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Nicole Kidman Covers Ladies' Home Journal

Nicole Kidman Covers Ladies' Home Journal

Nicole Kidman is all smiles on the December 2009/January 2010 cover of Ladies’ Home Journal.

The 42-year-old Aussie actress spoke to LHJ about being a private person, love and breastfeeding.

On being a private person: “I would never write a memoir. There are things that happen behind closed doors, and that’s where they belong. I’m not secretive. I’m protective.”

On being in love: “I love being in love. I believe in the power of love, the way it can heal. The more you keep choosing it—because there are times when you can choose to be angry at the person or to love him—the more it nourishes a family.”

On breastfeeding: “They’re not very big, my boobs, so they just became normal size. I loved it! I felt very Woman. When you’ve had a slightly androgynous body your whole life, having breasts is a nice feeling.”

Nicole‘s issue of Ladies’ Home Journal hits newsstands November 24 (next Tuesday)!

Bigger pic inside…

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54 Responses to “Nicole Kidman Covers Ladies' Home Journal”

  1. 1
    lica Says:

    She is an amazing woman! i love her too much!

  2. 2
    Tealeaf Says:

    Frozen Face

  3. 3
    Tealeaf Says:

    Frozen Face

  4. 4
    Peoplefan Says:

    What am SO SICK of is the botox. Those lips look just terrible. She is a pretty woman and takes away from that with the botox. Lay off, Hollywood. Embrace natural beauty!!

  5. 5
    brenda Says:

    I love Nicole, she is beautiful, intelligent, talented.

  6. 6
    taco Says:

    stupid people. it’s just a photoshop cover…she looks very good in the pics inside:

    get informed morons.

  7. 7
    paul Says:

    She is wonderful!

  8. 8
    marcus Says:

    awful cover. enough with this photoshop. it ruins a great beauty like nicole.
    thanks taco she does look very well in the pics inside. beautiful and young

  9. 9
    paul Says:

    Don’t worry taco. Just empty people, they need attention.
    Nic is an incredible woman, we know about this.

  10. 10
    vanessa Says:

    She looks stunning.

  11. 11
    mary Says:

    I agree with you paul.

  12. 12
    kiko Says:

    bad photoshop work…but Nicole looks specactular in the last few days…

  13. 13
    carl Says:

    she’s always very wise and beautiful. a class act.

  14. 14
    Sonia0404 Says:

    She’s really very wise and candid about herself, gives out a true and warm feeling.

  15. 15
    CAMMIE Says:

    Everyone knows she botoxes alot…it has nothing to do with photoshopping

    Also what’s so great about her

  16. 16
    Annie Says:

    I love her!!! So glad she is finally happy and away from that mad man she was married to. GO NIC!

  17. 17
    dinna Says:

    Nicole is a very intelligent woman, the women seem to have envy.

  18. 18
    michaela Says:

    I like her honesty and hope she doesn’t give in to a boob job. They looked enormous for the CMA award show.

  19. 19
    Lovely Lindsay Says:

    I think her body is fine! Her husband is very lucky. She is under a confidentiality agreement with Tom and the church. She can’t say anything.

  20. 20
    celebcritc Says:

    Relieved Ladies Home Journal didn’t allow her to dress up as a ********** like GQ magazine

    Love this article..

  21. 21
    NeedFactCheck Says:

    #16-Cammie “Everyone knows she botoxes alot…it has nothing to do with photoshopping”

    Your statement shows you are an absolute moron. So, she only “botoxes” for the cover, but not the inside pages? lmao!!

  22. 22
    Lovely Lindsay Says:

    She doesn’t botox. She is perfect! –

  23. 23
    **JAMIE** Says:

    i love her but damn her face is frozen

  24. 24
    Rhonda Says:

    she looks very beautiful and happy in this picture, Very nice!

  25. 25
    Chef de Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    You’d think breast feeding would fall under the private person category.

  26. 26
    shelby Says:

    How could anyone ever be angry with Keith Urban? Impossible.

  27. 27
    davis Says:

    Stunning article and stunning lady. I really like the interview and what she says.

  28. 28
    AutumnM Says:

    Nic is an attractive woman, but she does not look beautiful in this picture. Her lips look odd and her face looks frozen. Lay off the botox Nicole!

