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Johnny Depp: Tribute To Tim Burton

Johnny Depp: Tribute To Tim Burton

Johnny Depp and actress Helena Bonham Carter support her lovetime love Tim Burton at the opening of the new Tim Burton exhibit at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art on Tuesday (November 17).

The Tim Burton exhibit, which shows his 22-year-long career, opens to the public on November 22. Rose Byrne also attended the private opening.

Depp has starred in seven of Burton‘s films including Edward Scissorhands, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and the upcoming Alice In Wonderland.

15+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp‘s tribute to Tim Burton

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johnny depp tribute tim burton 01
johnny depp tribute tim burton 02
johnny depp tribute tim burton 03
johnny depp tribute tim burton 04
johnny depp tribute tim burton 05
johnny depp tribute tim burton 06
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Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty
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  • Sassy

    These 3 are crazy!!! love them

  • Sassy

    These 3 are crazy!! love them

  • Amanda Dubs

    Can’t wait to check this out when I visit NY

  • anon

    bunch of freaks

  • massarellisatan

    lousy talents..same ole same ole

  • ava

    Is this Helena woman demented? Who the hell wears crap like that and fluff their hair that way? Ew!

  • xxx

    Three Circus FREAKS!

  • yey

    Depp looks rough.

  • Jocelyn

    You would think after all this time people would already be used to the idea that Helena wears her hair in this way. Its just how it is. Its part of her personality and personal style. She is beautiful not demented. I love her dress and makeup. Black is sleek and classic and I have no idea how come every time they decide to wear black they are labeled as “freaks” or “gothic?” Let them be. Perhaps for an event like this she could have opted for a more sleek updo but then it wouldn’t be Helena’s sig trademark. They are all talented and not lousy talents. I mean have you ever seen her in a films besides Tim’s? I would recommend it since it showcases how amazing she is in drama and comedy. Personally can’t wait to go see this Exhibit. I grew up on Burton’s films. I cannot wait. And they all look like they had a blast.

  • Ella

    Yikes, what ever happened to Johnny?

  • truv

    Helena, Helena, Helena….where do you even buy this trash? Hopefuly you don’t pay someone to do that hair, you could be donating the money to charity.

  • Stacey Sox

    Depp is so cool, what a gracious guy!

  • lau

    i love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shenanyginz

    johnny and tim have always been a dynamic duo! Love these two.

  • Saudia

    The best trio ever!! Aside from the HP kids :) .. I seriously need to check out the exhibit .. I adore Tim Burton.. his work is fab .. my love Depp is looking gorgeous.

  • anne

    i just love helena; she’s a great actress. i also admire her guts. she’s the only person i know who has the courage to wear those clothes in public.

  • Depp and Pitt fan!

    Johnnyyyyyyy!…. Tell us if you’re doing the movie with beautiful Angelina!! TELL USSSSSS!!!!!

  • JohnJohn

    Johnny is looking a little wasted here….but he’s still cute. I have to admit though, the hair in the eyes thing is getting a little OLD. Isn’t he like middle aged now???

  • videotape

    Johnny forever!!!

  • Frenchy

    Just wow! LOL Im gonna see this this weekend.

  • Stone

    Is it still Halloween?

  • Goya

    Sometimes it is just best if certain people lose the concept of “evening wear” all together.

  • yvonne

    yikes Depp is starting to look like Burton.

  • Ali

    johnny looks a little overhung, or maybe just puffy. is he gaining weight? I adore him but something looks off.

  • :)

    @Ella: what are you talking about? He looks gorgeous. he’s 45 years old and looks younger. he’s is the man and always will be.

  • cate18

    They are all fantastic…can’t wait for Alice in Wonderland. I would love to see Rose Byrne in a Tim Burton film…

  • :)

    Johnny and Angie would be absolutely perfect together. :) I hope they get to do a movie starring as lovers.

  • :)

    my bad he’s already 46. damn. He looks better than all of the other men his age.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    fcuking retard. dude tried too hard to be an odd-ball. he needs to stop playing the same character in alllll his movies.

  • roro

    Johnny is morphing into the lovechild of Mickey Rourke and Tim Burton.

  • eliza

    Three originals. Gotta love ‘em.

  • vj

    hey fcuking n F a m o u s l y C o o l catty hey, stupid!

