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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Anniversary Dinner at Abe & Louie's!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Anniversary Dinner at Abe & Louie's!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes celebrate their anniversary at Abe & Louie’s in Boston on Sunday (November 15).

The couple, who married November 18, 2006, had dinner at the steak house and returned to their hotel after eating and celebrating.

Later, Tom and Suri, 3, went out for a walk and bottle break before bedtime.

Tom is currently working on Knight & Day in Boston while Katie films The Romantics on Long Island.

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tom cruise katie holmes anniversary dinner 01
tom cruise katie holmes anniversary dinner 02
tom cruise katie holmes anniversary dinner 03
tom cruise katie holmes anniversary dinner 04

Credit: Stickman; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • rainbow

    How do you know that they were celebrating their anniversary? Their anniversary is on Wednesday. I hope they had a nice night if they were celebrating early.

  • Fake Showbiz Couple

    Katie desperately wants to get out of her contract to Tom. That’s why she always looks like a hobo. Tom wanted her to look like Victoria Beckham.

  • Katie Holmes

    The reason I always look like HELL is because I’m trying to get out of my marriage contract to Tom. It’s like when you can’t quit a job because you’ll lose the money, so I’m trying to get myself fired. Tom won’t want a tramp for a wife, it will be bad for his masculine image. He needs to be seen with a slinky glamorous woman. That’s why he tried to get me to be like Victoria Beckham.

  • Homer Simpson

    Katie thought being Tom’s wife would give her a career boost but it back fired. Tom became the punch line to every joke & now she is rebelling against his regime.

  • Keith Urban

    She’s trying to get Tom to divorce her because she must be contracted to be his fake wife for 10 years (like Nicole). If she backs out of the contract, she will lose out on the big payday.

  • MC Hammer

    This is NOT the image Tom wants for a wife. He wants someone glamorous/sexy to make him look more like a red blooded man.

  • Brad Pitt

    TOM CRUISE (the brand) is married to a fat slob. That’s not good for business. Katie is damaging Toms career.

  • Vanilla Ice

    The whole Hollywood system of fake wives for gay actors fascinates me. I would love to know exactly how it works. Do they actually live together? Or is it just a matter of living on film locations & then doing photo opportunities.

  • Bono

    There are many reasons to find Tom Cruise a worry. There’s his fully functioning WWII fighter plane. He thinks we are descendants from super-intelligent aliens. He slaps his thighs when he laughs (weird).

  • Suri in Heels Falls in Rain
  • Mr. Holmes

    Kate looks like a dull man again.

  • bottle break before bedtime!!!

    now they are flaunting it.

  • Ween Suri!

    orget her professional help for her autism.

  • maggiebell

    Holy mother of god. They are letting a 3 year and 7 month old child drink from a bottle? What is wrong with these people?

  • to 11

    i’m sure it didn’t help that kate cut the safety ankle straps off.

  • mailey

    they’re creepy in so many ways. but then again they’re always together. it’s kinda sweet.
    jen&ben are never together.

  • AEP

    Big deal. She got paid to be his beard, whats to celebrate? The re-newal of the contract?

  • Like Mother Like Daughter
  • Susie#1

    This is a “happy” couple celebrating their third anniversary? OMG! What a show they put on. They are looking more and more like wax figures; Katie’s smirk is now frozen. By the way, how did the paps know where and when to photograph Tom and Suri??? The picture in US of Suri in the rain is very disturbing on many levels: first, of course, is that she’s wearing heels again and wearing them in the rain; she’s hunched over and looks cold and wet, and is dressed like a hooker. Sorry folks, but this is a dysfunctional family. Get the kid some help, please!

  • Like Mother Like Daughter
  • OMG Suri is still in DIAPERS!!

    On the second pic of #/9, you can see the diapers

  • rainbow

    #22, calm down! Those photos weretaken over 2 years ago.

  • OMG Suri is still in DIAPERS!!

    Oh… but these pics are dating from 2 years ago, and it’s katie wearing the heels…

    Anyways, it’s wrong IMO to sexualize a little 3 years old girl with high heels. Predators look for that, young girl dressing and acting as if they were women.

  • pr person

    Looks like she attempted to ‘dress’ up for dinner with Crazy. She just forgot to fix her hair and put on some makeup. Actually, neither one of them is looking so good.

    Interesting picture of Crazy out walking with a bottle toting Suri. He isn’t grinning like his usual loony self. Can tell this wasn’t a prearranged photo… that is for sure. Wonder what time that picture was taken?

