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Victoria Beckham is Foxtail Foxy

Victoria Beckham is Foxtail Foxy

Victoria Beckham walks through London’s Heathrow Airport sporting a fierce new handbag from Louis Vuitton on Saturday (November 14).

The 35-year-old fashionista toted her swag in a Louis Vuitton Fox Tail Fur Tassels messenger bag, which comes from LV‘s Spring/Summer 2010 collection. The bag isn’t even in stores yet!

Victoria and son Brooklyn recently visited underprivileged kids in Clay County, Kentucky to promote Save The Children‘s programs in the U.S.

“”What I saw in Clay Country was the hope and promise inherent in every child,” Victoria said. “That’s why we have to make sure every single child has a fair and equal start in life.”

“I’m pleased Brooklyn is learning that, by helping and joining other children, he can play a role in making his generation the greatest yet.”

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  • Trish

    She looks soooo hot! LOVE THE LOUIS!

  • Sheri

    This woman needs to eat…she looks scarily thin.

  • coco

    I do not like the purse, but love her visiting those kids in Kentucky and wearing flats and actually smiling.

  • Liv

    That purse has a whole animal tail thing attached to it. VIc needs to lay off the anorexia a bit. She’s looking like a stick.

  • sun

    oh what a vision of fugliness!!!

  • ivanka

    i love her new hairtsyle..

  • Dorie

    That bag is hideous.

  • Sue

    maybe someone should cut off her arm and attach it to their purse.

  • yvonne

    that is so sad. a fox had to die for that bag to look so ugly.

  • jenna

    someone should cut off her leg or another limb s she knows how it feels. disgusting how people think that is fashionable. she looks completely ridiculous.

  • ugh

    Does this BITCH ever SIT HER ASS DOWN?

    Does she fly to London every week? BITCH stay in England and never come back. What type of mother is she?

    Every picture of her is in an airport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zombie Posh

    she’s always been thin , right? but what is going on with her bulky shoulders? that is a new look for her

  • Laureen@JJ

    OMG!!!! that bag is amazing!!!!

  • sweetgossip

    This woman always looks chic and fierce, love her.

  • rrr

    I think it is faux..i hope:)

  • sharon

    LMAO what these celebrities would do or pay for something as fugly as this purse …I could care less who made it but a fox tail !!! Next they will be wearing raccons or squirrel tails as hats like Davy Crocket LOL !!!

  • VicDavBeck

    I love the bag but it would be much better tail-less (fur) but then again we are not 100% that the tail is real fur soooooooooo wait and see.

  • lame

    The cloth ho is once again on the move to compet out of her class. She usually is off for at least a week with out seeing her kids. Her saggy skin dude is going to get off for more than six month with out seeing his family all the time . Who is rasing those kids? They are an example of couples shouldn’t be but the tabolids doesn’t care about them . They are pretty much nobodies here and in England it is ok for them I guess , the funny thing is the rags over there bash other people when they do like that.

  • VicDavBeck

    100% sure sorry.

  • vicky b.

    Why she didn’t wear her usual “non imaginative pantie -liner -show ” zombi dress of hers here?
    7 days , 365 days a year work out and excessive dieting just for this? She just doesn’t impress me much but it a lot better from her guant upper body she normaly has.

  • fallen angel

    Cute haircut+ cool bag+hot body gosh she’s fierce /haters just go to your damn left already.

  • Mousse

    I think she looks very very hungry.

  • May

    That bag is ridiculous.

  • media robot

    i’m ususally a fan but she and her bag looks aweful…dag VB what’s going on….

  • Green Eyes

    Fox tail?? This is SO sick. Why the disconnect – an animal died so she could have it’s tail on her bag, then it’s beautiful tail was dyed orange. How useless and unnecessary. What’s next? Kitten tails, puppy tails?? Same thing, just a different animal.

  • kid

    that’s DISGUSTING!!!!
    using a cute innocent creature’s tail.
    Shame on LV & Posh for promoting it.
    no need for such decadance.

