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Jonathan Rhys Meyers: King at the Prince's Rainforest Project

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: King at the Prince's Rainforest Project

Jonathan Rhys Meyers and girlfriend Reena Hammer check out The Prince’s Rainforest Project in London on November 12 (Thursday).

The 32-year-old actor supported the project, set up by the Prince of Wales to take action against tropical deforestation and climate change.

Jonathan is gearing up to finish his role as King Henry VIII on Showtime’s The Tudors, which will be back on the air for its last season in April of next year.

ET also reports that Jonathan will join Kevin Bacon on the big screen in Whole Lotta Sole, a comedy shooting in Belfast, Ireland in 2010.

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Credit: Justin Palmer; Photos: INFDaily
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  • TT

    Oh no, not that ugly Reena again! What DOES he see in her????

  • LuckyL

    He really was the soccer coach in Bend It Like Beckham.

  • Bright stripy thong on :)

    SUCH A SEXY BEAST XXxxxxxxxXxxxxX !!

  • LuckyL

    TT @ 11/15/2009 at 9:40 am

    Oh no, not that ugly Reena again! What DOES he see in her????
    She tolerates his drunken messes and probably nurses him back to health and cleans up every time.

  • chrys

    she’s actually not UGLY, she just looks like his mother/older sister.

  • chrys

    oh wait, i take that back, she’s actually quite alright looking. she just doesn’t seem to ‘suit’ him.

    or maybe its just she’s got a tendency to look old sometimes.

  • nativenyker
  • Danielle

    she looks like an old woman…even up close.

  • lexy

    Wow! He needs to send her to see Demi Moore’s people and get her some of Demi’s famous leeches b/c she looks like she’s a friend of his mom’s not a girlfriend.

  • fran

    I love him. He looks so good here.

  • jean

    Finally. Been waiting to see some shots of this gorgeous man.

  • tricia

    He’s finally going to be in another movie -From Paris with Love comes out soon and I can’t wait. Love him.

  • Marta

    Jonathan looks really good here :)

  • JRM Fan

    It’s great to see him rested and smiling. Can’t wait to see what he does now that The Tudors are done

  • Therese

    @Danielle: exactly, totally agree with ya. like someone said before, she looks like a friend of HIS MOM, not his girlfriend. Bad choice, Jonny, bad choice.

  • lavender1960

    Now this is a guy who is gorgeous and gay – just saw Velvet Goldmine a few days ago. Sexy stuff. She is likely nurse/friend/beard.

  • Gracie16

    Well don’t know about his personal life but he is absolutely gorgeous and a fantastic actor. Glad to hear he’s trying his hand at comedy.

  • lisa scofield

    He is the hottest man alive for me. I JUST LOVE JRM!!

  • elisilla

    She is not ugly, but they don’t look good together…
    I think this guy likes older women! He dated Toni Collette, and even when she is just 5 years older she looks more than 10 years older than him!

  • amber

    eww what is he doing with that thing, gross!

  • tammy

    Not the best pictures of her, perhaps. She’s actually ten years younger than him. I think they look the odd couple too but what do I know.
    I am certain, though, that he is extremely handsome and the sexiest man in film. Can’t wait for his upcoming film with John Travolta.

  • cat

    Thanks, JJ ;0)

  • Janis

    Glad to see again his beautiful smile! Can’t wait for his forthcoming films Shelter and From Paris with love

  • Michelle

    I appreciate when gorgeous men date average Janes [i.e. JRM, Ewan McGregor, Clive Owen]. It gives me hope that one day I will have my own beautiful man to spoon with. HAHAHA.

  • Nora

    the sexiest guy eva .. the ugliest GF eva !
    Cant believe it .. !

  • yumm

    Man, everytime i look at this man…..i think about sex! I bet he moves like a wolf in bed and those eyes of his are so sexy scary… feels like he can see right through my soul!!! *******Orgasms*******

  • tammy

    Oh common guys. Be nice. It’s just that he’s so incredible looking that no one looks good beside him.

  • manny

    Oh, jesus, he is fine, I didn’t know they were still together , can I just say, the best henry the viii ever ever,………….love him!

  • 44too

    To Yumm above, can I just say I agree completely.

  • Sarah

    His girlfriend looks like her mother and and she is very “autoctona”.

  • **JAMIE**


  • HenryVIII

    She doesn’t look that bad. She is a Bangladeshi actress living in London. She just looks a bit older than him.

  • LuckyL

    yumm @ 11/15/2009 at 4:11 pm

    Man, everytime i look at this man…..i think about sex! I bet he moves like a wolf in bed and those eyes of his are so sexy scary… feels like he can see right through my soul!!! *******Orgasms*******

  • Molly Magnificent

    I luv the show. He is really cool and awesome. Who is he dating again?

  • Love JRM

    No Katie Larmour then? What happened to her? I thought they were dating. She was so pretty.

  • Samu

    So all you gals who commented about the gf…. you would prefer if he ended up with some trashy, big breasted or butt gal who looks dumb??? You are degrading women just by saying this girl is ugly or other derogatory comment! Shame on all of you. I doubt any of you look any better(I’m joking), but c’mon be serious. I actually find this great that someone like him would date the unconventional girl, not go for the typical slut.

  • ali

    is she pregnant?