  • uhurapike

    Love extremely gay Tom, so Jackie O!

  • la salle

    lovely couple

  • Sonia0404

    LMAO, the bottle break!! What’s next? Diaper break in public?
    Yes, Tittytinytom did look fumed in the picture with the certified brat biting down on her bottle!!

    Now I am so happy for the Catholic preschool in Boston, for dodging the bullet of having Suri, the autistic brat in their school.

    Imagine how this child may soil the classroom with her loaded diapers, or kick some other kids with her hooker heels and scream all day non-stop, then ask for bottles.

    And no wonder Suri’s female pimp looks all caca in the morning, bottle break before the bedtime, maybe 3:00 am or crack of dawn bottle duties, hehe!!!

    That’s the price she’s gotta pay to be the beard for a fanatic cultist.

  • anon

    All this trash talk makes some of you disgusting not Katie and Tom.
    Like they care what you say.Many people love them and they are more bless and happy than you miserable nuts.

  • cara

    Beautiful couple and Suri is just a doll.

    They are wonderful parents and will be for a long haul as a family.

  • quincymob

    Tom is so Jackie O! Classy Tom!

  • losers in this site

    God bless them……the All American family. Thanks JJ.

  • eureka

    They are close to having it all. This is a family who makes do first with their kids and each other so there;s something to be said and admired about that.

    Cant wait for the Palin interviews.

  • pecantortes

    I AGREE WITH uhurapike and quincymob!! We are the classy fans of Tomkat! We are so Jackie O. !

  • Sonia0404

    @pecantortes: No, no, no, I am Jackie O., not that I don’t admire her, but I am not dead, yet.

    Both the Homely beard and the titty tome are so Jackie, they both look zombie dead.

  • pecantortes

    By the way, anyone here knows why all my posting history at IMDb has disappeared into the void??! Anyone??? What happen to my classy Jackie O posts on IMDb?

  • ellie’

    They are both wonderful parents..This Cruise family is staying together.. Happy Anniversary..Tom & Katie..

  • ivorkwicky

    Pecantortes! My whole package so talented posting history is gone too! …?? I guess our beauty in&out was too classy for the trashy troll at IMDb with his many accounts! Jealous and envious of our classiness.

  • tlc

    OH TOMKAT *_*

  • uhurapike

    ivorkwicky and pecantortes!! My God blessed posting history has been deleted too! How come?! Anyone here has any idea why?? Why this serial deleting of our All American posts at IMDb?

  • he is a nut

    Tom gets on my nerves. why isn’t anyone talking about his scientolgy practices of talking to objects? he talks to ashtrays , bottles, doorknobs and who knows what else.

  • quincymob

    uhurapike ivorkwicky and pecantortes!! You are my closest friends! And the trashy IMDb administrators, jealous and envious, are disgusting! They have deleted my posting history too!

  • Tidbit

    Unbelievable that they are parading the kid around with a bottle in her mouth. Can’t they ever say NO use a sippy cup?
    Tom and Katie both look like robots.

  • quincymob

    F’U*C,K_ IMDB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *enraged grin*

  • AEP

    #29, Yes, they DO CARE what we think! How stupid are you? WE (the public), are the ones that choose to watch or not watch their movies. If they are not liked, we don’t spend the $. And this is one gal who would rather watch the cat pee than watch anything that either one of them do. And BTW, for those stupid people who keep saying “God bless them”, they don’t believe in God, they believe in xenu, so knock it off butt wipes.

  • gop

    Tom and Katie will do great things unlike the very few haters stuck in message boards cowardly and anonymously.

  • uhurapike

    Right now some actor/director is probably looking at Tom’s pics and getting inspired to do American Psycho 2. Thanks JJ !!!

  • lol

    They are sweet and an amazing family. Take notes,trolls.

  • pecantortes

    uhurapike, are you banned from IMDb? because I think I am… Do you have any idea why?

  • Lovely Lindsay

    They are the perfect couple. He is a perfect husband and very giving! A very generous person!

  • shutup

    Why are u guys hating so much on such a nice, sweet and truthful to ???? Everyday u NERDS do this. They r going to shut this site down if u dont cool ur jets!! U shouldnt be hating so much on tom and katie but on brangelina and their gypsy ways…….i mean please………they cant decide where they want to live or what they want to do………they are living the gypsy life and its going to wreak havoc on those kids when they get older plus u always here of them fighting nver btwn tomkat……..that’s why i like them……..he’s monogamous and she’s monogamous.