  • AEP

    She looks like a freak! And stupid idiot losers only buy real fur these days. NOT Cool….Please don’t support the killing of animals for fashion.

  • remember da truth

    #19 lame you sure have a great name. You can’t even spell! What makes you think she’s not with her kids, or David isn’t? Are you really so stupid that you think she only exists when you see her in photos? Like you’re from some tribe that’s never encountered modern technology and don’t realize she has a life outside of photos?


    And all the “skinny” comments by jealous heifers are getting old.

  • christine (WeHo)

    She finally doesnt look constipated.

  • modaluna

    lovely fun bag- I like it.

  • Justineme

    what she already has the hot Vuitton bag?????? what a lucky bit%%%.

  • Fiona

    I hate VB. She is the most annoying, vacuous, self obsessed, fame seeking cow on the face of the planet and so is her dumbass husband!

  • Ahhh…

    Ugly meets Ugly- Perfect!

  • Ada

    Re: Ugh-
    She’s no mother to those kids- that’s what nannies are for. “Real” mums do not leave their children as much as this vile woman does.
    They probably just had the kids to use as props in their so-called fairy-tale existence of the so-called “perfect family” Hate the beckhams’- they are fake, greedy, selfish, narcissistic, showy and Vile!

  • Ka-blamo


  • rhonda

    Im diggin the hairstyle and the but the bag is a bit much….to each his own

  • rhonda

    Im diggin the hairstyle and the but the bag is a bit much….to each his own

  • mochalina

    She looks so good with the new hairstyle.
    I find it hilarious how people waste their time hating a person they never even met or will meet. Wasting time on nonsensical negativity won’t improve your life.

  • Perfect Couple

    She looks really good. Her husband is amazing!

  • wendy

    Man she just ROCKS this look, and the haircut is perfection. Not a fan of the bag though, but SHE makes it work!

  • Stone

    Somebody get that girl a quarter pounder with cheese!

  • josephine

    do you need any more evidence this woman is a desperate attention-seeking poseur? that kind of low-slung bag is supposed to be worn more to the side or even a little to the back. the way she wears it, right in front of her left thigh so that every time she takes a step, it slaps against her leg and hinders her movement and which I’m pretty sure feels rather cumbersome, is all designed to make sure the world sees her and that foxtail right out in front. she’s ridiculous, all that effort and inconvenience for LOOK-AT-ME-ME-ME overexposure. go away go away go away

    and that poor fox…that tail accessory is so tasteless and unnecessory. stella mccartney won’t be sending her any clothes anytime soon, i gather

  • cassie

    like her hair!

  • Jeannified

    Beautiful b ag, but very sad that a fox had to die and sacrifice his tail for it. SO unnecessary! She is ridiculous, with her nonstop fashion issues!

  • anon

    I so hope that the tail faux.
    It’s so cruel that an animal has to die just to make a fashion accessorie which in a few months will no longer be fashionable.
    It’s also said because faux can look exactly the same without something having to die, just so people with too much money can wear it.

    I also 100% with the person that mentioned dog/cat tails. The world would go mental if it was a dogs tail…….why is it so different if its a fox?

    Anyhoo fingers crossed its faux other wise she deserves a slap.

    On a side note, cute hair! (Maybe I’ll shave it off and knit a cardi)

  • Lovely Lindsay

    Glad DAvid stopped cheating on her.

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    Somebody throw that girl a bone!

  • mon

    I’m pretty sure that’s real fox, and I’m pretty sure she’s a complete moron for buying it. Who cares if an animals dies, just as long as you think you look stylish. Idiot.

  • meyouus

    She’s an anorexic skank! I do not care how many underpriveleged US slums she flits into and then flits out of- she’s still a Skank!

  • Nana

    Zombie…You’re joking right? Her shoulders aren’t bulky, she is just getting to skinny that they are sticking out.