  • Gitte


    Umm where did you get your info from ? This Reena is half-bangledeshi and half brit-polish. She is not some bangledeshi actress living in london, she was born and raised there, daddy appar owns a high end spa in harrods and mom is Ruby Hammer (make-up artist and of Ruby & Millie cosmetics). They met in a club when she was a student. I think it sucks if she isn’t finishing up her school and stuff to follow him around the world to keep him in order.I always thought they were together because he was probably doing a whole lot of drugs and pissed away most of his $$ (before Tudors) and I remember he was even staying in her apartment. All those charges, it was probably her money bailing him out. I remember some interviews he even acknowledges that. In some relationships you need to have the fire and the water personalities. The fact that JRM has been with her so long and clearly loves her so much makes me love him even more, esp since she is average.


    he’s too beautiful for that FUGLY SLUT.

  • Anonymous

    I think Reena always went on to do her Latin studies with the knowledge that she is an heiress in her mind. She will inherit something of what her parents have built. I do not believe her studies will in truth be utilised all that much in her future career. I doubt that it would matter all that much to her in terms of her future outlook if she decided not to continue with her studies for whatever reason, although it may miff her a little if it’s a degree she is passionate about as I would too have felt that way if I had to give up my studies for whatever reason. From my experience and not trying to sound disparaging about Latin studies as a degree, which I am sure is incredibly interesting, it is not a degree you would go into studying with the purpose of getting a job that utilises it in mind, it is something that I imagine you would do for interests sake or to be an academic working for a university doing research (I know plenty of Latin Studies students and none of them use what they learnt in Latin Studies in their current careers, mind you that is the way of most degrees in the UK at the moment, we are not all fortunate enough to get into a career which is backed up with our academic prowess). She is not always referred to as an heiress for no reason you know.

    I think she would have finished her studies by now as she is about 22 and I would have thought she is actually being integrated into her parents line of work, there are some articles out there about that. So Reena is pretty comfortable in my imagining in terms of money, career and her studies. Whether she is comfortable with what is happening in her private life is a different matter however and that goes for Jonny too.

    If she did indeed have any money of her own, to use to bail out Jonny those years ago when she was a student, I suspect that it would not have been her own hard earned cash but her parents’ hard earned cash, I guess it makes no difference in that instance. But who is to say that Jonny does not have indeed a lot of cash of his own to bail himself out, as the Tudors being a long on going project of his would have given him a substantial amount of cash guaranteed for the last four years for certain. He has also been continuously in work for over the last decade, at least one project per year if not more, not to mention his modeling for Hugo and Versace and Energie on the side. The apartment that you refer to I thought was bought by her parents for her not by her. I also thought that both he and Reena had bought property together I cannot recollect exactly. As far as I understand it, Jonny has bought property of his own, he does have a place in LA, and there are pictures out there of him enjoying basketball in his yard. Therefore to suggest that he mismanages his money when even we know that in his early interviews he had said that he had bought his mother her first home when he was but a young lad, it is in my estimation kind of misguided and judgmental to suggest he throws all or a lot of what he earns away on bad habits and needs handouts.

  • Stone

    Enough to make me vomit>

  • Perfect Couple

    Is she rich? good for him.

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    Why? Why would anyone anywhere get that look? Why. Why, why, why? I don’t get it.

  • t3r3

    @TT: relax is advertising besides she has money and social friction d hate to see an actredd sull of silicone adn father of children of all nationalities

  • t3r3

    he looks fine is the only important but is inexcusable:a irishman supporting a prince of wales??is observed thas, as renna is english!!

  • Art8Fashion

    Thanks Jared! I was wondering when The Tudors was coming back on again for it’s last season.

    Hey people instead of saying bad things about his gf we should be sending out positive vibes to her. She may has her hands full with JRM. From looking at the behind the scenes clips of how wound up and potty mouthed he is on set, I hope she is a very strong woman.

    Hopefully he isn’t as intense in his personal life.

    Fantastic actor BTW loads of talent and very sexy. Plays Henry VIII like a hot rock star. Love that show.


  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine


  • Eve

    I think the alcohol left him blind, she is SOOOOOOO UGLY (extremely), and she look be boring.
    He is so handsome, deserves someone else better.

  • gracie

    I don’t understand the comments.. Reena Hammer is a beautiful, beautiful girl. She and Jonathan Rhys Meyers make a lovely couple!

  • Gillian

    Reena is being used. She’s just too much of a naive kid to realize it. A man doesn’t “on-off” with a girl for five years if he wants a future with her. How many other girls has he dated/bedded since they’ve been together? Looks like quite a few from the pictures.

    From what she’s told the news, she’d like to marry him. I doubt he will, and if he does under pressure, I doubt it will last. Kind of makes me sad, as I think both are probably nice people, just not a good couple. Sorry kids, one domestic violence call, and I’d kick the man to the curb. Her parents can’t like him after that, no matter what they say publicly.

    Reena is good for Jonny. She can look very good on the red carpet. Good family name, loads of money, an in with fashion in London. Jonny is free advertising for her family businesses as well. If they could spend more than two months together without drama, it might be a nice match, but that does not seem to be the case. Lots of reports of them having shouting matches in public. On Off On Off On Off On Off. They seem to have the worst problems when they actually have to spend time together, when he is not shooting.

    I read somewhere that she is now the creative director for her Dad’s Harrod’s spas. Big undertaking so young, but it’s good to be the boss’s kid. I think perhaps Dad is trying to keep Reena grounded in a life of her own. Of course, this might mean she has less time to follow Jonny’s life around the globe. Maybe that’s Dad’s hope, and where he might find some leverage.

    There are conflicting reports about them possibly getting engaged over Christmas. One where Reena says they are entertaining both families and she hopes for an engagement…..and one printed two days later….where Reena says they have no plans to get engaged any time soon and that she is busy with her career. Search “Jonathan Rhys Meyers is not engaged.”

    I wish them both a good 2010. Though, I cannot say I think that marriage is in either of their best interests. Good luck to them.