  • Mousse

    Helena has the same weirdness as Phoebe Price, only her style is different. I do not like this woman’s aura.

  • vj

    Johnny the great actor exceptional.Creates amazing characters and bring them to our world …thanks my angel on everything

  • Annie

    Don’t talk about Helena like that, you know dement ec. if you would know a lil about her, you wouldn’t talk like that. Its simply her own style!! there are not many people who have her own style every damn freak in Hollywood is copying. They all look the SAME. its a shame haha.

    Maybe Johnny has put some weight on, so what ?!:. he’s the most beautiful thing ever!! there is no one like him.
    and the same’s for Tim.

    God Bless!!

    Can’t wait for Alice in Wonderland.
    But first Johnny has to get the Oscar for Public Enemies!!
    U rock baby

  • MOD Converter

    those who actually have strength and hold power

  • Hagley pitt

    he’s better than the scifi midget and the Hag that they call Brad Pitt better known as hag Pitt. LoL

  • awonderland

    i miss lisa marie

  • black

    He very much looks his age—-don´t be fooled by his always hiding hair, beard, hats and glasses.
    Without any of it on he would look even older. This style of clothing just doesn´t suit him like it did five years ago. He´s getting really old really fast.

  • Lea

    He’s looking old, greasy and puffy. And I’m so tired of him playing always the same role over and over again.

  • hmmmm

    I know Johnny had his fans.. but people please.. this man looks terrible and dirty.. that nasty hair hanging in his face.. come on.. LOOK AT HIM…

    there is nothing hot about this man in the least.. I think he is talented if not a bit over rated..but Sexy and hot..

    NO WAY>> NO WAY>>>

  • enough said

    @Hagley pitt:

    Bit@h please… I am not going to get into a pissing match… but Brad on his worst day looks better then this.. get a clue…

  • MarieL

    @hmmmm: YES he has his Fans hahah!! some other Hollywood freaks doesnt have even 1 of ‘em. lol
    you’re talking shit right now. TERRIBLE & DIRTY ? are u out of your mind ?? my god.

    @enough said: Brad Pitt is so ugly i would rather kiss Tom Cruise or someone else. haha.
    and do not compare ugly Pitt with beautiful Depp!!! Pitt is not halfway as better as Johnny Depp ! ther’re is no contrast and the’re never will be a contrast.

    And even if Johnny does look his age, who’s the problem, eh?!.. i mean come on, he’s 46 know, he has the right to look his age now. look at others, they are 25 and look like 50.
    and the most important thing is he looks happy and healthy.
    nothing more important to a TRUE Fan then these things.

    and the hat and glasses are typical JOHNNY DEPP style. just open your eyes. it has nothing do with that he looks bit older now. (which he doesnt , actually.)Period!


  • Danny

    Johnny’s soo gorgeous. good the see them again….
    HELENA –> LOL ..the hair is crazy. but cool, though

  • Fiona

    I really like Rose Byrne’s sequin dress. Helena can dress how she wants, it’s part of her quirkiness anyway!

  • British

    I love Johnny but what is going on with his hair?! I can’t find him hot with that mop on his head! But I laugh at people that call these three ‘freaks’ because they simply don’t follow the ‘mainstream’ look. I respect them more for that. And please, “he needs to stop playing the same character in alllll his movies”..??! Yes because John Dillinger, Sweeney Todd, JM Barrie and Raoul Duke are all EXACTLY the same. *rolls eyes*

  • STL

    Have you all seen PUBLIC ENEMIES? He looks amazing. He just looks like he could use a haircut in these pics.

    Johnny forever! Class Act

  • yeah

    Johnny can do no wrong and Helena and Tim Burton have enough talent in them to be able to do whatever they want. Just because they aren’t cookie cutter doesn’t mean there is something wrong with them. They’re all very gracious people from what is seen on video and interviews.

  • Sandra

    Oh, they’re so creepily charming! I adore this little trio – look at them! It’s just yards of black fabric, dependable work boots and insano hair. They’re adorable, and I’ll always greet a Tim Burton project (with or without Johnny Depp’s involvement) with open arms.

  • me

    that’s talent,Talent,TALENT! Adore them !!!! and yes,Johnny is the Best.