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Beyonce & Lady Gaga -- 'Video Phone' Music Video!

Beyonce & Lady Gaga -- 'Video Phone' Music Video!

Check out the hot new video for “Video Phone” starring Beyonce and Lady Gaga!

The video, which was shot in early October, was released today and will be streaming on

Gaga told MTV she loved working with B. “She is such a beautiful person,” she said. “I had kind of lost faith a little bit in meeting artists in the business — and then I met Beyonce.”

Both ladies look amazing – so fierce!!

Beyonce feat. Lady Gaga — Video Phone
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  • FroFro

    I dont normally listen to Beyonce but I heard a song of hers today called “Beautiful Nightmare”. Ummm……it was just a nightmare. That girl is all marketing because her voice is about as humdrum as most of the contestants on American Idol.

  • Meela

    Speaking of Thunder Thighs!!! Leave it to her to get on the Lady Gaga bandwagon!!!! God forgiven another female has mega hits!!!

  • [marie]

    I wish Beyonce would stop biting off of Rhianna…

  • celia

    I like it, but it could’ve been better. I hope the video for Telephone is more creative.

  • kelly

    that made me so uncomfortable.

  • Cheery

    This is such crap. All the “music” Beyonce does is just garbage. When will people realize that orge can’t sing, nor is she “sexy.”

  • Nigel

    Jay-Z is a lucky man because his wife sure knows how to work those hips!!! She must be a BEAST in the bedroom!!!! She makes you want to touch yourself!!!

  • Nigel

    Jay-Z is a lucky man because his wife sure knows how to work those hips!!! She must be a BEAST in the bedroom!!!! She makes you want to touch yourself!!!

  • ivanka

    what a stupid song, i mean talking about a videophone? really? where is the really good music with original lyrics and incredible voices?

  • marissa

    Beyonce can move like no other

    hot video

  • happy girl

    two talented women. beyonce stunning. the song is a bit catchy but it is mostly a crappy song with a crappy subject matter. there is such a thing as “oversexed” and this is what this is. when will it stop! too much sex – leave something to the imagination. i do want beyonce;s body though. wow. and she can move. that’s a fact. gaga is cute. video phone? who cares about a video phone? someone actually wrote that as a song? waste of talent, i think…

  • Adrian

    my head just exploded LOVE IT

  • Adrian


    rhianna was tardy for beyonce’s party honey

  • Kate

    Good video, great dance moves and Beyonce looks stunning as usual though the song is a bit like most of the other songs she has done, but its good none the less. Also, Gaga seemed a bit out of place in this video I think and next to Beyonce she looks too thin and uncomfortable

  • sarah

    This is disgusting. I can’t believe the crap that gets passed off as hits these days.

    They are both ridiculous.

  • Jen

    I’m sorry but this song is crap. It’s just a song written to be a commercial hit, there is very little actual musical value to it. Compare this song to Halo, you’ll clearly see that Halo is a better song.

    Generally music in the last twenty years has just gone downhill, the whole music industry is so commercialized, there is no organic, good music anymore and most indie musicians are struggling like crazy, because these corporate sponsored musicians have taken over the scene. It’s sad.

  • Kayko

    What a load of crap. One, B seems to be hopping on the Rihanna image, after Rihanna took it all the way not to look like her, two, the song is crap, Videeeoooophoooone, wtf, who came up with that? Three, B’s got a bangin bod, but they should have had a different set up, LG looks scrawny next to her.

  • horrific


  • GoodGirl

    Yikes!!…Don’t like it!!
    Since she got married I think that Beyonce has changed a lot, it became more sl*tty in here video and on stage… now it’s only vulgarity !

    In this video she stole the ugly Rihanna(the KoKatoo) look and also Fergi, Tyra Banks,….BeyoncĂ© GET YOUR OWN STYLE!!

    And by the do she really think that she can dance?!…that’s NOT dance!..That’s sl*tty move!

  • Cristobal

    I knew this would happen. I am disappointed. She is trying to be too much like Lady Gaga and I don’t like it. She should of stuck with her own personal concept then let Gaga do her own thing in the video. It looks weird to me.

