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Kate Bosworth Makes It a MOCA Night

Kate Bosworth Makes It a MOCA Night

Kate Bosworth makes a fashionable arrival in Proenza Schouler at the MOCA New 30th Anniversary Gala on Saturday night (November 14) held at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

The Collection: MOCA’s First Thirty Years will be an exhibit marking the museum’s 30th anniversary and will be open to the public today (November 15) through May 3, 2010. More info at

Earlier in the day, Kate was seen getting her nails done in West Hollywood.

FYI: Kate is wearing a box chain necklace in silver by David Yurman – she wrapped it around her wrist and wore it as a bracelet!

20+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth making it a MOCA night…

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Credit: Gaz Shirley; Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty, Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • belinda

    Boring looking person that I have not seen in a single film.

  • kitt

    Pretty girl but she looks tired.

  • ashock

    She is beautiful but what a big forehead!

  • Where’s the b/f these days?

    Did she dump the model?

  • shannon

    Yeah, she is pretty but the center part really doesn’t flatter her.

  • http://justjared sight

    She looks like shit.

  • liars/weirdos


  • tweetie

    I don’t like the dress.
    Kate’s lovely but she kind of has chicken legs.

  • ughhhh..

    Yuck!!! She has no pride! After what she did to Gwyneth with Chris and she still has the balls to show her face at a classy event like this!!! Trash…she is such trash. She has a “wood face” as we say in Brazil. Meaning she doesn’t get it at all what people are saying or she is so desperate for people to talk about her that she doesn’t care what they say about her. Not all attention is good attention. She looks older than Gwyneth to me and why does she always pose like she has to take a pee? She is truly a wh*re and I will not go see any movie she is in. At all. They haven’t sued star mag yet because the story is true so she is so trying to save face. Nasty sk*ank! Forget about Straw Dogs now for me and anyone I speak to or blog to…. and that is a lot of peeps. TEAM GWYNETH!!!!

  • ughhhh..

    TEAM GWYNETH!!!!!!!

  • ray

    i love kate. She has a unique beauty. As for the rumors of her & Martin kissing, I don’t buy it. Show me pics and I will beleive it. But even then I would just think that chris and gweny are swingers lol

  • Grace

    Has she had work done?

  • blue crush

    @ray: Agree, I don’t believe them either. Glad they’re both suing Star. They’re such a sleazy publication.

    Kate is beautiful as usual.

  • shenanyginz

    agreed. i’d like to see chris and gwen split before we start calling kate a homewrecking whore.

  • eww

    Her hair looks like straw, and her face looks old.
    She should really lay off the hard partying.
    That’s one of the reasons that Orlando dumped her. Maybe she is going downhill because Orlando is engaged and she can only find married men to hang out with.

  • http://justjared @12

    Yep and she looks so bad I am lost of words .

    As for the Chris thing THEY HAVEN’T SUED so I don’t know what to believe I wouldn’t put it past her she is slutty and not the sweet innocent girl she wants people to believe .

  • Liza

    @blue crush: No lawsuits have been filed, so what does that tell you? She’s trampy and I totally believe the story.

  • @14

    I want to give her the benefit of a doubt, but there has been more than one sighting of she and Chris together. And remember how fast she hooked up with James after she and Orlando broke up. There were rumors of her cheating on Orlando, so there seems to be a pattern of infidelity. Of course, we know nothing for sure, but when there is this much smoke, there has to be some little bit of fire.

  • blue crush

    @Liza: They are in the process of filing a lawsuit. The story was just recently reported.

  • Ashley

    @Where’s the b/f these days?: I read she broke up with him before she started filming Straw Dogs and that’s she been hooking up with her co-star, Alexander Skarsgard.

  • JJ

    @Where’s the b/f these days?: I think so cause she’d dating that blonde dude from True Blood who plays the really hot vampire.

  • twenty-two

    @@14: According to US Magazine, Gwyn’s best friend, Jessica Capshaw, was at the concert and said nothing was going on. I guess Gwyn chooses to believe her friends over a gossip rag.

    I kinda of feel sorry for Gwyn, Kate and Chris having their names dragged through the mud.

  • hottie

    @JJ: She is so lucky! That guy is HOT!!! :-)

  • pomm

    Not her best look but she’s still very attractive.

  • celeb spotter

    @JJ: They were spotted making out backstage at the Scream Awards.

  • Holly

    She has really beautiful cheekbones.

  • lame

    They are not in the process of suing Star and they will not! Gwyn is embarassed and cannot BE LEFT for KB. She will leave Chris first and then he can do whatever he wants. Askars is also dating Evan Rachel Wood too so that tells you how serious he is about any of them. KB is a total tramp and a lame actress. Why is she getting any press? She totally sucks and so does Alexander Skarsgard. This guy is a terrible actor. Sorry be he cannot carry a movie let alone a decent hwood profile by daing such tramps.

