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Lady Gaga's Performance is Contemporary Art Speechless

Lady Gaga's Performance is Contemporary Art Speechless

Lady Gaga plays a pink piano at the MOCA New 30th Anniversary Gala at L.A.’s Museum of Contemporary Art on Saturday (November 14).

The 23-year-old “Bad Romance” singer performed her new song “Speechless” alongside Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli while members of Russia’s Bolshoi ballet troupe danced.

“For me, art is a lie, and the artists are there to create lies we kill when we make it true,” Lady Gaga told the Wall Street Journal. “Francesco and I were like warriors on stage, trying to make a true moment.”

“Art is life, life is art,” Gaga shared. “The question is, what came first?”

10+ pictures inside of Lady Gaga performing at the MOCA Anniversary Gala…

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lady gaga moca performance 01
lady gaga moca performance 02
lady gaga moca performance 03
lady gaga moca performance 04
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Photos: John Shearer/Getty
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  • pup

    Well. That’s erm, interesting. o.O

  • yobi dvignati.

    cannot wait to go to her concert in december.

  • Maybelle

    She’s borderline weird but man, she’s a friggin talent.

  • BBQ

    i thought she was 23

  • http://mno carlos

    shes 23, not 25.

  • sweetgossip

    I like the Prada skirt on her.

  • lisa

    I heard a bit of that performance. That girl can SING.

  • meh

    looks like shes wearing a garbage bag on her head

  • Nay

    Lame hag.

  • hmm

    someone’s trying to pull a madonna. hey, lady gag-me no matter how hard you try you will never shake the bridge & tunnel trash that runs through your veins. even with her fake accent and artsy clothes you will never have the longevity that true artists have you trendy monkey.

  • Mickey

    her performance is great,tho her outfit is a little bit crazy.anyway she is really hot.check out her sexy video at w w w . u s e x e d . c o m/sexy

  • black

    Oh————I know what came first!!!
    First came a brown haired, very plain looking girl in normal clothes no one cared for——then, one day that girl decited to put on a clowns costume—–and BAM——-voila…………………..there you have your art.

  • gold

    this girl has that follie! that not even madonna thought of.where as madonna reinvented herself with different cultures and time eras,and even spoke about other such artist like britney, christina,and gwen.on how they copied her and how she( madonna ) was the first .but as for lady gaga… even the queen of pop has admitted lady gaga is different. unlike all the others .everyday is hallowen and who cares. when she sings and performs on stage even those who say they dont like her have to admitt they cant stop looking at her. she makes you want to see what shes going to do next. and umm….. you gotta admit. she has real talent .can any of the others play piano?

  • christine (WeHo)

    “For me, art is a lie, and the artists are there to create lies we kill when we make it true,”
    I was just mentioning something like that this weekend. So true.

  • haha

    seriously.. his fans truly living in their own shell thinking that this tranny is very original.. haha… copy his style??? haha I think the other way..
    n different doesn’t always mean good.. you can also be different just wear a thong in the crowd street.. cheap rite.. yeah that’s just how easy to get attention..
    & he is really ugly.. not attractive at all.. at least xtina n britney way more beautiful for men (I mean real men,if u know what I mean).. hahaha..

  • Fiona

    I think she might have been tortured as a child or something! She definitely likes to shock and scare people!

  • me

    I think she’s pretty awesome but all that “Art Life, which came first” talk gets to my nerves, its so typical 20something kid trying to sound smart at the coffee place. Shut up Gaga and limit yourself to singing and putting on weird clothes for our enjoyment.

  • rhonda

    well………. I like her music her outfits are insanity tho

  • Neorules2112

    I swear this thing has a Penis … Yuck !!!

  • whoopiepie

    she is for sure wacko!

  • Noticias de famosos

    It’s fantastic. I love your new video clip Bad Romance!

  • soho

    U mean LADY GAG GAG!!!

  • Stone

    Send OUT the clowns!

  • Perfect Couple

    GaGa is Great. What an amazing Style! She’s very provacative!

  • chloo*

    That girl is insane…

  • Andrea


  • Spence

    What an amazing talent! Im speachless!!
    <3 her!!!

  • Manny

    WOW!!! She is great!
    cant wait for the Monster Ball!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!

  • jess


    2010 YEAR OF THE GAGA ! ! ! !


  • Romy

    Lady gaga is a true talent! She is the voice of our generation.
    this performance is amazing!
    Viva La Gaga!!

  • polly

    she wrote the song, played the paino, sang live and put the her performance together……….Yeah she’s not a talent or anything!!
    Gaga is on top of the world, Haters to the back of the line!
    hahaha! deal with it.

  • weho

    One word = Amazing

  • 15

    Dang!! That girl can SING!!!! she is such a talent! I love her!

  • Woopie

    Gaga Ooh LaLa!!
    She is HOT!!

  • Ronda

    I love her style! She’s totally interesting to me. And she has the talent to back it all up imo.

    She gets an A from me.

  • Lovely Lindsay

    She is from another planet. The V have arrived!

  • Ka-blamo

    She’s the Crypt Keeper’s wife.

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    Too bad it was existantless as well!

  • mayer

    lol.. She is like a old and ugly PLUS SHe can’t sing ballad.. hoho

  • Meeee

    That doesn’t make sense. If life is art and art is life, then they arrived at the same time because they’re one

  • Stone


  • Art8Fashion

    What is old is new again.

    David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Missing Persons, Madonna, Iggy Pop, Pink Floyd, etc – there are so many other artists that have already included “art shock” performance, costume, etc with their music.

    MTV (when it used to show music videos) was full of artists like Lady GG. She is not being original at all.

    I like some of her songs and parts of some of her songs.

    Everything comes back again, and again and again.


  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    That’s no lady! It’s Lady Gaga.

  • John

    You people arent very smart, are you? Most of her clothes she makes herself and they usually have a meaning behind them. She doesn’t just wear random clothes just because she feels like it or craves attention. I know this sounds redundant, but it’s art. I wouldnt even think of comparing to other pop singers. She can sing better than most of them, she plays piano, she designs her own clothes, and she writes her own songs. She is pure talent and most people arent going to understand that until she is around for over a decade. Typical people, so quick to judge what they can’t understand.