  • blah

    lady gaga has got nothing on B. Beyonce’s a naturally good dancer



  • http://justjared CJ

    She’s copy off of Ri lol okay when I hear someone talking in a New York accent and wearing a ponytail I’m gonna tell them stop copying me!

  • Trey


  • mary

    wow that was horrible….lady gaga ruins everything

  • Get help

    Loves It! Beyonce is the Biz! Great body, beautiful lady! The walk in the beginning sequence is hot! Wish they all could be built like Beyonce!

  • bing

    hah! gaga looks like a malnourished duck next to beyonce… and her dance moves were really mediocre when done side-by-side with the great B… sucks 4 u gaga! hahaha!

  • haha

    is TRANNY is the trend of 2009.. so 2009 is so GAYY… ugh.. I’m glad this year is over together with all this tranny messiness..

  • Ilia

    F*** this thunder thigh ho, and her beats for the musically retarded c***s. Lady GaGa should not have done this. It is a giant step, way, way, way down for her.

  • Ilia

    Beyonce needs to get that fat a** out of my face. I am waiting for the day she gets that fugly face punched out by Jay-Z ot G or whatever the f*** his name is.

  • atlqueen

    OMG! What does this girl have Lady Gaga doing in this video! Gaga needs to stay far away from this girl. Talk about two different worlds clashing. Jeez!

  • Annie


  • Jen

    not surprised, first she does a video with Shakira copying Shakira and now with Gaga, looking similar to Gaga… I like Gaga’s voice in this but I have to agree with what some other people have mentioned… This is definitely oversexed and a crappy song….

  • hey tards

    are you all from red states and hillbillies? you are all so boring and racist!

  • m

    this video is a HOT MESS. the bb guns, the green-screen in the background that sometimes feels like someone forgot to add the real background, and her moves are getting raunchier and raunchier. she now looks like one of those video girls, no pun intended. and gaga just seems out of place. with shakira i could see the collaboration but this seems too contrived, and she did get “inspired” by rihanna’s look. i bet u she can’t stand the fact that jay-z is performing more with riri than her. i bet u she hates it.

  • Gia

    beyonce is not jocking rhianna. remember rhianna’s lace front talkin about pon de replay, she’s fake as hell so lets not give her any credit fags

  • Sassy

    Two talented woman in one video? WHat!

  • Nikki

    Um..How is Beyonce copying off Rihanna. B has been in the game way longer and is much better at it might i add. If anything Rihanna need some tips from B, I mean I like RiRi don’t get me wrong but this is better compared 2 that wack video she just came out with…

  • Nikki

    Oh..Nice vid though.

  • JJ

    WOW! WOW! WOW!!!!!!!!
    That was HOT!!!!
    Gaga Is a STAR!!

  • Kiki dee

    I didnt care for the song before butt…….add a cool video and a dash of GaGa and BAM!!!!! InstaHIT!!
    I now love the song!! and the video is bangin!!!

  • kelly




  • LadyTron 2.1


    I think “all” the hate is coming from ONE sad Craptina Uglyera fan….LOL.
    Sorry Hunny, Christina has been kicked to the curb a long a$$ time ago…
    Face it, she’s old, OLD news.
    this video WILL be #1.


  • hipporox

    lame and boring

  • diggit

    Crazy good! Gaga & Beyonce?!?! two strong women join forces!
    Bravo!! good for them and women everywhere!
    So many chicks just wanna hate (lame)
    awesome video!

  • bobo

    Why is (a laughing) Beyonce machine gunning the ‘Rhianna’ figure at the end?

  • xxx

    Hahaha!! Notice all the negitave comments are coming from girls!!
    Hahahaha!! Typical!!
    chicks are haters.

  • Spanish gal

    Lady gaga’s dancing is hilarious. she can sing but her dancing is bad.

  • Abe

    that video is sick! Now I cant wait to see LG’s Telephone video!!!

  • P.Co

    Viva la Gaga!!!