  29. 29
    AutumnM Says:

    Nice interview though. Nicole seems to come off a lot better in written interviews and magazine articles then tv interviews. God know’s her tv interviews are boring and she always seems so stiff, ditzy and awkward on TV. I wonder why her magazine interviews are always better?

  30. 30
    dabu Says:

    You that criticize her for botox and her lips are like lemmings following the head lemming to drown in the sea.

    Her lips are no worse than any other hollywood star’s are. In fact Huffington Post had a photo montage of her lips from when she first started out to now. You can barely notice the difference.

    Secondly if I may point out–whether she uses botox or not is moot. When have you seen a female (and often male) actor/actress on the cover of any magazine with a wrinkle.

    Why aren’t any of you criticizing Aniston. Her face is just as frozen. Have you seen her try to wrinkle her forehead? Or what about any other star over 25? You have seen very few of them wrinkle their forehead. Yet I don’t see the ire and meaness where they are concerned. Aniston says she is natural even tho a roommate said she had had plastic surgery on her face. Even tho if you compare pics of her to when she started out you can clearly tell she has had work done and she denies it. Where is the hate and the cruelty against her because she is clearly lying. Or what about Tom Cruise. Brad Pitt. Jolie. Witherspoon, Depp and most of the other over 30 A-Listers. Even Katie Holmes. They have clearly had work done when you compare their pics to earlier ones. You may lose weight, but your nose, your lips, your eyes etc. don’t change.

    Personally I think those that continuously bring up Kidman negatively for botox etc. are Scientologists trying to bring her down. They don’t criticize other actors that have clearly had much much more work and deny it. Only Kidman.

    Stay Strong Nicole. Your fans are behind you.

  31. 31
    eliza Says:

    This woman has class.

  32. 32
    Zzarazza Says:

    Awful! They did something strange, her face looks flattened. I like her very much but not on this cover.

  33. 33
    Victoria Says:

    Worst. Actress. Ever.

    And she’s a media *****. She NEVER turns down a magazine cover. Even though her covers routinely are the worst sellers of the year.

    She thinks she’s intelligent but she’s not. She once did an interivew with Oprah in which she said “My mother loved refinery.” She meant “finery” but somehow this terrible full of herself actress wasn’t aware of the faux pas she made.

    Totaly phony.

    I admire actresses who don’t pose for covers of magazines.

  34. 34
    @Victoria Says:

    Almost every actress out there has posed for a cover of a magazine – so just who do you admire that hasn’t?

    And refinery is a word. Didn’t see the interview and don’t know the context. But it is a word. Furthermore Kidman doesn’t shine in interviews as she is very shy (almost anyone who knows her and has said anything about her has said this) and doesn’t give a good one. And, by the way her IQ is well into the mid-130′s. Much smarter than your average actress. Plenty of actors and others have made far worse faux pas and never known it.
    Nice try Ms. Scientologist.
    Her covers are NOT routinely the worst sellers of the year. Go back over the last five years and look at the stats.

  35. 35
    melody Says:

    She is so beautiful~~~~

    I love the pics in the mag!!

    Gorgeous woman always!!!!

  36. 36
    kimo Says:

    LOVE u Nicole
    u r the best

  37. 37
    layla Says:

    I love her to death

  38. 38
    Nessynha Says:

    Because so much gets on her foot?
    just because it applied botox?
    Life is it, the face is hers, she does what you want;;
    For God’s sake, if you will judge him, jugu the professional competence, that alias, I’m sure nobody has anything to criticize, why take so heavy on the question of botox;
    if you do not like it …. that is your problem .. do not need to come here to make unnecessary comments!

  39. 39
    donna Says:

    She said,
    “I would never write a memoir. There are things that happen behind closed doors, and that’s where they belong. I’m not secretive. I’m protective.” but why she still talking about her past relationship to Tom?

  40. 40
    hopeso Says:

    Nicole looks gorgeous i cant wait to buy the mag and read the whole article… LOVE HER.

  41. 41
    tulip Says:

    JJ, thanks for updating news about Nicole Kidman.

  42. 42
    Two Says:

    Is your argument really ‘other people do it so leave Nicole alone or at least bug them for awhile,’ #30?

