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Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell Supports Elton John's AIDS Foundation

Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell Supports Elton John's AIDS Foundation

Daniel Craig and his longtime girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell attend the 8th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation’s “An Enduring Vision” benefit at Cipriani Wall Street on Monday (November 16) in New York City.

The 39-year-old actor wore a Tom Ford three-piece suit, tie, pocket square and cap-toe shoes.

The Elton John AIDS Foundation supports innovative HIV prevention programs and helps efforts to eliminate stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS.

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daniel craig satsuki mitchell enduring vision 01
daniel craig satsuki mitchell enduring vision 02
daniel craig satsuki mitchell enduring vision 03
daniel craig satsuki mitchell enduring vision 04
daniel craig satsuki mitchell enduring vision 05
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daniel craig satsuki mitchell enduring vision 07

Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty, Larry Busacca/Wireimage
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  • MjSylvie

    You have rejuvenated Daniel two years. Bravo! Still as alluring but I think he has the haggard, poor thing! Beautiful pictures in all!

  • ****

    it looks like they both had some juverderm.

  • Guinness

    That is a cute picture of them. together. enjoying Dan’s leg. They both are dressed nicely. I hoped they danced the night away! (thx for the heads up Mendel & anonymous!! )

  • mendel

    Maybe Dan feels forever 39 ;)

    (and better to be thought younger, than to be made older!)

    Great pics! Dan is very handsome…but yes, there is one pic where he does look a bit haggard – hopefully he got a good feed afterwards!

  • Guinness–39?

    Um, wow. His age has been posted on your own web site before, correctly. She may be and I think she is 39, but Dan is the same age as Hugh–look it up jaaayyy jaayyy!! wow.

  • She does……

    look preggy!

  • Bianca

    I love Daniel so much!!!

  • Bianca
  • to 6

    Is she pregnant?

  • ****

    thats how she is built, she looks like that in photos 6months ago

  • British

    I love the man but wow, its amazing how one horrific moustache can make him look SO bad. Hopefully once he’s done with Hugh Jackman it will be gone forever!! =D

  • to she does

    here we go again! do you know how many people have come on this board in the last 18 months or so to say that she looks preggy? almost as many who have come out and said that the two of them are deeply in love and married. i just blew up one of the pictures. it’s the way the dress is designed in the front.

  • ****

    What is it with his eye…..he always looks drunk or sad!

  • Oh!James!
  • to 13

    he looks the same to me, when ever he’s photographed beside satsuki these days, unhappy. you know, i looked at a recent photo of pierce brosnan and keeley shaye smith taken by a friend of mine. there is no doubt that pierce is very much in love with his wife, the way he was holding keeley, smiling at her, the body language. then i look at satsuki and daniel together and i don’t get the same feeling. the feeling i get is more like “brother and sister”.

  • Stacey Sox

    He looks great. Luv the stache!

  • ****

    Wow! that might be there relationship now, but in the past the look was different, I think of couples in the past years one seem happy the other seem to be going through the motions. I E brad and jen, ben and jlo, and others

  • MAC

    His body shape is so beautiful.

  • this isn’t good…

    I agree with the posters on the last thread. WTF? What the he*l is up with her lip and the crap on top of the upper lip? Daniel, do whatever you have to to stay in excellent health! As was said on the last Daniel thread, ‘boy, put your raincoat on!’ lol!

  • body language
    Daniel is very shy for the press.He cuts loose on private life.

  • ????

    those pictures are from a year ago

  • Guinness–style

    Why do people sacrifice being stylish for looking frumpled? The 3 piece suit is fantastic with matching tie and her dress. They really should practice what pose looks good in that 40 foot mirror they have in their HOUSE overlooking Manhattan? (just guessing, but who wouldn’t? have a HUGE mirror?) She wears in-style clothes but nortoriously not flattering… I don’t think Dan wears mascara–his eyelashes have always been baby-long…to brush my finger over them….after the kiss. and of course, after or during my mushtashee-romoval-gamboree. Thats right ladies and men, get in line!!!

  • to body language

    cutting loose is not the word for it. daniel was drunk. did you happen to notice the looks the man to daniel’s right, and the other people around were giving him. those were not friendly looks, those were down right hostile. obviously, daniel was behaving inappropriately. i would bet he has had a hard time living down this picture, and the others taken, at the same time.

  • Beautiful Couple

    They look fantastic!

    Of his role starring opposite Hugh Jackman in Broadway’s A Steady Rain, Daniel Craig yuks, “It’s a comedy now.”

  • dtm

    Dan’s looking good…really like the suit…
    I’ve been trying to work out who he reminds me of and its just dawned on….he’s like a cross between Clark Gable and Errol Flynn with that moustache and hair style!

