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Anne Hathaway: Spider-Man's Black Cat?

Anne Hathaway: Spider-Man's Black Cat?

Anne Hathaway is rumored to play the curvaceous Black Cat in Spider-Man 4.

Nikki Finke, who has sources over at Marvel Entertainment, reports that producers have approached Anne to star as Black Cat, an ex-girlfriend of Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire). Also rumored for the role: Rachel McAdams and Julia Stiles.

DO YOU THINK Anne Hathaway would make a good Black Cat? If not, who do you think would be better?

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  • LuckyL

    Anyone better looking that Julia Stiles. They failed once with Kristen Dunst.

  • dee

    nooooooooo. She’s suppose to be blonde. Cant see Anne in this role at all. Pick someone else or not even a famous actress

  • dee

    overall spiderman franchised sucked! Kirsten dunst was also really badly casted.

    james franco was the only highlight IMO

  • Debbie

    I Thinking in Mila Kunis…is much better

  • ivanka

    maybe rachel:)

  • Amy

    Kristen Bell facially is the best match.

    Debbie, Mila Kunis is way off for a green-eyed, large breasted, platinum blonde. Way off. She’d look terrible with that colouring.

    But Anne Hathaway is too skinny. Black Cat, by canon, has the biggest rack in the Marvel Universe (Biggest real rack, Emma Frost’s are fake, though). They need someone more curvy. Rachel was a better pick.

  • love

    McAdams denied it already. All bad choices.IMHO.
    Eliza Dushku or someone unknown.

  • Whoever


  • jpfan

    Rachel has manly chest as in flat like Knightley. So all miscasts.

    Evan Rachel Wood is much better.

  • J. Ryan


    kirsten dunst is gorgeous and looks really good with the red hair. personally i’m pully for rachel mcadams. i like anne hathaway but i just don’t see her as this role… but i never read the comics so feel free to disagree with me.

  • christine (WeHo)

    They have ALOT of work to do.
    God, y r u twisted?

  • http://kfljg Tina

    3 was a failure and I don’t think they can pull off a 4th one not unless they recast the entire crew.

  • Al

    No!! Mila Kunis would be a gorgeous Black Cat! Anne’s too awkward with those long arms and too big teeth/smile…

  • Channy

    I just don’t see her as Black Cat

  • john

    eliza dushku would be hot! or mila kunis

  • yourlover
  • amanda

    Hilarie Burton IMO

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    second – anyone’s better than julia stiles. seriously she’s fcuking fug.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @J. Ryan: kirsten dunst has ruined all the sm movies.

  • Spidey

    Rachel McAdams was the best choice but she denied that she’s even involved. Total bummer ’cause she is awesome.

  • kvd

    the cartoon looks like LADY GAGA


  • hannah

    i hope they don’t cast Anne!!!

  • truv

    I didn’t think the first three were any great shakes, but they made a lot of money which is way they feel the need to torture us with a fourth. How about Reese Witherspoon? That would be worth a laugh.

  • frappucino

    Rachel McAdams would have been the better choice out of the three.

  • davidhot

    She will be so hot as super heroine.
    She will be a very good reason to see the movie :)

  • ihavenolife

    mee-A-ow! she’ll make a hot kitty.

  • ihavenolife

    i like rachel and julia too but anne would look best as a cat.

  • Libby

    Anne would be hott in a tight pleather suit! Isn’t her hair suppose to be white in the Aliice in wonderland movie?

  • Mickey

    she is very hot and attractive.check out Anne’s sexy video at w w w . u s e x e d . c o m/sexy

  • casey

    Just get Megan Fox to do it.

  • po

    no, sophia bush shuld play her

  • bebe

    evan rachel wood. that’s the only women who really can looks mean,beauty and misterious in one way. how about sienna miller, i like her in GI JOE

  • Sue

    Would anyone consider Lindsay Lohan a decent match for a busty, platinum-blonde minx?

  • http:/ Stone

    Peter Parker? C’mon he’d never be up to it.

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    Will she be getting a boob job for the part?

  • http://non Jay

    I really believe that angelina jolie will be the best black cat. Shes sexy, she ‘s got a cat eyes, she powerful i think she’ll be the best. We’ve seen many films now for angelina which are action, its time now for her to play action roles yet feminine at the same time.

  • Natashia

    Angelina is too old, but you’re thinking along the right lines. We need someone overtly sexy and curvy. Scarlett Johansson has already been cast in super hero film so we can’t have her unfortunately. Rachel, Julia or Anne as Black Cat would be an absolute disaster! There’s nothing sexy about those girls. There’s only one option… Christina Aguilera! I know she hasn’t done a film yet but she has the look and judging by her work ethic, with an acting coach she could totally pull it off – the chemistry between her and Tobey would be cinematic gold!

  • blair

    Amber Heard is perfect Black Cat! ;) Or Blake Lively but Anne isn’t sexy enough…

  • M.T

    Lindsay lohan

  • Clau

    No, she is not sexy… She ismore like a good and cute girl…

  • emmaa

    Okay ‘m sorry but when did Peter ever have a girlfriend besides Mary Jane?? I haven’t read the comics, however…

  • Kate

    Anne is 1000% better choice than Rachel McAdams and Julia Stiles.

  • christine (WeHo)

    Yea, maybe Eliza Dushku……
    But the actress they pick has to pull off the long white hair EXACTLY the way it is in the drawing. Or else it looks awkward. Sometimes the hair makes the person and describes who u r.
    I was disappointed when they cast Halle B as “Storm” in X-Men. They chopped the hair & Halle was too weak for Storm’s character. Storm was my favorite. She’s strong, dominant, beauuutiful & wise.

  • Natashia Check out this link to see what I’m talking about. Christina for Black Cat!

  • Natashia
  • christine (WeHo)

    hey… blake lively might b a good idea

  • So Judgemental

    Rachel..even the best special effects could never make her chest even an A cup let alone buxom… no wonder bra is that wondrous.

    Julia Stiles.. not sexy.

    Anne Hathaway makes more sense in the three options given

    Angelina Jolie is in her mid 30′s.. she cannot play Spiderman’s ex.

    Blake Lively would be perfect.

    Kristen Bell would be better then Anne..

  • christine (WeHo)

    Why dont they get n Asian female… but sum1 who can pull it off! And young.

  • christine (WeHo)

    Why dont they give Freida Pinto a try? Let her show us she has the acting chops 2do it. For her the hair may have to b a diff style.

  • jay

    I love her but she doen’t do the femme fatale type! out of the option I vote for McAdams!