  • carrie

    @ughhhh..: who said the rumor was true?

  • PJ

    @lame: He never dated Wood. That’s just a rumor her ppl tried to float to get her press and it worked for a little while. As for dating Bosworth, who knows. She is the only woman out of the current list that he’s actually been spotted being affectionate with, but hey maybe it’s just a booty call.

  • Liv

    Unique beauty? I almost fell off my chair laughing. This chick’s biggest accomplishment is that movie Blue Crush, and she’s pretty much only famous for her former relationship with Orlando Bloom, her weight issues, rumored drug habit, and these new Chris Martin rumors.

  • ~

    Beautiful as usual!!!

  • macy

    She’s “showing her face” at events and in public because she obviously doesn’t have anything to hide regarding Chris Martin. it’s total rubbish. Paps got recent photos of Gwyneth out and about in London, she doesn’t look like a woman who was recently cheated on. I hope Bosworth and Martin sue Star and force a retraction and apology. It’s just ridiculous. And as far as I know, she and Alexander Skarsgard are still together. He never dated Wood, as someone upthread stated. And he’s an excellent actor.

  • kali

    She’s pretty but I wouldn’t call her a unique beauty. She’s got the All American blonde, blue-eyed good looks but it’s not an exotic beauty.
    I think she needs to eat a cookie and lay down though cause she’s looking tired in those pics.

  • joe

    She’s not dating Alexander. He’s dating everyone and playing the field. She’s just the only one who got caught publicly doing anything with him because she called the paps and made sure it was caught and made sure that story was spread far and wide.

  • Hatinonhollywood

    I can’t believe that there is any interest in this woman. Wow. She did a few teenybopper movies 10 years ago and dated Orlando Bloom and that’s about all she’s done. Amazing!

    Reading the comments, I see that there are rumors of her kissing Chris Martin. Hmm, I guess she has a new movie or something coming out heh? Linking herself to a real star is the only way she could ever get publicity…or look deathly thin…or become a partyer.

    I hope that Hollywood gets back to the basics someday and once again begins to praise truly talented actors. Are there any left in Hollywood? Perhaps not, and that’s why everything on tv is a reality show. :(

  • Kris

    @joe: She didn’t have to call the paps. She was back stage at an event and Radar saw it happen with their own eyes. Same thing happened when they got caught holding hands at the Britney Spears concert. A fan spotted them not paparazzi. I don’t know if they’re dating but it sounds like they’ve done some hooking up.

  • macy

    @Kris: Reporters from Ted C’s The Awful Truth column on eonline saw them doing whatever backstage at the Screams awards also.

  • @22

    I read the same thing. There’s nothing going on between Kate & Chris other than she’s friends with both Chris & Gwyneth. I feel sorry for celebs when people make up $hit about them. I think Kate is incredibly beautiful and I hear she’s really sweet.

  • Hank


  • @38

    I know that Orlando is friends with the guys in the band, and they went to a few concerts when he and Kate were together, so it makes sense that they are friends. but that doesn’t exclude the possibility that Kate wanted to latch on to Chris. She is desperate for attention, and the only attention she can get comes from the guy that she is dating. That’s why she dumped James. He never made it big enough in the modelling world to get her attention by association.

  • Nasus

    BRUSH your hair Kate…

  • http://justjared saira

    You could write the Magna Carta on that chicks forehead.

  • Star Trek

    What a big ass forehead but yeah, she’s hot. She’s lucky she’s so pretty and can get away with the Klingon head.

  • Molly Magnificent

    She looks kinda fug. Who is she dating again?

  • Gitte


    Hahah I agree. Blue Crush days she was attractive and the heterchromia was interesting. Now she looks like a cancer patient, I would have left her for Miranda Kerr as well !!! Alex probably realized how anorexic-hairy she was after the caressing in the makeout session, and he decided to call it a night saying he ate some bad oysters.

    Alex is a great actor ! I have seen almost all of his work, including so much of his swedish stuff. How great and beautiful was he as Geert ??

  • gemini

    She does look sick there. She’s probably lovesick for her man, Skarsgard.

  • Minx

    Girlfriend looks exhausted. She’s gorgeous but geesh, time to get some rest and stop banging the Swede!

  • Juno

    @macy: I knew something was going on. I saw photos of them at the Straw Dogs wrap party and he seemed to be eyeballing her. I wonder if his interest in her is stronger and that’s why there’s all those rumors of her hooking up with different guys? Silly girl if she passes up The Viking!

  • Phil

    Kate is starting to look like Kristin Chenowith which is not a good thing. She was so beautiful when she first started out. Still pretty but she needs a good night’s sleep or something.

  • mac

    See what bitch a vampire can do to you?
    Don’t try it, ladies!