  • Guinness-Quiff

    Now, before everyone who gets offended, actually get offended, please read on to see what a “quiff” actually is….but I really think Dan is going toward Elvis, or John in “Grease”, or the “oldest Baldwin”, or his “mate in NYC”…..or THE James Dean….. he can do it!!! everyone together now…. “GO DAN< GROW THAT HAIR!” it really is sexy. and the fuzzy stuff….excellent.

  • dtm

    Sexiest man alive to be announced tomorrow…Is Dan in with a chance do ya think?…..or will it be Hugh again, or maybe
    Johnny Depp or Rob Pattinson or is he too young! Who gives a sh*t
    anyway! It will always be DC for me!

  • Guinness

    Thanks for the link to when Dan stated “it’s a comedy now.”……. um, is this legitimate quote? OOOOOO I am mad. WTH? Dan, you are too big for your self?? someone better talk me down about this “quip”. I take it as a serious sarcastic statement that doesn’t reflect professionalism…. and I know how sarcastic quips can be damaging… anyone care to “talk me down” about this stupid remark?

  • dtm
  • Guinness-YES TO DTM

    GDamn, we are connected heads tonight dtm……..yes Clark Gable. I was going toward Jeff Conway from taxi–I just couldn’t put my finger on it…but you did it. thank you. da man is hawt!

    I didn’t see Dan on the sexiest man list…..where is that?? people….can u post?

  • dtm

    Calm down Guinness…you don’t get the full picture with a little snippet
    of a magazine article like that…..and he does have a sarcastic, dry sense of humour.

  • dtm
  • MAC

    Daniel’s hair is gorgeous because his cuticle of hair is perfect.
    so glossy!

  • to guinness

    get a grip! of course, steady rain is not a comedy. daniel was being sarcastic. you do understand the concept?

  • ??

    Don’t get it.
    How is Satsuki Mitchell getting top billing with him now?

    His is the only name on the Committee for this fund not hers.
    She is merely a guest.

    It’s all f*cked up.

  • Guinness

    Jon Stewart??? holy crap. that is sooo cute. thx dtm. ok. thank you for talking me down… yes, of course. I appreciate his dryness…um, I will let that go. but yes, his sarcasm. I appreciate it and his cuticles. yes, and thank you for telling me it isn’t a comedy. yes. thank you.

    so, what else?

  • to 28

    I think that Rob Pattinson is elected.
    Because JJ jumped the gun in last night and a new thread was posted.
    “Robert Pattinson sexiest man alive 2009 ”
    The person concerned will have already known it.

  • SMA

    Johnny Depp will win it.

    He just signed on for $21 million for the 4th Pirates film.

  • SMA

    @to 28:
    Where’s that thread?

    I did read on Twitter that there was a false cover of people floating around.

  • to 36

    well, satsuki is daniel’s long time girl friend. maybe sats decided that she deserves to have equal billing with daniel at these events. it gives her status. but you do notice that they still refer to her as the longtime girl friend and not his wife. i guess nothing came of that ring gate affair.

  • Cow and the Grump

    Hiding the left hand again.

    You know if you take a look at the CR circuit, she was mainly on his left, after the ring emerged mainly the right although at the Royal Prem of QoS she was on the left but he covered the ring.

    Now the “wedding” band has surfaced, you couldn’t get a slip of thinly cut salami between them and she is always on now on his right.

    Why are they hiding it? Why are they playing games?
    Is it deliberate?
    I hope not as I hope he has more respect for his fans and her to do that but then again, Satsuki looks like a right cow so it wouldn’t surprise me that she is asking for it not to be announced.
    Makes her even more “alluring” and “topical”.
    Keeps her relevant.
    Smug byatch.

  • to 40

    It was deleted at once. It’s the middle of the night.

  • re; 41

    @to 36:
    She deserves f*ck all and evidently Daniel thinks so too as her status is still publicly g/f. Kick in the horse teeth don’t ya think?

    Tell me, what has she done to deserve such a life? Name it.

  • update

    Well no press will print “wife” as we don’t know for 100% sure.
    If that is printed, a paper could be sued as the ripple effect = more phone calls to his people, more attention on her = potential trouble (especially if she isn’t his wife), major embarrassment for both parties.
    Again, this leads me to believe they are not as surely by now, something would have surfaced. Few bits and bobs here and there and whisperings in the gallery, but nothing to plant a tree in, so to speak.
    Bloody hell, even Nessie surfaces once every 10 years or so in Loch Ness, so let’s give another few years!

  • why

    why would he hide the marriage it does not make any sense

  • @@@

    that is simple they are not married

  • Stacey Sox

    When is the next bond coming out?

  • D.C. Girl

    DTM – you nailed it Erol Flynn and Clark Gable. Dare I say it, I’m even getting used to the stache. If anyone can pull off facial har – its Daniel.
    But go ahead Guinnes, tie him down and shave it off.

  • re: 49

    @D.C. Girl:
    Sorry to say but the Errol Flynn/Gable imagery was mentioned yesterday in an article.
    DTM is not original.