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Shayne Lamas: DUI Bust!

Shayne Lamas: DUI Bust!

Reality star Shayne Lamas has admitted to DUI charges just after 1AM Saturday morning (November 14) in Venice, Calif.

“Early Saturday morning, after consuming one drink, I willingly drove through a mandatory check point on my way home with complete confidence of passing,” the 24-year-old daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas tells E!. “However, the breathalyzer indicated that I was over the legal limit of blood alcohol content and was arrested onsite. I take full responsibility for my lack of judgment. I have always strived to be a role model for my friends, family and fans and have never nor will ever condone drinking and driving. I apologize for all those I have disappointed, including myself.”

Incidentally, a new episode of her reality show Leave It To Lamas airs TONIGHT (November 15) @ 10:30PM ET/PT on E!.

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  • tori

    Yeah, 1 drink of what? a super gulp vodka?

  • TR

    Uh Jared, do you have a time machine?? It’s only 10:20PM on Nov. 14th in LA. Maybe your facts are a bit off???

  • TR

    Or… perhaps you meant EARLY morning on the 14th?

  • Kira

    One drink, eh? … what a liar!!!! Watched one-half of their first reality show…truly a disturbing and dysfunctional family. These trainwreck reality shows do not represent America.

  • jeimy

    ok another fame whore, I guess the “It” thing in hHollywood is to get a DUI. Worthless!!!



  • Jennifer

    Women & men who drink and drive should be locked up.
    This dumb girl should be ashamed of herself.

  • kitten

    I don’t know if it’s been posted anywhere, but I found video of her getting busted on this site. She looked a little more than ‘one drink’ drunk to me. Vid isn’t great quality. Looks like maybe from a cell phone.

  • Krissy

    @TR: lol he clearly meant 1 AM!! Don’t you know once it hits 12 midnight, that it is the next day? WTF is wrong with the world today!!

  • TR


    Bite me Krissy – I saw my error and posted right after. What is wrong with someone named Krissy??? I hope you are not over 12 cause NO ONE should be called Krissy beyond 12 honey.

  • T-pain

    She has “fans”?


  • BuzzyBee

    Who honestly cares about this chick? I saw an episode of “Leave it to Lamas”, what a bunch of stuck up people. She buys a pair of jeans like 2 sizes too small for her and is constantly complaining about how huge she is. And what is it with all of them wearing glasses indoors? What a bunch of losers!

  • dms

    This chick is pathetic. She is not even attractive or smart. She has nothing to showcase, other than looking insecure and dumb! I saw the “Leave it to Lamas” show and thought it was ridiculous! The television networks that play these family portrayals of “wanna be” actors must be desperate. This girl is a nobody and is trying to get famous by looking STUPID!!!
    They should take this show off the air.

  • adrianna

    too many DUI in LA I’ll be scared to drive there at night people are so dumb there wow

  • Beach Lover

    This is a very big-boned young lady trying to dress like the stick-women can in hollywood. Doesn’t work for her, pretty obviously. Her mother or step-mother is the one who is famous for plastic surgery and looking now like a drag queen, am I right?

    Is this one still w/ the guy from the Bachelor? What the hell was HE thinking?

  • Not Impressed by JA

    I had a friend. she married and had been abused and beaten by her husband. They were muslims so she eventually got the strength to leave her husband with her baby. He said he wanted to kill her, all her family went against her and yet she managed to go through this. She divocred at 25.
    get back to her life and dedicated herself to her little boy. She worked and worked and worked, like 12 to 15 hours a day. She finally made it, had a boutique where she used to sell he luxuries bags. She bought a lovely appartment, began to date again…she was so beautiful like women from Tunisia are.
    One night, after a long day, she went home and there were that car, that drunk driver who didn’t stop at the red lights, he went straight to her…there were this unbeleiable noise…you could tell that death had strikken ion athta terrible second of ones life.
    She had 47 seven breaks on her bone and was in a coma for 32 days…then she passed away…She had everything after suffering so long and then it was gone because of a drink diver…she w

  • Not Impressed by JA

    she just turned 30 and left an orphan who was 12, a young child that the police had to reach to tell hom that his adored mum was at the hospital dying….
    When will people stop drinking and drving ???

  • [marie]

    Only one drink,,,? Lying as$ Beeyotch Attention Wh0r.e…!

  • crazy

    You people are nuts, posting stuff about who got their dates and times wrong. The world would be a better place without that, and without drunk drivers. Shayne should have her license suspended.

  • xxx

    I’ve NEVER even heard of this idiot.

  • Molly Magnificent

    I think the cops are out more now due to making up budge shortages

  • Molly Magnificent

    She looks bigger, did she gain weight?

  • Stone

    I don’t care what you call her bust! They look perky to me!

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    That’s a weird way to describe her bust!

  • n

    she needs to pick up a dumbbell and work out those arms.

  • n


  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    It’ a joke, right?

  • ffxiv gil

    A SUPPORTED BY THE DEVELOPER TOOLS? It was interesting. You seem very knowledgeable in ypour field.