    Good question, #39.

  43. 43
    Pippi Says:

    Thank God Nicole is free and with a REAL man who adores her and I am so happy that she has a real marriage and a beautiful child to provide a a normal life for. Hope she will be able to one day spend time with her older children (hopefully one day they will be able to escape their bondage) and celebrate a genuine relationship that has not be possible in the past.

    A lovely lady who deserves happiness. Good luck Nicole.

  44. 44
    ellie' Says:

    Nichole looks perfect. and some great actress.

  45. 45
    missy Says:

    LMAO at Victoria’s #33 comment! Sorry Victoria but you sound a little high and mighty for someone reading JustJared! Every actor, musician, and writer promotes their product. You might not like Nicole but your facts are wrong about her magazine covers. Her covers are one of the highest grossing. She’s an icon and sounds like a sweet lady. Good luck to her and Keith.

  46. 46
    Courtney Says:

    she looks great can’t wait to see her in nine over the christmas holiday of course she’s not the only good/great actress over 40 in that film the Legendary Sophia Loren also is

  47. 47
    Two Says:

    There are so many things wrong with that post, #43.

  48. 48
    beautiful Says:

    i just love this pic! i looked at the inside pics and she looked even more gorgeous! i dont think she botoxes and how can you say she is frozen if the picture is frozen.?

  49. 49
    jenny Says:

    i lost all my interest in her when she denied having any kind of plastic surgery or enhancement. Good Lord….she had botox, lip enhancement, rhinoplasty, and breast implants. I even think she had liposuction on her knees. Who is she kidding?????? She does look good though!

  50. 50
    Kimberly Nurse Says:

    Will she have another child?

  51. 51
    mary joe Says:


  52. 52
    2doves Says:

    I would REALLY appreaciate it if Nicole’s fans would desist from accusing those who have opinions of Nicole that are other than sycophantic as being ‘Scientologists’. Some of us are normal intelligent human beings who are not sucked in by the false illusion that Hollywood and the media tries to wrap around their mealtickets. The best way to form an unbiased opinion of Nicole is to watch ALL of her interviews; the most recent with Conan. She is excrutiatingly ditzy, clueless, self-conscious, mentally disorganised, inconsistent, hypocritical, pathetically provocative, and seemingly uneducated. ‘Shyness’ is no excuse … she is an actor trained over nearly 3 decades … it is nothing more than an act for people to think she is sweet & cute. She has turned herself into a barbie icon persona and presents a new ‘idea’ of herself whichever way the wind is blowing: vamp, mom, avant garde actor, country-gal, princess, serious humanitarian …. whatever is expedient to her product. I am particularly perturbed at the entire world of journalists, writers, bloggers et al being accused of ‘miscontruing’ her and taking her words ‘out of context’. Nicole knows EXACTLY what she is doing, despite her pathetic retractions, and that is to remain the media and red carpet ***** and fashion junkie that she has become; a role which far outshines her ‘work’ as an aspirant actor.

    Please, also resist slagging Tom just because he is now in her past. She has admitted that she became famous because of her marriage to him, as we all know, so there is no need now to congratulate her for ‘escaping’. He dumped her, as no doubt Keith will too when he wakes up out of his daze. I am not a fan of either Tom nor Keith (except for his guitar skills), however, I dislike (Tom in particular) being made into the devil, simply because of his personal spiritual practices. she scored big-time through him. I am not a scientologist; but I have eyes, ears and a brain.


  53. 53
    2doves Says:

    in case I am now accused of being uneducated; spell check:


    (and various punctuation sins which don’t alter the meaning)

  54. 54
    2doves Says:

    A question to all women who have had children: when your breasts grow bigger during pregnancy and breastfeading, do they go back to what they were before in size, albeit probably a bit more sagging? Or do they stay as enlarged as they were prior to breastfeeding?

    Nicole’s current lips are a mistake. She has miscalculated in terms of the effect she was clearly hoping to achieve. Yes, there is airbrushing too, but only to smooth out the deformities she now has as a result of plumping them up. Those that are in denial, do not accuse those of us who can see with our own eyes as being ‘jealous’.

    Each to their own.

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