolks

    Jen lost too much weight, she looks awful. And why must she wear men’s shirts and baggy a soccer mom. and don’t say she’s a busy mom, that’s no excuse to not look pretty.

  • Paisley

    Her style is fine. People don’thave to be dripping in jewelry and flashy trashy show the skin clothes to look good. A lot of people in the north east dress just like this. #18 and #21 I hope Hockeymom reads your comments but I bet she won’t have the gumption to reply.

  • Pippi

    I would like to know why is it that the hateful jealous people are always the first in line to post their immature comments whenever there is a thread on this woman?

    Having said that, these two are so sweet and cute it is not funny. Where is that sweet thang Sera today?

  • Brown Sugar

    I love the way Jen dresses herself and her kids. She never flaunts her wealth and very compassionate for those less fortunate than them. She and her husband both are very generous to working class people. They remember the days when they were struggling and what it is like to be in that position. That is why she and Ben fit together so well. They are both cut from the same cloth.

    They only dress up when necessary for their jobs. There is something to be said for celebs like that. BEAUTIFUL !

  • OMG!!!

    she honesly dyes this kids hair its soooo disgusting..
    look at her hair just about a week ago..

  • desi

    well pipi, i’m not jealous or hateful, I’m just resentful, that someone who is not overly good looking , who dresses really badly , who has really bad hair. gets away with it and someone like katie holmes who is pretty with no makeup on, who is good looking given the fact that she jumps out of the shower so early in the morning, to go the set, who wears cool clothes,gets slaughtered , and then we have these photos. god help katie the day she goes out with torn knickers for the world to see or wears the same crappy jeans and dirty sneakers day in, day out ,day in ,day out. OH FORGOT JEN IS SUCH A GOOD MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dana

    Jen is a West Virginia hillbilly born and breed. She’s also pathetic.

    Poor Ben.

  • Dana

    Jen is a West Virginia hillbilly born and breed. She’s also pathetic.

    Poor Ben.

  • bebe

    There is nothing wrong with hanging out with ur kids, BUT I just don’t get her VERY VERY CASUAL LOOK, This lady is in her early 30s BUT DRESSES LIKE she is in her 70s, OPRAH AND BARBABRA WALTERS Dresses YOUNGER. What ever happened to skinny jeans, a peer of nice flats and a nice feminine top.

    - If BEN EVER CHEATS ON her, I would put 80% of the BLAME ON her.

  • Zombie garner

    I don’t get why she’s photographed so much. She’s not doing many movies and I don’t see how her pix even sell a lot of $$ it’s not like she’s as famous as Gwyneth Paltrow or Jennifer lopez. those two are not photographed this much.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @lisa rose: Why did you stole my name???????????????????

  • Brown Sugar

    Why not ask the paps that question #31 and anyway why do you care? Are you hurt in any way by it? I don’t think so.If I had to quess I would say it because of people like you that she is photographed every day. They want you hateful comments. Simple as that.

  • Brown Sugar

    As for you #28 and 29 why you say poor Ben. You should know Ben has the best wife in Hollywod. She is not out spending his money on trendy clothes, hours in the makeup chair and leaving his kids at home for the nannys to take them to school and the park. I’d say he’s a pretty lucky guy. And you know what else, I’m sure he knows it & thats why he chose her in the first place. All that stuff you think in important, he has experienced and the bottom line is that *he’s been there and done that*. NOT his cup of tea. Grow up sweetie and stop showing your ignorance. BTW, nothing wrong with being a WV hillbilly. Better that than a Hollywood sk*nk h o.

  • Garfleck Fanatic

    #31 paps take pictures of celebs that they can sale. Perhaps those you listed are not money makers for the paps. And like someone already asked the question, what is it to you? Nobody is forcing you to click on thread and view pictures. If you find something offensive, what do you seek it out, could it be that you wish to offend yourself even further by it? Are you stupid or something?

  • **JAMIE**

    i think she is beautiful, she is one of those people that says she puts family first…and she does!! love jen :)

  • blue

    I love the way of her life, and also to see her and her daughter’s pics though these days, everyday i looked their photos. so i hope leave them alone sometime. If i were jen., I want to have a time to spend ourselves so much. feeling free, then she can smile for her children. not worry about photographer. please leave them alone sometime.

  • Michelle

    Hey enough with people being so mean to Jen at least she is a good mother and cares about her daughters. She’s doesn’t need to be all fashionably dressed up grocery shopping with her kids. There is something to be said about good parenting.. Look at Violet she always seems to look happy playing and seems like a normal little girl well loved by her parents.

  • Pippi

    Desi @ 27 How old are you? You said you are not jealous or hateful. I beg to differ. If you are resentful (your own words) you are in fact jealous. To resent someone who you feel is getting more credit than you or someone that you care for is jealousy. As for your not being hateful, you are indeed. To say that Jen wears the same jeans day in and day out is hateful. This woman has at least 100 different pairs of jeans (maybe more) and to say that she is not good looking is not only an untruth but extremely hateful.

    You say this is because you are resentful of the bashing of Katie Holmes. So to defend her you chose to bash Jen? My dear, if you are a very young person it is possible you may wise up someday but if you are already an adult, I’m afraid there is little or no hope for you. I hope you see this comment because it may help you later in life. Why not return to Katie’s thread and defend her there. You do her a disservice on this site.

  • Sarah

    @Pippi: Only you would know how many pairs of jeans she has…CREEP!!!! I thought you said you were going to another site, no ones stopping you. Go little girl go!!

  • Two

    You can’t use kids that don’t do anything to get publicity, #7.

    You’re ridiculous, #30.

  • Molly Magnificent

    She is a very good mother. I think she is the best young mother in hollywood.

  • Losers on this site

    @Molly Magnificent: Young mother? She’s 37, get with the times.

  • Killraw

    Glad she’s stressed. It has helped her to get rif off of the fat belly of hers.

  • ????

    …1 questions “what proof do u have that she’s a good mum”…..exposing her kids 2 creepy old men with cameras????? Really????……….

  • bozo says


  • RD

    That kid had black roots a week ago, and now she is all light- blonde again.
    How effed up must “mothers” like Jen must be?

  • RD

    Garner seems to enjoy having “servants” do her work.
    If you don’t bother to do the simple task of putting your bags in the car like a normal person, why don’t you shop online?
    Why does she show up as if she is going to do it in person, if the “servants” actually do the work?

  • RD

    Violet was born and had dark brown/ black hair, until she was around 2 years old when people started speculating how it turned blonde overnight.
    I guess the black roots disappeared again in the same magical way.
    Jen is treating her children like her PR props. How is she better than Angelina?

  • Cola

    The older Violet gets the more she resembles Victor Garber, she’s the spitting image of him in these pictures. Her facial expressions are all Victor and not Ben.