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Miley Cyrus: 'Last Song' Trailer!

Miley Cyrus: 'Last Song' Trailer!

A shirtless Liam Hemsworth hoses down his on-screen love interest Miley Cyrus in the trailer for their new movie, Last Song, in theaters April 2010.

Miley, 16, plays rebellious girl Ronnie who is sent to a Southern beach town for the summer to stay with her father (Greg Kinnear). Through their mutual love of music, the estranged duo learn to reconnect. Kelly Preston also stars.

Check out the trailer below!

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: ‘Last Song’ Trailer!
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  • K

    can’t wait! makes me wanna go read the book now!

  • adrianna

    her acting is not really good :(

    i can’t believe i say that but lindsay lohan WAS a better actress (back in the days of course lol)

  • meh

    why would you blow 10 good dollars on this garbage

  • heat

    it looks very cute

  • amanda

    I would only go see it because it’s based on a book by Nicholas Sparks. Miley bugs me!

  • semi-smiley fan

    the book was AMAZING! maybe i’ll catch this on DVD?

  • Cristobal

    She is overrated.

  • jennifer

    the acting looks terrible on mileys part. plus her face is too chubby..just wait still she gets super thin like the rest of the disney girls.

    plus the guy looks alot like hayden christensen..a young version.

  • ivanka

    @amanda: same here

  • Christina

    I read the book and LOVED it just like The Notebook. But this movie looks like a terrible interpretation especially with Miley’s acting.

  • jonny

    omg im super suprised it looks very very good and i love that song

  • Rose

    I love that song <3

    Cant wait to see this. Liam looks just like his older brother, Chris, in that picture.

    Love Miley :D

  • charlene

    Looks AMAZING!!! I cant wait, the book was fantastic and I know that the movie will be just as good. YAY :)

  • loz

    this looks SHOCKINGLY BAD. even from the trailer, miley’s acting is bringing it down, the girl cannot act pleaseee stop encouraging her!!

  • xxx

    Nicholas Sparks books are always fantastic but I refuse to subject myself to two hours of Miley Cyrus’s attempt at acting.

  • LuckyL

    Well this will appeal to pedophiles.

  • Stacey Sox

    Wow, she looks hot, for a minor

  • Maddie

    why the hell did they have to put Miley Cyrus in this? Seriously. They could have chosen someone who can act. I’m disappointed. I think I’ll wait for it to come out on DVD.

  • LuckyL

    It’s about a girl from NY??? And they chose this b*tch??? And is she just the marketing tool, I barely see her? There’s no chemistry between her and a boy, but then again a grown a** man wouldn’t be attracted to that.

  • Stone

    I’d like to see the camera off water games they play!

  • dundies

    LOL it took about 55 seconds in for her to say a line and she’s a main character?

  • dundies

    her acting will forever be questioned. I can’t take her seriously

  • fan

    If the girl is supposingly from NY…Miley needs to loose her Tennesee ancient. Plus the little boy is supposingly be Miley’s character’s little brother, which he does not speak with a Tennesee ancient, and neither does the father. It kind of distort the Miley’s character from the rest of the family that will not make it convincing.

  • Ginger

    Is her boyfriend like 20+ years old? And Miley is what underage?!?!? Miley, I cannot see her past 16… I believe her character was supposed to be 18? which is UNBELIEVABLE!!

  • Lucy

    I’m excited to see it!

  • noelle

    this looks good, but i have t say its different from the book.

  • noelle

    this looks good, but i have t say its different from the book.

  • breanna

    can’t wait untill the movie comes out it looks like good movie!!!

  • breanna

    you read the book

  • Danika

    Um, everyone with negative comments, that’s just rude. Miley’s an awesome actor, and a great person. Leave her alone, you don’t know her, and who are you to judge anyway? Who made you God?? Nobody, that’s right. So leave her alone. Her acting is awesome, and OBVIOUSLY YOU’RE JUST JEALOUS. OMG!

  • Lucy

    looks good but sad.

  • Anthony

    As embarrassed as I am to admit this, Miley actually did decent in Hannah Montana: The Movie. She seems to be better in drama than comedy. Just give this girl a chance. I did and was pleasantly surprised. No, she’s not the best actress out there, but she has potential. Plus, she’s doing a good job at breaking away from Hannah. I expected her to do a stupid “tween” comedy instead of a drama.

  • lalaine

    i really hate miley’s pouty lips! so irritating.

  • mmmmmmm

    @adrianna: lindsay lohan was always a good actress and she had a lot of potential but she decided to f*ck up her life, that’s all. miley is a pompous arrogant brat who can’t act for sh-t. she needs to stick to singing for a disney crowd because that’s the only kind that can stand her. this movie looks cute and i would see it had her talentless fugface not been cast in it.

  • Caroline

    This looks really cute, I think people just criticise Miley for the sake of it, shes really talented!

  • Jess

    I actually can’t wait to see this one. This is a good trailer and I’m kind of exited to see it.

  • yeahyeahreaditandweep

    wtf?? her acting is terrible!! and she looks NOTHING like her ‘family’ and she supposed to be from NY??? hell no im not watching this bull…they only gave her the role for publicity…they could have given someone GOOD a chance…and oh F*CK no im not listening to the soundtrack

  • Santa

    Liam Hem… I don’t care. I can’t believe he cheated on his stunning girlfriend with Hannah Montana and left it up to the media to inform Laura of it. wow your awesome.

  • sfi

    I love that song

  • brendan

    well i like miley, in my opinion shes just a really great person, but her acting, at least in this trailer, is not that good =(
    it seems she doesnt even care about giving a good performance..
    but maybe its just the trailer.. her acting in the movie might eventually be better

  • joey

    looks amazing just like everything else she does. miley is an angel. anyone who doesnt like her should and will go to hell. I LOVE U MILEY!

  • Chloe

    This actually looks decent to watch. We’ll see.

  • Nooooooooooo

    I’m watching Dear John instead. Looks wwwwaaaaayyyyyy better and I am sssssooooo not a Miley fan.

    However, I am sure her teen crowd will appreciate this.

    Me thinks that the must see romantic movie next year will be Dear John…….so watch that trailer and compare (maybe aiming at a different age group but still so much better).

    Just saying…….

  • ewww

    ugh please go away like your dads mullet!

  • lakers fan in boston

    another song
    damn, i swear she always has some song out

  • Jessica Play

    She has really matured a lot!

  • Amy


  • mary joe

    Most spoilt, ugly, stupid, idiot girl in Holywood
    And do not forget her pimpy dad

  • roro

    rubbish rubbish cant act