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Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Premiere 'New Moon' in L.A.

Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Premiere 'New Moon' in L.A.

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner hit the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of New Moon at Mann Village Theatre on Monday (November 16).

The 19-year-old actress glammed up her look for the event in a gorgeous tulle strapless gown by Oscar de la Renta, Jimmy Choo “Keenan” sandals and soft curls, while Taylor, 17, opted for a blue Calvin Klein suit for the premiere.

Taylor seemed amazed at the number of people who came out and their enthusiasm.

“It’s the amount of passion,” he told the AP. “It’s not normal.”

15+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner at the L.A. New Moon premiere….

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59 Responses to “Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Premiere 'New Moon' in L.A.”

  1. 1
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    ..poor pale thing doesn’t have a bit of boobage, and not even an inch of ass. ahahaha..

  2. 2
    Sushi Says:

    You picked the two or three pictures where Kristen is actually smiling. The rest of the red carpet she looked like ass. Terrible posture, terrible hair…..and Pattinson can’t bother to shave.
    Drop those two turds and use Taylor and Dakota.

  3. 3
    BBoy Says:

    Save your money girls and don’t watch this movie.

  4. 4
    tori Says:

    She actually looks ok here, except it’s always obvious she’s high….For me, and this is just my opinion, she ruins the movie..(twilight) so i’m not looking forward to seeing her whiny face next week

  5. 5
    Lara Says:

    Finally a beautiful dress!

  6. 6
    H. Says:

    She looks great. Please post some Jackson Rathbone, JJ. He was there, he has a small but very important part in this film. Bigger part in the next film. And he’s amazing talent.

  7. 7
    kitten Says:

    I’m not ashamed to admit I love Twilight! I can’t wait to see New Moon. There’s some pretty cute v ideo from the premiere at this site I think it’s cute Taylor and Kristen are still trying to pretend to be all lovey even though it’s obvious she’s with Rob.

  8. 8
    tish Says:

    the dress is really not flattering. I’ve tried to like her but she’s just the worst actress and totally bitchy.

  9. 9
    yeah Says:


    Yep I agree with everything you said. I like that she’s trying more it’s just she didn’t wear the dress, the dress wore her. It’s improvement though…

  10. 10
    khristi Says:

    I absolutely love this dress….not to be mean, but she is so obviously not into the whole fashion thing and also not totally into Twilight and the whole franchise. I know alot of you love her but she’s so not into it.

  11. 11
    jenny Says:

    With all of you bitchy haters here can you really expect her to look totally relaxed??
    Kristen looks amazing. I love her look. And her acting.

  12. 12
    eca Says:

    omg! is just me or she went to the premiere completly high?!?!?!?!?!
    she wasn’t beautiful at all…
    to me, she was beautiful in london’s premiere in twilight last year, and that’s all

  13. 13
    millo Says:

    She’s only 19 but comes across super smart and level headed during interviews. She reminds me of Jodie Foster… a serious actress with a bit of a lesbian look. She has a beautiful face.

  14. 14
    j Says:

    oh oh its miss slouchy again…and she came to the premiere high…what a joke and little girls look up to her…what a disappointment

  15. 15
    Amanda Dubs Says:

    She looks gorgeous

  16. 16
    mailey Says:

    her hair is wack, as usual. here’s a novel idea – she should try washing it.

  17. 17
    danielle Says:

    So what if she isn’t fashion conscious? It isn’t like she is trying to be a fashion icon and developing a line of clothes ala Katie Holmes who looks awful most of the time.

    It is nice to see someone who doesn’t play the Hollywood game. And someone who isn’t a size zero and looks healthy.

  18. 18
    o/0 Says:


  19. 19
    Channy Says:


  20. 20
    serena1994 Says:

    first of all I’m not her fan I just like Twilight and she doesn’t bother me there.
    I don’t think she’s high, I think is just the way she looks; there’s not much she can do with her hair right now, so don’t expect her to wear glamour hair. I think they actually kinda nice.
    And the dress – on some pics it looks cool, and on others it dosen’t so I don’t have an opinion. Thank you ;)

  21. 21
    VNY Says:

    WTF is wrong with some of you? Kristen looks AMAZING! So good to see her smiling. I’d like to see how often some of you smile when your life is stalked and speculated by the media. And why keep saying she’s high?? Seriously, get a grip. She’s a breath of fresh air in this world of ‘fakery’.

  22. 22
    ff Says:

    I think she is lesbian and look horrible in this dress, she look much better in jeans

  23. 23
    wow Says:


    I think she looks good. I think she is not comfortable with all the press & pictures – she seems like a more private quite person who is a bit overwhelmed by all of the press. I doubt that she is high – just because a person is quite it doesn’t make them a druggie. grow up!

  24. 24
    Stacey Sox Says:

    She has very broad shoulders

  25. 25
    Kayline Says:



    Kristen looks gorgeous.. and Rob.. well he is Rob.. He’s just awesome..
    They’re both UNÄ°QUE!

    Sorry but Taylor is just another boring Hollywood boy..

  26. 26
    Emma Says:

    Uhm.. just a thought.. If you don’t like Kristen, then why do you even bother looking at the pictures?! And why do you guys feel the need to bash her like this? If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all!

  27. 27
    Jen Says:


    I agree she definitely ruins the movie with her horrendous acting and twitching thing she does.

  28. 28
    LeviKlein Says:

    Love the dress from the waist up, but hate the bottom. It’s not Kristen. I like my Kristen short and sassy and with a rocky edge.
    And I’m glad to see a young woman NOT wearing the Hollywood uniform and trying to be her own individual.
    As in for her being bitchy, she’s smart and has a gorgeous face, she can get away with it.
    And Taylor should lay off on the suits, the boy is only seventeen.

