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Robert Pattinson: Gucci Guy

Robert Pattinson: Gucci Guy

Robert Pattinson dazzles on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of New Moon at Mann Village Theatre on Monday (November 16).

The 23-year-old actor sported head-to-toe Gucci at the event, choosing a black shantung single breasted Bowie suit, a white dress shirt and black tie with black leather lace-up loafers.

Rob told the AP that he thought the crowd for New Moon was larger than its predecessor for Twilight.

“And it seems different to me because we have done this world tour in the last week and it has just been unbelievable in every single city,” he said. “It is about 10 times bigger than any other city in the world.”

10+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson at the L.A. premiere of New Moon

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robert pattinson twilight premiere 02
robert pattinson twilight premiere 03
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Credit: Axelle; Photos: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Josefina


  • Josefina

    to me (no offense Twilighters) but this guy
    reminds me of a weird insect.
    He is so fug & his eyes are so squinty in a nonsexy way

    his body is so dough-y & soft also…ewwww
    oh..and to me he looks greasy & smelly.
    nobody can ruin a Gucci suit quicker.

  • marebear

    Seriously…Could Robert be ANY more handsome?

    Taylor Lautner is cute…but he’s a boy still. Robert is a MAN!

  • Lilly

    Robert is a man? In what universe?
    He looks like he’s stoned out of his mind.

  • noelle

    girls only like him because he is playing edward…but honestly…he is so ugly!!! like he frontally crashed with a bus or something…

  • noelle

    sorry…crashed into

  • berg

    it’s also that flat nose/face or sumthin
    he’s so fug.
    I see NOTHING sexy in a vampire either.
    Good way to get AIDS

  • mhmmh

    he is kind looking like dan radcliffe a little, you know pasty and elf-like

  • claire

    Right.Robert is sexy and charming, and, to be honest, he’s pretty handsome in photoshoots (thx photoshop!) but not in candids pics. Soooo…I can’t really conclude if i like him or not

  • Emma

    So cute. I love him in a suit.

  • rob

    ugly boy

  • Jenna


  • Diana

    For me (no offense Twilighters) I’m more Shane West Team.
    For Shane est is the Sexiest Man Alive…sorry!

  • Diana

    Sorry but for me the Sexiest Man Alive is Shane West!

  • katieg

    rob is gorgeous with those eyes, jawline & that smile. can’t wait for new moon.

  • khristi

    This guy is so beautiful….to hell with the fact that he portrays Edward Cullen-to be honest, I thought of a better one in my imagination reading the books.

  • Stacey Sox

    I think he looked better in harry potter

  • Analina

    I really don’t understand the appeal with this guy. I mean sure he’s not the ugliest guy out there, but the sexiest man alive??? not by a longshot.

  • Kayline

    Whatever people!

    He is so gorgeous and down to earth, not like other hollywood wannabes! Love you ROB!

  • babe_luv_ya

    You are so rude.
    You guys are ridiculous. Rob is one sexy British , get over it ! STOP HATING.

  • ano

    he’s so sexy and handsome, and gorgeous and ok I stop here

  • BBoy

    That is one ugly English dude!


    OMG!!! this man is handsome, no doubt is the sweetest thing what my eyes have seen!!

  • Jujubes

    He may not be for everyone, but to me, he simply gorge.
    I think it’s the British accent that seals it for me though, if he were North American, I probably would be less Robsessed.

    PS: It’s not hating if others find him unattractive, to each her own.

  • James

    Sexiest man alive? LMAO

  • wiem+amal

    i think he’s so ugly espessially in his new film
    no comments

  • blah

    so beautiful.

  • tish

    don’t like the suit.

  • dundies

    LOL at whoever called him a pasty bug. i found that funny :)

  • Anonymous

    @Diana @ 11/17/2009 at 1:01 pm

    Uh nope not Shane West. Sexiest man alive is Zachary Quinto. He’s by the far the best actor and better looking.

  • kitten

    I think it’s adorable that people argue over whether or not Rob is cute. I think he’s hot, but he’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I don’t think he needs to be defended. He’s a big boy.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    funny thing is.. only 10-17 year old girls like this poor guy. once they grow up.. or once the “new it guy” comes on the scene.. it’s over for him.

  • Dee

    There’s so much “debate” on the matter because if he weren’t playing Edward Cullen, no one would think he was hot! I love his personality but his looks….yuck. Smoking is doing him no favours. He looks like Leo DiCaprio looks NOW in his late 30s. At Robert’s age, Leo was Romeo, Jack Dawson beautiful. Kristen Stewart is the same…..I think she’s gorgeous but she does not look 19.

  • mmm

    ugly !!!!!!!!!

  • mimi

    I honestly don’t see the appeal and it looks like I’m not the only one. Give me Matthew Fox, Johnny Depp, or Colin Farrel any day. Farrel and Depp can pull off the unshaven and disheveled look and still look sexy; Pattinson just looks like he needs to invest in some shampoo.

  • mimi

    I honestly don’t see the appeal and it looks like I’m not the only one. Give me Matthew Fox, Johnny Depp, or Colin Farrel any day. Farrel and Depp can pull off the unshaven and disheveled look and still look sexy; Pattinson just looks like he needs to invest in some shampoo.

  • faith87

    ugh he looks so smug in that second pic

  • xxx

    So unattractive. He looks like a mix between a homeless guy and an insect of some sort.

  • zup

    LOL all you ugly b*tches calling him fug. Please, get your eyes checked as soon as possible. I love his eyes and he’s gorgeous. period

  • Marie

    For the life of me I will NEVER see what these young girls and tweens see in Robert P. He’s not attractive at all and he has the personality of a mushroom that has yet to be plucked from the ground. Bland, pale, no appeal, just no attractive physical features at all. If they think he’s hot or sexy in anyway, they must be blind. You wanna see hot, I’d recommend Ian Somerhalder or Jensen Ackles.

  • Amalie

    If you don’ t like him, what are you doing in this post???
    Go away and post on ppl you like, simple is that.
    I guess i will never get how ppl can be so cruel and harsh for no reason, just skip this post and go on with your life, it’s really not that hard.

    Anyways, i like him and not just because he plays Edward Cullen!!

  • Aitch

    Ok Rob, you are so hot and you know it babe! How could you not??!

  • Stone

    What the hell is a “Bowie suit?”

  • pam

    Love him!

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    Was anyone really dazzled?

  • mm

    i just LOVE how silly the debates get on whether he’s hot or not. he’s definitely not the best looking guy out there but he may have potential???? however, i do agree with InFamouslyCool 100% how it’ll be over when the next “It” guy comes along.


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  • lily

    Hello handsome!

  • Jokergurl

    This guy looks like a vampire, I can see why he got the part, but I don’t see what all the fuss is about, he’s no Johnny Depp, then again I’m not twelve either.

  • fabbellucci

    He is ugly!! The eyes are too small , it seems that he has smoked some joint all the time, the eybrow are too big and the nose is crushed !