  29. 29
    sarah Says:

    wow there are some nice people on here. (please note the sarcasm)
    she tried, so leave her be. i would love to see you all in her shoes.
    first people complain when she dresses down and now that she is in a dress and curled her hair you complain more.

  30. 30
    nepenthes Says:

    As the t-shirt in the background says,KRISTEN IS THE SHIZNIT!!!!
    Lookin great,KStew!!!

    Oh,and why in lord’s name do some people insist that she is high?Where the hell are you gathering that from????
    She seems absolutely sober to me.

  31. 31
    Jujubes Says:

    The dress is pretty but unflattering on Kristen. It makes her look like she has a gut even though she doesn’t. The style is also unsuited for her personality, it more for a debutante.
    She has a tiny body and nice legs, she should have accentuated what she has to work with. FAIL

  32. 32
    JD Says:

    no, i like her rocker-chic much much better than this.
    it’s not the right dress to show off her body, no she doesn’t have the cliche body type, but b/c she doesn’t she can get away will much more daring designs than this boring taylor-swift-like princess dress.

  33. 33
    Dee Says:

    Kristin and Robert are two of a kind. They are the opposite of Hollywood. They wear raggy clothes, are uninterested in “fitting in” and get uncomfortable and awkward around the media. Both were thrown into the spotlight at the exact same time and now are two of the biggest names in Hollywood.

    That’s why they’re perfect for each other!

  34. 34
    ivanka Says:

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: exactly

  35. 35
    Jujubes Says:

    Actually Dee, Rob’s look has been done over and over and over. It’s not new. He is Unique in his own way but definitely not because of what he wears. He’s very charming.
    Kristen’s look/attitude has been done as well, I don’t really find her unique as I do Rob. It’s good to see her softening up a bit in her interviews, she was not gaining a lot of fans with her past spiel.
    Okay, I’m done.

  36. 36
    CaliWriter Says:

    Personally her a** should have been fired when the pix of her toking from a crack pipe on her front step came out. She’s a damn addict and the studio just tells all the girls who look up to her *gag* that it’s ok to do drugs and be a nasty witch to people who made you what you are……have not seen any of the movies and will not if she’s in them…I’ll stick with Anne Rice :)

  37. 37
    CaliWriter Says:

    I hope the studios don’t rely on her to carry a movie. The twitching this is b/c she’s coming down from her high.

  38. 38
    ellen Says:


    You’re exactly right! thanks to the producers of twilight for telling them how to act in front of cameras even telling ROBSTEN to distance from each other during the premiere and for Kristen to act lovey to taylor Ugly and fake

  39. 39
    sandler Says:


    you’re wrong she is into twilight she is even protective of her character Bella. What she is not into is hollywood crap! which taylor loves and aspire to be

  40. 40
    Jen Says:

    WHat are people talking about, Kristen looks ravishing. That dress is gorgeous and her hair is perfect. She has a beautiful face, the lucky girl.

  41. 41
    twilight Says:


    a butterface hollywood boy! and also Fake

  42. 42
    new moon Says:

    Kristen is so gorgeous just the way she is. I like her talent, she is a very good actress and on her way to become one of the best in hollywood and her personality so down to earth! Go ROBSTEN

  43. 43
    jc Says:

    mga inggeterang frog!

  44. 44
    Stone Says:

    She’d be fun for one night, I guess.

  45. 45
    Chef de Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    Why is she wearing that table cloth?

  46. 46
    AB Says:

    Wow Lots of positive people here! Jealousy won’t get you anywhere =)

  47. 47
    Ellie Says:

    I love that dress!

  48. 48
    Jokergurl Says:

    She has that look like she could care less what people think and that’s cool, she just looks smart. Good actress too.

  49. 49
    yeah Says:


    Yeah I noticed how no one made a big deal about that, they just brushed it under that rug. Anyone else would have been blasted for it. But since those movies make big money I guess they get to get away with those things.

  50. 50
    adiore Says:

    ew her hair always looks like a bird’s nest. The dress is pretty but not for her.

  51. 51
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    i feel so sad for the dress
    it’s so pretty but it’s on a not so pretty girl =[
    honestly, if she just fixed her hair, she would have looked good
    and take that stupid ” i dont give a shiz about this movie” look off

  52. 52
    Emily Says:

    They make a cute couple!

  53. 53
    HARRIE Says:


  54. 54
    Karen Jay Says:

    Taylor has a pig face and the rest are completely forgetable and untalented.

  55. 55
    Haya Says:

    Whats up with all of you haters? how could YOU prossibly KNOW that she’s not into what she’s doing??? its in her, you can NEVER know that.
    And no human being could do something THIS BIG and not appreciate it HENCE, stfu!!!!!! stop judging people, imagine if it were you.. would you want someone to judge you by an interview or a picture or your personality??? NO!!! and no one does so yet again, STFU.

  56. 56
    kayla rae Says:

    i think taylor is so sexy with his 8 pack and i think he is so much sexier than robert he only has what a 6 pack and plus just the way jacob is in the movie he is the one who is always there for bella even when he could not tell bella that he was a wolf he would still be there for her he would run around her house at night i think he says that in breaking dawn raed it its interesting lol $

  57. 57
    rae Says:

    you are so right he is so much sexier than robertlol rotfl

  58. 58
    kayla rae Says:

    you are right she is sooooo bitchy lol and she is the worst actress that i have ever seen

  59. 59
    PET Says:

    What’s the problem of those people giving ridiculous comments!!! Kristen is an amazing actress and admit it or not is part of the biggest movie ever to hit the screens. Don’t push her to be a fashionista if it’s not her forte. JUST LET HER BE!!!!! go Kristen Go!!

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